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Credit and Usage

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Acknowledgments, Credits, & Attributions

This section was created to thank specific people and to provide credit to external and third-party sources that were consulted in the process of writing this Walkthrough / Guide.  Wherever possible the external source for information is attributed within the guide.

--== Acknowledgments to Websites ==--

The following websites were consulted with respect to various details and information that was acquired within the game in the course of play.  The most common reason for these consultations was to verify through independent sources information that was acquired inside the game in order to assure as high an accuracy level as we could manage.

SuperCheats --


--== Shout Outs and High Fives ==--

The Guide Writing Community is a very small and exclusive club that is made up of some of the best people and gamers in the world who often do not receive the by-lines that are deserved, write for no or very little pay as they work through the process of "paying their dues" and otherwise put out incredible effort for very little tangible result save for the guides that they create.

Guide writers are supported by people -- from family to friends and the editorial staff at their publisher (whether that is a website, magazine, newspaper, or other traditional or non-traditional publication) -- and all of these individuals deserve recognition for the role that they play in the process!

To Richard Gardner -- a very patient bloke and publisher who provides encouragement and assistance whenever it is needed and commissions guides for awesome games so that the gamers of the world can find what they need to get past the levels that are hanging them up -- Thanks mate!

To Peter (Swash01) -- For just hanging out; for your take on the different strategies; for your cheerful assistance in running through the levels over and over and over again while we sussed out their secrets.  Good on ya mate!

Absolute Steve -- I wish you the best of luck as you embark upon your new career -  I know that you have been waiting years and working hard to make it happen and though we are going to miss your guides (especially when the next Fallout game is released) we wish you success and happiness!

To Yvonne (YvonneBF) -- who does most of the formatting and editing for my guides, and who keeps me sane through the really nasty parts of each game by always being there to provide constant words of  encouragement that really do help, as well as a never-ending supply of tea and a biscuit and a few kind words when and where needed; you have no bloody idea how much that helps!

To the Crew at The Pan Pacific Trading Company and their invaluable website "Simply Australian" ( who are the most reliable source for the life-saving substances that I require on a daily basis in order to function, including Billy Tea and Tim Tams.  It is appreciated mates!

Finally I need to thank you, because without you this guide would never have been commissioned.  Thanks mates!

Legal / Usage

This unofficial guide and its content, excluding Halo CEA logos and marks, screenshots and videos is Copyright © 2011 Web Media Network Ltd. All rights reserved.

The SuperCheats Unofficial Guide to Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary was written by CM Boots-Faubert as a work-for-hire for Web Media Network, Ltd.

The Guide is licensed to appear exclusively upon the website and may not be reproduced in whole or in part on other websites, apps, electronic or printed media without written persmission from Web Media Network Ltd.

Questions about the contents of the Guide may be directed to its author, CM Boots-Faubert, by email to [email protected] with the subject to include the words 'Halo:CEA Guide' as otherwise your email may not be received due to the odd behavior of the author's spam filter.

Before writing to CM Boots-Faubert, please be aware that he cannot and will not grant permission for you to display this guide on your website no matter how deserving you feel it is. Questions of that sort should be directed at Web Media Network Ltd., the actual owner of the Guide.

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