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Two Betrayals

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Two Betrayals

--== Enemy Units ==--

(1) Grunts -- A mixture of both types / a lot are asleep so melee them
(2) Jackals -- A mixture of both types
(3) Elites -- All three types are present / Type-3 are mostly invisible
(4) Hunters -- Appear in pairs
(5) Squids -- the odd little mind-screwing mobs
(6) Flood -- Mobs of different type taken over by the Squids
(7) Exploding Flood -- These guys explode before dying and release a swarm of Squids!

--== ==--

Level Notes: There are two optional Achievements you can do on Legendary Difficulty and the standard Achievement for the level as well.  Read the details for these carefully so you know what to do!

-- Look out for the little guys (10 GS) Beat the level “Two Betrayals” on Heroic or Legendary without killing any grunts

-- Leave it where it lay (25 GS) Complete the level “Two Betrayals” on Legendary without picking up a new weapon

-- Two Betrayals (25 GS) Complete the level Two Betrayals on any difficulty

Basic Walkthrough

The level starts with a lengthy CS in which we learn that the small task with the Index that the Spark was getting us to do would have killed all of the Covenant and humans in the universe -- and left the Flood alive!  Now to his way of thinking there was really nothing wrong with that, but Cortana is pissed!

Cortana has the Index now, and she tells the Spark where to sit and spin -- you tell her you trust him and then Cortana sets you straight...  You removed her from the system and the Spark gives you an ultimatum -- then you get attacked by its minions.

Before you do anything else run around the other side of the ring here and collect the Terminal that is on the outside of the ring -- then RUN!

Once you get outside take out the HUGE enemy force as you work your way down to the ground, then grab the Banshees and use their rockets to clear the landing spot marked above, proceed into the Halo Central Chamber and overload the core -- walking into it works as Cortana modified your shields to EMP it.

A Terminal, and Piñata Skull

The Pinata Skull

Once you do that though, a bunch of Sentinels spawns so you have to take them out as you retreat!  Exit the way you entered and use the Banshees waiting for you to drop down to the next marked entrance and proceed inside.

At this point you are basically taking the reverse route that you used to get here and covering a path you already have been over, so simply follow the arrows pointing at you and you will get to the next core to overload.  This is a major battle so take it slow and use your grenades!

Once you get outside battle your way to the Banshees and take off, landing on the designated platform for yet another major battle to the core!  Getting out of this one is a bit tricky because the enemy spawns between you and the exit -- so be ready to battle a mob of them.  Once outside you go through the tunnel but when you get to the end the door jams so you have to proceed by foot.

In the large area at the end are a bunch of different mobs including Wraith, Ghosts, and Banshees -- there are also Banshees off to the right that you can take -- which is good because you need to grab one of them after you thin out the enemy, and fly it all the way back to the other end of the area to land on the snow-covered ledge above the tunnel entrance where you will find -- and take -- the Pinata Skull!  Excellent!

Now fly back and take out the defenders on the marked ledge -- including the Sentinels -- land and fight your way in to EMP the final core, triggering a CS in which you see the end of this level and unlock whatever Achievements you were working on!  Again, well done mates!

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