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Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness Pack Shot

Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness


Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness (Japan) (Beware: Possible Spoilers)

by Railroad Runner Articuno

Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness Walkthrough 
By Stryker (Supercheats username: Railroad Runner Articuno)
Any person, excluding the author, can copy this walkthrough.

The game starts out by letting you pick your name, which then leads to an animation of the luxurious cruiser Libra sailing on a smooth sea during twilight. The captain and the sailor in the control room suddenly spot helicopters surrounding their ship, and a giant shadow looms over them. One of the helicopter pilots flashes a red light from his eyeshield, and the eyes of the creature, which is Shadow Lugia, shines with the same light. The ship is then sucked up into the air by Shadow Lugia, and the captain and sailor are thrown into the waters. Floating amid the stormy seas, the two could do nothing but watch their cruiser get carried away by the creature and the gang of helicopters.

The Pokémon HQ Lab:
The plot begins in a virtual battle between your level 50 Salamence against a level 50 Metagross belonging to a virtual trainer caleld Maibo. Your Salamence has earthquake so it should take care of the Metagross pretty easily. Beat it and you will be transferred back into the real world.

You are greeted by a young trainer and researcher in charge of the virtual trainer machine, and you find youself in the training room at the Pokémon HQ Lab directed by Prof. Krane. You have your starter Eevee in your party which is at level 10, and in its description says it is given to you by your father, who has passed away.

You head to Prof. Krane?s room to the left, and he will tell you to retreive the P*DA at your own room. Your mother, Lily, says your sister, Jovi, is missing, and wants you to go in search of her. Enter the left door in this room to get to the connected building next doors. You will find yourself in the researcher Buster?s room. Go into the left bottom room of this floor to find a guy named Haido hiding under a table. He will tell you that he is playing hide and seek with Jovi, and tells you that she is probably at Prof. Kaminko?s house. This new location shows up on your map, and you can now access it.

But first, go down to the first floor to retrieve the P*DA from your room, which you should receive a welcome message from Krane right away. The only features on your P*DA right now will be the mailbox and strategy memo. You will see a Plusle in Jovi?s room which is right next to yours. Other overworld Pokémon in the lab include a Kecleon in Haido?s room, a Kirlia and its Elite female trainer, a Psyduck and Quagsire in the common room where several researchers are watching TV, and a Blissey on the first floor right next to the HP restore machine, and later the Purify Chamber. You can only read the OBNS news on TV, which talks about the Libra incident, and some researchers will comment that lots of rare Pokémon are riding on the cruiser, including ones that have never been seen before. You can now leave this place.

Prof. Kaminko?s House:
This eerie house to to the southeast of the Pokémon HQ Lab, and the first thing you see is a Groudon statue in the center of a fountain. Go to the house?s front door, and Kaminko?'s assistant Chobin, will mistake you as a thief and fight you.

Researcher Chobin: Sunkern 5

Defeat him, and Jovi will come out from the house. She tells you that she is having fun, and goes back in. Follow her, and Chobin will brag about the ?mighty? inventions of Kaminko, including something known as the Shuckle Shoes. The door on the right is locked right now, but head in the left one to find Kaminko. He will not let you enter his secret room at this point. You receive another mail from Krane, and talk to Jovi. Calling back her Minun, she will then join you, and the two of you head back to the Pokémon HQ Lab.

The Pokémon HQ Lab:
Back at the lab, Prof. Krane will tell you that one of the researchers, Joshua, has successfully completed the Snag Machine after modifying it from the one made by Team Snagem 5 years ago. It is now equipped with the Aurora Searcher to detect shadow Pokémon, and you agree to test it out for them. The shadow Pokémon monitor feature is added to your P*DA, and Joshua will give you 5 Pokéballs.

Suddenly, you will hear a cry, and head out to find Prof. Krane seized by three mysterious troopers dressed in white. You rush up to stop them, and one of them will fight you:

Mysterious Peon Nappus - Teddiursa 11+

Your Aurora Searcher will detect it right away, and Krane wants you to try a Pokéball. You will not be able to use attack commands at this point, so just throw the ball, and you should capture it without difficulty. Nappus will be outraged at you did, and together with his two mates, tossed Krane onto their truck and leave.

You will then find yourself back at Krane?s room, and everyone is upset. The researchers will worry about the Purify Chamber?s research progress which is headed by Krane, but your mom Lily will decided to take over herself since it is the project your father has devoted his entire life to anyway. She will want something some machine parts from the Gateon Port, and this new location will show up on your map. Together with Jovi, the two of you head there. But before that, Joshua will give you Krane?s Memo 1 and 2, describing what the Snag Machine and Aurora Searcher are about.

Gateon Port
Upon arrival, Jovi will run into bodybuilder Zook, and upset him by calling him uncle. Zook sends out a Zangoose, but then a short old man named Mercharich appears to intervene. His blue-haired bodyguard, Aldos, will faint Zangoose with an Alakazam, and Zook will run off.

Right away, Jovi bumps into her friend Emily who is with her mother Emma, a fervent novelist. They tell you that Mercharich is a famous merchant who brings in lots of good everything his cruiser sails in, and that every at the Gateon Port respects and idolizes him. They will then leave, and head to the machinery store next to their house. A sailor in there will tell you that the owner, Zak, is out there fixing the Port?s bridges. He will also notice your Eevee, and offer you one of the 5 evolutionary items to choose.

Head out to the harbour, and Zak will tell you that the bridges are fixed and head back to his store. Re-enter the store and talk to him to retrieve the special machine parts. He tells you that he isn?t really the owner, but his grandfather is. You can then explore this place a little. There are two sets of bridges at the harbour, which shoots out runways in different directions by stepping onto their control pads on either side. You need these to get to the lighthouse on the north, where you head to the top and fight your first shadow Pokémon trainer at the Gateon Port.

Bodybuilder Lanna - Zubat 6, Poochyena 10+

Snag the Poochyena and Lanna will be gone next time you come back. Now, use the bridges again to head east, there?s an old man there:

Fun Old Man Magochi - Taillow 6, Ledyba 10+

Snag it again, and fight the sailor at the harbour:

Sailor Gonzui - Whismur 6, Marill 6

He will give you TM 45. To right side of this port has a Pokémon Center and a Mart, which second floor is blocked by a Munchlax. Next to these is a Krabby Pavilion where the famous magician girls Eleanor and Karina are performing. You will need to beat the sailor at the entrace first to gain entry:

Sailor Tai - Lotad 6, Wingull 6

Mercharich and his bodyguards are upstairs, but you can?t talk to the old man yet because the guards won?t let you. You can head back to the lab now.

The Pokémon HQ Lab
Joshua will give you Krane?s Memo 3, 4, 5, more on shadow Pokémon?s data, and their work on the Purify Chamber. Head upstaris, hand over the machine parts to your mom, Lily, and Jovi will run off because she remembers that she was playing hide and seek with Haido. Lily tells you of a place called Agate Village, to the east, and wants you to go there to visit an old man Eagun. The location is now accessible.

Agate Village:
This old place is almost 100% identical to how it looks in Colosseum, except for its surroundings which is now replaced by misty mountains instead of a blank sky. You find Eagun'?s wife, Beluh, in his house, and Eagun will come in and offer to bring you to the Relic Forest where the guardian Celebi is said to lay its blessings. He won?t take you there however, so you have time to explore the village a little and fight some trainers:

Rider Vitel - Wurmple 5, Silcoon7, Cascoon 7
Elite Trainer Takami - Igglybuff 7, Azurill 7, Togepi 7
Jolly Old Man Oldo - Oddish, Machop 7
Bodybuilder Bozzel - Tyrogue 7, Grimer 8, Zubat 7

That berry old man and his Taillow is still up there, but no one seems to be in the Daycare center yet. Enter that secret cave on the west side, and there?s an old woman in there who offers to teach your Pokémon 3 moves: mimic, thunderwave, seismic toss, all being one-offs. Now, head down to the Relic Forest, and you will need to fight a series of trainers first:

Fun Old Lady Kurana - Poochyena 7, Nincada 7 (beat her to get TM09)
Elite Trainer Nei - Zigzagoon 8, Numel 8
Supertrainer Ina - Corphish 8, Snubble 8, Lotad 8
Fun Old Lady Skolu - Slugma 8, Cacnea 8
Fun Old Man Dentore - Abra 9, Horsea 9, Shroomish 9

The point in this village is to get at least one of your three shadows purified, so this last old man Dentore will give you the Cologne Case to finish the last bits of heart-gauge clearing. Head in and Eagun will challenge you:

Legendary Trainer Eagun - Pikachu 12

You then do a purification ceremony at the Relic Stone, and Eagun will take you back home. He will tell you to find Vander at Mt. Battle, and you can access this location now.

Mt. Battle:
Mercharich'?s blue bodyguard Aldos will be at the entrace of Mt. Battle when you arrive, but leaves after commenting on Mt. Battle?s training style. You go into the lobby, and the move relearner, deleter and the guy who teaches Mew its moves will all be at the right corner. Challenge the Mt. Battle, and after your third fight, Vander will talk to you, and tell you about the deserted Shadow Pokémon Lab of Cipher 5 years ago. Head there now.

Shadow Pokémon Lab:
Upon arrival, a team of 6 different coloured Cipher Peons will appear and make a fool of themselves by calling numbers. They will notice you then, and you must challenge all six of them to gain entrance into the lab:

Cipher Peon Monel (red) - Slugma 14, Hounder 17+
Cipher Peon Jirel (blue) - Horsea 11, Goldeen 12, Spheal 17+
Cipher Peon Toril (orange) - Hoothoot 14, Baltoy 17+
Cipher Peon Tetol (yellow) - Electrike 12, Chinchou 11, Mareep 17+
Cipher Peon Petal (purple) - Grimer 11, Koffing 10, Tentacool 10, Gulpin 17+
Cipher Peon Hekil (green) - Cacnea 9, Oddish 9, Shroomish 9, Lotad 9, Pineco 9, Seedot 17+

Beat and snag them all, and enter the lab. Explore around the corridors and lifts as in Colosseum, and will run into quite a lot of Cipher Peons with shadows:

Cipher Peon Maggie - Duskull 14, Skitty 14
Cipher Peon Rukiro - Doduo 13, Taillow 14
Researcher Eojin - Lileep 13, Anorith 13
Reseracher Shisto - Clamperl 13, Corphish14, Zubat 15
Cipher Peon Kishirin - Shuppet 13, Swinub 14, Spinarak 14+

The researchers will speak of XD001 and Cipher being resuscitated again after being disbanded 5 years ago. Go further, and an animation will show the kidnapped Krane having a conversation with one of the Cipher?s Admins, Lovelina. Lovelina acknowledges Krane?s work in purifying shadows, and persuades him to help Cipher create a non-purificable shadow Pokémon. Krane declines, and Lovelina leaves to the kidnapper peon, Nappus, to reason with Krane.

Fight and snag more along the way:<p>

Cipher Peon Ayuya - Ralts 15, Voltorb 16, Bagon 16, Numel 14+
Cipher Peon Kanta - Abra 17, Machop16, Feebas 16, Makuhita 16
Cipher Peon Lukig - Snorunt 14, Barboach 14
Reseracher Machin - Spoink 16, Lotad 14, Staryu 14
Cipher Peon Tibu - Natu 16, Nincada 14, Wailmer 15
Cipher Peon Hilga - Carvanha 15+, Magnemite 15, Psyduck 15, Remoraid 16
Researcher Enushi - Swablu 17, Wynaut 16, Corsola 15
Researcher Oodi - Dustox 14, Wingull 17, Pineco 16, Qwilfish 15
Cipher Peon Yagoru - Jigglypuff 15, Chimecho 17, Dunsparce 16

You will then enter a lab of two researchers who talk about XD001 being out of control. One of them will fight you:

Reseracher Heliko - Snubble 16, Kecleon 16, Shroomish 15+

Snag the shadow, and he will rush out to inform Lovelina. You pick up the elevator key on the table to access an elevator that was locked previously, and head up to the room where Krane is held hostage. Nappus fights you again:

Nappus - Murkrow 18, Rhyhorn 18, Slakoth 18, Beldum 18

Beat him and he will let you go, as he appears to disagree on the shadow Pokémon ethics anyway. Krane joins you, and you are about to leave when the researcher earlier brings Lovelina in to intervene. You fight the first Cipher Admin after refusing her offer to join Cipher:

Cipher Admin Lovelina - Luvdisc 20, Agehunt 19, Roselia 19, Delcatty 18+

Lovelina storms away after you beat her, and leaves behind a data rom on the floor. Pick it up and you will be back at the HQ lab.

Pokemon HQ Lab:
Krane tells you to have Buster try analyzing the data rom, and Jovi volunteers to do so. You mom, Lily, will speak of the Purify Chamber being completed, and you can start using it purify your shadows. You then head over to Buster?s room but Jovi says he went out after reading the rom. You go outside of the lab to find him, and he is upset because he fails to crack into the rom. Krane comes out to comfort him, and suggests you seek help from Nett in Pyrite Town, and off to Pyrite we go.

Pyrite Town:
Upon arrival, you see Duking?s daughter Leila who is now a journalist running out with a cameraman Puri chasing after her. This town is basically the same as before again, with the fortune telling lady Fateen is still there, and the sheriff is still sitting in his chair at the police station, with a chaser and a Snagem team member each locked up in one of the cells. Walk to the shop, and you will see an animation between the policeman and Miror B?s two underlings, Trudly and Folly. They are not welcome in town because of their acts 5 years ago, and the two men left with grudge.

Everyone in town seems to be talking about wild Pokémon, and you head to Duking?s house to find Silva being the one in charge of the Pyrite Stadium now. In the secret room at the back of his house, all the kids are gone and only an old woman is left behind who makes the Pokéfood PokéManma, to assist Duking in his search for wild Pokémon. There are several trainers in their old spots to fight:

Rogue Masa - Ralts 16, Snubble 16, Seedot 16, Hounder 16
Technician Habari - Spoink 16, Magnemite 16, Numel 16
Chaser Dia - Shuppet 16, Ledyba 16, Remoraid 16, Togepi 16
Hunter Rehbe - Zigzagoon 17, Whismur 17, Aipom 17, Dunsparce 17
Chaser Dugs - Swinub 17, Bagon 17, Murkrow17, Clamperl 17
Rider Orango - Slugma 16, Natu 16, Oddish 16
Bodybuilder Zebul - Machop 17, Tentacool 17

Arrive at the ONBS station to the right before crossing the bridge to the stadium, and Nett?s siter with her Shroomish will be the receptionist. Head up to find Secc, who is the technical director of ONBS, in his room is on the first floor. You will find a lost girl in one of the rooms on this floor also, and take her back to her mother on the second floor, who will reward you with the shell bell. Head up to the small room on the building top where Nett is, who is the manager of ONBS, and he will take the data rom from you. He tells you that the ONBS was originally called the Kids Grid and they existed to prevent the likes of Cipher from haunting Orre again, thus agreeing to spread news about Cipher?s possibly resuscitation.

Nett then informs you about Duking?s progress in searching for wild Pokémon, and wants you to go help him at the RockGround Pokéspot. Head there now.

RockGround Pokéspot:
Duking and a reporter lady Pufty will be here having an interview, and Duking will want you to try out how the Pokéspot works. He gives you the Pokéspot Monitor to your P*DA, and offers you 10 PokéManma to use. He also tells you of the two other Pokéspots he found, the Oasis and Cave, and wants you to head over to those places as well. Go to the Oasis Pokéspot.

Oasis Pokéspot:
Duking will appear again, and hopes you will find him the three rare Pokémon Wooper, Surskit and Trapinch. He then leaves and wishes you good luck. Head to the Cave Pokéspot now.<p>

Cave Pokéspot:
Upon arrival, you will Folly and Trudly again, and a weird music plays, then Miror B arrives with a new outfit. Miror B is now a wanderer and is more like a mafia gang leader, in a weird sense of course. He will fight you:<p>

Wander Miror B - Lombre 17, Lombre 17, Lombre 17, Voltorb 19+

Snag his shadow, and the three will run off. But they leave behind something on the floor, and you pick it up to find it as a Miror B Radar, which will let you know where Miror B is when it senses his location as you go along the game. Suddenly, you will receive an urgent mail from Secc telling you head back to ONBS quickly.

Pyrite Town:
Go to the ONBS station, and you will find it ambushed by Cipher. Fight the peons along the way to get to Nett?s room:<p>

Cipher Peon Shian - Carvanha 18, Barboach 17
Cipher Peon Gyald - Corphish 18, Electrike 17, Grimer 18
Cipher Peon Gorus - Kecleon 19, Surskit 21, Makuhita 18+
Cipher Peon Feres - Spinarak 20, Agehunt 19, Dustox 19, Vulpix 18+
Cipher Peon Rozard - Qwilfish 19, Rhyhorn 20, Chinchou 20, Koffing 20
Cipher Peon Randa - Duduo 20 , Tentacool 18, Chimecho 20
Cipher Peon Karti - Gulpin 19, Mareep 18, Luvdisc 20, Bellossom 21
Cipher Peon Eran - Furret 19, Zigzagoon 20, Togetic 19, Delibird 21
Cipher Peon Siam - Sneasel 20, Yanma 19, Misdreavus 20, Duskull 19+
Cipher Peon Forus - Flaaffy 22, Kadabra 22, Vigoroth 21, Ralts 20+

When you arrive at the room, a Cipher gang leader, Dakacha will threaten to kill Nett?s sister, and Nett had to exchange for her with the data rom. Fight him:

Cipher gang leader Dakacha - Loudred 23, Giragarig 23, Mawile 22+, Raichu 23

Dakacha then says the database of ONBS has been deleted, thus removing all the data they?ve cracked into. He surrenders the data rom and says it won?t matter anymore, and confirms that the Libra incident is indeed the work of Cipher, and that Cipher is attacking Phenac. He then flees, and Nett urges you to warn Phenac?s mayor while they clear up their mess.

Phenac City:
Again, this old city remains pretty much the same. The lady at the front door will reward you with the Battle Disc Case and discs 01, 07 and 20 for being the 100,000th visitor, urging you to trying them out at the Realgam Tower to the west. You have to head to Realgam first before she will let you in.

Realgam Tower:
The general appearance of this place is still the same. But those rooms you used to fight the Cipher admins were replaced by marts and Pokémoncenters, and the only place to visit really is the central lobby. The left room will feature the game Battle de Bingo while the right the Battle Disc, and the central elevator, leading to the Realgam Colosseum, is under maintenance at the moment. Head back to Phenac.

Phenac City:
Now that the lady lets you in, you?ll will find the citizens appearing peculiar. The guy who used to have a Castform running after him now has a Duskull, while the trainer with a Marill now has a Mightyena. Head up the stairs to the mayor?s house, but his secretary says he?s out. Go to the house to the right side. And old man inside will give you a music CD on his table, saying that it isn?t his taste. He will also let you rest at his beds because the PokémonCenter in the city is for some reason out of order at the moment.

Head back to the mayor?s house, the secretary will want the music CD from you. She plays it and gets distracted, while you go up to explore the mayor?s room. You find a letter he wrote to Justy, the leader at Phenac?s training school, asking for help to fend off Cipher. But then the mayor?s secretary comes back up and reveals herself to be a Cipher peon. Fight her:

Cipher Peon Kyaris - Snorunt 20+, Seviper 20, Golbat 22, Mightyena 21

Go downstaris, and another peon will fight you:

Cipher Peon Bimol - Pineco 20+, Murkrow 22, Ariados 22

Now, head to the training school to deliver the letter, but to your horror, 6 Justys appear and scatter around in the city. Fight them all and you?ll discover that they?re the coloured peon brothers again:

Cipher Peon Jirel - Horsea 20, Goldeen 20, Beldum 19 - Battle Disc 16
Cipher Peon Monel - Slugma 20, Numel 20 - Battel Disc 19
Cipher Peon Petal - Grimer 20, Koffing 20, Tentacool 20, Zubat 20 - Battle Disc 08
Cipher Peon Hekil - Cacnea 18, Oddish 18, Shroomish 19, Lotad 19, Pineco 20 - Battle Disc 28

The last two you have to fight at the mayor?s house,
Cipher Peon Tetol - Chinchou 20, Electrike 20, Magnemite 20
Cipher Peon Toril - Noctowl 20, Vigoroth 20

You then go talk to everyone you see in the city, and they?ll all reveal themselves to be Cipher peons:

Cipher Peon Trita - Shuppet 21, Teddiursa 21, Corsola 21
Cipher Peon Kubara - Magnemite 21, Poochyena 22, Staryu 21, Absol 21
Cipher Peon Kuroru - Spoink 21, Volbeat 20, Illumise 20, Seviper 21, Wailmer 22
Cipher Peon Zanyu - Goldeen 21, Carvanha 21, Koffing 21, Mightyena 21
Cipher Peon Yaida - Duskull 21, Corphish 20, Qwilfish 21
Cipher Peon Rikoza - Sudowoodo 20, Clamperl 21
Cipher Peon Romosh - Linoone 22, Kirlia 20, Natu 22+
Cipher Peon Shizu - Golbat 22, Remoraid 22, Roselia 22+
Cipher Peon Fese - Sneasel 22, Alakazam 22, Misdreavus 22, Meowth 22+

Some of these last ones you have to fight inside the training school. They will tell you about the real citizens being locked underground, then flee. Afterwards, fight the last peon guarding the entrace to the Phenac Stadium:

Cipher Peon Yorin - Torkoal 22, Nuzleaf 23, Swinub 22+

Now, enter the stadium, and you will fight two more peons:

Cipher Peon Anon - Pelipper 23, Electrike 23, Spearow 22+
Cipher Peon Dagu - Stantler 23, Chimecho 23, Grimer 23+

Then, standing in the middle of the staidum, you will see another Cipher Admin Wazzle reasoning with Duking?s reporter daughter Leila, who refuses to hand over her recordings of Cipher?s evil acts in Phenac. He will fight you after his peon:

Cipher Peon Gowan - Graveller 26, Hoothoot 25, Gulpin 26, Seel 23+
Cipher Admin Wazzle - Lanturn 26, Quagsire 26, Lunatone 25+, Castform 27, Metang 28

He storms away after dropping the elevator key, and you back to the training school to save everyone underground. The mayor Dagude thanks you, and gives you the experience share if you visit him at his house again. You also free the Agate daycare center people who happen to be visiting Phenac, which means you can now use the center in Agate. Like in Colosseum, it only admits one Pokémon a time, so no breeding.

Before you leave, Justy will tell you of a peculiar sighting to the north of Phenac, and a new location will unlock on your map. However, when you try going there, your scooter gets jammed by the sand everytime and you had to backtrack. Go back to Phenac, and you will receive another mail from Nett to go back to Pyrite.

Pyrite Town:
Back at the ONBS station, you will see a young girl an her grandpa searching for a Bonsly who should be riding on the cruiser Libra. She wants you to find it for her, and Nett suggests you head to the Gateon Port to seek help from Roose, the old man who used to sell stuff at the Under City 5 years ago before everyone moved above ground. Go there you will.

Gateon Port:
Head to the machinery shop again, and Zak, who?s actually Roose?s grandson, will tell you that his grandfather is working with Prof. Kaminko on some mecha Pokémon. Go to Kaminko?s House now.

Kaminko?s House:
You get stopped by Chobin again when you try to enter, who mistakes you as a thief yet again. Fight him:

Researcher Chobin - Sunkern 25, Gyarados 26

Prof. Kaminko will then appear to ask what is going on. Chobin says you are a thief, but then recognizes you. Kaminko wants to show off his newest and greatest inventions, and tells Chobin to retrieve it. Then, the Groudon statue in the fountain goes down while the water dries up, and Chobin reappears riding on a Mecha Groudon. He fights you again:

Mecha Groudon - Sunflora 26, Gyarados 26, Hoppip 26, Tropius 26

Defeat him, and the Mecha Groudon will overload. Kaminko loses his interest in mecha Pokémon, but Chobin is determined to improve it. You head in and Kaminko will allow you to go into his secret room this time. Head down, and you will find Roose working on a Mecha Kyogre. You tell you your situation, and he will take you back to Gateon Port and upgrade your scooter to the hover type. You are ready to explore the unaccessible site now. Before you leave, you will see Mercharich and his bodyguards sailing off on their cruiser.

Deserted Cruiser Libra:
You?ll see that it is the deserted cruiser Libra when you arrive, and you head in. This is the place where they have all these big boxes you have to push around before progressing. Pick up items along the way, and when you arrive on the deck, you will see two Cipher peons and the third Cipher Admin Gorigan. They speak about how the shadow Pokémon are actually made from all the Pokémon riding on the cruiser, and that they are still barely halfway through. They notice you, and one of the peons fights you while Gorigan goes away:

Cipher Peon Suguru - Cacnea 27, Huntail 27, Teddiursa 27, Koffing 27

Afterwards, a man will come out from the control room to take you back to his room, and tell you that he is actually a wanderer who stumbled upon the deserted cruiser and made it his home. You can heal at his room. He tells you of mysterious sounds coming from the bottom of the cruiser, and wants you to find out. You head down, and at the very end of the rooms find a Bonsly. It will flee however everytime you come near. Head back up to the man to tell him about it, and you can leave this place now.

However, upon leaving, you will be stopped by some Team Snagem members, and they will put you to sleep with a Gloom and steal your Snag Machine. You wake up in the man?s room again, and he?s glad that you?re ok. He tells you of a peculiar place he saw to the north, and tells you to go explore it.

Shadow Pokémon Factory:
This is where that huge pyramid thing is. The bodybuilder Zook you met in the Gateon Port will be here again, and two Snagem members are shown defeated by him. You fight him, and though discover that one of his Pokémon is a shadow Zangoose, but you cannot snag it because your machine?s gone.

After you beat him, Secc will send you another mail, and you head back to Pyrite.

Pyrite Town:
Back at ONBS, Secc tells you that a man called Danny has escaped from Cipher, and is currently at the Outskirt Stand. The old man and young girl who own Bonsly will also advice you to approach Bonsly slowly, and request that you head there once more. Go back to the cruiser Libra, and approach Bonsly slowly. But a mail from Emily?s novelist mom Emma comes in to scare it, and it will run away from the cruiser. It will from then on start appearing at the Pokéspots randomly, approach it slow when you see it, and it should let you come near. After returning it to its trainer, the old man will reward with a Bonsly sheet to use at the Battle de Bingo. Back to the plot, you head back to Gateon Port to have an interview with Emma, and she will give you the amulet coin. Now, go to the Outskirt Stand.

Outskirt Stand:
Again, this place is pretty much the same. Miror B and his underlings will appear when you arrive however, so be prepared. He has a shadow Nosepass, but again you can?t snag it because you don?t have the snag machinea anymore. You radar actually detects his presence once you arrive.

Wanderer Miror B - Lombre 26, Lombre 26, Lombre 26, Nosepass 26+, Ludicolo 26

Beat him, and Danny is right at the doorway inside the train-like building. He will give you a shadow Togepi he stole from Cipher when he fled (you need to have a free space in your party), and hopes you will purify it and return it to him. You will then receive another mail from Secc, telling you of Snagem?s Hideout to the north of the Outskirt Stand. When you leave, a trainer will stop you and request a battle:

Rider Willie - Zigzagoon 24, Zigzagoon 24, Linoone 26, Linoone 26

Now, head to the Snagem Hideout.

Snagem Hideout:
When you arrive, Phenac?s mayor Dagude will mail you that the Realgam Colosseum has been reopened. Now enter the hideout, and fight various Snagem members:

Snagem Peon Misango - Oddish 26, Murkrow 26, Golbat 26, Absol 27
Snagem Peon Chimaina - Oddish 26, Koffing 26, Dustox 26, Qwilfish 25
Snagem Peon Tekira - Girafarig 28, Smergle 27, Pelipper 25, Machoke 28
Sngem Peon Zabu - Oddish 27, Crobat 28, Torkoal 28, Bellossom 28
Snagem Peon Karato - Kecleon 25, Aipom 26, Volbeat 25, Yanma 25
Snagem Peon Neban - Ariados 28, Beautifly 28, Sneasel 28, Delibird 28, Xatu 27
Snagem Peon Rauni - Graveller 25, Rhyhorn 26, Stantler 28, Misdreavus 28, Tropius 27
Snagem Peon Rakuze - Remoraid 25, Octillery 26, Sandslash 27, Loudred 28, Crawdaunt 32

Head to Gonzap?s room, and his peon will fight you before him:

Snagem Peon Yachiino - Gloom 28, Gloom 28, Mantine 28, Forretress 31, Grumpig 32
Snagem Leader Gonzap - Electrode 30, Nuzleaf 32, Vileplume 30, Whiscash 31, Skarmory 32

Defeat him, and he will return the Snag Machine to you, telling you that they were initially planning to wreck up Cipher and rebuild their?s team, but now that you?ve defeated them, they?ll give you their plan to do so. He also offers you a key to unlock a box downstairs, which contains a TM.

From this point, Miror B will randomly appear at the Pyrite Stadium. Whenever he does, your Miror B Radar will pick it up, and you check on it to learn of his location. This is the way to snag the Nosepass you missed. Or you could simply head back to the Shadow Pokémon Factory for now.

Shadow Pokémon Factory:
Now that you have your snag machine back, you can snag Zook?s Zangoose:

Bodybuilder Zook - Zangoose 28+, Duduo 26, Carvanha 26, Seviper 28, Relicanth 28

Defeat him and he?ll run off. You then go on, and two more bodybuilders will come out to stop you. But Gonzap and his peons arrive to put them to sleep, and tells you to move on. Inside the pyramid factory, explore around for the peons and snag their Pokémon. The room in the center of the first floor is where the shadow Pokémon are made. Again, to navigate here, you need to push around boxes, some to certain points on the floor to unlock the doors.

Cipher Peon Suran - Minun 30, Beautifly 30, Ledian 28, Illumise 31
Cipher Peon Chemi - Plusle 30, Dustox 30, Xatu 31, Volbeat 30
Cipher Peon Niuri - Seviper 29, Murkrow 29, Paras 28+, Growlithe 28+
Cipher Peon  Yonyon - Clamperl 31, Ocillery 31, Lanturn 31, Relicanth 32
Cipher Peon Hoshu - Shellder 29+, Rhyhorn 29, Swalot 29, Golbat 29, Sharpedo 30
Cipher Peon Rigon - Furret 30, Beedrill 30+, Togetic 31, Pidgeotto 30+
Cipher Peon Drida - Absol 30, Smeargle 31, Donphan 30, Ampharos 31, Tentacruel 31
Cipher Peon Domin - Chimecho 31, Kecleon 31, Noctowl 30, Mightyena 31
Cipher Peon Tarugu - Ninetales 30, Jumpluff 30, Azumarill 32, Tangela 30+, Butterfree 30+
Cipher Peon Biruberi - Hoppip 32, Roselia 32, Masquerain 32, Bellossom 32
Ciphter Peon Waguchi - Wobuffet 30, Shedinja 31, Vibrava 35, Magneton 30+
Researcher Samun - Ariados 30, Girafarig 29, Vileplume 31, Stantler 31, Granbull 31

The researcher will tell you that the last modifcations on XD001 has been completed, and pick up the lever on the table. Head to the top and beat these people to gain access to the machine at the very top of the pyramid:

Cipher Peon Abudo - Machoke 31, Golem 31, Forretress 31, Mantine 32, Crobat 31
Cipher Peon Ouda - Golduck 33, Himontop 33, Hariyama 34, Venomoth 32+
Reseracher Seiban - Grumpig 34, Seadra 34, Camerupt 35, Seaking 34, Piloswine 34

Wreck up the machine with your lever, and this will shut down the whole factory. A Cipher peon storms out from the control room, and you fight him:

Cipher Peon Suguru - Huntail 36, Cacturne 35, Weezing 35, Ursaring 35, Arbok 33+

You then head into the control room to fight the third Cipher Admin Gorigan. He will scream at you for shutting down the shadow Pokémon production line before all the Pokémon on the cruiser can be turned into shadows. Fight him:

Cipher Admin Gorigan - Lairon 36, Sealeo 36, Slowking 36, Ursaring 36, Primape 34+, Hypno 34+

Defeat him, and Mercharich will appear on the screen. He reveals himself to be the leader of the new Cipher and his real name is Deathgold. He challenges you to come visit them at the Nickeldark Island off the southern coast of the Gateon Port, then Gorigan flees, leaving behind a shadow Pokémon production list on his table. You add the list to your P*DA, and see that there is a total of 83 shadow Pokémon made. You head back downstairs, and one of the workers will holler that a man with a big afro has just stolen a shadow Dragonite, the very last shadow Pokémon made before the factory was shut down. You now head back to the Gateon Port.

Gateon Port:
At the port, visit the machinery shop and tell Roose of your trouble. He will tell you that he has been working on Mecha Kyogre, and lets you use it to travel to Nickeldark Island. Before setting off, however, head back to the Pokémon HQ Lab first to get a masterball from Prof. Krane. Then, embark on Mecha Kyogre at the harbour of Gateon, and off you go to the final battleground.

The Nickeldark Island:
Upon arrival, you will fight a sailor at the port:

Sailor Baruko - Crawdaunt 33, Pelipper 33, Mantine 33, Golduck 33+, Sableye 33+

Then head into the volcanic mountain, and work around the first floor through random trainers with shadows. You will be stopped by Lovelina before you access the first elevator:

Cipher Peon Dimon - Masquerain 33, Dunsparce 33, Roselia 33, Spinda 33
Chaser Ankura - Zatu 34, Dodrio 34+, Whiscash 34, Raticate 34+ 
Sailor Toronba - Aron 34, Corsola 34, Pupitar 37
Hunter Ransa - Sneasel 34, Girafarig 33, Golbat 33, Seaking 34
Cipher Admin Lovelina - Gorebyss 36, Gardevoir 36, Roselia 37, Farfetch?d 36+, Altaria 36+

Defeat her and she?ll run off. Progress to the second floor now. You will find youself in a glass house like thing overlooking the stormy seas. Most of the researchers here won?t fight you, only the peons:

Cipher Beon Berd - Seviper 35, Crobat 35, Chimecho 34, Masquerain 34
Cipher Peon Punto - Electrode 34, Misdreavus 34, Claydol 36, Kangaskhan 36+, Bannette 37+

Go up in the elevator again, and you arrive at the lava ground. Push off the white blocks to stop the lava flow, and dry up the ground to gain progress. You will be stopped by another peon along the way to the next elevator:

Cipher Peon Jama - Houndoom 37, Ninetales 37, Vileplume 34, Magmar 36+, Pinsir 35+

Now go up the elevator and there are quite a lot of trainers to fight on this floor:

Cipher Peon Fajo - Stantler 34, Mightyena 35, Zangoose 35, Sunflora 35, Sharpedo 35
Hunter Ogera - Weezing 35, Forretress 35, Dodrio 37, Wobbuffet 36, Skarmory 34
Cipher Peon Chisba - Camerupt 37, Weezing 37, Muk 38, Rapidash 40+, Magcargo 38+
Cipher Peon Uumo - Cacturne 37, Ninetales 37, Torkoal 37, Mantine 37, Tropius 35
Chaser Carol - Dustox 35, Beautifly 36, Sunflora 34, Illumise 36, Volbeat 36
Rider Fego - Azumarill 34, Pelipper 36, Ariados 35, Octillery 36, Qwilfish 36
Cipher Peon Antol - Delibird 36, Grumpig 36, Swalot 35, Relicanth 35, Golduck 37, Quagsire 35

Two guards will be guarding the elevator, they fight you one after another consecutively:

Cipher Peon Karubon - Medicharm 38, Golem 38, Xatu 38, Hitmonchan 38+
Cipher Peon Petro - Skarmory 39, Grumpig 39, Metang 39, Hariyama 39, Hitmonlee 38+

Go up again, and there will be floating blocks around that you have to use to progress. Again, peons and shadows to snag:

Cipher Peon Koral - Roselia 39, Yanma 39, Smeargle 39, Vileplume 37, Altaria 40
Cipher Peon Akante - Banette 40, Sableye 40, Dusclops 40, Crobat 44, Wailord 44

Up the next elevator, and you will arrive at those coloured hooks where you are transported to each colour?s respective end. Work through the puzzle and gain acess to the next elevator after fighting some more peons:

Cipher Peon Lefur - Magneton 41, Lanturn 41, Lickitung 38+
Cipher Peon Preama - Stantler 41, Exploud 41, Scyther 40+, Chansey 39+

You should get to the top floor now, and the second Cipher Admin Wazzle will come up from the other elevator to fight you:

Wazzle - Metang 42, Quagsire 42, Scizor 42, Solrock 41+, Castform 42, Starmie 41+

Now with this elevator unlocked, you could get back to the ground without having to go through all the puzzles, but another peon guards the exit of this elevator on the ground outside:

Cipher Peon Metring - Shuckle 44, Blissey 42, Weezing 41

If you feel you?re ready, on the top floor, walk over to the dome shaped building, and on the bridge, you will be stopped by Mercharich?s blue bodyguard Aldos:

Cipher Admin Aldos - Swellow 43+, Alakazam 44, Kingdra 44, Heracross 44, Electrabuzz 43+, Snorlax 43+

Tough battle because he has three shadows. Beat him, and enter the dome-shaped building. Mercharich will compliment on your progress but then activates a glass shield to block you out. You head back out and before getting onto the bridge, the third Cipher Admin Gorigan appears from the other elevator close to the building to fight you:

Gorigan - Slowking 42, Ursaring 43, Aggron 43, Walrein 44, Poliwrath 42+, Mr. Mime 42+

Defeat him and like the other admins, he will flee. You know go down the elevator he came from, beat another peon along the way, and gain access to yet anoter elevator:

Cipher Peon Stron - Glalie 41, Ampharos 44, Breloom 42, Donphan 44, Dugtrio 40+

You will find yourself back in the room inside the dome-shaped building, this time pass the glass shield. Mercharich will go away and his red bodyguard Eldes fights you:

Cipher Admin Eldes - Ninjask 45, Manectric 44+. Salamence 50+, Flygon 45, Marowak 44+, Lapras 44+

Very tough battle again because it?s 4 shadows now, but be prepared and save here as the biggest nightmare is just a step ahead. There?s yet another elevator inside the room, go up, and you will instantly see Mercharich in the middle of the room. He compliments on all you?ve done so far in thwarting Cipher?s plans, but they have succeeded in creating the Pokémon that cannot be purified no matter what. He calls it the pioneer of their future shadow Pokémon team, and opens up the ceiling to call in XD001, Shadow Lugia.

You will first fight Shadow Lugia at level 50. Beat or snag it, then Mercharich will go berserk and fight you:

Cipher Boss Deathgold (Mercharich) - Moltres 50+, Rhydon 46+, Articuno 50+, Exeggcutor 46+, Zapdos 50+, Tauros 46+

Toughest battle yet because you need to keep them alive while keeping youself alive. Beat him, and the ending animation will show.

The blue bodyguard, Aldos, reappears and curses you for beating their leader, then suggests blowing up the whole Nickeldark Island. But Deathgold doesn?t want to hurt his underlings and the researchers, and hesitates. The red bodyguard, Eldes, appears too, and says it?s immoral to do such a thing, and gets into a quarrel with Aldos. Aldos hollers that Cipher never dies, but Eldes claims that all is over, their factory is shut down, and even XD001 has failed.

While Deathgold remains undecided, Eldes suddenly calls him father, and Aldos corrects him by saying that they should only address him as their leader. Eldes ignores him and tells Deathgold that everything they?ve done so far is a big mistake. Aldos storms away, and Eldes holds out a hand to help Deathgold up, saying that they should turn themselves in to the police. Deathgold realizes that he is wrong, and Eldes comes to you, hoping to challenge you to a Pokémon battle one day without being enemies.

You walk out of the cave to see sunlight finally cracking in through the stormy skies, and light shines on every single city and town in Orre. Citizens rejoice in Agate, Phenac, and everyone cheers at the Gateon Port. You head back home where Jovi, your mom Lily and Prof. Krane congratulate you and welcome you back, and everyone that has helped you so far gathers at the Pokémon HQ Lab. The end credits then rolls.

END OF FILE. (c) Copyright Stryker 2005