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Kingdom Hearts: Recoded Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Rising Strike -- 400 Munny
Quick Blitz -- 400 Munny
Fire Edge -- 1800 Munny
Blizzard Edge -- 1800 Munny
Thunder Edge -- 1800 Munny
Sliding Dash -- 400 Munny
Heat Dash -- 1800 Munny
Ice Dash -- 1800 Munny
Spark Dash -- 1800 Munny
Round Blitz -- 400 Munny
Fire Blast -- 1800 Munny
Blizzard Blast -- 1800 Munny
Thunder Blast -- 1800 Munny
Aerial Sweep -- 400 Munny
Heat Sweep -- 1800 Munny
Ice Sweep -- 1800 Munny
Spark Sweep -- 1800 Munny
Rising Rush -- 10000 Munny
Muscle Strike -- 12000 Munny
Fire -- 800 Munny
Fira -- 1600 Munny
Blizzard -- 800 Munny
Blizzara -- 1600 Munny
Thunder -- 800 Munny
Thundera -- 1600 Munny
Cure -- 800 Munny
Slow -- 800 Munny
Stop -- 800 Munny
Potion -- 120 Munny
Hi-Potion -- 320 Munny
Ether -- 200 Munny
Panacea -- 160 Munny

Talk to the shop owner on the right to get access to the store. Make your way around the plaza getting all the prizes. To get the high Rare Prize jump on the stores roof and use the Bounce to get over to the ELIXIR. Once the Plaza is clear head out the north exit to the Main Street.

Jump up to the right and work your way around the awningsw to a FIRAGA. Use the Metal Bloxs on the other side to get to the top and a CONFUSE. A LUCKY STRIKE in top right corner. Then take care of the enemies below. Go West into the Alley to get a BLIZZARD BUSTER. Then back to the Main Street and head North to the Palace Gates.

Before talking to Aladdin grab all the Prizes including matching the two Pair Bloxes for a BLIZZARD RESISTANCE 2. Once you speak to him, try to leave and you'll be attacked. Watch out for these new Bandits as they pack quite a punch. Go back to the Main Street and exit via the very top the North East to get to the Bazaar. Go to the top and knock the Pair Blox down to the ground to match up with the other one to get a DEFENSE 1. Then head to the Alley to face Jafar.


BOSS: Jafar

Jafar is waiting in the Alley with Jasmine. This battle is harder then it should be just because of the horrible camera angles. After your initial battle on the ground Jafar will teleport between the two side ledges. So most of this battle is simply getting the camera to line up properly for you to do anything.


Afterwards head back to the opening area, The Plaza, and talk to Aladdin. Iago will steal Aladdin's Lamp and he's frozen so you have to get it back. Iago's position is random so just work your way through all of Agrabah until you find him 3 times. Breaking Bloxes and taking out the Heartless gives you more time. Just run from area to area as you'll get a notice if you are in the right room. After getting Iago once Jafar will create Phantom Jafar. If Jafar touches you, you lose time so be careful. Once you get Iago the third time Genie will show up and he'll get rid of Phantom Jafar and send you to the Cave of Wonders. Time for another System Sector. It's on the ground to the left of the cave's mouth.

System Sector


Faith -- 600 SP
Adamant Belt (Activates the “No Defense Cut” ability, which prevents enemies from cutting your Defense) -- 200 SP
HP 2 -- 200 SP
Strength 1 -- 200 SP
Magic 1 -- 200 SP
Fire Resistance 1 -- 200 SP
Sliding Rush -- 100 SP (Can buy multiples, price increases each time)

Floor 1 -- 5.0x -- Use your Finish command!

You can make the challenge a lot easier if you have a Ether or 2. Otherwise its best to run around the edges and fire off your magic at the 3 enemies as you get it.

Afterwards jump into the mouth of the cave to continue. The shop has the same items as before. Work your way around the platform until you make it to the boulder traps. It's easy to follow them around just don't run into them when they pause at the corners. To get the Prize on the pillar just go to the end and then do a small jump and launch some Fire or Blizzard over. There are a lot of enemies in this area, but it's open floor plan gives you plenty of chances to retreat, heal up, and then come back when you are ready. Once you get to the waterfall of sand you'll have to retreat to find a backdoor. This one is all the way back on the side by side boulder rolls on the middle left side block of the far western straight track.

System Sector


CMOS Armlet (Activates the “Clock Boost” ability, which charges up the clock guage faster when you are down to 25% HP) -- 2100 SP
Debug Device: R -- 1000 SP
Fire 1 -- 800 SP
Blizzard 1 -- 800 SP
Thunder Resistance 1 -- 8 00 SP
Aero Resistance 1 -- 800 SP
Aerial Slam -- 500 SP (Can buy multiples, price increases each time)

Floor 1 -- 2.0x -- Black at least 10 enemy attacks!
Floor 2 -- 3.0x -- Freeze Heartless 3 times!
Floor 3 -- 4.0x -- Miss with no more than 14 of your attacks!

I am horrible at blocking for the first trials was the only hard one. Use low end Blizzard spells to freeze the Heartless on Floor 2. The secret to Floor 3 is to use your commands only. Missing with commands doesn't count towards the 15 you can miss. This area introduces Magnet Blox. These pull you towards them so watch out while trying to jump.

Back in the “real world” head back to the waterfall and through the opening that is there now. Work your way through timing your jumps. If you fall down the first section before the store and save point you'll have to do a System Sector before you can get back to the top. If you fall down the last section there are a few enemies and some prizes so it's almost worth it to miss a few jumps on purpose to get some extra Chips.

System Sector


Energy Earring (Activates the “Block Charger” ability, which lets you charge up the clock gauge by blocking.) -- 600 SP
Debug Device: R -- 500 SP
Fire 2 -- 400 SP
Blizzard 2 -- 400 SP
Fire Resistance 2 -- 400 SP
Blizzard Resistance 1 -- 300 SP
Aero -- 300 SP (Can buy multiples, price increases each time)

Floor 1 -- 5.0x -- Defeat the Gold Tricholoma!

Golden Tricholoma

To get the Gold Tricholoma to spawn simply move back and forth between the rooms. When it appears hit it fast. Not only does it warp away, but if you don't get it within a short period of time then the Tricholoma will disappear.

Once you get to the end of the top area the Metal Blox will start to dissolve as you jump on them so it's easier and safer to get the last two Prize Bloxes with commands. Then at the very end you'll be on a elevator and the Bloxes slowly drop out so keep towards the center.


BOSS: Jafar Part 2

Jafar will summon Bug Bloxes and also make copies of himself. Only the original Jafar can be damaged so ignore everyone else and focus on the main Jafar and he'll go down pretty quickly.

After that you'll have to find the keyhole. It's in a random location so just look around as fast as you can until you find it. Busting Bloxes will give you extra time.


BOSS: Iago

Jafar is now a genie. But the real enemy is Iago. You need to take him out to get the lamp back and end it all. Keep moving to avoid Jafar's attacks and simply work your way around taking command attacks on Iago as you can. Bandits will be added to the mix near the end and just keep the pressure on Iago. In the second stage they will add blocks and Iago will fly up high. Your best bet is to simply use Thuder to hit him from below instead of trying to climb the Bloxes.

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Comments for Agrabah

9 comments, latest first.
Aug 26th 2013 bridie1
it's below the door
ID #306915
May 30th 2013 Guest
near the big doors to the palace in a borded up door there is a system sector that wont show up! is there anyone else who has trouble with this? is it a glitch in the game in general or just in mine?
ID #286494
May 23rd 2013 zetsu100000
Would Action Replay hinder one from advancing past the Iago finding? In other words, would AR make the game not have Iago there?
ID #284784
Nov 19th 2012 Guest
heres a tip for dealing with Phantom Jafar: instead of trying to outrun him, jump onto a blox or building. then he cant follow you until you enter the next area. aslo, since he can only walk on the ground, try staying as high as possible.
ID #210183
Aug 26th 2012 Guest
When trying to find Iago, he might be in the Alley! So check all the door ways on top of the "buildings"
ID #180236
Jul 8th 2012 autumn_nichole
okay, well i'm stuck with pete right now, in the castle gates, how do i get past the heartless once i find him and he sets them loose on me?
ID #161790
Jul 8th 2012 Guest
okay, well i'm stuck with pete right now, in the castle gates, how do i get past the heartless once i find him and he sets them loose on me?
ID #161789
Jul 4th 2012 Guest
For the blocking challenge, what I did was I found a shadow. I didn't even attack it, I just kept blocking for 10 times (When you see it close, hit the Y button like crazy) and when the challenge was complete I started to attack it.
ID #160325
Mar 2nd 2011 Guest
well I've been stuck on the same level for some time now during the "timing jumping" thing. its really irratating so I think ill just ask my brother for help. he's defeated two bosses for me, but before I ask him anyone got any tips?
ID #31192