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The Basics

Dissidia: Final Fantasy Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Dissidia: Final Fantasy Guide

The Basics

|               |                                 |                            |
| /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\ | X          = Jump               | Analog Stick = Run Around  |
||   BATTLE    || Circle     = Bravery Attack     | D-Pad        = Move Camera |
||  CONTROLS:  || Square     = Physical/HP Attack | R Shoulder = Guard         |
| \___________/ | Triangle   = Quick Move         | L Shoulder = Lock-on Target|
                              PSP BATTLE SCREEN:
|                                                                              |
|Accessory Bonus                                                               |
|                                                                              |
|                                                                              |
|                                                                              |
|                                                                              |
|EX                                                                            |
|/\                                                                            |
|||                                                                            |
|||                                                                            |
|||                                                                            |
|||  .''.         XXX(Bravery)                                                 |
||| :    :    _____________________                                            |
||| .    . HP|_____________________|  (    XXX    )                            |
|\/  `..'  <> <>           1000/1000  (Map Bravery)                            |

This is the large number above the HP bar.  Bravery is your attack strength.
Your Bravery measures your attack strength.  By attacking your opponent with the [Circle] button, you can steal away your foes’ Bravery.  Just keep in mind that this doesn’t eat up any of their HP.  If your opponent’s Bravery falls to zero, it’ll ‘Break’.  This gives your Bravery a large boost, so it’s an excellent time to start attacking with the [Square Button].

 - Dealing Damage
You can damage your opponent with the [Square Button].  You’ll deal as much damage as your current Bravery is at that time.

 - Map Bravery
In the bottom center of the screen you’ll see another large number.  This is the Map Bravery, which is added to your own Bravery when you Break your opponent’s Bravery.

Hit Points (HP):
Represented by the horizontal bar on the lower left of the screen.  Under this bar is the actual amount of HP listed, for example 2000/2100.  The first number represents your current amount of HP, whilst the second stands for your maximum amount of HP.  The crystals under the HP bar represent 1000 HP each and can be used as a quick reference to see how much HP you or your opponent has left.

EX Gauge:
This is the vertical bar in the very left corner of the screen which represents your EX Gauge.

Collect Ex Cores and EX Force to fill your EX Gauge.  Ex Cores are blue bell-like objects and fill your EX Guage quite a bit, while EX Forces are little blue orbs that slightly fill up your EX Gauge.

When your EX Gauge reaches the maximum, press [R Square] to enter EX Mode.  This allows you to perform an Ex Burst.  While you’re in Ex Mode, connect with your opponent by pressing [Square] and a square mark surrounded by swords will appear.  Press [Square] at this time to perform the Ex Burst.  Of course you can also cancel the chance to perform it by pressing [Circle].

If you’re a victim to your foe’s EX Burst, quickly tap [Circle] to boost your defense bar.  Be warned, however.  If you fill this gauge too high your defense will actually suffer instead of gaining a boost.

Quick Move
When you see three yellow triangles pointing in a specific direction, press [Triangle] to perform a quick move.  These moves allow you to run up against walls, perform flying leaps or grind over the stage.

Free Air Dash
Simply press [R Triangle] and you’ll speed towards your opponent.  You can use this whenever you like.

Locking on
By pressing the [L Button], you can lock onto other things, such as an EX Core.
Pressing it can also cancel lock-on altogether.

You can dodge blows by pressing [R X].  Combined with the [Analog Stick], you can either dodge the blow by rolling left or right, but you can also jump over your opponent or take a step back.

Blocking is done by pressing the [R Button].  If you successfully block a hit, it will briefly stagger your opponent, rendering them vulnerable.

Critical Hits
There are various conditions under which you can inflict critical hits on your opponent, which deal twice the regular damage.  They are: EX Mode, a Successful Block, or Recovering Bravery.  Make sure to pound away to inflict as many critical hits as you can during these times!

Switching between attacks
You can switch between your attacks by using the [Analog Stick Circle]

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