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Side Missions and Objectives

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Side Missions and Objectives in Gears Tactics
Side Missions and Objectives in Gears Tactics

Gears Tactics has 3 main Acts that makes a total of 22 Chapters: Act 1 has 6 Chapters, and Acts 2 and 3 have 8 chapters each. Although this does not seem like a lot the campaign will take you around 25-hours to complete. This is largely due to the side missions that the game requires you to go on in between main story missions. Check out our Side Missions and Objectives guide to find out more.

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Campaign and Side Missions

Game progression in Gears Tactics is through completing the story missions in the campaign and side missions. To unlock the next story mission in the campaign you may be required to finish two or three side missions and this mechanic continues throughout the game. Objectives in side missions include:

• Deploy without fielding a certain class.

• Deploy with at least one type of soldier class.

• Don't use frag grenades or stims.

• Don't take damage during your turn but still take damage when it’s the enemy's turn.

• End the battle in under a certain number of turns.

Reset Tokens

Reset Tokens are earned by completing the main missions and they can be used to respec your characters skills if you feel you need to change any of them. Your available Reset Tokens can be found on the upper right-hand corner of your character’s screen when you’re looking at their abilities. Check out our Reset Tokens Guide for more information about them.

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Control Missions

This type of mission has two control points and your objective is to capture them in order to earn supply points each turn. To successfully complete the a Control mission you will need 10 supplies and you can monitor your progress via the progress bar at the top of the screen. The enemy can also capture control points and if they manage to get four you automatically fail the mission so it is important that you keep an eye on all the areas and not just those that you are defending. A control point can be contested if it has both friendlies and hostiles, and no supplies will be given to either side.

Best Strategy for Control Missions

You will get a checkpoint as soon as you get five supplies. Make sure you prepare for the Locust enemies that spwan each turn until the mission is completed otherwise you risk being overwhelmed by them. The Sniper and Heavy class characters are particularly effective in the Control missions due to the weapons they wield, especially the Mulcher which is great for taking down Locusts that swarm control areas. As there are unlimited spawns in Control missions it provides a good opportunity to level up via kills.

Scavenger Missions

The objective of Scavenger missions is to open at least three of the five loot chests that are on the map in order to make the extraction point appear. This is not an easy feat as Nemacysts will be dropping from the sky each turn annihilating anyoe that is in the red zone. To make matters worse Locusts will also be spawning ahead of you blocking your way.

Best Strategy for Scavenger Missions

You will get a checkpoint once you have opened two chests. Look for ways to lure Locust enemies areas that in the way of the Nemacysts who target friend and foe when they appear and rain death from above. Scout and Vanguard class characters are best suited for this type of mission due to being speedy and their run-and-gun abilities. In regards to loot Scavenger missions are the most rewarding type of missions in Gears Tactics.

Rescue Missions

The objective of the Rescue missions is to eliminate hostiles at the two Locust tortue pods that are on the map in order to free the prisoners inside. You will have 15 turns in which to free both prisoners and once successfully accomplished the extraction point will appear.

Best Strategy for Rescue Missions

You will get a checkpoint when you free a prisoner from a torture pod. Rescued characters will appear in your recruitment pool. Take a Support class with you on this type of mission as they can provide additional AP for your squad's moves. Be prepared for the Locust that spawm to prevent your escape once the extraction point appears.

Note: If you pre-ordered Gears Tactics you will be able to obtain the DLC character, Augustus Cole when you complete the first Rescue mission which appears in Act 1.

Incursion and Sabotage Missions

Incursion and Sabotage Missions

These missions both play similarly. The objective is to basically reach a marked spot on the map and then depending on whether it is an Incursion or Sabotage mission, raise or destroy a bridge. While doing so you will have to kill the enemy that spawns at the location. Once completed you have to interact with a large supply cache (Incursion) or Imulsion crate (Sabotage) and head to the extraction point where more enemies will have spawned and be waiting for you.

Best Strategy for Incursion and Sabotage Missions

Your first checkpoint is after you have interacted with an object, the second one is after you have opened the supply cache or planted the bomb on the Imulsion crate. These two missions types are best avoided if possible as they take more time to complete compared to others and you will also encounter more Locusts making them more hazardous.

Check out our Best Class Builds Guide to get a devestating build in each of the Sniper, Support, Scout, Vanguard, and Heavy classes.

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