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Follow the dark path or use the light

Entering the Dragon's Lair

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Entering the Dragon's Lair

You've retrieved and viewed Van Bruggen's recording, and now it's time to continue your investigation at Tai Yong Medical Industries.                                                  



GO TO THE CHOPPER AND EXTRACT [2500 XP] [750XP] [GHOST 500XP] [SMOOTH OPERATOR 250XP]                           


Search this room for an Ebook (A Frontier Too Far?), then move through the hall with the laser beams, which are a breeze to get past compared with the Data Core room.  The two rooms here only have PC's with background info.

Working Your Way Up

The office up ahead contains a [P.E.P.S. ENERGY PACK], [50 CREDITS], and [15 CREDITS] in the desk drawers.  There's also [4x SHOTGUN SHELLS] on a cart, but you'll want to be careful since there are two guards in the hall.

The small room nearby (LVL3) contains a LVL2 PC that can shut down the camera (and robot, if you have it).  There's also a [POCKET SECRETARY] inside and the drawer contains [1x STUN GUN DART].

To take them out, wait for them both to move away from you and hide behind the desks on the far right of the office.  Take out the regular guard when the grunt is moving away (hide his body behind the desk), then take your time for the grunt to move out of the camera's sight to take him out as well.  He holds an EMP Grenade which you'll want to loot.

In any case, explore the area.  The desk drawers contain: [POCKET SECRETARY], [25 CREDITS], [15 CREDITS] and [65 CREDITS].  The two PC's contain background info.  The desk near the camera contains a [POCKET SECRETARY] with login, the other two contain [45 CREDITS] and a [STUN GUN DART].

Head through the door and make your way down the hall.  The small room to your right has a vent (remove the large metal crate), which connects to the room opposite to it.  There are two guards inside; you can either go for a double or single takedown.  The drawers contain: [10x MACHINE PISTOL AMMO], [35 CREDITS], the lockers contain [11x MACHINE PISTOL AMMO], a [P.E.P.S] and [3x P.E.P.S. ENERGY PACK].  The weapon cabinet contains two [MACHINE PISTOLS] and a [GAS GRENADE].  Hack the LVL3 PC for an access code.

Continue down the main hall and open the door of the room on the far end left hall - but do this by standing next to it.  The guard (Narhari Kahn, if you didn't kill him before), will investigate.  Quickly perform a takedown on him and grab his [500 CREDITS].  Lata boy!  His office contains [2x SHOTGUN SHELLS] and [2x REVOLVER AMMO] in the desk drawer, and the LVL 4 PC contains background info (password ironfist).

The other room is locked with a LVL 4 security system (code: 3090).  The PC contains a very interesting email conversation.

There are [4x MACHINE PISTOL AMMO] to be found down the hall.  Be careful; the next room is monitored by a camera.  Run towards it and position yourself underneath it, then hop over the desk to read the PC's email.  The drawer contains [80 CREDITS].

It's difficult to access the LVL 1 door with the camera active, even with the keycode you'll need to be very fast (6906).  It's easier to go through the other door, enter the small room (holds [5x SHOTGUN SHELLS]), and break the wall here (either with the aug or with guns).


Note: If you gave Van Bruggen a weapon earlier, he'll now contact you to repay the favor; he deposits [2000 CREDITS] on your bank account!

Tip: It's definitely worth your while to place a Gas Mine (combine a Gas Grenade and Mine Template) directly in front of the door with the exit sign above.)

Enter the large penthouse and look underneath the second left bench to find a [POCKET SECRETARY] with a keycode (0117) for Zhao Yun Ru's safe.  The desk contains [3x STUN GUN DARTS], [2x TRANQUILIZER DARTS] and a [HYPOSTIM].  There's also a vent to take note of on the upper left side of the hall, but it connects to the area upstairs.

You can find a [REVOLVER] underneath the bench on the left, a [CYBERBOOST PROENERGY BAR] on the table to the right, as well as a [MINE TEMPLATE] under some boxes near these benches.  The desk contains [3x REVOLVER AMMO] and the PC contains interesting info.  The LVL 5 safe (0117) contains [850 CREDITS], a [POCKET SECRETARY] (with a message from BP - Bob Page), and a [HEAT TARGETTING SYSTEM].  A cutscene plays [750XP], [GHOST 500XP], [SMOOTH OPERATOR 250XP] when you continue.

The stealthy way out is to first wait for the guards to start patrolling the area (by watching them stealthily.  Then enter the ventilation shaft (on the right side of the stairs as you go down one level) and sneak past the nine guards downstairs.

An extremely effective way to get rid of the entire squad, however, is to toss two gas grenades to the left/middle and right/middle of the group, covering that entire area with gas.  While it is technically possible to take every single guard out, this is a very tiresome process, and this is far more efficient.  One of the guards should even carry a Gas Grenade, partially making up for your "loss".  WARNING: It takes some skill to do this unseen.  If you're looking to get the "GHOST" trophy you'll probably want to activate cloak when throwing the gas grenades.

Ride the elevator up at the far end of the penthouse [2500XP], [GHOST 500XP], [SMOOTH OPERATOR 250XP].  As you enter the hangar, two Box Guards are activated which you must disable in order to open the doors - just your luck.  It's tempting to use EMP grenades on them, but you'll want to stay stealthy.

Move to the far left of the area and view the far end of the hangar to spot a camera.  If you have a silenced weapon (such as the 10mm Pistol), destroy it by shooting it (iron sight helps with this).  When the Box Guard starts moving away from you, toss an EMP Grenade at it to destroy it.

Use cloak, or otherwise be very careful the other bot doesn't see you, and run towards the end of the hangar, where the camera was.  Spot the large iron shelving here and jump on them - starting on the left - to make your way up to the third level.  Jump Enhancement helps, otherwise use the metal crates to aid you.

In the control room, use the LVL 2 PC (TYMPHS/qilin) to disable the other bot (only possible with Robot Domination).  In any case you'll want to read the [HUGH DARROW EBOOK] (Brain Implants) on this desk either way.

Fortunately, this control room connects to the next, and the desk in here contains an [EMP GRENADE] which you can use to take out the second bot.  Having done this, all that remains is pushing the button in this room.  Well, that, and some exploration for other items on the ground level [2500XP], [GHOST 500XP] and [SMOOTH OPERATOR 250XP].

Going downstairs, loot the shelves for a [CYBERBOOST PROENERGY JAR], and [25 HEAVY RIFLE AMMO].  The other end of this side of the hangar contains a  [ROCKET], a [FRGA GRENADE], [20 HEAVY RIFLE AMMO], and a [TYPHOON AMMO]; just check the shelves and lockers.  There's also a [HEAVY RIFLE] and [20 HEAVY RIFLE AMMO] standing next to the power generator here.

There's a [ROCKET LAUNCHER] and a [ROCKET] on some boxes in the middle of the far end of the hangar.  All of this can, of course, also be used as an alternative way for taking out the security bots.  Another [20 HEAVY RIFLE AMMO] can be found in the southeast corner of the hangar.  Lastly you can find [20x HEAVY RIFLE AMMO] and a [CYBERBOOST PROENERGY PACK] underneath the landing platform.  When you're ready, board the chopper [750XP].

The showdown

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