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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Cheats for PS3

Cheats and Tips for Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Deus Ex: Human Revoluion Guide
Deus Ex: Human Revolution Guide
Absolute Steve has furnished his with his guide to Deus Ex: Human Revolution. This is a visually enhanced version of his guide, complete with tons o..

We have 21 cheats and tips on PS3. If you have any cheats or tips for Deus Ex: Human Revolution please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC : Xbox 360

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Terminal Login Details - Omega Ranch and Panchaea

You can find a complete set of all the usernames and passwords required to access the terminals at both Omega Ranch and Panchaea below:
Omega Ranch
F1: Username: dfalk - Password: topfrag
F1: Username: eblake - Password: hndstuth
F1: Username: dabblett - Password: monastic
F1: Username: ogomez - Password: techsmex
F1: Username: lmorano - Password: morpheus
F2: Username: aoconnor - Password: keppler
F2: Username: pwalts - Password: ruckus
Port of Entry: Username: kathys - Password: mssinghme
Landing Pad: Username: amelie - Password: lstforever
Hyron Project:..

Panel Codes - Detroit Apartments, Derelict Row, Police Dept.

See below for all of the panel codes from Detroit Apartments, the Detriot Derelict Row, and the city's Police Department:
[b][u]Detroit Apartments[/b][/u]
Security Panels:
Apartment 2 F2 - 3733
Apartment 3 B1 - 8974
Apartment 3 F1 - 1077
Apartment 3 F1 - 1029
Apartment 3 F2 - 3663
Apartment 3 F2 - 8221
Apartment 3 F2 - 2356
Apartment 4 F3 - 7767
Safe Panels:
Jensen's Apartment - 5375
Apartment 2 F1 - 0739
Apartment 3 F1 - 1031
Apartment 4 F3 - 1948

[b][u]Detroit Derelict Row[/b][/u]
Security Panels:
Derelect Row F1 - 3290

Terminal Login Details - Fema Camp

See below for all of the login details (usernames and passwords) for every terminal in Fema Camp:
Fema Yard F1: Username: wks0012 - Password: ntlec59
Fema Yard F1: Username: spaxxor - Password: neuralhub
Fema Interior B1: Username: spaxxor - Password: neuralhub
Fema Interior B1: Username: spaxxor - Password: neuralhub
Fema Interior B1: Username: wks0010 - Password: usprokt
Fema Interior B1: Username: lbarret - Password: bullskull
Fema Interior B3: Username: spaxxor - Password: neuralhub
Fema Interior B3: Username: spaxxor - Password: neuralhub
Fema Interior B3: Username: wks2011 - Password: crrctions
Fema Interior ..

Easter Egg: Robocop

At the Detroit Police Department you will find 'Alex Murphy' - the human that later became Robocop!

Easter Egg: QR Codes

All of the QR codes in Human Revolution are accessible. They can all be accessed by scanning the black and white image with a compatible camera phone (you may need to download an app first).

Panel Codes - Tai Yong Medical, Picus, Harvester

Below, all the panel codes for Tai Yong Medical, Picus and Harvester can be found:
[b][u]Tai Yong Medical[/b][/u]
Security Panels:
Storage Area - 4865
Storage Area - 5720
Storage Area - 0821
Pool - 7934
F1 - 4713
F4 - 2967
F4 - 3090
F4 - 6906

Laser Grid Panels:
Pool - 9409
F3 - 9762
F3 - 9762
F3 - 2459
F3 - 5126
Safe Panel:
Penthouse - 0117

Security Panels:
F1 - 0068
Restricted Area F1 - 0101
Restricted Area F1 - 1006
Restricted Are..

Easter Egg: Easter Egg: Final Fantasy XXVII

While in Pritchard’s office, keep an eye out for a poster advertising Final Fantasy 27 (above his motorcycle). Even Square Enix may struggle to reach that total by 2027.

Terminal Login Details - Hengsha

Below is a guide to all of Human Revolution's login details (usernames and passwords) for every terminal at Hengsha:
Hung Hua Hotel: Username: msuen - Password: oleander
Alice Gardens Pod 1: Username: asgarden - Password: rbbthole
The Hive: Username: bbao - Password: vanguard
The Hive: Username: wbees - Password: paperfan

Storing Items

When you throw an item onto the ground it will remain there, even if you leave the area.

Terminal Login Details - Detroit

See below for all of the login details (usernames and passwords) for every terminal in Detroit:
Jenson's Apartment Lobby: Username: sterhorst | Pass: queenbee
Apartment 3 Second Floor: Username: docta - Password: atcod
Apartment 3 First Floor: Username: omalley - Password: trojan
Police Department First Floor: Username: bsterling - Password: investor
Police Department First Floor: Username: pdick - Password: lectrolam
Police Department First Floor: Username: jballard - Password: solempire
Police Department First Floor: Username: jchampagne - Password: grimster
Police Department First Floor: Username: wgibson - Password: baronnull

Praxis Kit Locations

More Praxis Kit locations will be added as they are discovered, but for now, below is the current list:
These kits can be attained on either of your two visits to Detroit:
1: After exiting the elevator in the Sarif Milwaukee Junction factory, keep an eye out for a box - this has the Praxis Kit inside.
2: In Detroit Downtown Apartments, go to the third floor of the building to the west. You should find an illegal mod workshop. It has a Level 5 code to get in (2356). You should then be presented with a Level 2 terminal to get past, and a Level 1 computer which gives you the code for the next room with the Praxis Kit inside.
3: At the Derelict Row sewers (not those under the hotel), you can find a hidden area through a b..


If you want to see the four different endings to the game then check out the video below.

Shop Inventories

For all the inventories and prices at the shops in Dues Ex: Human Revolution, see below. This will help you plan how to spend those hard-earned credits!
Grayson's Shop:
10mm Pistol Ammo (x5) - 25 Credits - 6 Stock
Shotgun Cartridges (x5) - 100 Credits - 2 Stock
Tranquilizer Darts (x2) - 100 Credits - 5 Stock
Damage Upgrade - 250 Credits - 1 Stock
Burst Round System - 1500 Credits - 1 Stock
Tranquilizer Rifle - 1500 Credits - 1 Stock
Mine Template - 75 Credits - 3 Stock

LIMB Clinic:
Typhoon Ammo - 100 Credits - 5 Stock
Hypostim - 100 Credits - 2 Stock

Terminal Login Details - Picus

Here are all of the login details for the Picus terminals:
F3: Username: mwells - Password: lavadome
F3: Username: jricard - Password: macro
F3: Username: atresman - Password: skylark
F3: Username: sbernard - Password: dumbass
F6: Username: jkenney - Password: montroyal
F6: Username: dgassner - Password: oneida
Restricted Area F1: Username: pcorbo - Password: spitfire
Restricted Area F1: Username: bshupper - Password: widget
Restricted Area F1: Username: jchapman - Password: diode
Restricted Area F1: Username: jchapman - Password: diode
Restricted Area F2: Username: emasse - Password: moufette..

Panel Codes - Fema Camp, Hengsha Streets, Hengsha Buildings

Fema Camp, Hengsha City Streets and Hengsha Buildings panel codes can all be found below:
[b][u]Fema Camp[/b][/u]
Security Panels:
Fema Interior B1 - 7984
Fema Interior B1 - 7984
Fema Interior B1 - 7984
Fema Yard F1 - 7984
Laser Grid Panels:
Fema Yard F1 - 7984
Fema Yard F1 - 7984

[b][u]Hengsha City Streets[/b][/u]
Security Panels:
Hengsha Streets (East) - 1381
Hengsha Streets (East) - 1339
Hengsha Streets (East) - 1379
Hengsha Streets (East) - 7845
Lower Hengsha Streets (South) - 5377
Safe Panels:
Hengsha Streets (West) - 3..

Terminal Login Details - Tay Zong Medical

All of the terminal login details for Tay Zong Medical are below:
Pool: Username: poolrm - Password: pelagic
F1: Username: lgeng - Password: gehong
F3: Username: zarvlad - Password: muonrule
F3: Username: rkumar - Password: outback
F4: Username: nemuni - Password: ironfist
F4: Username: tymmf - Password: ebrain
F4: Username: gengl - Password: pangutym

Unlimited Ammunition

When you have upgraded your Hacking and Strength so you can pick up turrets you can set them down and allow them to fire while you move. The turrets contain unlimited ammunition. Note: This also can be done with robots.

Terminal Login Details - Detroit CC, Harvester, Hengsha Sea

A list of all the login details for the terminals at the Detroit Convention Center, Harvester and Hensha Seaport can be found below:
Detroit Convention Cente
F3: Username: wtaggart - Password: marjorie
Territory B1: Username: zhengl - Password: hirollr
Territory B2: Username: ttong - Password: mirrshds
Hengsha Seaport
Seaport F2: Username: prmtr01 - Password: collosus
Seaport F3: Username: jwang - Password: mainman

Terminal Login Details - Sarif HQ

You can see all of the login details (usernames and passwords) for the terminals in Sarif HQ below:
Sarif Industries Second Floor: Username: fpritchard - Password: nuclearsnke
Sarif Industries Third Floor: Username: tbruger - Password: eclipse
Sarif Industries Third Floor: Username: ajenson - Password: mandrake
Sarif's Office: Username: amargoulis - Password: gsspgirl
Factoring Labs First Floor: Username: doutchman - Password: windmill
Admin Second Floor: Username: fmarchand - Password: factotum
Admin Second Floor: Username: gthorpe - Password: hydro
Admin Second Floor: Username: rmccauf - Password: hvywethr
Admin Second Floor: ..

Panel Codes - Sarif HQ, Sarif Manufacturing, Detroit Streets

All of the panel codes from Sarif HQ, Sarif Manufacturing Plant and Detroit City Streets can be found below:
Sarif HQ
Security Panels:
Helipad Storage - 8053
Sarif Industries F3 (Denzel Mitchell Office) - 1364
Sarif Industries F3 (Ted Bruger Office) - 9642
Sarif Industries F3 - 0250
Sarif Industries F2 (Frieda Malik Office) - 5475
Sarif Industries F2 - 3716
Sarif Industries F2 (Mike Pine Office) - 4145

[b][u]Sarif Manufacturing Plant[/b][/u]
Bomb Panel:
Assembly Line 1 F2 - 1505 (Bomb Panel)

[b][u]Detroit City Streets[/b][/u]
Security Panels:
Detroit City S..

Panel Codes - Hengsha Sea, Omega Ranch and Panchaea

Use the list below for all of the panel codes for Hengsha Seaport, Omega Ranch and Panchaea:

[b][u]Hengsha Seaport[/b][/u]
Security Panels:
Seaport F1 - 7785
Seaport F2 - 4589
Seaport F3 - 3295

[b][u]Omega Ranch[/b][/u]
Security Panels:
Omega F1 - 2410
Omega F1 - 9992
Omega F1 - 1385
Omega F1 - 0111
Omega F1 - 0111
Omega F2 - 5377
Omega F2 - 1504
Laser Grid Panels:
Omega F1 - 2535

Security Panels:
Port of Entry - 7153
Machinery - 9823

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Achievements
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