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Intro to Walkthrough

Dissidia: Final Fantasy Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Dissidia: Final Fantasy Guide - Walkthrough

Introduction to Walkthrough

This section goes over the basic elements you need to be familiar with before diving in the main walkthrough.

Every Destiny Odyssey has five chapters, each with a unique map on which your character can move from tile to tile.  Along the way you’ll encounter various enemies in the form of regular foes, semi-boss enemies (which have two crossed swords behind them), golden enemies (which are gold, and have very low HP, but extremely high attack power), boss enemies (larger, brown manikins), mandatory story fights (bosses), and rare battle pieces that spawn after beating a Destiny Odyssey with a certain star ranking.

Besides enemies you’ll also get your fair share of potions, ethers, and treasure chests.  Potions restore your HP and fill up your EX Bar completely, while Ethers restore a magical map ability - these abilities can be used to damage foes on the map, reveal hidden pieces, or cure yourself among other things.

Destiny Points:
You’ll start with a certain amount of Destiny Points (DP).  Every time you move somewhere else and confirm your location (by for example initiating a fight), one DP is subtracted from your map total.  You can ocassionally gain bonus DP by defeating enemies under specific criteria, such as winning the battle without losing any health, or winning the battle within 10 seconds.

At the end of a level you’ll gain a reward based on how much DP you’ve got left.

The rewards vary per level, and are displayed under each Destiny Odyssey.

Completion Summary:
When you complete a Destiny Odyssey you’ll attain a certain star ranking.  This is based on SP, Story Points, which are calculated by taking your DP into account, along with any retries, amount of battles you’ve fought and your remaining amount of HP at the end of levels.  Any gained stars are never removed, and you can thus attain the highest star ranking by playing chapters several times.  The rewards for completing Destiny Odysseys are as follows:

             |Ranking:|Required SP:|Reward:                      |
             | 1 Star |     100    |New Skill                    |
             | 2 Stars|     200    |Unlock Golden Barriers       |
             | 3 Stars|     300    |Spawns Rare Battle Pieces    |
             | 4 Stars|     400    |Spawns Rare Treasure Chests  |
             |  ----  |     500*   |100 PP                       |
             |*After attaining all stars, additional PP is won   |
             | by completing Destiny Odysseys over and over.     |

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