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Follow the dark path or use the light
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Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness Pack Shot

Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness


Mt. Battle FAQ

by swordsmanguy123

MT. Battle XD

Having trouble with those Cipher Admins? 
Do you just need Intense Training?
Do you want to beat your friends in battle?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, Mt. Battle is the place for you.
This guide is here to help you get up Mt. Battle.  If you need to find a
certain Battle, Just use the find Command (Ctrl+F)

0.1: Started FAQ on Mt. Battle for Pokemon XD on October 8, 2005.
0.5: Submitted to GameFAQs for the first time.
0.7: Added the Interesting Things section, 
Updated Special Thanks part. Got battles 91-100 fixed.
1.0: Finished First version from Battle 30-90, Changed all Lv to Level. 
1.5: Fixed all of the text to save space.
1.7: Added the Need More Training for Higher Levels section
1.9: Added more Advice up to battle 50, added "Teams that might work" section.
2.0: Added some more interesting things. Updated special Thanks section 
Friends on Basketball team made it to State playoffs 
(Just thought you should know, it was the same night I updated it.)
2.3: Updated "Downsides of Mt. Battle" section. Restarted game. Added Advice up
to Area 75. Lost in first round of states (Just giving you an update.)
2.7: Been a while. I've had an e-mail change, so please e-mail me at the new
address. Added advice up to battle 100. I actually started playing again. Added
new team for Teams that might work section.
3.0 Fixed battle 99, added my Sapphire, Fire Red, Leaf Green and Emerald teams.
Added more stuff to need more training for higher levels section.
Gave everyone permission to IM me while I'm online. Decided to put unlimited
teams for Teams that might work section. Added 5 other teams that will be 
updated later. Added reasons for Vampire Team.
3.2 Not many updates, but I Updated special thanks part and Teams that might
work section with Diamond and Pearl.
3.5 Added New section, Diamond and Pearl Remix!
3.7 Forgot account info so created new account. Call me Swordsmaster100.
Still working on teams. Added new section, fan made teams.

0.0 How to use this FAQ & What is Mt. Battle.
1.0 Area 1
2.0 Area 2
3.0 Area 3
4.0 Area 4
5.0 Area 5
6.0 Area 6
7.0 Area 7
8.0 Area 8
9.0 Area 9
10.0 Area 10
11.0 Need More Training for Higher Levels?
12.0 The Downsides of MT. Battle
13.0 Interesting Things
14.0 Teams that might work
15.0 Diamond and Pearl Remix!
16.0 Fan Made Teams
17.0 The Special Thanks Part


0.0 How to use this FAQ & What is Mt. Battle.

This is a simple guide on how to tackle MT. Battle. I will use myself for
examples. Here is how it works.

?.? Area ? This is the area that will be covered in the section. I will tell
you how many coupons you receive & what Item you get for completing the area
for the first time. Just remember,  YOU WILL NOT GET A SECOND ITEM THE NEXT

Battle #?? This is the current battle. The number depends on which area youíre 
in. Example, if you are at battle #46, you are in Area 5.

Trainer (The type of trainer you are facing) 
Name (The name of the Trainer) 
Hereís an Example 
(Although, it wonít be an actual name outside the game):
Cooltrainer Vince 

Pokemon (What Pokemon comes into battle)
Level (I think thatís self explanatory)
There is usually more than one, but hereís an Example.
Altaria, Level 38

Advice: This is a recommendation for what kinds of attacks or Pokemon you 
should use against the trainers. You don't have to use this advice if you don't
want to. If a battle lasted a while, I will give you an attack that is 
unexpected if it comes up. In this case, use Ice Type attacks to chill Altaria
out. Do not use a Water type that has an Ice attack for Altaria knows 

Uh, hereís the short version.
Battle #??
Trainer Name
Pokemon Level

What is MT. Battle: If youíve played Coliseum, you know that MT. Battle is a
place for Pokemon Training. It is divided into 10 areas with 10 battles in
each area. When you win an area, you get Poke Coupons. But in XD, you get a
bonus item.

Thatís basically how you use this guide. 
If you follow my advice, you might get that rare 
Chikorita, Cyndaquil or Totodile that has the very 
powerful attack from LG/FR. But you have to win all 100 battles.

Hereís advice before you start. 
If a trainer has more than 2 Pokemon, 
he/she might switch the order of them before the battle. 
So every time you go up could be different unless I specify.

More advice, If you have the Lucky Egg and one pokemons level is lower than the
rest, Attach it to that pokemon. My motto for MT. Battle is, If you give the 
experience share to anyone, no one gains experience. 

Just remember, you can use healing items here if needed.

One more thing, if you want the Johto Starters, You cannot leave Mt. Battle
or switch pokemon in the break room.


1.0 Area 1, Prizes, 200 Coupons & Macho Brace

This area is Very Easy. So even though I have 
advice, you could use any Pokemon against them.

Battle #1
Beauty Miru
Level 9 Wingull 
Level 9 Wurmple 
Advice: Use an Electric Attack against Wingull 
& a Fire Attack against Wurmple.

Battle #2
Casual Guy Cridel
Level 9 Corphish 
Level 10 Swablu 
Advice: Electric type attacks will work best here.

Battle #3
Cooltrainer Bardo
Level 10 Doduo 
Level 10 Spoink 
Advice: A Dark Type attack will work against Spoink & 
an Electric Type attack will be best against Doduo.

Battle #4
Navigator Robell
Level 11 Hoothoot 
Advice: Electric & Ice Attacks will work here.

Battle #5
Fun Old Man Kabin
Level 11 Shroomish 
Advice: A fire type attack is best here.

Battle #6
Matron Ezella
Level 11 Sunkern 
Level 11 Poochyena 
Advice: Fighting types are great against Poochyena, 
while a fire attack will burn Sunkern.

Battle #7
Casual Dude Horbit
Level 11 Spinarak 
Level 12 Taillow 
Advice: Fire & Electric attacks for these two.

Battle #8
Beauty Eloff
Level 12 Pineco 
Level 11 Surskit 
Level 11 Nincada 
Advice: A Fire type attack is best here, 
but bring out an Electric type against the Water type Surskit.

Battle #9
Cooltrainer Dibsin
Level 11 Baltoy 
Level 11 Skitty 
Level 12 Chikorita 
Advice: Grass attacks against Baltoy, 
Fire against Chikorita, and Fighting against Skitty. 

Save before facing the Area Leaders, 
You can do that now without having to go to a PC.

Battle #10
Area Leader Vander
Level 12 Zigzagoon 
Level 13 Machop 
Level 12 Whismur 
Advice: Machop canít handle a Psychic Attack, 
while Zigzagoon & Whismur will fall to a Fighting type attack.

Congratulations, you have just completed Area 1. 
You will receive the Coupons from the Area Leader 
& you will get the prize in the break room. 
But you have a long way to go.


2.0 Area 2, Prizes, 300 Coupons & TM03 (Water Pulse)

This area is Easy too.

Battle #11
Chaser Dabil
Level 12 Cyndaquil 
Advice: A Water type attack.

Battle #12
Chaser Cidlor
Level 13 Wooper 
Level 12 Natu 
Advice: Wooper resists Electric attacks, 
but Natu is weak against them. Bring out a Grass Type.

Battle #13
Sailor Gratin
Level 13 Shuckle 
Level 14 Wynaut 
Advice: Switch to a Dark type before the battle because of 
Wynauts Shadow Tag ability. 
Use water against Shuckle because of its Rock type traits.

Battle #14
Researcher Hardig
Level 14 Seedot 
Level 13 Ledyba 
Advice: Use a Fire type or a Flying type attack against these two.

Battle #15
Hunter Goling
Level 12 Totodile 
Level 14 Feebas 
Level 14 Snubbull 
Advice: Use Electric or Grass type attacks against the 
Water types, but bring out a Fighting type to beat up Snubbull.

Battle #16
Chaser Jeol
Level 14 Torchic 
Level 14 Mareep 
Advice: Why risk using a Water type against Mareep 
when a Ground type attack like Earthquake 
will knock both of them out?

Battle #17
Rider Echart
Level 15 Ralts 
Advice: Ralts is weak against a Dark type attack. 

Battle #18
Bodybuilder Delf
Level 15 Slugma 
Level 10 Silcoon 
Advice: Use a Water type against Slugma & 
a Fire type against Silcoon.

Battle #19
Bodybuilder Dolam
Level 13 Wurmple 
Level 11 Togepi 
Level 11 Larvitar 
Advice: Use Fire & Fighting attacks against this trio. 

Battle #20
Area Leader Eldof
Level 15 Mudkip 
Level 15 Lotad 
Level 12 Wingull 
Advice: Fry Mudkip & Wingull with Electric attacks. 
Bring out a Flying type against Lotad. All three of these 
Pokemon know Water Pulse, which can confuse your Pokemon. 
Be careful.


3.0 Area 3, Prizes, 600 Coupons & TM34 (Shock Wave)

The Pokemon levels jump from the Low Teens to the High 20ís. 
Be prepared.

Battle #21
Sailor Grestly
Level 27 Raichu 
Advice: Use a Ground type move against this single Pokemon.

Battle #22
Navigator Folop
Level 29 Goldeen 
Level 28 Togetic 
Advice: All you need is an Electric type.

Battle #23
Casual Dude Kwane
Level 27 Phanpy 
Level 27 Flaaffy 
Level 28 Koffing
Advice: Start with a Grass type and a Ground type. 
As soon as Koffing appears, change to a Psychic type 
because Koffing makes Ground moves miss with Levitate.

Battle #24
Casual Guy Napol
Level 27 Mightyena 
Level 28 Nosepass 
Advice: A Fighting type will make these Pokemon faint quickly.

Battle #25
Chaser Koiyt
Level 27 Lileep 
Advice: The only things that will be 
Super Effective are Ice types and Fighting types.

You are now One Quarter of the way up to the top. 
Celebrate, but not too long. You still have a ways to go.

Battle #26
Rider Atill
Level 28 Forretress (He sharked it)
Level 28Teddiursa 
Advice: Bring out that Fighting Type again, 
but have a Fire Type for backup against Forretress.

Battle #27
Curmudgeon Metson (Its an old man, like an expert from Emerald)
Level 28 Houndour 
Level 28 Corsola 
Level 28 Linoone 
Advice: Your Fighting type is gaining a lot of experience. 
Give it a break and get your Grass & Water Type out here.

Battle #28
Bodybuilder Jespon
Level 28 Corphish 
Level 28 Masquerain 
Advice: Try using an Electric attack against both.

Battle #29
Cooltrainer Mopar
Level 28 Sealeo (He sharked it)
Level 28 Quagsire 
Advice: Bring out a Grass type & an Electric type or 
you will suffer an Ice Beam from Sealeo.

Battle #30
Area Leader Taria
Level 29 Electrike 
Level 28 Furret 
Level 28 Spinda 
Advice: Ground type against Electrike, Fighting for the rest.
Her Furret uses Shock Wave.


4.0 Area 4, Prizes, 700 Coupons & TM42 (FaÁade)

This Area is mostly Women, but the Area Leader is a guy! (He can have them)

Battle #31	
Chaser Atles
Level 29 Tentacool 
Level 29 Rhyhorn 
Advice: Rhyhorn has that annoying Lightning Rod Ability. So bring a Grass type
& A Psychic type.

Battle #32
Beauty Niven	
Level 29 Kirlia
Advice: Ask yourself, Is Kirlia CRUNCHy? (Hint, use that attack)
Battle #33
Chaser Fopaw
Level 29 Luvdisc
Level 29 Loudred
Advice: An electric type for Luvdisc, A fighting type for Loudred.

Battle #34
Matron Petil
Level 29 Beldum	
Level 29 Qwilfish
Level 30 Corsola
Advice: A fire type on Beldum, Electric for the rest. 

Battle #35
Beauty Nevah	
Level 29 Cacnea
Level 29 Chimecho
Advice: She mentions something before the battle that another trainer has the
same combination as her. Can you figure it out? Have a Fire type & a Dark type
ready for this battle.

Battle #36
Bodybuilder Selor
Level 29 Grimer
Advice: One Psychic attack should do it.

Batttle #37
Supertrainer Pixen
Level 29 Gligar
Level 30 Kecleon
Advice: Bring out an Ice & a Fire Type. Then, After getting Gligar with Ice,
Use the Ice attack against Kecleon & then hit it with a Fire attack.

Battle #38
Newscaster Edin
Level 29 Gloom
Level 30 Yanma
Level 30 Ariados
Advice: These three have a weakness to Fire & Flying types.

Battle #39
Cooltrainer Roze
Level 29 Graveler
Level 31 Nuzleaf
Advice: Bring out that fighting type again, but have a water type ready for

Battle #40
Area Leader Boyden	
Level 30 Anorith		
Level 30 Wigglytuff	
Level 29 Hitmontop	
Advice: Have a Fighting type & Psychic type ready for this battle.


5.0 Area 5, Prizes, 1000 Coupons & TM39 (Rock Tomb)

Guess what? The Pokemon are now in the Low 40ís. 
Make sure your Pokemon are at least level 35 or above.
Although when I did first play colosseum, I went to the Under Colosseum with
only level 40's against level 55 plus pokemon and did pretty good.

Battle #41
Researcher Hombol
Level 42 Graveler
Level 42 Lombre
Advice: Bring out a Flying type & a Water type.

Battle #42
Bodybuilder Jiler	
Level 42 Gloom		
Level 42 Ariados		
Level 42 Delcatty
Advice: Two of these pokemon are weak against Fire types. Bring out a Fighting
type for Delcatty.

Battle #43	
Navigator Carlon	
Level 42 Wailmer		
Level 42 Ledian		
Level 42 Hitmontop		
Level 42 Skiploom
Advice: You may use an Electric type against Ledian, Wailmer & Skiploom, but
Bring out a Psychic type for Hitmontop.

Battle #44	
Chaser Kuxor		
Level 42 Sneasel		
Level 42 Shelgon		
Level 42 Grovyle	
Advice: Bring out a Fire type & an Ice type for this trio.

Battle #45	
Hunter Lesk		
Level 42 Raichu		
Level 42 Nuzleaf
Advice: Bring out a Flying type & something that knows a Ground type attack
like Earthquake	

Battle #46
Rider Mobid		
Level 43 Masquerain	
Level 43 Combusken		
Level 43 Quagsire	
Advice: This trio Has a weakness to Flying types & Grass Types.

Battle #47	
Chaser Blist		
Level 43 Kirlia		
Level 43 Croconaw		
Level 43 Loudred		
Level 43 Sudowoodo
Advice: You have to keep switching out, but the type matchups are, Dark for 
Kirlia, Electric for Croconaw, Fighting for Loudred & Water for Sudowoodo.

Battle #48	
Sailor Knook		
Level 43 Machoke		
Level 43 Sealeo		
Level 43 Quilava
Advice: Keep switching out pokemon. Type matchups, Psyching for Machoke, Water
for Quilava, Electric for Sealeo.
Battle #49	
Casual Dude Burdon	
Level 43 Wailmer		
Level 43 Bayleef		
Level 43 Misdreavus
Advice: Electric for Wailmer, Fire for Bayleef, Dark for Misdreavus.	
Battle #50	
Area Leader Calus	
Level 43 Grovyle		
Level 43 Marshtomp		
Level 43 Mightyena		
Level 43 Sableye		
Level 43 Combusken
Advice: Aw man, this girl has all 3 Hoenn starters. Fire for Grovyle, Grass for
Marshtomp, Water for Combusken & Fighting for Mightyena. Sableye actually 
has a weakness to Bug types. (Someone tell me if this is true ok?)

Youíre halfway there. Keep Going.


6.0 Area 6, Prizes, 1200 Coupons & TM50 (Overheat)

Battle #51	
Fun Old Man Doost	
Level 43 Phanpy		
Level 43 Rhyhorn
Advice: Once Surf Attack should do it. Have a Grass type for back-up.
Battle #52	
Curmudgeon Jimer	
Level 43 Cacnea		
Level 43 Numel		
Level 43 Houndour		
Level 44 Lairon
Advice:  You could use a Water type with an Ice type attack to wipe this team
out, but if that fails, bring a Fire type for backup.

Battle #53	
Matron Crex		
Level 42 Kadabra		
Level 43 Flaaffy		
Level 44 Vibrava
Advice: Exploit the type weaknesses. Dark for Kadabra, Ground for Flaafy, Ice
for Vibrava.
Battle #54	
Chaser Feeply		
Level 43 Metang		
Level 44 Pupitar
Advice: A Fire type and a Water type.

Battle #55	
Rider Jacen		
Level 43 Shedinja		
Level 43 Duskull		
Level 44 Koffing		
Level 44 Chimecho
Advice: A dark type will scare Chimecho & Duskull, but bring a Super-Effective
type for Shedinja, and a Psychic type for Koffing.

Battle #56	
Newscaster Dibel	
Level 44 Furret		
Level 44 Linoone		
Level 45 Kecleon
Advice: Bring out that Fighting type again, or do the same thing you did to
Kecleon earlier. (Refer to Battle #37)
Battle #57	
Bodybuilder Kevy	
Level 44 Wigglytuff	
Level 44 Vigoroth
Advice: That Fighting type is being used a lot again. So use it this battle 

Battle #58
Cooltrainer Gabsen	
Level 44 Anorith
Level 44 Dustox		
Level 45 Forretress	
Level 45 Lileep
Advice: Get a Fire type ready for this one, but bring an Ice type for Lileep.
Battle #59	
Cooltrainer Degin	
Level 44 Corsola		
Level 45 Togetic		
Level 44 Clamperl
Advice: Bring out an Electic type for this battle.	
Battle #60	
Area Leader Hampy	
Level 43 Castform		
Level 44 Lunatone		
Level 44 Solrock		
Level 45 Exploud	
Advice: All four of these Pokemon know Overheat, which cuts special attack.
Use Sunny Day to your advantage and use a Solarbeam against Lunatone & Solrock.
Have a GOOD water type ready in case you want to use Rain Dance.

Ok, I stopped after Battle #60 thinking I was powerful 
enough to take down Cipher. Boy was I ever wrong. 
I got my butt kicked by Ardos, the guy in the blue suit. 
Its ok to restart MT. Battle if you donít have enough 
confidence in your abilities as a trainer. 
It will take more time, but the experience is well worth it in the end.


7.0 Area 7, Prizes, 1500 Coupons & TM04 (Calm Mind)

Now the Pokemon are in the high 50ís and will 
gradually increase to level 70 the higher you go. 
I hope youíre prepared. If not take my advice at the end of Area 6.
If you're persistant and you're still weak, Save between every battle.
But make sure you save before the Area Leader.

Battle #61	
Chaser Melin		
Level 57 Swellow		
Level 58 Golbat		
Level 59 Murkrow
Advice: Oh no! A Winona Wannabe! *Freaks out* Anyway, use an Electric type 
and an Ice type.

Battle #62	
Hunter Gibson		
Level 57 Minun		
Level 58 Plusle		
Level 59 Pidgeotto		
Level 60 Dugtrio
Advice: Earthquake does more damage when Dugtrio is Underground. But bring out
an Ice type for Pidgeotto.
Battle #63	
Newcaster Idlon		
Level 58 Linoone		
Level 59 Furret		
Level 60 Vigoroth		
Level 60 Electabuzz
Advice: Bring out that Fighting type again, but bring out a Ground type too.
Battle #64	
Chaser Hobol		
Level 58 Ninjask		
Level 59 Jumpluff		
Level 60 Medicham		
Level 61 Raichu
Advice: Have a fire and a ground type ready for this battle.
Battle #65	
Chaser Keller		
Level 59 Crobat		
Level 60 Sceptile		
Level 60 Starmie		
Level 60 Manectric		
Level 60 Electrode
Advice: This one is tough. Have electric for Crobat and Starmie, Ice for 
Sceptile, ground for the rest.

Battle #66	
Fun Old Man Ebilo	
Level 57 Roselia		
Level 58 Spinda		
Level 59 Beautifly
Advice: Have a strong fire type ready.
Battle #67	
Matron Tulon		
Level 58 Golduck		
Level 58 Ampharos		
Level 59 Gorebyss		
Level 60 Magneton
Advice: Ground and electric will work here.
Battle #68	
Curmudgeon Okor		
Level 58 Gloom		
Level 59 Sunflora		
Level 60 Vileplume
Advice: have a fire and a flying type ready.
Battle #69	
Casual Guy Ebzor	
Level 58 Kirlia		
Level 59 Girafarig		
Level 60 Kadabra		
Level 61 Lunatone
Advice: Bring a dark type into this battle, but bring a water type too for
Battle #70	
Area Leader Nocon	
Level 59 Gardevoir		
Level 60 Espeon		
Level 60 Typhlosion	
Level 61 Houndoom		
Level 61 Alakazam
Advice: Bring out that dark and water type again.


8.0 Area 8, Prizes, 1600 Coupons & TM08 (Bulk Up)

Battle #71	
Sailor Ordes		
Level 62 Kecleon		
Level 62 Dustox		
Level 63 Ledian
Advice: Fire will work here, but use Kecleons color change ability to make it
fire then kill it with water.
Battle #72	
Navigator Ovun		
Level 62 Tentacool		
Level 63 Lombre		
Level 63 Mantine
Advice: Bring out an electric type but also a flying type for Lombre.
Battle #73	
Bodybuilder Adeson	
Level 63 Hitmontop		
Level 63 Altaria		
Level 64 Bellossom		
Level 64 Togetic
Advice: A flying and an electric type will work here.
Battle #74	
Bodybuilder Robit	
Level 63 Tentacruel	
Level 64 Cradily		
Level 64 Claydol		
Level 64 Grumpig
Advice: Cradily is hard to beat, but bring an ice type for it and a psychic for
Tentacruel and a dark for the rest.
Battle #75	
Cooltrainer Noxon	
Level 64 Ludicolo		
Level 64 Milotic		
Level 64 Umbreon		
Level 64 Articuno		
Level 64 Regice
Advice: You'll need a strong electric or grass type for Milotic, Electric for 
Articuno, fire for Regice and a flying type for Ludicolo. Bring that Fighting
type again too.

You have one quarter of the battles to go. Keep it up.

Battle #76	
Worker Releo		
Level 60 Qwilfish		
Level 60 Ariados		
Level 61 Ursaring
Advice: A psychic type will work here.
Battle #77	
Casual Dude Cark	
Level 61 Solrock		
Level 61 Dodrio		
Level 62 Rhydon
Advice: Bring a water type, but beware of Dodrios Tri-Attack.
Battle #78	
Beauty Minot		
Level 61 Sharpedo		
Level 61 Crawdaunt		
Level 62 Mightyena		
Level 62 Shiftry
Advice: You'll need that fighting type again.
Battle #79	
Cooltrainer Lask	
Level 62 Tyranitar		
Level 62 Swampert		
Level 62 Breloom		
Level 62 Armaldo
Advice: 2 of these can be beaten with water, but bring out a fire and a grass 
type for the others.
Battle #80	
Area Leader Naday	
Level 62 Machamp		
Level 62 Gyarados		
Level 62 Blaziken		
Level 62 Salamence		
Level 62 Heracross
Advice: You'll have to keep switching out, but you will need an Ice, Psychic,
and electric type


9.0 Area 9, Prizes, 1700 Coupons & TM40 (Aerial Ace)

Battle #81	
Sailor Hols		
Level 63 Exploud		
Level 63 Grimer		
Level 63 Wobbuffet		
Level 63 Swalot
Advice: Bring out that psychic again.

Battle #82	
Bodybuilder Albah	
Level 64 Azumarill		
Level 64 Castform		
Level 64 Wailmer		
Level 64 Wailord
Advice: Wait for Rain Dance and then kill with Thunder. Failing that, a strong
Grass type will help.
Battle #83	
Casual Guy Ginner	
Level 64 Lanturn		
Level 64 Whiscash		
Level 64 Shedinja		
Level 65 Quagsire
Advice: Bring that grass type out again, then have something Super Effective
for Shedinja.
Battle #84	
Rider Copin		
Level 66 Walrein		
Level 66 Glalie		
Level 66 Tropius		
Level 66 Dunsparce
Advice: Fire for Glalie and Tropius, fighting for the others.
Battle #85	
Bodybuilder Koren	
Level 67 Hariyama		
Level 67 Wigglytuff	
Level 67 Slaking
Advice: Slaking is really hard to beat. But bring that fighting type out again
and a psychic for Hariyama.
Battle #86	
Casual Dude Laks	
Level 63 Clamperl		
Level 63 Rhyhorn		
Level 63 Forretress	
Level 63 Pelipper
Advice: When there's one of the water types out with Rhyhorn, it has that
annoying Lightningrod ability. 
Battle #87	
Chaser Kippen		
Level 64 Shelgon		
Level 64 Koffing		
Level 64 Magcargo		
Level 64 Metang		
Level 64 Torkoal
Advice: Cool off Torkoal and Magcargo with water. Bring out Fire for Metang,
Bring out an ice type and a Psychic too.
Battle #88	
Hunter Nasom		
Level 65 Golem		
Level 65 Sandslash		
Level 67 Miltank
Advice: Bring out a water type and a fighting type for this team.
Battle #89	
Supertrainer Nimblis	
Level 63 Nosepass		
Level 63 Graveler		
Level 63 Pineco		
Level 63 Seedot		
Level 63 Sudowoodo		
Level 64 Weezing
Advice: All 6 of these pokemon have one thing in common,
They all know Explosion! I got my butt kicked by a freakin
Seedot, Ugh! If you have some very fast pokemon, you could
exploit their weaknesses of Fire, Water & Psychic. If not, try
using moves like Protect, Detect, Bounce, Fly, Dig, or Dive to avoid attacks
like that. If all else fails, Have a Rock type or a Steel type
Pokemon to weaken the blow. Aggron would be best since 
its both. If that fails, maybe a Ghost type will work too since Explosion is a
normal attack. Explosion doesnt affect Gengar...

Battle #90	
Area Leader Ragen	
Level 65 Gligar		
Level 65 Skarmory		
Level 67 Metagross		
Level 67 Regirock		
Level 67 Aggron	
Advice: Bring out a strong water type and a strong fire type.

I started over because my pokemon were not ready for area 10. 
But youíre almost there, Donít Give Up!


10.0, Prizes, 2000 Coupons, Ribbon for clearing MT. Battle 
& Chikorita, Cyndaquil, or Totodile.(Your Choice)(Might I recommend Totodile?)
(Only if you didnít leave MT Battle at anytime.) 
(Although you can go through the whole challenge again to get the others.)

Can you survive these final 10 battles?

Battle #91
Researcher Newin  
Level 66 Lanturn 
Level 66 Gorebyss 
Level 66 Kingdra 
Level 66 Huntail 
Level 66 Milotic 
Level 66 Ludicolo 
Advice: Bring an electric type for this team, but bring a flying type for

Battle #92
Fun Old Man Roben  
Level 66 Tyranitar 
Level 66 Gligar 
Level 66 Sandslash 
Level 66 Cacturne 
Level 66 Aggron 
Advice: Tyranitar always comes out first. A good water type will work on this
team from the desert. But bring a fire type for Cacturne.

Battle #93
Chaser Rillian
Level 67 Suicune 
Level 67 Raikou 
Level 67 Umbreon 
Level 67 Espeon  
Level 67 Entei 
Advice: All three legendary dogs? Jealous much! Just exploit the weaknesses of
Ground, Water, Electric, Dark and Fighting.

Battle #94
Bodybuilder Solog
Level 67 Blaziken 
Level 67 Swampert 
Level 67 Sceptile 
Level 67 Feraligatr 
Level 67 Meganium 
Level 67 Typhlosion 
Advice: Do you have Venusaur, Charizard and Blastoise? They would be best here.
But if you don't, Water, Fire and Grass/Electric would work best here.

Battle #95
Worker Saken
Level 68 Rhydon 
Level 68 Starmie 
Level 68 Gyarados 
Level 68 Mantine 
Level 68 Manectric 
Advice: Does this team look familiar? 
If not, then you either never go to the Deep Coliseum 
in Coliseum or you donít own it. If it does, then you know 
your Pokemon games. Anyway, Manectric & Rhydon 
have that annoying Lightning Rod ability. Bring out a Ground type for 
Manectric. Electric will work against Gyarados, Starmie and Mantine.
Bring a strong water type for Rhydon.

Battle #96
Newscaster Sivil
Level 68 Ninjask 
Level 68 Togetic 
Level 68 Ursaring 
Level 68 Milktank 
Level 68 Breloom 
Level 68 Armaldo 
Advice: You'll have to keep switiching out among a fire, electric and fighting

Battle #97
Cooltrainer Flostin
Level 69 Heracross 
Level 69 Swellow 
Level 69 Crobat 
Level 69 Machamp 
Level 69 Hariyama 
Advice: Bring a psychic and an electric type here.

Battle #98
Cooltrainer Tetil
Level 69 Jumpluff 
Level 69 Castform 
Level 69 Houndoom 
Level 69 Shiftry 
Level 69 Flygon 
Advice: Sunny Day will come into play here. An Ice type will work best for 
Flygon, but use Sunny Day to your advantage with Jumpluff and Shiftry. Because
Sunny Day lowers Water moves, bring out a ground type for Castform and 

Battle #99 
Supertrainer Libal
Level 70 Electrode 
Level 70 Regice
Level 70 Regirock 
Level 70 Registeel 
Level 70 Shedinja 
Level 70 Glalie (Someone e-mailed me about it. Thank you.)
Advice: to my knowledge, all of these Pokemon know explosion.
If you have a Steel or Rock type or both, bring them out.
Even a ghost type will work here. It will depend on which one is still
standing after all of the explosion. Then exploit the weakness of it.

Battle #100
Level 70 Slaking 
Level 70 Latios 
Level 70 Latias 
Level 70 Metagross 
Level 70 Dusclops 
Level 70 Salamence 
Advice: 3 Dragon types? Youíre gonna need a lot of Ice here. After that,
Bring out a fighting, dark and fire for the rest. 

If you are reading this, then you did it! You Beat MT. Battle! Go ahead and
throw a party! ;D


11.0: Need More Training for Higher Levels?

If you answered yes to this question, Here's some advice for you if you need
training outside of Mt. Battle to get higher, or if you are raising other
Pokemon for another team.

After you beat Greevil, All trainers outside of Mt. Battle will be at Level 50.
But if you're tired of The Battle music from Mt. Battle all the time, Here are
some other places & People to battle:

Try Realgam Tower, Although the Trainers are only level 40, The experience
helps & you can hear the old Cipher Admin Battle music at the end of each 

Pyrite Colosseum is good too, but the pokemon are only level 20.

Remember the Cipher Lab? Go there. The inside is abandoned, but look who is
outside, The Six Power Ranger Wannabes. When you need to heal, go use the
healing Machine inside the Lab. You get $2000 from each of them. 
Use Amulet coin.
Here are their teams & some advice.

All Pokemon are level 50

Cipher Peon Resix
Advice: One Surf attack should do it.

Cipher Peon Blusix
Advice: You need a good Electric Type here, but once Metagross comes out, bring
out a fire type.

Cipher Peon Browsix
Advice: Use a Fighting type against this brown team, but bring an Electric or
Ice type for backup.

Cipher Peon Yellosix
Advice: Use a Ground type against this trio of Electric Pokemon.

Cipher Peon Purpsix
Advice: Psychic & Electric Types will work best here.

Cipher Peon Greesix
Advice: Fire types & Flying types are best here.

Battle these guys as many times as you want. If you get bored, go somewhere
else, like Pyrite Town. (I will get the others later once I get far enough.)


12.0 The Downsides of MT. Battle.

Yes, there are downsides to MT. Battle. Here are a couple of downsides.

1. Using Legendaries will cut your coupons. 
Depending on how many legendaries is how many you will lose.
for each legendary you use it cuts you coupons by 15%

1 Legendary         15%
2 Legendary         30%
3 Legendary         45%

When I say Legendaries, I mean Mewtwo, Mew, Celebii, Ho-oh, Lugia
Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza, Jirachi, Deoxys, and anything from Diamond and
Pearl that counts as legendary.
2. A friend of mine told me that MT. Battle Takes too much time. 
Thatís only if you are one of those people who are new to the game. 
Donít worry, time will go fast when youíre having fun. 
However, if you donít have a clock in the room, 
you could miss your favorite TV show. Thatís the downside. Do what I do
get a small digital clock, if you play a lot, set it ahead like 5 minutes.


13.0 Interesting stuff.
This was found on the GameFAQs message board.
A Gligar had used Hyper Beam on him, 
then gotten KOed by something slower than it. 
A new poke was sent out in its stead where its ally, 
Skarmory, attempted to Whirlwind it. It failed, but he was surprised, 
as he had never seen anything like that attempted before. 
Might be a new strategy, but I havenít tried it
because I hate using Whirlwind.

This was also interesting. I got it in an e-mail.
on each set or areas, nature power does something different. On the first 3,
it's stun spore, and on the second 3, it's shadow ball. Hasn't gotten any 
farther yet. Me personally, I don't use nature power, I thought this was 

14.0 Teams that might work

Here, try this. I'm raising different teams for myself. I have a lot of
favorites. If you wish, e-mail me and rate my teams or give me recomendations.
Better yet, you can also e-mail me your team and I will rate it and add it to
here. When I am ready to add my Diamond and Pearl teams (even though they're
illegal) I will add those too. You also have my permission to try these teams
yourself whether or not you're playing XD, Colosseum, Ru/Sa/E/Fr/Lg or even
Diamond and Pearl.
Levels don't matter.

Team One, my main team*
Ice Punch
Fire Punch

Ice Beam

False Swipe
Mach Punch
Giga Drain
Sky Uppercut

Shadow Ball

Take Down

Wing Attack
Steel Wing

Team two, my Vampire/Ruby Team
Because of my interest in Vampires, I created this team in Ruby. Once Diamond
and Pearl come out, it could be more expanded. But I found out you can't trade
the 4th generation over to this game so no expansions. No moves yet.
I will explain why I chose these. 

Sceptile (Starter. Treecko is awesome!)
Milotic (I actually caught a Feebas in Emerald. Don't be jealous, I can breed
you one. According to the research, Vampires are romantic figures)
Persian (Vampires like Cats, but I prefer Meowth over Skitty)
Crobat (Vampires turn into bats. But don't release your Zubat while you sleep.
If the Doorbell rings, Noisy Zubat!)
Seviper (I dunno, it has really long fangs, does that count for something?)
Gligar (It looks like a vampire. Find the evolved form at

Once I get close to the elite four, I will update it with moves. But with
Diamond and Pearl coming out, this might take a while.

Team three, My Sapphire team
This is a team that Misty might use if she were in Hoenn. Anyone who
complains that she's using a fire type has to battle against my vampire team
using 6 Magikarp. Try it out yourself, this team really works.

Faint Attack
Secret Power


Wing Attack
Steel Wing

Take Down

Fire Punch
Rock Smash
Sunny Day

Ice Beam

Team four, My Fire Red team

Mega Drain
Vine Whip
Rock Smash

Flame Wheel
Fire Blast

Rock Slide

Rain Dance

False Swipe

Hydro Cannon

Team five, My Leaf Green team
I cheated and made all of these Alternate colored. But my Action Replay whacked
out on me. Stupid memory card! >O. The team is still around.

Vine Whip
Bullet Seed

Steel Wing
Drill Peck

Wing Attack
Blast Burn
Metal Claw



Cross Chop
Rock Smash
Rock Slide
Karate Chop

Team six, My Emerald team
This is probably my best team. I used it in the Orre Colosseum and it works.

Powder Snow

Mega Drain
Silver Wind

Leaf Blade

Wing Attack
Aerial Ace

Calm Mind

Rock Smash

Team Seven, My Diamond Team (Can't be used in XD)
Coming soon

Team Eight, My Pearl Team (Can't be used in XD)
Coming Soon


Team Nine, My Ex-Boyfriend's Team
He's into Military stuff, But what does Xatu, Salamence and Dusclops have to
do with the Military? I don't get it! 
Moves Coming Soon (I hope. If not I can raise a team like this.)


Team 10, My Colosseum Team (a.k.a. Cooltrainer Vince)
Mt. Battle may be different 5 years in the past, but the pokemon work the same.

Fire Blast

More Soon

Team 11, My new XD Team
Coming Soon

*Teams that were deleted. Stupid Memory card! >O

15.0 Diamond and Pearl Remix!

I made this section because recently I unlocked the Pal Park on Pearl.
These teams would work too if they were allowed on XD.
What I do plan to do is breed the past Pokemon in Emerald and Leaf Green 
and then transfer them to Diamond and Pearl for numerous possibilities.
Make sure you check out for Pokemon.
At this point, I don't have the teams ready, but I am going to show you what
they would look like in Diamond and Pearl.
All of the moves will come later.

Team 12, Vampire Team Remix (Ruby)
Purugly (That's a freaky name for a cat, but it definately describes it.)

Team 13, Military Team Remix (Ex-boyfriend)

Team 14, Misty Team Remix (Sapphire)
Team 15, Fire Red Team Remix
Team 16, Emerald Team Remix
Team 17, Leaf Green Team Remix


16.0 Fan Made Teams
This is the section for those who send me e-mails with teams that look good.

ryan whiston


Dragon claw
Body slam

Hydro cannon
water pulse
Ice beam

Brick break

Iron defense


17.0 The Special Thanks Part

I want to give special thanks to the following people 
for helping me out with this FAQ.

Mystic_Wolfos, for telling me that Using Legendaries cut your coupons.

dinobot6x, for giving me a prize list ahead of time. 
It saved me a lot of time for writing everything down 
and more time for making this FAQ.

kimochi, Giving me a lot of the Info.

Raquaza_89, for battles #91-#100.

Reptobismol, for that very interesting information under 13.0

Larvi, For reminding me that you can use healing items.

David Simmonite, For nature power info.

Matthew Collins, For reminding me you cannot switch pokemon in the break room.

Sean Townsend, for telling me that Sableye is weak against Bug types. Who knew?

Paul j Shreve, for telling me Taria's Furret uses Shock Wave.

[email protected], for telling me the percentages of cutting coupons.

Terrance Grunt, (my ex-boyfriend) Getting me back into the game & His Military

Patrick D, Battle 99 update

Teams Thanx

ryan Whiston

This will be Updated Frequently. Until then, keep using this guide.
My E-mail has changed!
If you need more help, Contact me at [email protected]
If I'm online, contact me as swordsmasterguy on AIM. I usually am online so
if you need the help immediately, you can contact me even if I'm playing the
Sims 2 or anything else.