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Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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--== Enemy Units ==--

(1) Grunts -- A mixture of both types / a lot are asleep so melee them
(2) Jackals -- A mixture of both types
(3) Elites -- All three types are present / Type-3 are mostly invisible
(4) Squids -- the odd little mind-screwing mobs
(5) Flood -- Mobs of different type taken over by the Squids
(6) Exploding Flood -- These guys explode before dying and release a swarm of Squids!

--== ==--

Level Notes: This level has a pair of optional Achievements but unless you are already playing the game on the higher difficulties you may want to come back and do these later...  And of course the standard Achievement for completing the level...

-- Tying up loose ends (10 GS) Kill every elite on the level “Keyes” on Heroic or Legendary

-- Popcorn.gif (25 GS) Kill 100 Infection form flood on the level “Keyes” on Heroic or Legendary

-- Keyes (25 GS) Complete the level “Keyes” on any difficulty

Basic Walkthrough

We begin the level with a CS and the need to find the control room of the Covenant ship Truth and Reconciliation -- we have been here before mind you so this should be familiar territory...  Bit of humor at the start with Cortana's teleportation skills that...

After we pass through a few passageways we fall down into a pool of reactor coolant and then continue to battle our way through the organic passages looking for a lift we face a huge number of Squids -- do not underestimate them, they can kill you if your shields are blown...

The Terminal and Keyes Story

Discovering Captain Keyes

Once you reach the gravity lift you have to clear out the area of enemy and then wait for it to reactivate, taking you back up to the main crew levels.  From there you have an almost straight shot to the Control Room -- once you enter after you clear a few of the defenders out head immediately to the Terminal that is under the bridge and use it -- and you get an entry from the Captain!

After the Terminal CS plays out you need to head up onto the bridge above and get the CS with the Captain -- who we kill.

All that is left is to escape to the launch bay and get in a Banshee -- once you do that the level ends, and you unlock the level Achievement.



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