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Best Class Builds Guide

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Gears Tactics Best Class Guide

Gears Tactics is a turn-based strategy game which has a class-based soldier structure that allows you to put together your own builds if you know what you are looking for. Check out our Best Class Builds Guide to get a devestating build in each of the Sniper, Support, Scout, Vanguard, and Heavy classes.


In Gears Tactics snipers are equipped with a Longshot rifle and can be specialised into long-range disruptive roles or insane damage output with high crits. The key to using the sniper is to keep them away from harms way and prevent them from getting flanked by melee-orientated enemies. Listed below are the four achetypes for the Sniper class.

• Marksman

Abilities that add damage and eliminate a few opponents in a row.

• Assassin

Skills that increase accuracy and critical damage.

• Stalker

Stun enemies with abilities and attacks.

• Hunter

Additional Action points for attacking and eliminating enemies.

Recommended Sniper Build (Right Side of their Tree)

- Level 2: Fast Fingers (LV1) + Active Reload.

- Level 3: Chain (LV1] + Chain Shot (LV2).

- Level 4: Fast (LV2] + Ultimate Shot.

- Level 5: Concussion Shot (LV1) + Concussion (LV2).

- Level 6: Concussion (LV3) + Impact Rounds.

- Level 7: Setup + Run and Gun.


This class is your medic and they operate from the back healing and buffing allies with extra Action points. Although they don't inflict great damage they can be effective at dealing with enemies using their Lancer's Chainsaw ability. Their long-range overwatch combined with knockback mods can be used to interrupt and protect your allies. Listed below are the four achetypes for the Support class.

• Combat Medic

Team treatment by eliminating enemies.

• Strategist

Multiple offensive skills that reduce cooldown for skills.

• Surgeon

Unit treatment and support skills.

• Paragon

Supporting allies and adding Action points.

Recommended Support Build

- Level 2: Empower (LV1) + Weak Point.

- Level 3: Teamwork (LV1) + Empower (LV2).

- Level 4: Empower (LV3) + Lock and Load.

- Level 5: Teamwork (LV2) + High-Powered Shot (LV1).

- Level 6: Distracting Fire + Stim (LV1).

- Level 7: High-Powered Shot (LV2) + Surge.


This class is all about stealth and are proficient at getting behind enemy lines to plant Frag grenade traps and up large groups of enemies. They can also be effective at close range using their shotgun to take enemiees. Their drawback with the Scout class is they are squishy and tend to rely on support. An escape route must be planed when a Scout gets close to the enemy. Listed below are the four achetypes for the Scout class.

• Raider

Health regeneration and the double shot skill.

• Recon

Additional movement points and sprint ability.

• Slayer

Using stealth to move and kill wounded enemies.

• Commando

Access to mines and grenades.

Recommended Scout Build

- Level 2: Sprint (LV1) + Frag Grenade Mastery.

- Level 3: Proximity Mine (LV1) + Proximity Mine (LV2).

- Level 4: Extended Cloak + Demolition Expert.

- Level 5: Double Shot (LV1) + Regenerative Cloak.

- Level 6: Finisher (LV1) + Finisher (LV2).

- Level 7: Finisher (LV3) + Assassination.


This is your tank class and are designed for close-mid range combat using their Lancer Bayonet charge. The Vanguard class will charge into enemy ranks and then cause havoc with their abilities. Vanguards can debuff enemies up close with abilities such as Intimidate and Breach and they regenerate some health after every turn.

• Assault

Additional status effects that increase the damage but are dependent on health.

• Shock Trooper

Skills that focus on melee combat.

• Paladin

Team support, group health regeneration, and the ability to automatically pick up fallen allies.

• Warden

Abilities in this path focus mainly on damage reduction and automatic recovery if a character is knocked down in combat.

Recommended Vanguard Build

- Level 2: Intimidate (LV1) + Recharging Bayonet.

- Level 3: Demoralize + Intimidate (LV2).

- Level 4: Charged Up + Breach.

- Level 5: Hunker Down (LV1) + Regeneration (LV2).

- Level 6: Distraction (LV1) + Distraction (LV2).

- Level 7: Self-Revive + Badass.


This powerhouse class of soldier providing they remain stationary can devestate groups of enemies using the Mulcher gattling gun they wield. They are designed for close-mid range combat using their Lancer Bayonet charge. Each attack with the Heavy class grants it an 'Anchored' accuracy and damage bonus. The downside of the Heavy class is that they are situational, and are only really effective on mission types where you are able to remain stationary.

• Defender

Supporting abilities such as pinning an opponent down.

• Specialist

The ability to change positions and get additional Action points for defeating enemies in a row.

• Demolitionist

Explosive shot and grenades.

• Artillery

The ability to inflict additional damage and shoot enemies several times.

Recommended Heavy Build

- Level 2: Explosive Shot (LV1) + At The Ready.

- Level 3: Suppressing Fire (LV1) + Quick Overwatch.

- Level 4: Suppressing Fire (LV2) + Slayer.

- Level 5: Reckless (LV1) + Anchor (LV2) .

- Level 6: Redeploy (LV1) + Fury.

- Level 7: Redeploy (LV2) + Streak.

Check out Reset Tokens Guide to find out how you can change your investments in the skill trees of your characters if another route seems better in hindsight.

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