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Skull Guide

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Skull Guide

Important Note: You can shift between the new enhanced mode and the classic graphics mode of the original by hitting the Back Button -- but IF you switch to classic mode you CAN NOT collect Skulls or Terminals.

The first thing you need to understand if you are not familiar with the Skulls in Halo games is that now all Skulls are actually beneficial.  Some of them will reduce your abilities -- for example the Foreign Skull prevents the players from using Covenant weapons.  These are used to configure custom games when you are playing with groups of human players, which is why they have such a variety of positive and negative effects.  You are not likley to want to use them for the story mode, though there is an Achievement associated with having three Skulls active during a level you may want to unlock.

In the previous games collecting the Skulls required an overt act on the part of the player -- usually holding down the 'X' button.  That is not the case here, as in this game all that you need to do is walk on top of a Skull to collect it.  Once collected, the Skull can be turned on only at the start of a level or game when you are setting up the conditions for that session.

Note that there are some special issues with collecting Skulls depending upon the configuration of the game -- for example if you are playing co-op and the host has already obtained that Skull but one or more of the other human players has not, because the host has it the Skull will not appear or be collectible in the level.  The players who do not have it will have to replay the level without any players who do have it in order to obtain it.

The locations of the Skulls are included as an element of the main walkthrough but here is the list and locations in case you just need to find them in order to complete your collection:

(01) Iron Skull (The Pillar of Autumn)  Death carries a heavy price.  Dying in co-op resets you at your last saved checkpoint.  Dying solo restarts the level.

At the start of the level in the Cryo-Chamber, the Skull is located on the deck in the area behind the cryo-container.   Look for some crates at the back of the room and then look behind them on the deck.


Your first Skull - Iron Skull



(02) Mythic Skull (Halo)  All Covenant AI have twice the health.  All Sentinels have energy shields.

As soon as the level starts and you land on Halo, you'll see a large waterfall directly ahead of you. Search the base of the waterfall and you'll find the skull around some rocks to the right.

(03) Boom Skull (Halo) Explosions have twice the damage radius.  Light fuse, run away.

After you receive the Warthog for the first time, keep driving until you see an entrance to some underground tunnels. Before entering, look above to see some pipes. Scale the cliff edge to the right to find the skull.


Mythic Skull, Boom Skull and a Terminal



(04) Foreign Skull ( Truth and Reconciliation)  Covenant weapons.  How do they work?  Player cannot pick up or use Covenant weapons.

Check behind one of the one-way doors from which the enemies spawn from.


Foriegn Skull

(05) Famine Skull (The Silent Cartographer) Weapons dropped by AI have half the ammo they normally would.  You might want to pack an extra magazine.

Once you clear the first set of enemies on the beach, turn around and face the ocean. Now follow the path right and you'll see a small plateau. Search the top of it to find the skull.

Famine Skull

(06) Bandanna Skull (The Silent Cartographer) Infinite ammo.

This skull is located at the end of the first facility. You'll need to grenade jump to reach it. If playing in co-op, your partner can commit suicide once you're up top so he/she can spawn next to you and get it as well. This skull is very had to get.


A few Tricky Achievements and Bandana Skull



(07) Fog Skull (Assault on the Control Room) The motion tracker is disabled.  You'll miss those eyes in the back of your head.

In the patrol room, before you head outside again onto the battlefield, search the vent in the center of the room, grenade jump required. Your partner should commit suicide to spawn by you if playing in co-op.

Fog Skull and Terminal

(08) Malfunction Skull (Assault on the Control Room) Every time you respawn, a random element of your HUD is disabled.

When you reach the gorge, you'll see ladders leading down to lower platforms, jump or climb down to get the skull.

(09) Recession Skull (343 Guilty Spark) Every shot is worth twice the ammo.  Save those bullets, playa.

Check behind the first shade/tree you see in the swamp, at the start of the mission. Follow the video strictly for reference as it's hard to see.


343 Guilty Spark - The Recession Skull and another two easy to miss Achievements



(10) Black Eye Skull (The Library) Your shields only recharge when you melee enemies.  Bash your way to better health.

From the start of the level, walk around until you reach the 3rd set of vents, just before you enter the index room for the first time. It's in the right vent; you'll need to grenade jump.

(11) Eye Patch Skull (The Library) Auto aim features disabled for all weapons.  You'll miss it when its gone.

Avoid the index on this floor and walk around the edge of the room. It's in-between 2 crates. If you go into the index, you will miss this.


Black Eye Skull, Eye Patch Skull and a Terminal



(12) Piñata Skull (Two Betrayals) Punching enemies makes them drop grenades.  Beat them till candy comes out!

After you capture the last Banshee, fly back past the third generator room, then back to the tunnel. It's on the snow hill above the tunnel opening where you came from.


A Terminal, and Piñata Skull



(13) Grunt Birthday Party Skull (The Maw) Kill a Grunt with a headshot and see a spray of confetti to the delight of children everywhere.

Use your Warthog to climb up on the railing where Foehammer goes down near the end of the mission. The timer stops here so it's another hard to miss skull.


The Maw - Terminal and Grunt Birthday Party Skull


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