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Follow the dark path or use the light
Metroid Prime Pack Shot

Metroid Prime


Metroid Prime

by sheiny


- Energy Tank Locations -

x1) You start with this.

x2) Tallon Overworld - Cargo Freight Lift To Deck Gamma: Once you get the Gravity Suit, you enter the Crashed Frigate, within, use a Missile on the lift's broken door to get to the Tank.
x3) Tallon Overworld - Hydro Access Tunnel: A Morph Ball Course - use Bomb Jumps to get to the Tank.

x4) Chozo Ruins - Transport Access North: After you collect the Missile Expansion, destroy the lock on the door in front of you and go in that room.
x5) Chozo Ruins - Furnace: Make your way through the Energy Core to get to the Furnace and the Tank.
x6) Chozo Ruins - Main Plaza: After beating Flaaghra, you end up in the Transport Room, take the left exit through the Vault, you will go through a door leading to the Main Plaza - on this ledge is the Tank.
x7) Chozo Ruins - Hall of the Elders: Shoot the white circle with the Ice Beam and Morph Ball Bomb the Switch - the Chozo Statue will send you to the Tank.
x8) Chozo Ruins - Training Chamber: In the Ruined Fountain, take the exit to the Magma Pool and Grapple across; there will be Chozo Ghosts in the Training Chamber, destroy them and activate one of the Bomb Switches in the half pipe to lower an elevator that leads to the Tank.

x9) Magmoor Caverns - Transport Tunnel A: Another Morph Ball Course - use Morph Ball Bomb Jumps to get to this Tank.
x10) Magmoor Caverns - Magmoor Workstation: Come here from the Transport in Phendrana Drifts near the Quarantine Cave; there are 3 rooms with Power Conduits behind them, power these to get to the Tank - go to where the lava has cooled and Scan the Console here to cool more lava, then proceed to that area - repeat until the third one is cooled and take the Tank.

x11) Phendrana Drifts - Ruined Courtyard: There is a Ball Tunnel to the upper right as you walk into the Courtyard - after filling the area with water, you will be able to get to the Tank, otherwise Space Jump to it.
x12) Phendrana Drifts - Research Lab Aether: There's a Containment Tank here with you're Tank inside - Super Missile it.
x13) Phendrana Drifts - Transport Access: Melt the ice with your Plasma Beam - then roll in.

x14) Phazon Mines - Ventilation Shaft: Lay a Power Bomb near the grate at the end of the Shaft on the side with the lower door - Scan the Console on the other side to activate the fans - this will suck the Plated Puffers into the fan and blow it up.
x15) Phazon Mines - Processing Center Access: You get to this room once you beat the Omega Pirate and get the Phazon Suit.

- Missile Expansions -

x5) Obtaining the Missile Launcher
x10) Tallon Overworld - Root Cave - Use the X-Ray Visor to scale the cave using the invisible platforms to the very top. Look for the Missile Expansion behind the plants.
x15) Tallon Overworld - Arbor Chamber - Use the X-Ray Visor to climb to the top of the Root Cave on the invisible platforms. Use the Plasma Beam to open the door at the top.
x20) Tallon Overworld - Transport Tunnel B - Drop down off the rock ledge and walk through the fog under the bridge.
x25) Tallon Overworld - Landing Site - Roll into a Morph Ball and sneak under the cliffs behind your Ship.
x30) Tallon Overworld - Overgrown Cavern - Clear a path through the Venom Weed.
x35) Tallon Overworld - Frigate Crash Site - Dive into the water and look for the alcove in the rocks in the center of the lake.
x40) Tallon Overworld - Biohazard Containment - Use a Super Missile to detonate the Cordite door where the Aqua Drones attack.
x45) Tallon Overworld - Life Grove Tunnel - Use the Boost Ball to gain enough speed to reach the top of the loop. Use a Morph Ball Bomb to blow a hole in the rocks at the top of the loop.
x50) Tallon Overworld - Great Tree Chamber - Use the X-Ray Visor to see the invisible platform that leads up to a doorway from the Great Tree Hall.

x55) Chozo Ruins - Ruined Gallery - Use a missile to blast through the fractured Brinstone wall.
x60) Chozo Ruins - Watery Hall Access - Use a missile to blast through the crumbled wall.
x65) Chozo Ruins - Burn Dome - Use a Morph Ball Bomb to blast through the small brick arch near the floor.
x70) Chozo Ruins - Dynamo - Use a Morph Ball Bomb to enter the corridor in Watery hall and use a missile to blast the gate in Dynamo.
x75) Chozo Ruins - Ruined Nursery - Use a Morph Ball Bomb to work through the channel maze in the wall.
x80) Chozo Ruins - Ruined Gallery - Use a Morph Ball Bomb to hop into the semi-circular tunnel in the wall.
x85) Chozo Ruins - Ruined Shrine - Use a Morph Ball Bomb to enter the brick-covered tunnel near the floor.
x90) Chozo Ruins - Vault - Use Morph Ball Bombs to activate the 3 circular Slots.
x95) Chozo Ruins - Main Plaza - Ride up the half-pipe to the ledge under the tree bridge.
x100) Chozo Ruins - Main Plaza - Locate the large diseased tree and fire a Super Missile at it just above the knot.
x105) Chozo Ruins - Gathering Hall - Leap onto the platform above the Energy Core entrance and use a Morph Ball Bomb to blow open the gate.
x110) Chozo Ruins - Crossway - Use the half-pipe to reach the Morph Ball Slots. Roll onto the piston and get a ride up to the ledge.
x115) Chozo Ruins - Ruined Shrine - Ride up the half-pipe on the right and roll through the small tunnel.
x120) Chozo Ruins - Ruined Fountain - Let the fountain spray you in Morph Ball form up to the Spider Ball Track. Follow it.
x125) Chozo Ruins - Training Chamber Access - Roll through the hidden pipe behind the tree growing in the corridor.
x130) Chozo Ruins - Main Plaza - Exit the Piston Tunnel and use the Grapple Beam to reach the far ledge.
x135) Chozo Ruins - Watery Hall - Go into the water and through the tunnel in the back to reach the hidden chamber.
x140) Chozo Ruins - Dynamo - Use the Spider Ball to climb the vertical shaft over the generator.
x145) Chozo Ruins - Furnace - Use the X-Ray Visor and a Power Bomb to blow up the floor to reveal a half-pipe. Use the Spider Ball to carefully navigate the ceiling maze.

x150) Magmoor Caverns - Storage Cavern - Roll under the metal gates in the Triclops Pit to the back corner.
x155) Magmoor Caverns - Fiery Shores - Use Morph Ball Bombs to navigate the maze on the side of the cave.
x160) Magmoor Caverns - Triclops Pit - Use the X-Ray Visor to spot the invisible platforms. Follow the platforms to a rock spire with a Missile Expansion within it and blow it apart with a Super Missile.

x165) Phendrana Drifts - Research Lab Hydra - Use a Super Missile to smash the Cordite stasis tank on the upper floor.
x170) Phendrana Drifts - Research Lab Aether - Double jump onto the platform below the upper balcony and roll along the narrow track to the alcove in the wall.
x175) Phendrana Drifts - Quarantine Monitor - Use the Spider Ball and the Grapple Beam to reach the ledge across from the main entrance in Quarantine Cave to roll 
through the pipe to a secret room.
x180) Phendrana Drifts - Gravity Chamber - Melt the large icicles with the Plasma Beam and Grapple onto the ledge with the Missile Expansion.
x185) Phendrana Drifts - Frost Cave - Grapple to the far ledge and shoot the stalactite with a missile to break through the frozen lake.
x190) Phendrana Drifts - Ice Ruins East - Use the Spider Ball to enter the hidden alcove high above the ruins.
x195) Phendrana Drifts - Ice Ruins East - Melt the ice near the doorway to find the Missile Expansion in the cave.
x200) Phendrana Drifts - Phendrana Shorelines - Melt the ice behind the rock spire near the lake with the Plasma Beam. On the same side of the lake as the Save Station.
x205) Phendrana Drifts - Phendrana Shorelines - Use a Super Missile to destroy the Cordite statue over the temple entrance and scan the panel behind it. Then use the Spider Ball to reach the top of the tower.

x210) Phazon Mines - Main Quarry - Activate power to the crane and Spider Ball across to the Missile Expansion revealed when the crane slams the rock.
x215) Phazon Mines - Elite Research - Rotate the Pulse Beam Cannon around into the position to the left of its starting position and have it annihilate the rocks there.
x220) Phazon Mines - Elite Control Access - Detonate the explosive crate on ledge to 
blow open the grating.
x225) Phazon Mines - Security Access A - Use a Power Bomb to blow through the cracked metal in the corner of the tunnel.
x230) Phazon Mines - Metroid Quarantine A - Use the X-Ray Visor to navigate the invisible maze across the magnetic track bridge and through the invisible cave.
x235) Phazon Mines - Fungal Hall Access - Drop to the bottom of vertical the shaft and roll under the large mushroom to grab the Missile Expansion.
x240) Phazon Mines - Fungal Hall B - Use the X-Ray and the Thermal Visor to locate the Missile Expansion below the red door leading out.
x245) Phazon Mines - Metroid Quarantine B - Use a Super Missile to destroy the Cordite stasis tank across from the Save Station.
x250) Phazon Mines - Phazon Processing Center - Locate the invisible platform near the middle level with the X-Ray Visor and jump across to the ledge with the crates. Use a Power Bomb to blow through the wall.

- Power Bomb Expansions -

x4) When you get the Power Bombs.

x5) Chozo Ruins - Magma Pool: Grapple Beam across the lava and lay a Power Bomb at the other side.

x6) Magmoor Caverns - Warrior Shrine: Use a Power Bomb at the floor near the Chozo Statue (Scan to find the spot).

x7) Phendrana Drifts - Ice Ruins West: Jump around the top of the room on the buildings; you will find a hole covered in ice - Plasma Beam it to open it.
x8) Phendrana Drifts - Security Cave: In Phendrana's Edge, climb your way to the top and roll through the hole to get to the Security Cave.

- Beam Combo Upgrades -

Super Missile: Phendrana Drifts - Observatory - its right there at the top of the room.

Wave Buster: Chozo Ruins - Tower of Light - beyond the Ruined Shrine using the Boost and Spider Ball, make your way to the top of this room using Super Missiles on the pillars.

Ice Spreader: Magmoor Caverns - Shore Tunnel - from the Monitor Station, in this room is a glass corridor that you've probably just walked through in the past not noticing the crack in the glass; set off a Power Bomb in that tunnel to break the glass and head underneath to obtain the Ice Beam Upgrade.

Flame Thrower: Phazon Mines - Storage Depot A - in the Mine Security Station there's a wall made of Bendezium near the far door that you can destroy with Power Bombs, take down that wall and scan the panel behind it to gain access to the door that leads to Plasma Beam Upgrade.

- Artifacts Locations -

1) Artifact of Truth
Location: Tallon Overworld - Artifact Temple From Landing Site
Requirement: Missile Launcher

2) Artifact of Strength
Location: Magmoor Caverns - Warrior Shrine From Monitor Station
Requirements: Boost Ball - Space Jump Boots

3) Artifact of Elder
Location: Phendrana Drifts - Control Tower From Observatory
Requirements: Plasma Beam - Space Jump Boots - Missile Launcher - Morph Ball

4) Artifact of Wild
Location: Chozo Ruins - Sunchamber From Sun Tower
Requirements: Spider Ball - Super Missile

5) Artifact of Lifegiver
Location: Chozo Ruins - Tower Chamber From Ruined Shrine
Requirements: Gravity Suit - Space Jump Boots - Boost Ball - Spider Ball - Wave Beam

6) Artifact of Warrior
Location: Phazon Mines - Elite Research (Beat The Elite Pirate)
Requirement: Power Bomb

7) Artifact of Chozo
Location: Tallon Overworld - Life Grove From Great Tree Hall
Requirements: X-Ray Visor - Power Bomb - Space Jump Boots - Boost Ball

8) Artifact of Nature
Location: Magmoor Caverns - Lava Lake
Requirements: Super Missile - X-Ray Visor

9) Artifact of Sun
Location: Phendrana Drifts - Chozo Ice Temple From Phendrana Shorelines
Requirements: Plasma Beam - Morph Ball

10) Artifact of World
Location: Chozo Ruins - Elder Chamber From Hall Of The Elders
Requirements: Plasma Beam - Morph Ball Bomb

11) Artifact of Spirit
Location: Phendrana Drifts - Storage Cave From Phendrana's Edge
Requirements: Grapple Beam - Power Bomb - Plasma Beam - X-Ray Visor

12) Artifact of Newborn
Location: Phazon Mines - Phazon Mining Tunnel (The Other Morph Ball Bit)
Requirements: Phazon Suit - Morph Ball Bomb


- Pirate Data -

***1) Fall Of Zebes: Tallon Overworld - Crashed Frigate - Bio-Hazard Containment
2) The Hunter: Phazon Mine - Elite Control
3) Contact: Phendrana Drifts - Observatory
4) Artifact Site: Tallon Overworld - Temple Security Station
5) Phazon Analysis: Phendrana Drifts - Research Lab Hydra
6) Phazon Program: Phendrana Drifts - Observatory
7) Metroid Studies: Phendrana Drifts - Research Lab Aether
8) Parasite Larva: Phendrana Drifts - Research Lab Hydra
9) Mining Status: Phendrana Drifts - Research Lab Hydra
10) Glacial Wastes: Phendrana Drifts - Research Lab Hydra
11) Security Breaches: Phendrana Drifts - Research Lab Hydra
12) Meta Ridley: Phendrana Drifts - Research Lab Aether
13) Phazon Infusion: Phendrana Drifts - Research Lab Aether
14) Elite Pirates: Phazon Mines - Elite Research
15) Impact Crater: Phazon Mines - Elite Control
16) Hunter Weapons: Phazon Mines - Elite Control
17) Omega Pirate: Phazon Mines - Omega Research
18) Special Forces: Phazon Mines - Metroid Quarantine B
19) Gate System: Phazon Mines - Elite Control
20) Artifact: Phazon Mines - Elite Control
21) Metroid Morphology: Phendrana Drifts - Research Lab Aether
22) Chozo Studies: Phazon Mines - Elite Control
23) The Key: Phazon Mines - Elite Control
24) Metroid Forces: Phendrana Drifts - Research Lab Aether
25) Chozo Ghosts: Phazon Mines - Elite Control

- Chozo Lore -

1) Binding: Tallon Overworld - Artifact Temple
2) Statuary: Tallon Overworld - Artifact Temple
3) Infestation: Chozo Ruins - Crossway 
4) Cradle: Chozo Ruins - Furnace
5) Beginnings: Chozo Ruins - Vault
6) Worm: Chozo Ruins - Crossway
7) Fountain: Chozo Ruins - Ruins Entrance
8) Exodus: Chozo Ruins - Ruined Nursery
9) Hatchling's Shell: Chozo Ruins - Crossway
10) Hatchling: Chozo Ruins - Ruined Fountain
11) Meteor Strike: Chozo Ruins - Watery Hall
12) Contain: Chozo Ruins - Sun Tower
13) Hope: Chozo Ruins - Hall of the Elders
14) Newborn: Magmoor Caverns - Magma Pool
15) Cipher: Phendrana Drifts - Ice Ruins West
16) The Turned: Phendrana Drifts - Phendrana Canyon

- Creatures -

***1) Parasite: Space Frigate
2) Auto Turret: Space Frigate and Throughout Tallon IV
3) Zoomer: Tallon Overworld
4) Geemer: Tallon Overworld
5) Sap Sac: Tallon Overworld and Chozo Ruins
6) Bloodflower: Tallon Overworld
7) Seedling: Tallon Overworld
8) Scarab: Throughout Tallon IV
9) Beetle: Tallon Overworld and Chozo Ruins
10) Plated Beetle: Chozo Ruins - Main Plaza
11) War Wasp: Chozo Ruins
***12) Ram War Wasp: Chozo Ruins - Hive Totem
***13) Barbed War Wasp: Chozo Ruins - Burn Dome
14) Hive: Chozo Ruins
15) Eyon: Chozo Ruins
16) Plazmite: Chozo Ruins
17) Shriekbat: Throughout Tallon IV
18) Tangle Weed: Throughout Tallon IV
19) Venom Weed: Throughout Tallon IV
20) Blastcap: Tallon Overworld and Chozo Ruins
21) Reaper Vine: Chozo Ruins
22) Stone Toad: Chozo Ruins - Energy Core and Reflecting Pool
23) Plated Parasite: Chozo Ruins - Furnace
24) Oculus: Chozo Ruins - Tower of Light and Sun Tower
25) Plated Puffer: Chozo Ruins - Tower of Light
***26) Hive Mecha: Chozo Ruins - Hive Totem
***27) Incinerator Drone: Chozo Ruins - Burn Dome
28) Chozo Ghost: Tallon Overworld - Life Groove and Chozo Ruins
29) Grizby: Magmoor Caverns
30) Burrower: Magmoor Caverns
31) Puffer: Phazon Mines - Ventilation Shaft and Magmoor Caverns
32) Triclops: Magmoor Caverns
33) Magmoor: Magmoor Caverns
34) Puddle Spore: Magmoor Caverns
35) Crystallite: Phendrana Drifts
***36) Ice Parasite: Phendrana Drifts - Chozo Ice Temple
***37) Ice Shriekbat: Phendrana Drifts - Ice Ruins West
38) Pulse Bombu: Various areas in Tallon IV
39) Scatter Bombu: Various areas in Tallon IV
***40) Ice Burrower: Phendrana Drifts
41) Ice Beetle: Phendrana Drifts
42) Flickerbat: Phendrana Drifts
43) Jelzap: Throughout Tallon IV
44) Baby Sheegoth: Phendrana Drifts
45) Sheegoth: Phendrana Drifts
46) Sentry Drone: Throughout Tallon IV
47) Space Pirate: Phendrana Drifts and Phazon Mines
48) Shadow Pirate: Phendrana Drifts and Phazon Mines
49) Flying Pirate: Throughout Tallon IV
50) Aqua Sac: Tallon Overworld - Crashed Frigate
51) Tallon Crab: Tallon Overworld - Crashed Frigate
52) Aqua Reaper: Throughout Tallon IV
***53) Aqua Drone: Tallon Overworld - Crashed Frigate - Biohazard Containment
54) Aqua Pirate: Tallon Overworld - Crashed Frigate
55) Mega Turret: Phazon Mines
56) Glider: Throughout Tallon IV
57) Power Trooper: Phazon Mines
58) Wave Trooper: Phazon Mines
59) Ice Trooper: Phazon Mines
60) Plasma Trooper: Phazon Mines
***61) Elite Pirate: Phazon Mines
***62) Phazon Elite: Phazon Mines - Elite Research
63) Metroid: Phendrana Drifts, Phazon Mines and Impact Crater - Metroid Prime Lair
64) Hunter Metroid: Phazon Mines and Impact Crater - Metroid Prime Lair
65) Fission Metroid: Phazon Mines and Impact Crater
66) Lumigek: Impact Crater - Crater Tunnel A
***67) Parasite Queen: Space Frigate
***68) Flaaghra: Chozo Ruins - Sunchamber
***69) Flaaghra's Tentacle: Chozo Ruins - Sunchamber
***70) Thardus: Phendrana Drifts - Quarantine Cave
***71) Omega Pirate: Phazon Mines - Elite Quarters
***72) Meta Ridley: Tallon Overworld - Artifact Temple
73) Metroid Prime: Impact Crater - Subchamber One
74) Metroid Prime: Impact Crater - Metroid Prime Lair

- Research -

1) Small Energy: Enemy Remains
2) Large Energy: Enemy Remains
3) Ultra Energy: Enemy Remains
4) Small Missile Ammo: Enemy Remains
5) Medium Missile Ammo: Enemy Remains
6) Large Missile Ammo: Enemy Remains
7) Power Bomb Ammo: Enemy Remains
8) Save Station: Throughout Tallon IV
***9) Map Station: Space Frigate, Chozo Ruins, Phendrana Drifts and Phazon Mines
10) Missile Station: Chozo Ruins and Phazon Mines
11) Morph Ball Slot: Throughout Tallon IV
12) Spinner: Throughout Tallon IV
13) Spider Ball Track: Throughout Tallon IV
14) Grapple Point: Throughout Tallon IV
15) Gunship: Tallon Overworld - Landing Site
***16) Missile Door Lock: Throughout Tallon IV
17) Locked Door: Throughout Tallon IV
***18) Stalactite: Phendrana Drifts and Magmoor Caverns
19) Zebes: Phendrana Drifts - Observatory
20) Tallon IV: Phendrana Drifts - Observatory



- Hard Mode -

Hard Mode: Beat the Game on Normal Mode

- Galleries -

Art Gallery 1: Scan 50% of the Logbook
Art Gallery 2: Scan 100% of the Logbook
Art Gallery 3: Beat the Game on Hard Mode
Art Gallery 4: Collect 100% of the Items

- Endings -

Original: Beat the Game with less than 75% of the Items
Additional Gunship: Beat the Game with between 75% and 99% of the Items
Additional Gunship & Dark Samus: Beat the Game with 100% of the Items


- Thardus -

Thardus only has a few attacks - he'll get into a ball and roll at you, which you can avoid by Morph Ball Boosting away, he can send rocks flying at you and he can also shoot ice along the ground at you, both of which you can avoid by jumping/running out of the way. To see Thardus' weak point, put on the Thermal Visor (D-Down), lock on (L-Button) and attack the red, 'hot spot.' Keep attacking with either charged up Power or Wave Beam shots, Missiles or Super Missiles; when you've dealt enough damage, your Visor will go bright and you'll need to switch back to your Combat Visor (D-Up). The spot that you were attacking will now be a blue, 'cold spot' - lock onto it and attack it again. Power Beam shots are stronger than Wave Beam shots, but Wave Beam shots are better because they home in on the locked on spot - use this on the arms and legs. Super Missiles are even stronger and home in too, but they can be wasted if they get blocked by another part of his body - so use them on his head, shoulders and chest. If you get low on Missile Ammo or Health, destroy the rocks that he throws at you to get some refills. Other than that, just keep attacking his hot and then cold spots until he's history - good luck!

- Omega Pirate -

Okay, when you enter the room, Scan the Omega Pirate before you approach him and he gets out. He has 4 areas of Phazon Armor that protect him (each shoulder and each leg), lock on to one (L), charge up the Power Beam (hold A), hold it and wait until his hand isn't glowing to let off a Super Missile (Y) while jumping (B+B) over his wave attacks. Once all 4 are gone, he'll kneel and call some Pirates; you can fight them if you want, but if you keep moving around they shouldn't hurt you too much. Eventually Omega will appear in one of the Phazon patches to restore his armor - you'll need to put on your X-Ray Visor for this. Lock on to him and fire another Super Missile to actually damage him - you can hit him twice if you're fast enough; he'll then disappear and reappear in another Phazon pool - nail him again with a Super Missile if you have time. When he reappears, go back to the Combat Visor and repeat the process (attacking the 4 areas of Phazon Armor) - his wave attacks should take out the rest of the Pirates for you, just keep moving and make sure you pick up any Ammo or Health that they leave behind. It takes about 4-6 Super Missiles when he's recharging to finish him. I suggest finding as many Energy Tanks and Missile Expansions as you can before you face him. Once you beat him, you get the awesome-looking Phazon Suit, I like it anyway; good luck =)

- Meta Ridley -

When Meta Ridley is flying around shoot him with whatever you want, it won't do much damage - the time to cause some major pain is when he's floating still; at one point he'll lean his head back to charge up a laser - that's when you nail his gleaming red chest with a Super Missile! Once about two thirds of his health is gone, he'll lose his wings and the 'real fun' will begin; you're going to get and have to be good at dodging - always be locked on and watch the cues, he'll get ready to charge at you when he leans back so start jumping to the side; next, he'll swing his tail around, so jump over that. Now, keep your Power Beam charged up - he may or may not scream at you, if he does, let him have the charged up Power Beam shot - this will expose his gleaming red chest again, so get a Super Missile in there, but do it quickly, he doesn't give you much time! Repeat, repeat, repeat...I'm guessing that your right hand will hurt at the end of this battle - good luck!