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Metroid Prime Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Metroid Prime

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We have several cheats including an easy way to defeat Meta Ridley and how to obtain the missle launcher, Morph Ball and Charge Beam in Tallon Ove.

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We have 44 cheats and tips on GameCube. If you have any cheats or tips for Metroid Prime please send them in here.

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Strategy Guide

1. Image Gallery 3 option
Finish the game on hard mode Successfully to unlock the Image Gallery 3 option
2. Hard mode
Complete the game with a 100% completion percentage successfully to unlock hard mode
3. Wave Troopers
charge a (wave beam) or use wave beams or at it (2 to 4 times)
4. Ice Troopers
charge an (ice beam) or use ice beams at it and finish it with one missile

Metroid Prime Cheats

Unlock Art Galleries

Art Gallery 1:
Scan 50% of the logs in the game.

Art Gallery 2:
Scan 100% of the logs.

Art Gallery 3:
Beat the game on Hard Mode.

Art Gallery 4:
Collect all the items in the game.

Multiple Endings and Bonuses

Ending 1:
Beat the game at 74% Complete, or less.

Ending 2:
Beat the game at 75-99% Complete.
Ending 3:
Beat the game at 100% Complete.


When o.m. Goes to heal himself SPAM ALL SUPER MISSILES AVAILABLE until he DIES it only takes like what 2-3 it takes CHUNKS off of his HP hope I helped Smile

phrendranas drifts

a statue depicting the best of a Chozo Shaman adorns this door. The translation reads, "To pass my gaze, seek my twin within this room."

Hard mode and different samus suit

Hard mode:beat 100% of the game
Different samus suit:beat 100% of the game on hard mode and link up to metroid fusion on gameboy advance.

All of the Missile Expansions

Missile Maximum = 250
Tallon Overworld - Root Cave - Use the X-Ray Visor to scale the cave using the invisible platforms to the very top. Look for the Missile Expansion behind the plants.
Tallon Overworld - Arbor Chamber - Use the X-Ray Visor to climb to the top of the Root Cave on the invisible platforms. Use the Plasma Beam to open the door at the top.
Tallon Overworld - Transport Tunnel B - Drop down off the rock ledge and walk through the fog under the bridge.
Tallon Overworld - Landing Site - Roll into a Morph Ball and sneak under the cliffs behind your Ship.
Tallon Overworld - Overgrown Cavern - Clear a path through the Venom Weed.
Tallon Overworld - Frigate Crash Site - Dive into the water and look for the alcove in the rocks in the center of th..


Have you ever been going through the impact crater and as you start climbing up the room on the platforms a fission metroid ends up re-spawning after you kill it the first time (which I assume you did) and knocking you off the platform into the red-orange phazon sitting below? Well I am submitting this cheat to help you avoid getting knocked back down so you can reach prime earlier (note:Metroid Prime is NOT a highly evolved Metroid but instead a highly evolved species very similar to a Metroid and Metroid Prime IS the reason Phazon is spreading on Tallon IV causing Other species on Tallon IV to either mutate or die.) Anyway sorry about getting sidetracked, back to the tip, after you kill the first fission Metroid as you walk into the room where they are spawning at kill the first fissio..

Guide to successful double morphball jumping

Yeah, I know lots of people have a lot of trouble timing their bombs to perform a double jump. But I'll try to help.
A = press the "A" button to drop a bomb
- = wait 1/4 second.
Here goes: A----A-A
This means that after dropping the first bomb, wait one second then drop the second one. Then 1/4 seconds after the second one, drop your third.
The third bomb should be in the air and must be dropped very quickly after the second one. Sorry if this was hard to understand, but I did my best explaining =)

The Artifact Locations

1. Artifact of Truth
Location: Tallon Overworld - Artifact Temple From Landing Site
Requirement: Missile Launcher
2. Artifact of Strength
Location: Magmoor Caverns - Warrior Shrine From Monitor Station
Requirements: Boost Ball - Space Jump Boots
3. Artifact of Elder
Location: Phendrana Drifts - Control Tower From Observatory
Requirements: Plasma Beam - Space Jump Boots - Missile Launcher - Morph Ball
4. Artifact of Wild
Location: Chozo Ruins - Sunchamber From Sun Tower
Requirements: Spider Ball - Super Missile
5. Artifact of Lifegiver
Location: Chozo Ruins - Tower Chamber From Ruined Shrine
Requirements: Gravity Suit - Space Jump Boots - Boost Ball - Spider Ball - Wave Beam
6. Artifac..

The Energy Tank Locations

Tallon Overworld - Cargo Freight Lift To Deck Gamma: Once you get the Gravity Suit, you enter the Crashed Frigate, within, use a Missile on the lift's broken door to get to the Tank.
Tallon Overworld - Hydro Access Tunnel: A Morph Ball Course - use Bomb Jumps to get to the Tank.
Chozo Ruins - Transport Access North: After you collect the Missile Expansion, destroy the lock on the door in front of you and go in that room.
Chozo Ruins - Furnace: Make your way through the Energy Core to get to the Furnace and the Tank.
Chozo Ruins - Main Plaza: After beating Flaaghra, you end up in the Transport Room, take the left exit through the Vault, you will go through a door leading to the Main Plaza - on this ledge is the Tank.
Chozo Ruins - Hall of the Elders: Shoot t..

Theory 3: Metroid Composition

Theory 3: Metroid Composition
From the studies I have done, I have been able to figure out exactly what Metroids are composed of. As I said at the end of my second theory, they feed off electrons, not life energy.
To break it down, Metroids come in five basic parts- the triple-nucleus, the electronucleic wiring, water, the copper claws, and the electron absorption system. The triple-nucleus is, obviously, the brain of the Metroid. The electronucleic wiring, meanwhile, are the wires that extend from the tri-nucleus onto the inner-shell of the Metroid. These are good for absorbing loose electrons and conducting them in towards the tri-nucleus, hence �electronucleic�. As you learned from the previous theory, the water inside the shell of the Metroid is used to better conduct elect..

Final metroid prime

Some of you guys probably know this, but I'm telling everybody because it took me a while to figure it out. When you're fighting metriod prime, change visors after you get in the phazon pool or you won't see him to kill him(or her).


- Hard Mode -
Hard Mode: Beat the Game on Normal Mode
- Galleries -
Art Gallery 1: Scan 50% of the Logbook
Art Gallery 2: Scan 100% of the Logbook
Art Gallery 3: Beat the Game on Hard Mode
Art Gallery 4: Collect 100% of the Items
- Endings -
Original: Beat the Game with less than 75% of the Items
Additional Gunship: Beat the Game with between 75% and 99% of the Items
Additional Gunship & Dark Samus: Beat the Game with 100% of the Items

Omega Pirate

Okay, when you enter the room, Scan the Omega Pirate before you approach him and he gets out. He has 4 areas of Phazon Armor that protect him (each shoulder and each leg), lock on to one (L), charge up the Power Beam (hold A), hold it and wait until his hand isn't glowing to let off a Super Missile (Y) while jumping (B+B) over his wave attacks. Once all 4 are gone, he'll kneel and call some Pirates; you can fight them if you want, but if you keep moving around they shouldn't hurt you too much. Eventually Omega will appear in one of the Phazon patches to restore his armor - you'll need to put on your X-Ray Visor for this. Lock on to him and fire another Super Missile to actually damage him - you can hit him twice if you're fast enough; he'll then disappear and reappear in another Phazon p..

Finding the secret artifacts

If you go the the meteor site and more importantly to the place where the cipher is, you can scan the stone panels down there for clues to where they are.

Hello cheators, this is how you beat the thardus..

Hello cheators, this is how you beat the thardus. First you go yo your thermal visor, you'll see a "hot spot" shoot it with either, power beam, charge beam,( both power and wave beams) or super missles. After enough hits your visor will disrupt. Switch to your combat visor, you'll see a "cold spot" shoot it with the same weapons.REPEAT. Ta-dah you beat the thardus.


When it's nessacary to morph ball jump insted of doing things at random you should first put one bomb down wait untill it's about to blow up the just before put down another bomb then put when in the air at the highest point in the first bombs jump when you land the one you placed down right after the first one should go off that sends you to were the bomb in the air is and once you get up to the bomb in the air it should blow up sending you higher. This works 100% of the time if done right and it will help you get to more places
Hunter2008 out

Stuning the plant boss in chozo ruins

To stun the boss eather shot a missle or fully charged power beam shot.

Getting the space jump boots from the get-go

When you first land on tallon iv it is possible to acquire the space jump boots as soon as you land. First turn around and you will notice two scanable red plants. Scan one it does not matter which one. Next position yourself on top of the gunship at the cockpit on the side nearest to the low part of the walkway behind the gunship.Once you are in position perform a quick dash while locked on to the flower behind the ship on the far left. As soon as you preform a quick dash immediately scan it. A description of the plant should come up because you previously scanned it. If done correctly you should jump over to the ledge. Jump up and walk over to the gap near the flower you scanned. On the other side of the room there are two scanable objects. Lock on to one of them and perform another qu..

How to destroy metriods easy

To destroy a metroid easy you must have the ice beam shoot it then use a missile it's that simple

How to defeat the Omega pirate

First aim for all four of its body parts.
Once youve destroyed them all the omega pirate will turn into bones. It will then disapear.
When it reappears use your plasma beam charged up and shoot once more.
I recommend that before doing this you destroy all the troopers.
Keep repeating this sequence until the pirate is dead.

Obtain missle launcher, morph ball and charge beam in tallon ove

Missile launcher:
When you enter chozo ruinsand you get a
message, go to were it says, beat the mecha hive, (see bottom of cheats to see bosses). when you beat it go along the path jump on the platform and get the item floating above you.
Morph ball:
Go back to were the chozo ruins cut-scene was and find the door were you need the rocket launcher. go along the path and climb over a wall, loads of beetles will surround you, kill em, a mini boss will apperear,metal headed beetel.
Charge beam:
when you get too the place with the save station and the blastcap, go in the door to your left. Find 4 symbols scan them and climb to the top, scan the final symbol on the gate and go through and get the charge beam.

Another easier way to beat the second Metroid Prime

First you need to be equipped with the Ice Beam. First just dodge all of it's moves until it lays a Phazon Puddle then when Metroid Prime turns invisible turn on your X-ray Visor.
When Metroid Prime has moved away from the Phazon Puddle step into the Phazon Puddle and start tapping A as fast as you can, when it next turns invisible turn on your Thermal Visor and do the same thing next time do the same thing with the Combat Visor.
But when Metroid Prime lays a Phazon Puddle with Metroids and Hunter Metroids freeze them with the Ice Beam and use a missile to smash them.
But when a Fission Metroid comes with the Phazon Puddle this will not work so either destroy them both with a Power Bomb, or use the Phazon Beam on them and destroy them in one shot befor..

Moonjump Threat

If you have an action replay and you are playing with moonjump activated don't leave the game, you'll now if you left because everything will be white. If you do leave make sure you saved because it is really hard to get back in so if you didn't save you might have to redo something important.

Most of Metroid Prime's Attacks... and what they do!!!

To get something straight here before I go on, I will point out that when it says "+ # ", that means that sustained damage will be added on if you get hit by the attack. The number after the "+" is the number that will be added every half-second or so during damage...
Ultrafridgid Sustention Beam
Power Level: 7
This beam will freeze you on contact, leaving you open to rest of the time that the beam will be running before Metroid Prime takes a rest. Because of this, this is the worst beam to get hit with.
Electrowave Sustention Beam
Power Level: 6.5
This beam is not only slightly weaker than some of Metroid Prime's other sustention beams, but it also has a rather agitating effect that won't do more than screw your visor information v..

The Power Bomb Expansions

Chozo Ruins - Magma Pool: Grapple Beam across the lava and lay a Power Bomb at the other side.
Magmoor Caverns - Warrior Shrine: Use a Power Bomb at the floor near the Chozo Statue (Scan to find the spot).
Phendrana Drifts - Ice Ruins West: Jump around the top of the room on the buildings; you will find a hole covered in ice - Plasma Beam it to open it.
Phendrana Drifts - Security Cave: In Phendrana's Edge, climb your way to the top and roll through the hole to get to the Security Cave.

Controlling the Credits

You can alter which way the credits go and how fast after you have beaten the game by tilting the Control Stick up or down. If you press it down, you will speed up the scrolling speed, and if you press up, you can scroll back up.

Defeating the Omega Pirate

Defeating the Omega Pirate is actually easy if you simply know what to listen for and what to use and where to look. The battle starts out with the Omega crashing out of it's cyrostasis container, and the battle begins.
First off, start by firing the Plasma Beam, charged, at one of it's four Phazon-plated hinges on it's needs or shoulders.
If the Omega keeps deploying a spiral shield that deters your progress from this, switch to the Power Beam and nail a Super Missle across the hinges instead.
After destroying all 4 Phazon platelets, the Omega will shriek and 3 reverse-engineer Pirates of random type will fall onto the battlefield.
The Omega will then disappear out of plain sight. Don't worry about the Omega as of now, just focus on the Pir..

invisble and invicible droid super hint.

This is a great hint if any one has faught this droid they will know what I am talking about. This droid is invisible to all visors and deflects all attacks.
The only way you can see it is two white dots below it that seem to be it's boosters.

You will find this thing in your way when you get the big morph ball bombs.
The only way to destroy it is too piss it off.once it starts to shoot at you just take it's attacks head on.
When it shoots thos boosters I spoke of before will turn red and fire like a machine gun or a lazer. This is the only time it can be harmed.
\fire any beem at this time and aslong as you stick with it it will be distroyed along with a neer by malfuntioning machine reaviling a maze.
Ps if you hit it one tim..

Chozo Lores

- Chozo Lore: Room, Area -
Binding: Artifact Temple, Tallon Overworld
Statuary: Artifact Temple, Tallon Overworld
Infestation: Crossway, Chozo Ruins
Cradle: Furnace, Chozo Ruins
Beginnings: Vault, Chozo Ruins
Worm: Crossway, Chozo Ruins
Fountain: Ruins Entrance, Chozo Ruins
Exodus: Ruined Nursery, Chozo Ruins
Hatchling's Shell: Crossway, Chozo Ruins
Hatchling: Ruined Fountain, Chozo Ruins
Meteor Strike: Watery Hall, Chozo Ruins
Contain: Sun Tower, Chozo Ruins
Hope: Hall of the Elders, Chozo Ruins
Newborn: Magma Pool, Magmoor Caverns
Cipher: Ice Ruins West, Phendrana Drifts
The Turned: Phendrana Canyon, Phendrana Drifts

Meta Ridley

When Meta Ridley is flying around shoot him with whatever you want, it won't do much damage - the time to cause some major pain is when he's floating still; at one point he'll lean his head back to charge up a laser - that's when you nail his gleaming red chest with a Super Missile! Once about two thirds of his health is gone, he'll lose his wings and the 'real fun' will begin; you're going to get and have to be good at dodging - always be locked on and watch the cues, he'll get ready to charge at you when he leans back so start jumping to the side; next, he'll swing his tail around, so jump over that. Now, keep your Power Beam charged up - he may or may not scream at you, if he does, let him have the charged up Power Beam shot - this will expose his gleaming red chest again, so get a Su..

Classic Passwords

Once you beat Metroid Fusion for the GBA and link up to your Gamecube you can play classic Metroid. The following passwords are for the Classic Metroid game. Enter these by pressing Z at the main menu while your GBA and Gamecube are linked.
Suitless Samus at Start. 000000 000020 000000 000020
Begin in Nofair, Mother Brain killed, Maru Mari, Varia, 212 missiles ITs-JU ST-YOU ZIPO-- ----Ci
Invincibility and Infinite Missiles, plus Ridley & Kraid dead NARPAS SWORD0 000003 037251
Invincibility and Infinite Missiles, plus Ridley dead NARPAS SWORD0 000000 086073
Start with 255 missiles 000000 000000 0Fy000 00003-
Start with Bombs (and Maru Mari) 000000 000000 4G0000 00000H
Start with Ice Beam 000000 000000..


After defeating Metroid Fusion, connect the link cable to GBA and the Gamecube. Doing this will open the the old original NES Metroid on Metroid Prime.

Press (Z) at the main menu and enter the following cheats:
Suitless Samus: 000000 000020 000000 000020
Infinite health, ammo, and upgrades: ****** **NARPAS SWORDO 0000
Hard Mode: 999999 999999 KKKKKK KKKKKK
(*)means blank spaces
Any problems with this notify me and I will help you through it...

Taking Thardus Down

Thardus only has a few attacks - he'll get into a ball and roll at you, which you can avoid by Morph Ball Boosting away, he can send rocks flying at you and he can also shoot ice along the ground at you, both of which you can avoid by jumping/running out of the way.
To see Thardus' weak point, put on the Thermal Visor (D-Down), lock on (L-Button) and attack the red, 'hot spot.' Keep attacking with either charged up Power or Wave Beam shots, Missiles or Super Missiles; when you've dealt enough damage, your Visor will go bright and you'll need to switch back to your Combat Visor (D-Up). The spot that you were attacking will now be a blue, 'cold spot' - lock onto it and attack it again.
Power Beam shots are stronger than Wave Beam shots, but Wave Beam shots are better ..

Space Pirate Frigate

We all know that at the start of the game you are in a space pirate frigate and after you kill the parasite queen you blow it up. But however you can return to it.
To return there you need the ice beam and the gravity suit.
There is a route there from the landing site. Get to a room that's called the Frigate Landing Site. Look around for some steps in the water and follow that path and you'll eventually get to a white door.
Go through the door and follow that path to return to the frigate.
Note: Although it's blown up, sone security systems are still active and there are some survivors so be careful.

Funny Trick

IN Mertroid Prime, if you saved in the first save station you find in phazon mines, the pirates will become active once you leave the save room. If you defeat the first two pirates that attack you, keep an eye on the pirate in the crane control station. If he sees you and leaves the room, charge you ice beam. When you see the pirate on the roof, fire the ice beam. It will miss, but will instead hit the pirate right behind him! You should try it. I learned this on my own.

How to defeat the boss in central dynamo

To defeat him you charge up your wave beam and aim at him then hold Y keep shooting till he dies.Then a hole should open go through with morph ball it will be hard to find the way through once you do then you should get power bomb then use it on the rocks.You should be able to figure out the rest. Smile

Ultra beam

To get the hidden ultra beam(which gets you to meta ridley faster)in talon overworld go to the place where you get the missle upgrade down where the acid should be is a small door for morph it with your bomb and get past the sub-boss to get the ultra beam (that opens evry door)but at the meta ridley stage ridley will eat your ultra beam out.lata!

Something sad to note, but true...

The original creator of Metroid: Gunpei Yokoi
Born: 1941
Died: 1997
Now, some guy at Retro Studios has control of Metroid. Just something of interest to note.

Strange Room in Root Cave

Go to the Root Cave. Using your X-ray visor, follow the invisible platforms all the way to the top. While still standing on the very last invisible platform, turn to your left and there will be a cave hidden behind vines with a big, circular, door-looking thing on the back wall. I was unable to find a way to open it, but if someone knows what this is, please let me know; It's driving me crazy!

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