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Follow the dark path or use the light
Metroid Prime Pack Shot

Metroid Prime


Boss Guide

by jackol

Jackol's Boss Guide

-: =====METROID PRIME===== :-  

1.0- Intro

2.0- Parasite Queen

2.1- Hive Mecha

2.2- Plated Beetle

2.3- Incinerator Drone

2.4- Flaghraa

2.5- Sheegoth

2.6- Thardus

2.7- Omega Pirate

2.8- Meta Ridley

2.9- Metroid Prime Shell

2.10- True Metroid Prime

This walkthrough shows -in detail- how to destroy those irritating bosses,
it will also tell you ; where they are located, their weapons and
attacks and most importantly, their strengths and weaknesses.

This walkthrough is subject to copyright (c) 2006 Jack Little.


Name: Parasite Queen
Location: Reactor core, Frigate
Weapons/Main attacks: Acid beam
Weak spot: Head
Strong point: Reflector shields
Items earned: None
Difficulty LV. 3/10

This is the first boss and she is seriously easy, but for a beginner she
could be a challenge. Her main attack (and only attack) is she can shoot
a beam of green acid from her mouth. After scanning her you'll learn that
her weak spot is her head, but this is difficult to reach as she has 2 
big blue shields protecting her. Just lock onto her and B-strafe until
you get to the gap in between the shields, make sure your charging your
beam all the time or you'll miss your chance to hit her. When you get a 
clear shot of her unleash the Charge beam and launch a few missiles,
After a while the shields start to split up and randomnly move around her,
at this point just charge your gun and dodge her attacks. When the shield
returns to normal repeat proccess and she's dead.


Name: War Hive Mecha + Ram War Wasp
Location: Hive Totem, Chozo Ruins
Weapons/ Main attacks: Spits out Ram War Wasps
Weak spot: Opening to Mecha
Strong point: Anywhere else
Items earned: Missile Launcher
Difficulty LV. 3/10

This boss is quite irritating as you have Ram War Wasps circuling you and 
your on a tiny platform surrounded by acid, but don't let that get to you
this one's easy too. The battle will start with the Mecha shooting about 
4 wasps at you, look at the radar and wait for one to stop, face it and 
kill it there incredibly weak so don't bother using missiles or charge
beams on them. After you've killed all the wasps the mecha will open a 
little red hole lock onto it and unleash hell on it! Repeat this proccess
3 times and the Mecha's dead, but each time you hurt it it will send out
more wasps first it's 3-4, then it's 5-7 and then it's 7-9 so don't be 
fooled thinking it's that easy.


Name: Beetle + Plated Beetle
Location: Ruined Shrine, Chozo Ruins
Weapons/Main attacks: Ramming
Weak spot: Beetle: Anywhere
           Plated Beetle: Red abdomen
Strong point: Plated Beetle: Head and body
Items earned: Morph Ball
Difficulty LV. 2/10

Beetle: These are really annoying but not much of a challenge for someone 
with a quick trigger finger. Simply lock onto one, shoot about 5 rounds 
and move onto the next one, piece of cake.
Plated Beetle: This ones a little harder and only appears after you kill
about 15 beetles. Make sure your charging your beam at all times, lock
onto it, stay still and watch it's movements, it will step left to right
then screech, at this point B-strafe to the side and shoot your charge beam
at it's red abdomen. A perfect shot at this point should kill it but just 
incase shoot a missile shortly afterwards.


Name: Incinerator Drone + Barbed War Wasp
Location: Burn Dome, Chozo Ruins
Weapons/Main attacks: Incinerator Drone: Twin Flamethrowers
                      Barbed War Wasps: Barbed Stings
Weak spot: Incinerator Drone: Red power core
           Barbed War Wasp: Anywhere
Strong point: Incinerator Drone: Body area
Items earned: Morph Ball Bomb
Difficulty LV. 3/10

This is another boss which is teamed with those annoying Wasps but this time
they shoot their stings at you! This boss is quite irratating and can drive 
some people insane. The Drone starts  off firing two flamethrowers 
horizontally, move in between the gaps of the flames and wait, after a while
a little red eye will pop out the Drones head, charge up a beam and shoot 
it. This is where it gets hard, the flamethrowers turn vertical and the 
Drone shoots the War Wasp Hive above, this aggrivates them and they come out
to play. Not only do you now have Wasps on your back but the flamethrowers
change from horizontal to diagonal. Just continue shooting the eye until
the Drone is dead, now that wasn't that hard was it?


Name: Flaghraa ( yes it is spelt write )
Location: Sunchamber, Chozo Ruins
Weapons/Main attacks: Scythes-claws
Weak spot: Bomb slot behind Tentacle
Strong point: Entire body
Items earned: Varia Suit
Difficulty LV. 5/10

Now, this is where we turn things up a notch, this beast is not only REALLY 
ugly, but he's hard too. First things first, don't step into the water and
don't go near the tentacles. Now, as the battle starts a mirror-like panel
will shine onto Flaghraa and a red dot will appear behind it, don't worry
about him and this point and make your way to the mirror-panel. Shoot the
red dot with a missile or charge beam and flaghraa will fall down and the 
tentacles will retract, go into Morph Ball and bomb the slot down the little
tunnel. At this point Flaghraa will come back and this time 2 mirror-panels
fall down. Now, you have to do this quickly as if Flaghraa see's a flipped
up panel he will knock it back down again, so the easiest thing to do is to
paralyze him. After you've hit a panel shoot Flaghraa with 2 missiles and he 
will sit there dazed, now's the chance, run to the other side of him and hit
the other panel, then bomb the other slot. Now the same happens but with 3
panels and now the time to start thinking about dodging his attacks. He his
3 attacks; 1. He slashes at you and knocks you back 2. He launches a few
yellow orbs at you 3. He slashes the floor next to you and makes loads of
poisonous plants appear next to you blocking your path. Do the same thing as
you did last time and bomb him again. Now the finale, ALL 4 PANELS, the 
first thing he does is block you from getting the one to your left so go 
right and get the first panel, paralyze him and get the second one, then 
third and then fourth. Get into Morph Ball and bomb the last slot.
YAY! he's dead.


Name: Baby Sheegoth + Sheegoth
Location: Hall Of The Elders, Phendara Drifts
Weapons/Main attacks: Ice Breath
                      Ice Beam
Weak spot: Baby Sheegoth: Back
           Sheegoth: Mouth and Underbelly
Strong point: Baby Sheegoth: head
              Sheegoth: Crystals on back
Items Earned: Wave Beam
Difficulty LV. 4/10

This boss will start with 2 Baby Sheegoths attacking you from behind lock 
onto them and B-strafe around them attack their backs and shoot them 
they'll be dead pretty quickly. when you kill one another appears then, 
another until you've killed 4 Then it will show a mini-clip with a Sheegoth 
breaking through the wall, there are 2 ways to defeat this thing but ones very 
1. The easiest but most dangerous way is to go into Morph ball mode and
bomb her underbelly but, doing this will cause her to stamp on you  
causing large damage.
2. Or alternatively you could do it the hard way. If you notice every time 
you shoot her your attack goes into the crystal on her back, this is good
for you as she then attacks, dodge her attacks then run up close to her
you'll notice that she is breathing very heavilly, at this point stand close 
to her and shoot some rockets in her face. Repeat proccess for victory!


Name: Thardus
Location: Quarantine Cave, Phendara Drifts
Weapons/Main attacks: His Body
Weak spot: Specific rock on his body
Strong point: Any other part
Items earned: Spider Ball
Difficulty LV. 6/10

Thardus is what he looks, Rock-hard and he's freakishly dodgy for a 25ft 
rock. he starts off throwing Boulders at you, destroy them for health and
ammo, turn on your Thermal Visor and Charge up the power beam ( not Wave
Beam it's useless ). You'll notice a part of his body is yellow on the
Thermal Visor, lock onto it and use the Power Beam Missile Combo on it,
your visor will go white, switch back to Combat Visor. This time a part
of his body is blue use another Missile Combo and it will destroy the
body part, he will then roll into a massive ball and speed around trying
to crush you, sit in a corner behind a pillar or boost away in Morph 
ball. Repeat this proccess until a mini-clip comes on of Thardus being 
hit by lightning, continue use the missile combos and he will be dead 
soon enough.


Name: Omega Pirate
Location: Elite Quarters, Phazon Mines
Weapons/Main attacks: Earthquake
Weak Spot: shoulders and thighs
Strong spot: his hand
Items earned: Phazon suit
              Phazon Beam
Difficulty LV. 8/10

Now that your near the end of the game you'd expect things to get hard, and
they do! This guy is irritating as hell and has the most annoying attacks.
to start of equip Power beam and began to charge up, after he puts his hand 
down he will jump up in the air, do the same and use a Missile combo on him 
from above. after you've done this twice one of his shoulders or his thighs
should be destroyed, he will disappear. Turn on your X-Ray Visor and look 
around he should be charging energy in one of the 4 growths of Phazon use
a Missile combo on his body, Shortly after you've done this he'll reappear
and call in some Space Pirates, ignore them and continue this technique 
until he's down and out.


Name: Meta Ridley
Location: Artifact temple, Tallon Overworld
Weapons/Main attacks: Plasma beam
Weak Spot: Chest Plate
Strong point: anywhere else
Items earned: None
Difficulty LV. 8/10

To be fair many people would agree that this is the coolest boss ever to be 
made on a metroid game, but despite how cool and fun it is to fight him it 
takes a long time. First of all, equip plasma beam and second don't stay in
one place for too long. The first thing he will do is fly away, he then flies
back dropping bombs at you ( their very difficult to dodge but try your 
best ), when he flies in front of you and stops, shoot him with a charge up
Plasma beam, this should stop his attack if it doesn't, run. When you've got
him to about half health there will be a mini-clip of his wings burning off
( aawww poor Ridley ). This is the fun part, you fight him on ground. Like this
his has different attacks; he uses a plasma beam horizontally, so just jump 
over it, he uses an earthquake attack so do the same and he hit's you with his
claws and tail. The key to this part is to pinpoint when he opens his mouth
when he does shoot it. After a few charge shots to the face he will stand up
straight exposing his chest, shoot him and get it over and done with.


Name: Metroid Prime
Location: Tallon Underworld, cavern A,B and C
Weapons/Main attacks: Element attacks
                      His body
Weak Spot: His head
Strong point: His Legs
Items earned: None
Difficulty LV. 9/10

Now this is it, you can always tell when you face a boss that's also the name
of the game your pretty far, this girl is HARD but there's still worse to come
but just concentrate on this now. Depending on what colour she is as what 
her weakness is, it's simple; Yellow is Power beam, White is Ice beam, Purple
is Wave beam and Red is Plasma beam. Now before you face her make sure you have
FULL missiles ( you'll need them, TRUST ME! ) and that your health is full. 
When you start off she should be yellow and there should be 3 ditches in the floor
equip Power beam and use as many Missile Combos as you can before she changes
colour, when she changes colour she will kind of stall for a moment then charge 
at you, roll into morph ball and boost through the ditches, turn round and repeat
until she gets to plasma beam ( red ). As the plasma beams combo has a very short
range you'd probably be best use simply charge shots. Her attacks are as follows
POWER BEAM: She launches a thick beam at you which will paralyze you and some bombs
which can be destoryed for health and ammo.
ICE BEAM: She shoots an ice beam at you which will freeze you and causes damage she
also shoots icicles at you.
WAVE BEAM: she shoots a beam of electricity which pulls you towards her, when she 
drags you all the way she'll headbutt you, she will also launch electric missiles
which mess with your visor.
PLASMA BEAM: she launches a magma beam at you which burns you and fills your visor
with lava blinding you.
After you've made her move through each of the 3 caverns she'll fall down a hole
now's the final deathmatch.


Name: Metroid Prime
Location: Tallon Underworld
Weapons/Main attacks: Her arms
Weak spot: Her whole body 
Strong spot: None
Items earned: None
Difficulty LV. 10/10


Now, You've destroyed her armour she should be weak right? Wrong, She's even 
stronger! Though this is going to irritate the hell out of you ( like it did 
me ), you'll still have fun, as you can now use that phazon beam you've been
wondering what was since you killed the Omega Pirate. She starts off just floating 
around spawning Metroids, ignore them for now, after a while she'll disappear
turn on either your X-Ray Visor or Thermal Visor ( she'll be visible on one
of them ) when you see her you'll notice she's left a pool of Phazon on the 
floor, step into it and point your gun at her, hold the A button and watch
as her health decreases. Sound too easy? well there is one disadvantage;
the many Metroids trying to kill you! Ignore them at first but if they 
really start to bug you just turn into Morph Ball and lay a power bomb and
BOOM! there all dead. Continue using the Phazon Beam on Metroid Prime and
She'll die before you've even realised you've just completed the Game.

Subject to copyright (c) 2006 Jack little
any attempt to copy this walkthrough will 
be taken as copyright theft.