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Hollow Bastion

Kingdom Hearts: Recoded Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Hollow Bastion

STORE (Everything before plus):
Sliding Rush -- 400 Munny
Fire Buster -- 1800 Munny
Blizzard Buster -- 1800 Munny
Thunder Buster -- 1800 Munny
Aerial Slam -- 400 Munny
Fire Slam -- 1800 Munny
Blizzard Slam -- 1800 Munny
Thunder Slam -- 1800 Munny
Air Spiral -- 400 Munny
Heat Storm -- 1800 Munny
Ice Storm -- 1800 Munny
Spark Storm -- 1800 Munny
Hi-Ether -- 640 Munny

Head straight forward past the store to the main Castle doors. They won't open so we need to find all the correct switches. Now head to the far right and ride the Elevator down to the Waterway.

Head to the right and hit the first switch. You then have 10 seconds to hit the next one. Not a big deal since it's about 2 steps away. Next you have to maneuver through the damage blocks to get to the next area. Remember you don't have any commands so be careful. After hitting the next switch you have 20 seconds to get to the far one. This is a little more difficult as you have to jump over the damage Bloxes to get to then. Then make your way to the center button. Once pressed work your way back to the main gates.

You have to dodge in this small arena for about a minute, then Goofy will come and save you. After that you'll be attacked. You'll still be worthless, so use A to get Goofy on attack and just stand back and watch him work. Go to the main middle door and you'll learn you need to get four Emblems so head to the left door and into the Library to get the first piece on the table. When you go back into the Entrance Hall you'll see Donald running out the front door. Put your newly acquired EMBLEM PIECE into the door before heading back through the front gate.

On your way back to the Waterway have Goofy smash all the Bloxes to get your Prizes since you are pretty much worthless. Once he's smashed all the Bloxes use the Bouncy Bloxes to get on the roof and to the other high areas to get some more prizes before you go down to the Waterway again.

Break down the wall of Bloxes and move down to the blue switch. Make sure Goofy is in Blox busiting mode and activate it. You now have 25 seconds to get to the next switch is means Goofy has a lot of Blox to break FAST. The next group is 25 seconds also. Use the Command button to get Goofy to use Tornado or he won't finish in time.

Now that Donald is in your party head all the way back to where you used the Red button the first time and end down the now opened side are to get the second EMBLEM PIECE. Then back to where you got Donald to take this new elevator up.

Head into Library 1 and have Donald use the Red Switch to open a passage. On in Library 3 hit the Blue Switch, wait for the Green Bloxes to switch and then run through and get the Red Switch to gain access to Library 4. Now hit the Blue Switch and use the Ghost Bloxes to get to the upper area and the Red Switch. Make sure to have them break the Rare Prize on the uppers to get a CURE 3. Exit via the top to go to Library 3 and make sure you don't fall as you work your way to a THUNDER 3. Jump down into the top left to get to Library 2.

In Library 2 there are 3 Columns. Once you press the first switch one of those columns will have the button, one with have a MEGA FLARE, and one is just Bloxes. Get the Mega fast and then hit the button. Exit to the Entrance Halls Upper Level and hit that Blue switch. How many switches is that already? A million? Work your way through a LOT of Blox. There are enemies also but just spawn Donald'xs Thunder and it will take care of both. Hit the Red switch and get yourself a EMBLEM PIECE. The drop down and enter the third piece and head out into the Gate area again.

Outside break down the first wall of Blox and Bounce up to the. Wait for it. Blue switch. Then head left and use the Bloxes to get to the other side and the Red Switch. Then jump over to the final EMBLEM PIECE. Then get back to the Gate and put the final piece into the door.

You will now be in a small enclosed area with a TON of enemies. Just run around like the worthless non-attacking Sora that you are and let Donald and Goofy do all the work.

Now out on the High Tower hit the Blue Switch and then book it around to the hopefully final Red Switch. Drop down to the lower area and approach the pipes to discover we have another system sector.

System Sector


D-Blizzara -- 1100 SP
Command Ring -- 900 SP
HP 2 -- 500 SP
Strength 1 -- 500 SP
Magic 1 -- 500 SP
Defense 1 -- 500 SP
Fire Resistance 3 -- 1100 SP
Magnera -- 300 SP (Can buy multiples, price increases each time)

Floor 1 -- 4.0x -- Use your Finish command!
Floor 2 -- 5.0x -- Defeat 26 Heartless!

Very easy Trials. Just spam Goofy's and Donald's Commands as they re-load very fast. For Floor 2 simply go back and forth between rooms until you kill 26 if need be but I got over 26 just trying to get the 8 mains required to move on.

Head back through the pipes area and after the scenes you get the Keyblade back! And then fight Pete.


BOSS: Pete

Pete is actually pretty easy and straight forward. He'll roll an ball towards you that cancels all your commands which is very easy to dodge. Pete will also throw some bombs that do very minor damage. This is one of the few fights that you can really just run up there and do some major hand to hand damage. During part 2 he adds a lightning ball that follows you for a while. Again, pretty simple to dodge.


BOSS: Riku

Right after Pete you need to fight Riku. Riku is a 3 stage boss and it seems he's fighting the enemy control as he's not too hard a boss. Riku has a Dash and Rising Slash attack. In Stage 2 he'll add a strike that throws out Damage Bloxes. In Stage 3 he does a Hyper attack that does a LOT of damage. You need to dodge roll out of the way ASAP and just keep up with commands and attacks.

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Comments for Hollow Bastion

8 comments, latest first.
Jul 2nd 2014 Guest
I can't find the last emblem piece! I've gotten a piece from Library 1, the waterway, the chandler thing, AND the rooftops, where is the last one?!
ID #410645
Jan 3rd 2014 Guest
Because l can't find the last piece on KingdomHreats recode.
ID #338867
Jun 28th 2013 Guest
In Response to whoever needs help with the Ultima Key, what you will want is to use the KeyBlade Zero/One and some very powerful attacks. I prefer ones you can activate in midair, but here is my current setup. Zantetsuken, Rising Rush, Chain Rave, Quake, and Curaga. All of these are CR and lvl 100. Also, make sure you have a few of each different magic command (eg. 3 or 4 fire spells) in backstock for when you change your commands to fulfill a challenge. Also, have quite a few MegaElixirs in backstop. These will help with about 5-10 of the floors. Also, your lvl needs some consideration. I barely finished the Sector at lvl 61. Right now, I have finished the game and am working on 2 or 3 final Trophies (I am now lvl 96), so I can tell you honestly that this works. Good luck getting the Ultima Blade!
ID #293429
Dec 1st 2011 Guest
hey im trying to get the ultima keyblade and i cant get past floor 12. im a level 45. any advice?
ID #91878
Sep 5th 2011 Guest
I was wondering, will the game ever give you the option of replaying Hollow Bastion? I'm past it now but it won't let me so far, and I'm hoping it eventually will as it turned out to be my favorite part of the game.
ID #72639
May 5th 2011 Guest
Hey here a question. I've completed Hallow Bastion (actually the entire game) and I'm stuck at the bit where u just come out of library 2 to come out into library 3 but now I don't know how to get out. Is there any way?
ID #41493
Apr 18th 2011 Guest
Thanks this website helps and i am pplanning to visit this website more often for help .
ID #38116
Feb 3rd 2011 Guest
Thanks dude i've been searching all day for that last emblem peice plus i was pretty peeved i lost my keyblade ;p
ID #27853