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by Pikachulover

Pokemon Collosseum

This is pikachulover speaking about Realgam tower and more.
Realgam Tower~
Snazzy, eh?

The actual Tower is way in the back. To get there you must go through
the mazy Rail Network. Sadly, the door to the Tower is locked hard, and to
open it you need 4 Keys, which are retrieved by our favorite 4 bosses we
already put to rest!

As you enter the first Dome, take the door to the right. There, is the 
infamous Miror B.

Cipher Admin Miror B. 
Ludicolo Lv. 44
Ludicolo Lv. 45
Golduck Lv. 45
Loudred Lv. 46
Sudowoodo Lv. 35 (Shadow Pokemon)/Armaldo Lv. 43 (Depending if you caught
him before).

He changed his team to make it really easy to win. Half his team goes down
to Electric attacks, focus on those. Catch Sudowoodo if you didn't 

For defeating him, you will recieve the Red ID Badge, 1 of 4 badges to 
enter the Tower. Head to the main Dome and head up. This Dome has a PC 
and Health Restoring machine. To use them, you have to fight the old man 
near it, disguised as a Peon.

Cipher Peon Bopen
Seviper Lv. 40
Dustox Lv. 39
Grimer Lv. 39

Psychic. 'Nuff said.

Save and heal if needed and head back to the main Dome. This time, head 
through the right door and then the up door in the next Dome. Here's 
Dakim, all ready for a rematch.

Cipher Admin Dakim
Claydol Lv. 46
Forretress Lv. 45
Whiscash Lv. 46
Flygon Lv. 46
Entei Lv. 40 (Shadow Pokemon)/Houndoom Lv. 47 (Depending if you caught 
him or not).

Dakim will still use Earthquake, but almost never use Protect. Most of 
his Pokemon know the Ability Levitate, making Ground attacks miss. Water 
and Fire will easily take down his team again, just be careful when 
weakening Entei again if you missed him. He's damn useful in Realgam 

After his defeat you will earn the Green ID Badge, 2 out of 4 Badges 
closer to getting into the Tower. Head to heal and save and head to the 
Dome left of it. Then go up. 2 Peons are there. Battle them to unlock the
doors. We'll do the right one for now, as a prize lies on it's other side.

Cipher Peon Arton
Glalie Lv. 42
Piloswine Lv. 42
Delibird Lv. 45 (Shadow Pokemon)

Fire-type attacks will destroy this weak Peon.

Take out the other trainer because it's easy now.

Cipher Peon Baila
Gloom Lv. 41
Jumpluff Lv. 42
Sunflora Lv. 45 (Shadow Pokemon)

More Flamethrower usage. Still shouldn't be too hard. Sunflora can be 
highly annoying if you're trying to keep it alive to catch it. It will 
use some annoying attacks, so use some Full Heals to keep yourself 
healthy if need be.

Head to the right and you'll see a big gold door with a Red, blue, green, 
and yellow Pokeballs on its sides. Put the Badges into their respective 
slots. When all 4 Pokeballs are activated, the door will open. For now, 
head to the right Dome then head up. Chief Ein is there, ready to battle 
you once again!

Cipher Admin Cheif Ein
Crobat Lv. 49
Pelipper Lv. 49
Rhydon Lv. 50
Starmie Lv. 49
Raikou Lv. 40 (Shadow Pokemon)/Manectric Lv. 50 (Depending if you caught 
him first time around)

Damn. Rhydon and Pelliper enjoy coming out together, as Rhydon's 
Lightningrod Ability takes Electric attacks for him, making them useless. 
Keep exploiting those weaknesses and try to Snag Raikou this time around, 
you won't get another chance until much later. Killing off Rhydon first 
is the key to this battle.

After winning he'll give you the Yellow ID Badge, Badge 3 of 4 to enter 
the Tower. You will now get an E-Mail from Eagun, stating it's his first
E-Mail, but it gets cut off. Head back to Agate Village and talk to him. 
He'll hand you the valuable Master Ball (why is a mystery) and say to 
stop Cipher. Head back and to the Dome left of the Gold door, head up. 
Venus is there holding the last badge.

Cipher Admin Venus
Misdreavus Lv. 47
Wigglytuff Lv. 48
Raichu Lv. 48
Bellossom Lv. 47
Suicune Lv. 40 (Shadow Pokemon)/Milotic Lv. 48 (Depending if you Snagged 
him or not)

Boy, what a diverse team! Your only way out is switch for STAB and a type
advantage and weakness for them, or just attack with full power. It's 
your choice. Suicune is easily captured with some Net Balls, buy some if 
you haven't Snagged him just yet. Milotic is absurdly annoying if you do 
have to fight him. Milotic has a tendency to never die after a ton of 
attacks. Get both your Pokemon to team up against it, hopefully taking 
it down in two attacks.

Once defeated she'll hand over the Blue ID Badge. Put all four badges into
their respective slots and the Gold door will be unlocked. Before you can
continue, you must defeat yet another Peon. Sheesh, they must stop!

Cipher Peon Dioge
Ariados Lv. 41
Heracross Lv. 45 (Shadow Pokemon)
Masquerain Lv. 42

They are begging you to flame broil them for dinner. Let's not keep them 
waiting. Heracross's Megahorn will seriously hurt you, it's an awesome 
attack. Snag if possible. Brute strength may be the way to go later on 
pretty soon.

Now head through the door and you'll ride the rail's to the base of 
Realgam Tower. The welcoming party tells you that your the 1000th guest 
here, as if! They opened today. So let's have a battle to make him keep 

Bandana Guy Klest
Lombre Lv. 42
Graveler Lv. 42
Hariyama Lv. 42

Must I explain every little battle? I have no strategy for this one, as 
he is too easy to say much else.

The base of the Tower has a lot of trainers. Talk to the lady at the 
desk for money, and a battle (win money afterwards).

Hunter Aline
Metang Lv. 39
Larion Lv. 41
Mawile Lv. 40

Another team that is weak to all Fire-type attacks.

Uh, anyways to the left of her is another crappy trainer wanting to 
battle you.

St. Performer Luper
Feraligatr Lv. 40
Seadra Lv. 39
Qwilfish Lv. 40
Octillery Lv. 39

Man, they really want to give you an advantage! Thunderbolt wins it here.

To the right of the desk is a door. A trainer ambushes you when opened.

Bodybuilder Givern
Wigglytuff Lv. 43
Loudred Lv. 45

Bumping up the Pokemon several levels shouldn't be too much of a hassle 
to deal with.

Inside the Dining Room is another trainer.

Rider Elose
Cradily Lv. 40
Noctowl Lv. 39
Chimecho Lv. 40
Swalot Lv. 39

Something diverse. Type weaknesses, keep thinking about that main factor!

Back to the other side of the desk goi through the door into a casino for 
some big bucks, that is from trainers, though.

Chaser Trus
Machoke Lv. 40
Swellow Lv. 40
Magneton Lv. 40
Ninetales Lv. 40

Same thing with the previous battle, exploit weaknesses.

Rider Kevel
Sandslash Lv. 40
Quagsire Lv. 41
Donphan Lv. 40

Grass is your one way ticket to kicking his team into the ground.

At the back desk is a Shopkeeper, but disguised as one at least. He's the 
Mystery Troop you met in Phenac so if you missed your chance at Snagging
then, here's another chance!

Mystery Troop Rosso/Bluno/Verde
Quilava/Croconaw/Bayleef Lv. 30 (Shadow Pokemon)
Muk Lv. 45
Grumpig Lv. 44

Yep, the rematch. Q/C/B will be replaced by something else if you Snagged 
them already. Well, that's all the trainers on the Main Floor.

Go back to the desk and talk to the dude in the tuxedo. He'll say he's 
actually Silva and tell you he snuck in here to help you. Head into the 
Elevator to go to the second floor.

On the Second Floor, you'll be confronted by Nascour. Funny, way back in
Phenac City he said you'd meet up again. He was right. He'll escape in one
of the two Elevators. To the left of the Elevator you just came out of is 
a room that has a healing center and a PC. To use the healing machine you
must beat another trainer.

Chaser Rugen
Vigoroth Lv. 41
Shelgon Lv. 40

Pfft, and he said he was strong too.

Now, head up the stairs to the left Elevator that Nascour didn't take. 
It's gone, too! But wait. It's coming down, and out comes your old boss 
Gonzap. He's quite pissed off at you for destroying their Hideout AND 
taking the Snag Machine. Well, it appears he's come for a little payback,
and before you do, he'll explain that Team Snagem actually works for 
Cipher. How did they get all the Snag Machines? Cipher. Now, cause you 
ruined Gonzap's reputation, it's a nice re-union right?

Team Snagem Head Gonzap
Shiftry Lv. 53
Hariyama Lv. 53
Pinsir Lv. 52
Crawdaunt Lv. 52
Skarmory Lv. 47 (Shadow Pokemon)

Yep, high levels, really strong attcks, loves to use Hyper Beam, what 
more could you ask for out of a boss? He is pretty difficult with his 
high levels (I mean come on! 53!? How annoying) but really, it's quite 
easy assuming you have a pretty diverse team. Anyways, Skarmory is an 
annoying bugger to Snag, don't bother now unless you have the chance to 
single it out and aren't getting too much damage taken from it. Avoid 
fire attacks, they're pretty much instant death to our winged friend.

He'll move aside for you to enter the Elevator now. Go back to heal and 
save if necessary. When you get off the Elevator your on top of Realgam 
Tower; it's Colosseum. Nascour, quite pissed at you for ruining his plan, 
wants to see you battle the next 4 trainers, all in a row, without 
getting healed inbetween. It's hard, it's tough. Not really, though. But 
for your infomation, this is Nintendo's way of saying the Elite 6. All 6 
trainers your about to face all have Shadow Pokemon. Let's go to the 
battling now!

Bodybuilder Jomas
Porygon 2 Lv. 45
Miltank Lv. 48 (Shadow Pokemon, will ALWAYS be female)
Zangoose Lv. 45

Uh huh, they wanna enter a boxing match. They want you to win, though. 
Fighting will do the trick here! Miltank is always female so don't worry 
about having to reset over and over if you're worrying about a male.

Rider Delan
Mightyena Lv. 46
Absol Lv. 48 (Shadow Pokemon)
Sharpedo Lv. 47

Fighting or Bug, your choice for an easy victory. Absol isn't too hard to 
catch, and fortunatly for you, it's Special Attack is crap so it's Dark 
attacks will not hurt you so much. It does though, know Feint Attack, 
which is one of it's Egg Moves, saving you some time on breeding in Ru/Sa.

Cipher Peon Nella
Torkoal Lv. 47
Houndoom Lv. 48 (Shadow Pokemon)
Magcargo Lv. 46

Yeah, should be easy with any Water-type or Ground attack. This trainer,
all the trainers, has no idea what what a balanced team is. Catch a female
Houndoom for breeding if you want to. 

Cipher Peon Ston
Cacturne Lv. 49
Tropius Lv. 48 (Shadow Pokemon)
Vileplume Lv. 48
Cradily Lv. 48

I wonder if Cipher even teaches it's Peons how to make a halfway decent 
team. They don't do a good job, it seems. Tropius will do Fly mostly the 
whole match so make sure all your Grass, Fighting, and Bug types are put 
away. Weaken with water.

OK, you beat the 4 trainers, now your fully healed again. Now, Nascour 
come out and the audience starts "boo"ing like crazy. Time to fight the 
big boss of Cipher!

Cipher Nascour
Blaziken Lv. 54
Walrein Lv. 56
Dusclops Lv. 55
Xatu Lv. 54
Gardevoir Lv. 55
Metagross Lv. 50 (Shadow Pokemon)

Well, it's about time someone has a decent team. He has one blaring team 
that combines most types. This is one hell of a hard fight. The only 
thing I can really say to you would be to just exploit his weaknesses 
and fight strong and hard. Don't be afraid to use items. Nascour, will 
usually power up his Pokemon with "X" items (IE:X Attack, X Defense, etc.)
which will in turn easily hurt you. Metagross is 1 of 2 Pokemon you 
should consider using the Masterball on. He's a real pain to catch 

After the battle Nascour will hang his head in defeat. Then someone says 
he should of done better and he apologizes. What? We all thought he was 
the head of Cipher! Yeah, that isn't true. Turns out that loopy mayor of 
Phenac City actually was the head of Cipher. Figures, never did anything 
about the Shadow Pokemon problem...Anyways, he reaveals himself to be the 
Fat Crazy Insane Guy know as Evice. Let's kick finish the final boss!

Cipher Head Evice
Slowking Lv. 61
Slaking Lv. 60
Scizor Lv. 60
Machamp Lv. 61
Salamence Lv. 60
Tyranitar Lv. 55 (Shadow Pokemon)

5 levels higher than Nascour. If you though he was tough, Evice will be 
the topping on hardest boss for now. He'll start off with X items usually
and when his HP is low he will use Hyper Potions. If Slaking and Slowking
(Hah, two kings!) are both out together at the same time, Slowking will 
use Skill Swap on Slaking, allowing Slaking, with it's almighty Attack 
power, to attack every turn (it's Truant ability only allowed it to 
attack every other turn). If this does happen, focus all your attacks on 
Slaking. Tyranitar is the other Pokemon you should consider using the 
Master Ball on, especially if your not up to the task of catching a 
Level 55 bemoth! It's really all up to you.

After the battle, Evice stands there quite pissed off, Rui and Wes say 
the plan's over, then the two officers from Pyrite come, then Duking and 
Silva, then Eagun and Pikachu. 8 against 2, what's he gonna do? Pushing 
his secret button, he orders a helicopter to pick him up. Just then, you 
hear a Pokemon cry, and a big blast of fire comes down and shoots the 
helicopter. Ho-oh appears and everyone gazes at it, they're all impressed
at it's beautifulness and stuff. Then you got the credits and after the 
credits you have the option to save your progress. Say yes, of course! 
There's still the matter of Snagging the rest of the Shadow Pokemon, 
let's do that right now!

~II 11. Team Snagem Hideout~
You'll reappear in the Outskirt Stand. Yay for you. You'll get an E-Mail.
Head to the Under and talk to Nett saying that people from all over will
tell you about Shadow Pokemon. Head to Pyrite Town and go behind the 
bookcase again. (Remember how? Duking's house. Button on right side). 
Talk to Secc and he will say the Cail battled a guy with a Shadow Pokemon.
Talk to Cail, and battle him. Since after beating the game you should be 
at a high level, he should go down quite easily. He'll have his Machamp, 
Granbull, Gardevoir, and Furret (If Snagged will be replaced) around Lv. 
50. By now, you should be able to kick his team around easily.

He'll say that the guy with the Shadow Pokemon ran off to somewhere called
"Team Snagem's Hideout". It opens up on the map. Let's go! Okay, inside 
you will find a PC. Joy. Now head up into a square like area. Here, six 
Cipher Peon's will continue to repeat themselves and battle you.
To make them stop, capture all of their Shadow Pokemon. The ones fought
in the Rail System at Regalm Tower will be here, so will Skrub with 
Hitmontop. Once you have caught the Shadow Pokemon of all of the trainers
in this square, the Peons will stop falling and you can pass without 
being hindered.

Get past the area and head up the stairs. You'll get an E-Mail that a 
trainer here with a Shadow Pokemon has a Shadow Quilava/Bayleaf/Croconaw 
(It will be the one the starter you chose at the beginning is strong 
against) is here. From here, it's all playing navigate the Hideout. All 
the trainers here are optional to battle, do it if necessary. When you 
see a huge Snag Machine with Pokeballs near it, pick them up (They are 5 
Ultra Balls). Head down and Viola! The Mystery Troop is there. Battle!

Mystery Troop Rosso/Verde/Bluno
Quilava/Bayleef/Croconaw (The one you chose at the begining's strong 
point) (Shadow Pokemon) Lv. 30
Muk Lv. 55
Grumpig Lv. 54
Camerupt Lv. 53

The starter will almost always come out first. If you wanna breed it for 
more, I suggest aiming for a female. Easy battle really since Evice was 

Takes care of him and he'll run off. Head out the exit conviently next to
him. Let's leave.

Now head to Pyrite for E-Mail!
Go to the Under. Another E-Mail will come up. Go talk to Nett and he will
say that Gurks (Guy outside of Junk Shop) saw a guy with a Shadow Pokemon.
Battle him to spill the beans.

Trainer Gurks
Wailord Lv. 56
Wailord Lv. 56

....don't use Electric. Won't hurt the the Water whale gods </Sarcasm>
He'll say that another Mystery Troop headed toward the Shadow Pokemon Lab.
Let's head there for another infestivity!

~II 12. Secrets and Shadow Pokemon Rematches~
To the Lab!
The infestivity has restarted. You will do everything you did when 
previously here, only without the Scientists. All the Shadow Pokemon you
missed are back up for grabs. There isn't a need to repeat the trainers 
since they haven't changed. Look back to the Pokemon Lab section for that,
add about 20 levels, and most Pokemon have evolved, save the remaining 
Shadow Pokemon who haven't changed. Now, after trudging through that 
again, we will see the last Mystery Troop where Chief Ein once stood. 
Can't recall the Pokemon but as if it matters. Catch a female for 
breeding purposes! It is the G/S/C starter that the one you chose at the 
beginning of the game is strong against.

Now, let's head back to Snagem Hideout! Save again. Now, the Cipher 
Peon's Shadow  Pokemon should have been captured. Now, lurking the 
hallways are normal trainers that used to have Shadow Pokemon (And still 
do assuming you missed them). But from the PC, go head up through the 
Peon Playground and up the stairs. Go downa few steps and to the right 
and through the door. Head down the stairs and through the hallway and up
the stairs at the end. You're in Gonzap's Office, and Gonzap is here, 
calling you a traitor for coming back. Now, let's have another manly 

Snagem Head Gonzap
Crawdaunt Lv. 64/Skarmory Lv. 47 (Shadow Pokemon, Crawdaunt replaces 
if already Snagged)
Armaldo Lv. 64
Machamp Lv. 64
Breloom Lv. 64
Granbull Lv. 64

He abuses Hyper Beam to death. Not sure why, it's a crappy attack.
Bring a Ghost type, you probably will need it unless you're strong 
enough to KO each of his Pokemon in like 1 turn. Not too hard, catch 
Skarmory if needed.

You beat him, but a few last things to do in the Hideout. Grab the D-Disk
on a table after you defeat him. Now, head back to where you fought the 
Mystery Troop here. 2 new trainers are in this area. Battle them and Snag
their Shadow Pokemon Smeargle and Ursaring. Time to head back to The Under
for a little fun.

At the Under use the D-Disk to travel to Deep Colosseum! Near the big
door for an entrance is a glittering object which is False Teeth. Head 
back up, and give them to the man near the entrance to Under
Colosseum, and he'll gove you an L-Disk for thanks. Use it to get an
Amulet Coin which doubles amount of money earned in battle if a Pokemon
holding it is used. Head back to Deep Colosseum and enter. At round 4, the
infamous boss Miror B. will challenge you, and will have Sudowoodo if was 
missed. Now, after winning you get a TM plus $20000 (40000 if Amulet 
Coin was used). 

Do another round at the Colosseum. Round 4 will pit you against Dakim.
He'll have his Entei if you missed him before. Now, a second E-Mail pops 
up, it regards Deep King, champ of Deep Colosseum. He has a Shadow Pokemon
too, but who? Now, enter for another round at Deep Colosseum. The fourth 
battle this time pits you against Venus, who will have Suicune if you 
couldn't Snag it before. Enter for another round of battles, fight four 
being Ein with Raikou if again, missed. Now, the past 2 E-Mails you 
recieved tell you all you need. Deep King Agnol has a Shadow Shuckle. 
There. Now, enter for 1 last round at Deep Colosseum, fight 4 being Deep 
King Agnol. His Shuckle has 212 for Defense and Sp. Defense, but a 10 in 
attack, Speed, and Sp. Att. Yeah, that's the crappyness of Shuckle for 
you. Let's just say Shadow Rush does more damage to him than you. Whittle
down HP with care. If you happened to have caught all 47 Shadow Pokemon 
to right now, you have 1 to go! If you missed some, look at the list 
below to see where to get the rest. 

Now, you'll start getting E-Mails like crazy. Literally. They are telling
about you becoming evil, attacking harmless people with a Shadow Togetic,
and reports telling you to watch TV. Now. It will all lead you to end up 
in the Outskirt Stand, where you will see...yourself? Time to fight you!

Shady Guy "Insert your name"
Armaldo Lv. 68
Milotec Lv. 68
Manectric Lv. 68
Houndoom Lv. 68
Gyarados Lv. 68
Togetic Lv. 20 (o_O)(Shadow Pokemon)

5 Lv. 68 Pokemon can be hell. He wants to rip you apart, so good thing 
there is a trading center in the basement of Phenac's Pokemon center 
allowing you to trade with Ru/Sa. His Togetic is very weak, be VERY 
careful when Snagging it.

The trading machine in Phenac's Pokemon Center Basement was open after 
beating Evice. Here is a list of where to see the Shadow Pokemon 2nd time 
around (and for some forever, however, some move after seeing 2nd time 
around so I dunno where they would be).

~Miss any Shadow Pokemon?~
There are 48 Shadow Pokemon, and unless you were extremly lucky the first
time around, chances are you skipped a few or were just unable to catch 
them. Here is a list of all 48 Shadow Pokemon and their respective 
rebattle 2nd time, 3rd time etc. locations. And to calm your nerves, you 
have infinite chances to snag all Pokemon. Deal with it.

Shadow Pokemon 2nd time around list/3rd time around list:
Makuhita-Mayor's house after beating Evice
Bayleef/Quilava/Croconaw-(The one you fought in Phenac City)Realgam Tower 
Bayleaf/Quilava/Croconaw-Verde/Rosso/Bluno in Shadow Lab/Snagem Hideout, 
wherever you find them
Noctowl, Flaffy, Skiploom, Quagsire, Misdreavus, Slugma, Furret-Pyrite 
Town in Battle Square
Yanma-Cipher Peon repeat in Snagem Hideout
Mantine, Remoraid-Where Miror B. one was in Pyrite Cave
Qwilfish-Snagem Hideout
Meditite, Swablu, Dunsparce-Pyrite Cave
Sudowoodo-Realgam Rail System (Miror B.), Deep Colosseum 1st round (Miror
Hitmontop-Shadow Pokemon Lab, Snagem Hideout
Entei-Rail System *Dakim*, Deep Colosseum
Ledian-Snagem Hideout
Suicune-Rail System *Venus*, Deep Colosseum
Gligar, Stantler, Piloswine, Sneasel-Snagem Hideout
Aipom, Murkrow, Forretress, Vibrava, Ariados, Granbull-Shadow Pokemon Lab
Raikou-*Ein*Rail System, Deep Colosseum
Sunflora, Delibird, Heracross-Snagem Hideout
Skarmory-Snagem Hideout with Gonzap
Miltank, Absol, Houndoom, Tropius, Metagross, Tyranitar-Realgam Tower
Smeargle, Ursaring-Snagem Hideout
Shuckle-Deep Colosseum
Togetic-Eventually reappears at Outskirt Stand

Aren't a lot found at Snagem Hideout?

Well, this concludes all of Story Mode! Now, just a lot to go with 
Colosseum Mode! However, one last place can be covered. This place is 
Mt. Battle.

~II 13.Mt. Battle-Best source of training~
Mt. Battle. You visited it halfway through Story Mode and had to fight 
through 10 trainers, it all ending with the battle with Dakim, remember? 
After you had access to the Under you could have come back to Mt. Battle, 
and actually take the entire challenge. I'm sure some of you did. If you 
didn't, here's what goes on in the Story Mode Mt. Battle (it differs 
from Colosseum Mode's Mt. Battle just so you know!)

You start from Trainer Number 1, then win that battle to proceed to 
Battle 2. It's much easier, and faster paced than Colosseum Mode's Mt. 
Battle. Instead of picking 3 of your Pokemon before each battle (and same
with your rival), you use all your party Pokemon. The rival's start with 
2 Pokemon only, then as you reach higher areas, they begin to use 3, then
4, then 5, and trainer Number 100 uses 6. Here are the prize values:

##Area #|PokeCoupons   ##
##     1|100           ##
##     2|200           ##
##     3|400           ##
##     4|600           ##
##     5|800           ##
##     6|800           ##
##     7|900           ##
##     8|900           ##
##     9|1000          ##
##    10|1200          ##

To the right of the Mt. Battle entrance doorway is a Pokemon Center and a 
PokeCoupon exchange center. You can trade the PokeCoupons for special TM's
and rare berries and items. Here's the list:

######################~Mt. Battle Exchange Center~########################
##     Prize    |PokeCoupon Cost|           What Item Does               |
##TM 24(T-Bolt)  4000 Coupons  A powerful Electric attack that may Prz.  |
##TM 13(I-Beam)  4000 Coupons  A powerful Ice attack that may Freeze     |
##TM 29(Psychc)  3500 Coupons  Psychic attack that may lower Sp. Def.    |
##TM 32(D-Team)  1500 Coupons  Attack that raises evasion                |
##TM 35(F-Thr.)  4000 Coupons  A strong Fire attack that may cause a burn|
##Apicot Berry  15000 Coupons  Hold Item rasing Sp. Def when HP below 1/3|
##Brightpowder  10000 Coupons  A Hold-Item that lowers the Foe's Accuracy|
##Choice Band   10000 Coupons  Hold-Item that double the power of a move |
##Focus Band    10000 Coupons  Hold Item, doubles EV gain, lowers Speed  |
##Ganlon Berry  15000 Coupons  Hold Item rasing Def. when HP is below 1/3|
##King's Rock   10000 Coupons  Hold Item that may cause the Foe to flinch|
##Leftovers     10000 Coupons  Hold Item restoring 1/16 every turn       |
##Mental Herb    8000 Coupons  A hold Item that cures Attraction         |
##Petaya Berry  15000 Coupons  Hold Item, ups Sp. Att when HP below 1/3  |
##Quick Claw    10000 Coupons  Hold Item that doubles your Speed         |
##Salac Berry   15000 Coupons  Hold Item raising Speed when HP below 1/3 |
##Scope Lens    10000 Coupons  Hold Item, raises odds of a Critical Hit  |
##White Herb     8000 Coupons  Restores any lowered Stats (Hold Item)    |

This list, again, shows the prizes and their cost. It's not too hard to 
earn the greater prizes. Mt. Battle works like this. You go into an Area. 
There are 10 Areas, with 10 trainers in each. After you defeat all 10 
trainers you enter a Rest Station. In here there is a PC you can save in,
and a man at a counter. Talk to him to recieve your PokeCoupons. You don't
recieve penalties for using Legendaries, so don't worry about that.

The first time you want to do a Mt. Battle challenge talk to the lady at 
the Mt. Battle registration counter and select "New Challenge". For every
area you defeat, after quitting you select to start from there, or any 
other area you have beaten. Say I just beat Trainer 40 in area 4. I 
decide to quit Mt. Battle right now. When I come back I can instantly go 
to Areas 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. Of course, the best thing Mt. Battle is for is 
for building up Levels. A quick go through of some areas and your Pokemon
can easily Level Up. I'll state all their trainers, their Pokemon, and 
the amount of Experience they give out, since it's easy to go through Mt. 
Battle and pick all this info up. I don't know if the Exp. is for both 
battlers. Like if you defeat a Pokemon and get 60 Exp. for each Pokemon,
I don't know if you get 120 if you had only 1 on the field. Ok, good luck!

Another note is that in your P*DA, you have the display with the number
of PokeCoupons accumulated. There is a colored Pokeball next to it. 
After you earn 2500 PokeCoupons, that Jade Pokeball changes to Bronze.
After you've accumulated 5000 PokeCoupons that changes from Bronze to
Silver. After you've accumulated 25000 PokeCoupons, that changes from 
Silver to Gold. You CAN spend PokeCoupons and still get Gold. Like you 
have 10000 and spend it all on something. After getting another 5000 you 
but another something. The after getting another 10000 Coupons, you get 
your Gold. Have fun!