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Vehicles Guide

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Vehicles Guide


M12 Light Reconnaissance Vehicle (AKA The Warthog)

The M12 Light Reconnaissance Vehicle -- commonly abbreviated as the M12 LRV or simply called The Warthog -- is the most common UNSC ground vehicle, in fact most of the large transports and atmospheric combat ships carry one or more on board for the convenience of Marines they are deploying to the battlefield.

It is a variant of the M12 Force Application Vehicle and features a mounted M41 Light Anti-Aircraft Gun and a potential crew of 3 combatants.  In addition to serving as a gun platform it is also one of the primary ground transportation units available to the Marines.


M808B Main Battle Tank (AKA The Scorpion)

The M808B Main Battle Tank is commonly called The Scorpion (though usually the troops manning one give it a name that they make up, like "The Betsy" or "Blue Balls") and represents the cutting edge of UNSC heavy ground combat vehicles.  Let's be honest here, this is one sexy beast!

Designed for the dual-mode function of tank and vehicle killer and close support vehicle for troops, the M808B can carry its driver, gunner, and up to four passengers.  We hear that Valet parking can be a problem with these.


Type-26 Assault Gun Carriage (Covenant Wraith)

Hijack-able: Yes!

The Type-26 Assault Gun Carriage is called the Wraith by the UNSC, and is the Covenant's primary  heavy assault vehicle used for ground engagements.  Armed with a Plasma Mortar as its main gun, the Type-26 also has a pair of Automated Plasma Cannons and a Secondary Plasma Turret that the two-person crew can make excellent use of to ruin your day!

The unit is heavily armored and can take quite a beating so Marines are recommended to target the hears of the gunner and driver rather than the vehicle itself, as they are a lot easier to kill!


Type-26 Ground Support Aircraft (Covenant Banshee)

Hijack-able: Yes!

The Type-26 Ground Support Aircraft is more commonly known as the Banshee, and presents an ideal target and considerable threat to forces on the ground...  An atmospheric vehicle typically used for reconnaissance, ground support, ground attack missions, and suppression of ground forces (you more often than not) -- the Banshee is lightly armored and, while not particularly vulnerable to small arms, can be brought down by concentrated fire from either rifle or pistol...


Type-32 Rapid Assault Vehicle (Covenant Ghost)

Hijack-able: Yes!

The Type-32 Rapid Assault Vehicle is commonly called the Ghost by the UNSC for obvious reasons like the fact that it can sneak up on you and then scare the hell out of you with its weapons!

This is the Covenant's standard reconnaissance and rapid attack vehicle and it is well known and deared for its nearly silent anti-gravity propulsion system and its energy weapon system.

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Jul 19th 2015 Guest
You missed the mongoose and the falcon
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