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Pokemon Colosseum Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Pokemon Colosseum

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Pokemon type match up chart, shadow pokemon locations, purifying Pokemon methods and loads more...

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Shadow Pokemon

Below is a list of Shadow Pokemon that can be found in the game by either going to the indicated location or by transferring them from the bonus disc.
Found as a Shadow Pokemon of Cipher Admin Ean in the Shadow Pokemon Lab.
Found as a Shadow Pokemon of Cipher Admin Venus in The Under.
When you get to Mt. Battle and battle to the top, you will face Cipher Admin Dokim. He has Entei as a Shadow Pokemon.
Get the Master Ball from the leader of Cipher to be able to catch the strongest Shadow Pokemon in the game.
Load Jurachi onto the GameBoy Advance from the Bonus disc and then transfer him to Pokemon Colosseum.

Pokemon Colosseum Cheats

Unlock Trade Machine:
To unlock the Trade machine to trade Pokemon to and from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire defeat the boss of Realgam's Colosseum.
Unlock Orre Colesseum Level 50 Battles:
In Single and Doulbe battle complete Phenac Stadium, Pyrite Colesseum and Under Colesseum.
Unlock Orre Colesseum Level 100 Battles:
In Single and Double battle complete the Tower Colesseum.

Unlock Disks

To obtain a disk you must first complete a task in the game. Below is a list of the disks that can be collected along with the corresponding task.
Unlock D-Disk:
In the Snagem hideout defeat Head Gonzap.
Unlock F-Disk:
At Mt. Battle defeat Dakim.
Unlock L-Disk:
At the front of the Herb Shop talk to the old man.
Unlock R-Disk:
Get this disk from the kid locked up in the cage in the Under.
Unlock U-Disk:
In the Subway inside a chest near the boxes.

How to get unlimited Master Balls!

To get unlimited masterballs you must be in a battle with a shadow pokemon.
Items needed:
-a master ball (of coarse)
-atleast 2 of your own pokemon
-atleast 1 pokeball
What to do:
First open the items menu. Then select the masterball with the first pokemon. With the second Pokemon open the the items menu and press Y. Switch the masterball with the pokeball. Your second Pokemon will still be able to attack. If done correctly your pokeball should catch the shadow Pokemon without fail. This is a glitch that should be performed on the 3 legendary dogs, Metagross, and Tyranitar.

How to use your masterball more than once

First: you need to be in a double battle with the shadow pokemon
Second: you go with the first Pokemon to items and use masterball on the shadow pokemon.
Third: go with your second Pokemon to items and switch your masterball with any kind of other ball.
Fourth: you can attack with your second pokemon.
Fitfh: your dude will throw the masterball and you will definetly catch it.
At the end if you look into your inventory you should still have your masterball. If not then you didn't read this cheat good enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Glitch: Get Your Pokemon's Heart Gauge Down to Nothing Easily!

Ok you have to pay REALLY close attention to this:
1. Go to Agate Village.
2. Stand in front of the Pokemon Center. (Facing the door, makeing sure you have a party of shadow pokemon you want to get their heart gauges down.)
3. Go left till you in front of a waterfall. ( NOT DOWN THE SLOPE TO THE SHRINE.)
4. Ok now there should be a tiny little V in the dark edges of the grass when you walk up against it the screen should jiggle. (If you can't find the little V start walking against the dark green grass till the screen jiggles. ( AGAIN DO NOT go down the slope.)
5. Now make sure your at the spot were the screen jiggles and unplug the controller.
6. While holding the little grey stick thing down towards you plug the controll..

Mirakle B.

After you beat Miror B. for the first time, return to the spot where you find him. There will be a person called Mirakle B. in his place.
The music that played for Miror B. will be played for Mirakle B. but faster.

Pokemon Type Match-ups

Okay, this chart will display what type of Pokemon moves are super effective and not very effective on Pokemon types.
Bug - Super Effective against: Dark, Grass, Psychic. Not Very Effective against: Fighting, Fire, Flying, Ghost, Poison, Steel
Dark - Super Effective against: Ghost, Psychic. Not Very Effective against: Dark, Fighting, Steel.
Dragon - Super Effective against: Dragon. Not Very Effective against: Steel.
Electric - Super Effective against: Flying, Water. Not Very Effective against: Dragon, Electric, Grass. No Effect against: Ground.
Fighting - Super Effective against: Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel. Not Very Effective against: Bug, Flying, Poison, Psychic. No Effect against: Ghost.
Fire - Super Effective agai..

having infanit pokeballs!!!!! ( any ball even master)

So when you are ready to throw the pokeball go to the items screen and choose with ball you are going to throw. it can be any ball at all. Then with your second pokemon go to the items screen and switch the pokeball u r going to throw with a differnt ball above or below it. doesent matter witch ball just switch them and dont switch back untill the next turn. it might work with items but i know for a fact it works with pokeballs. this also work in poekemon xd

infinity masterballs

if your throwing your master ball before you do switch it with another kind of ball then chose a move then with your second pokemon throw your masterball and you will not lose your masterball. this cheat will work with any kind of ball. also it will not show that you have more than one master ball.

GLITCH: the REAL way to purify pokemon.

In user submitted cheats for this game is a guy named raikou. He said that you can purify all you're Pokemon in you're party down to nothing., Well I did I stayed up 3 nights in a row and I went EVERYWHERE and I FINALLY found the REAL way to do this. here's how to do it the REAL way. 1. Go to agate village.
2. Get 6 shadows in you're party that you want purified.
3. Go in the cave leading to where the relic stone is.
4. When you're exacly by the bridge before you cross to go to the stone go right.
5.make sure that you didn't cross the bridge.
6.pull out the control stick and hold up while it's unpluged.
7.while you're holding up plug the controler back in.'re person should be walking down towards the entrence but he can't reach it and the screen ..

Catch Makuhita

To catch Makuhita you must go to the mayor's office after buying some pokeballs. Then you must battle two trainers. The second one has makuhita. Weaken Makuhita and then toss one of your new pokeballs. Then you will have Makuhita.

Infinite master balls (read it I'm not joking)

I'm not joking when I post this. It really works,try it! Have the master ball first in the pokeballs bag. Then, when you're in battle, use the master ball to snag on the first pokemon's turn. On the second pokemon's turn, use the Y button to switch the master ball from first to second. Attack, call, whatever with the second pokemon. After you use the master ball, check your bag. It's still there!(Works with any other type of pokeball too!)

Premier Balls

If you buy 10 or more pokeballs, you will get 1 premier ball. It works on any game.

Shadow Pokemon locations

Fill you're pokedex with this list.
Level 25 - starter
Level 26 - starter
Level 30 - minor B's underling Troy
Level 30 - Mysterious combatant Varde
Level 30 - Mysterious combatant Lasso
Level 30 - Mysterious combatant Bruno
Level 33 - Rouge Mas
Level 30 - Rider Senyo
Level 30 - Rider Bop
Level 30 - Street performer Chelese
Level 30 - Rider Lapso
Level 30 - Bandana Raskal Pick
Level 30 - Rollerboy Toone
Level 33 - Shadow combatant Wild

Unlimited Pokeballs, Greatballs, Ultraballs, Etc.

Have two Pokemon out, with the first Pokemon use which ever ball you want.
With the second one go to the same type of ball, click X, go to a different ball
And push X. Then do whatever you want with the second Pokemon. Now all you need to do is get one of every ball.

_ cheats just for you _

There are quite a few cheats on this game
Obviously I don't know them all but I will tell you a few just to help you complete this game
Masterball cheat
You need__
2 pokemon
And a other ball
With your first Pokemon use your masterball on a shadow pokemon
Then with youw second Pokemon switch the masterball pressing y with a other ball pressing a and you will catch it without using any balls. This works great. I have tried it countless times and it always works.
The three time flutes
As you may know the are only three time flutes in the whole game.
Time flutes are used to purify pokemons hearts straight away.
Great on tyranitar, metagross, legendary dogs, etc
The first ti..

Infinite master ball

First you need the master ball by geting all the admin id badges and seeing Eagun then after that when wanting to use the M ball first throw the ball with your first Pokemon the on the second Pokemon go on to items and switch the M balls position with something else IE Pokeball Ultra bball then you don't lose any balls and still have your M ball do this as much as you want

Spin around cheat

This is my first cheat so I hope you like it, first spin the joystick around in a circle AND IT HAS TO BE ON THE EDGE then tap the A button do this after you pick your moves this should raise the accuracy I think 95% of the it works and when you tap A it should raise the attack but just a little bit.

From, pokedude.79

3 ways to purify Pokemon

You can purify Pokemon quicker by getting the 3 time flutes at the 100th mount battle area,
using the U-disk to be took in a room with a time flute in the chest and by beating Dakim on the 10th mount battle area.
Another way to purify pokemon is to use scents that open the door to the heart and here is a list of scents:
Joy scent:opens the door a tiny bit
Vivid scent:opens the door a lot.
The last way is to call the pokemon when they are in hyper mode.
Please do this as it will get you Ho-Oh at the end of the game

Shadow pokemon

Fill you're pokedex with this list.
Level 25 - starter
Level 26 - starter
Level 30 - minor B's underling Troy
Level 30 - Mysterious combatant Varde
Level 30 - Mysterious combatant Lasso
Level 30 - Mysterious combatant Bruno
Level 33 - Rouge Mas
Level 30 - Rider Senyo
Level 30 - Rider Bop
Level 30 - Street performer Chelese
Level 30 - Rider Lapso
Level 30 - Bandana Raskal Pick
Level 30 - Rollerboy Toone
Level 33 - Shadow combatant Wild

all Pokemon you need to save(snag)

* Makuhita: Phenac City, Level 30
* Hariyama: Evolves from Makuhita, Level 24
* Bayleef: Phenac City, Level 30
* Meganium: Evoles from Bayleef, Level 32
* Quilava: Phenac City, Level 30
* Typhlosion: Evolves from Quilava, Level 36
* Croconaw: Phenac City, Level 30
* Feraligatr: Evolves from Croconaw, Level 30
* Noctowl: Pyrite Town, Level 30
* Flaaffy: Pyrite Town, Level 30
* Ampharos: Evolves from Flaaffy, Level 30
* Skiploom: Pyrite Town, Level 30
* Jumpluff: Evolves from Skiploom, Level 27
* Quagsire: Pyrite Town, Level 30
* Misdreavus: Pyrite Town, Level 30
* Slugma: Pyrite Town, Level 30
* Magcargo: Evolves from Slugma, Level 38
* ..

How to get Ho-Oh (really)

Im reading that most people say you have to purify all Pokemon then beat the game. THIS IS ONLY HALF TRUE!
To get ho-oh, you purify all Pokemon, then you save and quit. Go to battle mode, and select Mt. Battle. This is like Mt. Battle in story mode, only MUCH harder. You must use the Pokemon from story mode, too; no using Pokemon from sapphire/ruby/emerald or firered/leafgreen.
Beat all 100 trainers and you will get a message saying ho-oh has joined you. Check your PC in story mode, and he will be in there somewhere.
I havent tested this strategy yet, but I think the best way to beat mt. Battle is to double-battle with Espeon and Umbreon in your first slots, and Metagross and Tyranitar in your second slots.
Espeon should have Sunny Day, Psybeam, Psychic, a..

All Places

All places are,
Outskirt Stand
Phenac City
Realgam Tower
Pyrite Town
Agate Village
The Under
Mt. Battle
Snagem Hideout
Shadow Pokemon Lab
Maps only.
Hope I helped!

Three Tough Cipers

Ciper Peon Dakin - Has Shadow Entei
His team:
Golem - Level 38
Metang - Level 37
Marshtomp - Level 36
Camerupt - Level 38
Entei - Level 40(Shadow Pokemon)
Pokemon level recommended is level 41-42
Take out his Golem and Camerupt with ground and/or water attacks just don't use them on Entei or else you will make it faint, just use weak attack to fire types. Marshtomp can be taken down by grass types.
Ciper Admin Venus - Has Shadow Suicune
Her Team
Decatty - Level 45
Banette - Level 45
Steelix - Level 45
Vileplume - Level 44
Suicune - Level 40(Shadow Pokemon)
Pokemon Level Recommended is Level 46-47
Use Fire attacks to take down Steelix and Vileplume. While using gr..

No kygore in lvl 100/how to cure shadow pkmn

1st there is no mount battle guy that has kyogre his final is gyarados 2nd to cure shadow Pokemon easily put them with the daycare lady and beat a lot of tournaments leave on the g cube over night pay the lady and voila practicly no shadow thats all

All Shadow Pokemon

If you miss any shadow Pokemon go to the cipher hangout ( the place that you blew up in the beginning) and you can try until you catch it even if it's fainted you can go back until you catch all shadow Pokemon

Get a Ho oh

To get a Ho oh in Pokemon Coloseum,you must do 2 things.
1.Get all shadow Pokemon and purify them.
2.I haven't played Coloseum in a few years,so I don't know the second thing.But I think it has something to do with going to the 100 match coloseum.

My Team

It isnt unbeatable like my POKEMON SAPPHIRE team cus i just got the game 4 days ago, well here it is:
Heres my progress and stuff:
Play Time: 14:13
Snagged Pokemon: 27
Purified Pokemon: 26
PokeCoupons: 3100
Here is my team:
Feraligtr Level 77, Item: Mystic Water
Hydro Pump
Dragon Claw
Surf(MY varied moves concept couldnt prevail here =[)
Misdreavus Level 71, Item: Spell Tag
Shadow Ball
Aerial Ace
Ampharos Level 81, Item: Focus Band
Brick Break
ThunderWave(to soon be replaced, i use it to snag easily)
Entei Level 74, Item: Petaya Berry
Dig(it cant learn earthquake)

Curing a sleeping pokemon During battle

Ok most of you probably already noticed this a long time ago but for those of you who don't well here it is.
You can wake up a Pokemon during battle without using an item. When your Pokemon goes to sleep due to a move all you have to do is press call on the Pokemon who is sleeping and it will wake up. This always works and it saves you from using items. This also works for Pokemon XD Gale of darkness

Where to find the gear Silva stole.

To find the gear Silva stole dont waste your time looking around the town.
Just go to to the construction site and youll fnd it.

Catch Tyranitar

Tyranitar is the highest Leveled Shadow Pokemon in the game, at Level 55. It will make your fight with Evice a lot easier if you can catch Tyranitar quickly, so it is recommended that you catch it with a Master Ball. If you can't, apply the usual techniques and hope you catch it.

Reset Game

Hold buttons: Start + B + X

Mt. Battle Master

The Mt. Battle master's Pokemon,
All Level 60.

Trading with Ruby and Sapphire

After you beat Evice at the Phenac City Pokemon Center on the second floor allows you to trade with Ruby and Sapphire. You can also battle against them.

Easy Captures

Since there are a lot of water-type Shadow Pokemon in the game, it would be wise to stock up on net balls. I caught Suicune in a net ball with it's health at 100%. Also, since there is a Heracross, it would be wise to stock up on them.
Happy stealing from bad dudes that want to take over the world but you won't let them because you love democracy and you are a good guy!

Second game

After you beat Nascour and Evice, it will show the credits, then in the place were you started.

Ultra balls into Masterballs- this is a REAL cheat, not fake!

This is a REAL cheat- I caught Suicune, Raikou, Entei, Metagross and Tyranitar with this cheat- at full health. When the ball hits the ground for the third time, hold Down+B. It must be at the exact time when it hits the floor. I'm not sure if it'll work for other balls, but it'll work for Ultra balls.

To Get Entei easy

to get entei easier just use two bubblebeams and one bite.
I used a level 35 Mantine And a level 30 Umbreon It worked for me but it might work for you too.

Time Flute

The first one you get after defeating Dakim on Mt. Battle.
The second one you get after defeating Venus in the under.
The third you get after defeating the 100 trainer contest on Mt. Battle. (story mode)

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