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Mt. Battle Master

by blazikenrocks12

How to beat the Mt. Battle Master.
	In Story Mode,  after 99 long and tiring battles at Mt. Battle, you will finally get to battle the Mt. Battle Master. His Pokemon are all Level 60, so if you haven�t trained you�re party, you�re in big trouble. Four of his Pokemon know Earthquake, with most of them blocking the attack because they�re Flying type or have Levitate. Here is his party.

Pinsir Level 60
Claydol Level 60
Flygon Level 60
Gligar Level 60
Gyarados Level 60
Crobat Level 60
Pinsir and Claydol normally start, so having a resistant Fire type (Due to Claydol�s Earthquake) and a Water Type would seem a good choice. After Pinsir is knocked out switch out to an Ice Type (For Flygon and Gligar) or Electric Type (Gyarados and Crobat). When you have a Electric type out, watch out for Earthquake.
After winning you will get 1,200 Poke Coupons.
Good Luck!