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Game Reviews for Pokemon Colosseum


Full Reviews

pyro926th Nov 2005, ID #222
Pokemon Colosseum is overall a pretty good game it is about this guy who was on this evil team called team snagem. Well anyways at the begining you steal this item called a snag machine which has th..

Rating: 86%Read Full Review

blazikenrocks124th Nov 2008, ID #987
Pokemon Colloseum is a game where a guy is in the Orre Region and attempts to snag Shadow Pokemon. You will join up with a partner and she has the power to see Shadow Pokemon. Shadow Pokemon are Pok..

Rating: 78%Read Full Review


Quick Reviews

Short Pokemon Colosseum ReviewAdded 26 Jun 2005, ID #4141
Pokemon Colosseum is an awesome game. it isn\'t that hard when it comes to adventure but battleing can be tough. This game is about a shady guy who has to stop a ton of evil trainers from taking over the world using shadow pokemon. You start with two pokemon: Umbreon & espeon. I would rate this game a 97/100.

This game is to short!(they should have made it as long as PKMNAdded 19 Apr 2005, ID #3745
This game's Graphics are ok but the length of this game is PATHETIC!!!!

It only took me 1 week to complete the game and it is a great game.They should have made it like pokemon yellow, blue, red, silver, gold, crystal, sapphire, ruby, fire red, leaf green, diamond and jade the crappy and fake one's and the real diamond which I have not got yet.This game is worth buying and is a very good game.

People say that if you get all 48 pokemon and open all of there hearts you go to the shadow pokemon lab then go to where you battled Ein and press A on the Com and you get a E-mail from whoever.He tells you that that there is a other isle called vacation island but I dont think its real.THAT'S ALL FOR TODAY

What I thinkAdded 17 Apr 2005, ID #3733
I think this is the best game there is out. It has great graphics, amazing sound, awesome story, and also can be hard.

A lot of people don�t agree with me, but I think this is the best. I would give it 9.7/10. (97%) If you are not sure if it is a good game then rent it.

You will find out how much fun it is. If you are a pokefan then buy it.

I am sure you will love it.

Added 3 Jan 2005, ID #3006
Great game, especially for pokemon fans!

Review Score: 98/125

Added 12 Dec 2004, ID #2887
I personaly think this is a great game....
I have read some of the reveiws and disagree with them.
Sure there is some things that could of been improved like: Voices, better cries of the Pokemon.
But an overall:

Added 25 Jul 2004, ID #2262
I think this game is great!

Standardised...Need I Bother Saying It?Added 23 Jul 2004, ID #2245
Control: 5
Your expanse of freedom is limited to moving in a small proximity, making it difficult to play. Pikachu is controlled entirely by the programme. The best control you get, unfortunately, is flipping through channels, but making a report to Oak may be difficult once Pikachu is able to change the station.

Environment: 6
Like all RPGs, access to other areas is achieved through progress, but the progress in this game is entirely selective. The areas are detailed, granted, and a general array of Pokémon — including Jirachi — feature. The shows repeat themselves, consuming entire frequencies, and the English-language Pichu Brothers In Party Panic episode is spread out over five channels without proper intermission while the Japanese-language episode is crammed into one station. The good thing, however, is that the conclusion to the episode takes five different forms.

Tact: 3
Unfortunately, Pokémon Channel is the black sheep of the Pokémon trilogy, since you only domesticate Pikachu and you run a test on its habits by letting it watch a little television. In reality, the test results could be fallacious as each Pokémon species is guaranteed to have varying instincts.

Graphics and Sound: 7
The sound is soft and appropriately thematic, but it is still characteristic of a toddler's game. The graphics are fine, if not flattened like a pancake.

Enjoyment: 4
This is about the worst game in the trilogy ever, and we are all looking for an improvement. Even Colosseum is less restricted.

Final Grade: 50 (F)

Ratings to Go with the EpigramAdded 17 Jun 2004, ID #2068
I almost forgot to add a few statistics on the game, and in comparison to most other RPGs, the stats are lackluster. Here are the full standardized ratings for Pokémon Colosseum:

Control: 6
The controls are simple and that's what this world needs, but the extent of these controls does not allow for the characters to change their posture or move about very freely. You cannot change your female partner independently, and she must remain with you for the majority of the game.

Environment: 4
The design of the areas are good, but the parameter is just pathetic. The areas through which your character can traverse are very confined and are unnecessarily simplified to warping from area to area and viewing a cutscene of the character traversing the sands via motorbike.

Graphics and Sound: 6
What little graphics of the traversible areas are beautifully rendered in spite of how simplified they have to be. In effect, Pyrite Town is correctly simplified as a bandit's haven of a dilapidated country town and The Under is well characteristic of an underground city. The sound department, however, leaves some to be desired: Just as in the Ruby and Sapphire games, dialogue is restricted to a display of words in a dialog box. Likewise, battle animation is also lackluster: the combatants make no contact with each other like in the Stadium series and the Game Boy games, but the graphics showing the execution of an attack in its preliminary stages are fine.

Tact: 2
The objective for the gamer is to capture Pokémon, as the old Pokémon game repertoires are to be, but the objective of "purifying" Pokémon is time consuming and an impediment to further expanded play. There are only three boxes in the PC to store Pokémon.

Enjoyment: 4

Final Grade: 80 (C)

A Disappointment and Breakthrough at the Same TimeAdded 12 May 2004, ID #1938
Just recently Pokémon Colosseum was released in the United States, and when I started to play it for the first time, I at first expected—at the very least—to see an improvement in battle graphics and flexibility over Pokémon Stadium.

When I started reading up, though, I was disappointed.

The storyboard around which Colosseum is based prevents the use of interactive battle, which was immediately available to you when you played the Stadium series.

In other words, Colosseum has forced the glory of the Pokémon trilogy come to a screeching halt by refusing multiplayer flexibility until the story mode was completed—and God knows how long that would take.

During the course of the game you, playing as an ex-Team Snagem associate, venture out on a quest in Cipher espionage.

You meet a female that helps you tell normal Pokémon apart from Shadow Pokémon—the carbon copies of Pokémon developed by Cipher—and your tact is to capture and purify as many of those Pokémon as you could in the time it would take.

The storyboard was exhaustive on one front (it consumed a lot of your time and space on the Memory Card—48 blocks!) and crude on the other.

Add that to the effort required to purify those Shadow Pokémon and the restrictions levied (they can't grow), compound those restrictions with Hyper Mode, and then further compound it with the restriction on multiplayer play.

You have a clunker of a GameCube program that doesn't allow you much freedom or wonder.

Then, compound that clunker by denying compatibility with Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, or Crystal, and you have one of the biggest disappointments in Pokémon RPG history—even worse than Pokémon Trading Card Game for Game Boy.

If you want to see quality combat graphics and flexibility, stick to Pokémon Stadium 2 and refuse the offer of Pokémon Colosseum.

Colosseum is not much of a breakthrough in RPG technology when you levy those needless, stringent, crude restrictions!

My final rating on the decimal scale: 28 out of a possible 100.

More stupid than pokemon Stadium!Added 11 May 2004, ID #1936
Yup,you heard me right,worse than pokemon stadium.

Wanna know why.Because there are no wild Pokemon,no secret bases,can't fly or surf,many reasons to NOT by this game.

Ruby and Sapphire beat this game.

I can't believe Nintendo didn't add at least eggs.You can't transfer Mew or Deoxys into the game until September 9,when Pokemon Leaf Green and Red Fire come out,you expect me to wait that long!And you know when a Pokemon flys into the air.

Well, a Noctowl did that,and when my Pokemon missed,it showed Noctowl standing in the air,what cheap graphic layouts.

And believe it or not,the Pokemons noises are just cries like in Ruby and Sapphire.Couldn't even make the cries cry out the name.

And it gets so boring,even when you just started to play the game for the first time.All you do is walk around,battle,and snag shadow Pokemon.

And when you run out of shadow Pokemon to capture and purify,the game gets extremely boring.

And trust me it's real easy to finish the whole game in about 4 hours.I have the game,it bores me to death.

There are only 3 boxes in the PC and it takes up this many blocks of your memory card,48!So much blocks for just a stinkin,borin game!

There are only 48 shadow Pokemon to snag.Then you run out of Pokemon to get.This is not my idea of an RPG adventure.

Hey,you Pikachu even beats it.

I give this a big fat o+o+o=O!!!!

Added 30 Apr 2004, ID #1896
This game isnt a half bad game to be honest its a game about you stealing pokemon from other people but with a twist your actually the good guy and you are only allowed to catch shadowed pokemon its actually a really good twist to a game.

Graphics:the grphics arnt actually bad but to much like the nintendo 64 graphics 6/10 the sound the sound isnt bad either full of new and old pokemon music 7/10 and finally the gameplay the gameplay is actually the best part of the game 8/10 alltogether I'd give this game 74% out of 100% a very good game worth your money but not a nintendo classic.

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