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Experience Points

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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The game awards you with experience points for primary objectives (either 1000, 1750 or 2500 XP), for secondary objectives (either 500 or 750 XP), for mission bonuses (GHOST: 500 XP and SMOOTH OPERATOR: 250 XP), sidequest bonuses (either 100, 300 or 750 XP), as well as combat bonuses, hacking bonuses, exploration bonuses and various other bonuses (see below).

Experience points are used to activate Jensen's dormant augmentations as every 5000 XP points grant a Praxis Kit (used to activate augmentations).

                                COMBAT BONUSES:
|NAME:           |REQUIREMENT:                                     |EXPERIENCE:|
|Man Down        |Incapacitate an enemy                            |    10 XP  |
|Merciful Soul   |Incapacitate an enemy non-lethally               |    20 XP  |
|Marksman        |Incapacitate an enemy with a headshot            |    10 XP  |
|Expedient       |Incapacitate an enemy with a takedown            |    20 XP  |
|Two Against One |Incapacitate two enemies with a multiple takedown|    45 XP  |
|Hunk of Junk    |Disable a Medium Sentry                          |    45 XP  |
|Hunk of Junk    |Disable a Box Guard                              |   250 XP  |


Note #1: The most rewarding way to regularly incapacitate guards is by taking them out non-lethally with a takedown.  This grants you [MAN DOWN], [MERCIFUL SOUL], and [EXPEDIENT], for a total of 50 XP.
Note #2: If two guards are standing close to each other, the most rewarding way to incapacitate them is a non-lethal multiple takedown.

                            BASIC HACKING REWARDS:
            |NAME:           |REQUIREMENT:            |EXPERIENCE:|
            |Script Kiddie   |Hack a Level 1 device   |    25 XP  |
            |Grey Hat        |Hack a Level 2 device   |    50 XP  |
            |Black Hat       |Hack a Level 3 device   |    75 XP  |
            |L33t Sk1llz     |Hack a Level 4 device   |   100 XP  |
            |Master Hacker   |Hack a Level 5 device   |   125 XP  |

                             EXPLORATION REWARDS:
            |NAME:           |REQUIREMENT:            |EXPERIENCE:|
            |Traveler        |Explore a secret area   |   100 XP  |
            |Explorer        |Explore a secret area   |   200 XP  |
            |Pathfinder      |Explore a secret area   |   300 XP  |
            |Trailblazer     |Explore a secret area   |   400 XP  |

                               VARIOUS REWARDS:
            |NAME:           |REQUIREMENT:            |EXPERIENCE:|
            |Silver Tongue   |Win a social battle     |  1000 XP  |
            |Life Lesson     |Piss off an NPC         |   100 XP  |
            |Scholar         |Read a Hugh Darrow Ebook|   200 XP  |

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