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Gaining Access To Tai Yong Medical

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Gaining Access To Tai Yong Medical

You've made your way through Hengsha and found the hacker,Van Bruggen.  Suddenly the place is ambushed by Belltower security guards.  What's going on?






Open Van Bruggen's pod when you've explored the entire area.  It might be a good idea to drop one of your main weapons (such as your 10mm Pistol, or any of your rifles) and grab either the Machine Pistol (pod 429) or 10mm Pistol (pod 543), so you can give it to Van Bruggen (and pick up your own weapon afterwards). [1000XP]

You should already have the TYM Card, so that gives you a decent booster [1000XP] [1000XP].  When all the guards rush in, give Van Bruggen a weapon (you won't regret it), and start taking down the guards on the fourth floor in a stealthy fashion.

Information is Access

Move to the far northeast side of the fourth floor and carefully look for a breakable wall (which is easy if you have the corresponding augmentation, although you don't necessarily need it).  You can also destroy the wall by shooting it several times (of course, preferably with a silenced weapon). Head inside the secret area [EXPLORER 200XP] and grab the [RATE-OF-FIRE UPGRADE].

Drop down and hide behind the corner of the wall to spot two mighty grunts and a regular Belltower guard patrolling the area.  When all three of them are looking/moving towards the left side of the area, quickly sneak through the room, hugging the right wall and heading downstairs.

Tip: While it's possible to knock out the three guards on the ground level, this is tricky and requires some skill and precise timing.  From the stairs, stay out of sight and study your radar for the movements of the three guards.  The one giving orders, Narhari Kahn, will be very close to the stairs at some point.  If the grunt to the right is standing nearby, this won't even matter all that much (he's slightly looking the other way), but make sure that the other grunt is moving away from you when you go in for the takedown when he's close to the stairs.  He holds a [POCKET SECRETARY] with a login code to his PC, and a Frag Grenade.

The second guard you should take out is the one on the left, near thevendor stands.  Wait for the other guard on the right to move away andhide behind the vendor stands, then wait for a good moment for the takedown and hide his body behind the stands.  Lastly, take out the third guard.  If you're interested in their Heavy Rifle, well, knock yourself out.

Continue.  One of the lockers holds [3x SHOTGUN CARTRIDGES].  There's a guard on patrol in the next area, and a camera is watching him making his rounds. You can distract the guard by shooting a dart in one of the middle or outer walls (that are not in the camera's line of sight).  Wait for him to investigate and hide well, then take him down as he returns.

The door leads to a vent in the second restroom (behind the crate) that allows you to skip the room up ahead (which has two guards and a turret).  Otherwise, stay crouched and sneak towards the row of faucets.  There's a [CYBERBOOST PROENERGY BAR] on the corner - in case you want to use stealth.  Unfortunately, the showers to the right are rigged with a Frag Mine.  You can disarm it by moving towards it very, very slowly.  After having done so, continue and ignore the PC (the guards will see you if you attempt to hack it).  The next room has no items, so continue to the next shower area.

The left side has an electric current running through the water on the floor. Conveniently there are also several crates lying around so you can create a moving bridge (or just hop over the showers hugging the left wall). Alternatively you can disarm the three [FRAG MINES] on the right side of the area by moving very slowly towards them.

Before heading through the double doors, consider breaking the wall to your immediate right (with a gun such as your pistol, or of course with the aug). This leads you to a secret corridor with two more breakable walls (on the far end/and in the middle).  This costs quite some bullets though.  You can also take out the two guards in this area since they tend to separate anyway.

Make your way through the laundry room and head around the corner.  Quickly hide behind the box as two guards (one grunt and a normal guard) appear. Wait for them to move away and quickly head into the area to your right. From here you can continue around the corner.  Alternatively you can shoot the grunt with a tranquilizer dart, wait for the other to come revive him and head in for a takedown.  Exit through the door to Lower Hengsha [1000XP].


Now's a good time to do some sidequests.  You should've already gotten some info from Pod #009 at Alice Garden Pods (as was mentioned).  Head over to the LIMB clinic if you've accepted Malik's quest earlier on, and speak with Anonymous X at the counter (the dialogue doesn't matter) [100XP].  Go back outside and meet him downstairs, around the corner where he'll give you the autopsy report [100XP].  He'll also ask for 1000 Credits, but there's no reason to give this to him since it doesn't give you anything extra.  Read the Pocket Secretary to find out more about the murder [100XP]. 

From the Hung Hua Hotel, move to the Youzhao District, climb the ladders to the roof and head up the roof of the other building where you can follow the marker to find the apartment.  Alternatively you can use the subway to travel to the Youzhao District.  The apartment is locked with a LVL3 security system, although the door can also be destroyed by shooting it.  This tends to take quite a few bullets - around 16 for a 10mm Pistol.

Enter the apartment [300XP] and search around for Lee.  Since he's not here, look around for clues.

1. Check the ANSWERING MACHINE next to the bed.
2. Check the ANTIQUE CLOCK on the cabinet in the bedroom.
3. Hack the LEVEL 2 PC and read the emails.
4. Inspect the BASEBALL BAT in the corner near the entrance.

When you've inspected the apartment [750XP], return to the Kuaigan District and visit The Hive [100XP].  Lee can be found on the second floor, he's sitting on a bench in the corner.  Speak to him [100XP] and reply with the correct answers.  It's most fun to try this yourself, but the correct answers are:

Inaccurate, Drunk, Antique Clock, Pregnant, LIMB.

A spot of revenge

If you fail the conversation and have the Social Augmentation, you can use it to Appease him since he's an Alpha Personality (obviously).  When he confesses, walk away from him [750XP] and go around the bar on this same floor.  You'll find a LVL3 terminal here that you'll need to hack.  Save your game and hack the terminal quickly, because you don't want to risk being seen by the nearby bouncer [750XP].

Meet Malik outside [100XP] and you'll receive a [PRAXIS KIT].  Face The Hive to see Malik's surprise; nice.  This concludes the quest [1000XP].


You receive this quest from The Hive's bartender, Bobby.  He wants you to hack three security systems and turn off their network.

1. The first can be found in the Youzhao District.  From the Hung Hao Hotel, head into the Youzhao District, climb the ladders similarly like you did to reach Diamond Chan's apartment, and hack the LVL2 device to your left [300XP].

2. This one's close to the first.  Just head up the small stairs on the right side of this roof and follow the quest marker.  Hop onto the box attached to the building's wall and hack this LVL2 device as well [300XP].

3. Climb the ladder on your left, head up the roof (on your right), then make your way over the Penthouse's roof until you find this device on the roof to the far end of the area; follow the quest marker for an indication which direction to go [300XP].

Enter the Hengsha Court Garden building by going through the door on the other roof (the same way you entered the penthouse) [100XP].  Ride the elevator down, find Jaya's apartment and have a word with her [100XP].

You can now either ask her for the money, which will net you [750XP], or ask for the augmentation (which isn't an ideal scenario; Bobby will be pissed off and won't give you the reward), or you can offer help.  If you pay Bobby the whopping amount of 5000 Credits, he'll leave Jaya alone.  This grants you the Guardian Angel achievement/trophy.  Choose whichever option you like and don't miss the [5x 10MM PISTOL AMMO] in the kitchen of Jaya's apartment.  Make sure not to take the memory chip from her body if you choose to take her out!

Note: It is also possible to take the Praxis Kit from Bobby by taking him down or tranquilizing him, but it'll turn the bar hostile, so only do this if you're completely done in The Hive.  Turn on your cloaking aug and exit the place.

After completing this quest one way or the other, you're rewarded with [1000XP]
and the [PRAXIS KIT] (except when you give the augmentation to Bobby).

With the sidequests done, head over to the Tai Yong Medical subway and depart.

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Comments for Gaining Access To Tai Yong Medical

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Dec 15th 2012 Guest
if you give bobby the 5000 to leave jaya alone and get the guardian angel trophy, when you're ready to leave the hive for the last time sneak under the bar at the left end and knock him out. take back your 5000 then turn on the cloak and run for the door or the vent exit in the restroom.
ID #221600
Nov 26th 2015 Guest
The only problem with this is it marks the side quest as failed in the completed category. Although, I don't think that really makes any difference since the quest is already over.
ID #628528