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Mario Kart Double Dash Pack Shot

Mario Kart Double Dash

Game Reviews for Mario Kart Double Dash


Quick Reviews

Mario Kart DD Short Review Added 26 Apr 2009, ID #8829
Mario Kart Double Dash is the Mario Kart game on GameCube. It is the first Mario Kart game to have two charcters in the same kart. Mario Kart DD has can be played with 1 to 4 players, with a new Co-op mode which one player drives, and the other uses items. The Grand Prix's have 50cc, 100cc, 150cc and 150cc Mirror. This game has five cups which are Mushroom Cup, Flower Cup, Star Cup, Special Cup and the All Cup Tour.
Brilliant Game Added 1 Jun 2007, ID #7631
This has to be one of my favourite games

Gameplay 10/10 Can\'t get enough of it.
Multiplayer 9/10 You can be on the same kart as your partner!
Graphics 10/10 Brilliant!
Sound 10/10 Great music.
Lastability 9/10 Lasts a long time but the game could be longer.
Overall 9.6/10 One of the best games I have ever played in my life. A must get for all racing game fan and Mario Kart game fans.

Da Mario Man
Super Dude's Mario Kart Double Dash Review Added 11 Jul 2006, ID #6265
Once again, Nintendo has entertained us with another Mario racer. This game really shows how origional Nintendo can be. I got this July 9th, 2006.

One MAJOR addition is the dual-riding karts you use. And because of this, Co-op is available for the first time in a Mario Kart game. Co-op is a fantastic mode because two players won't be against each other, but cooperating together to win! Co-op isn't the only multiplayer option here. There's versus racing (of course), balloon battle, bob-omb blast, and shine runners (or whatever it is). And LAN mode, where up to SIXTEEN PLAYERS CAN PLAY AT THE SAME TIME, using the broadband adapter (don't really know how to work it, though).

There are 16 people for you to pair up and conquer with. That means there are more than 100 character combos you could make!

Mario Kart: Double Dash!! is an other fantastic Mario game, and I'd like to see what kind of Mario Kart game will come out on the Wii. 9 out of 10.

Added 13 Jul 2005, ID #4232
i am usually not a huge fan of racing games but this is an exception it is a really fun game and there are many things to do or unlock the tracks dont get that boring until you get all charecters and already race on them alot
Great Added 6 Mar 2005, ID #3438
A great game here.There are a few problems mind.

One is that this game is too easy,nothing compared to previous Mario Kart games.

Another is that the two racers makes no real difference to there being one in the previous games.

Though the double item box is a good idea to use the two racers.

But these are just minor moans and the rest of this game is great.
Awesome Game Added 8 Aug 2004, ID #2325
Very good colorful graphics and entertaining with multiplaying.I give it 10/10.
Brill but not perfect Added 22 Apr 2004, ID #1873
Mario Kart Double Dash!! is a really good game which is definetely worth your money, it has good levels (although there should be more levels)and there are loads of charecters and its a all round game.

The graphics are really good but I would say that it could be better and if they make another Mario Kart game... MAKE IT LONGER!!!!!!!!! The game is so short that my sister could complete it in one day.

Anyway the sound is brilliant it's just as good as the Mario Sunshine sounds and the gameplay is addictive and you will want to come back to this over and over again.

Altogether I would give this game a 8/10. A very good game but not a Nintendo Classic.
FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Added 28 Feb 2004, ID #1598
Dear Supercheats I always read your reviews before I buy a game and Your reviews said MKDD was really good I agree the grapics are brilliant and the gameplay is fantastic The way you can do a co-oporative grand prix is great I give it...

10 out of 10 thank for recomending it.

Eat red shell Added 17 Feb 2004, ID #1537
I had this for christmas and it ROCKS.

I've almost completed it(its quite easy)but there's still multiplayer and the amazing bomb omb blast.

A must for any mario kart fan.

The big review!!! Added 24 Jan 2004, ID #1444
The down pionts of this game is that the artificial intelligence can be really consistant and that the battle stages and as interactive and as large as in the first game.

This game is also really good though, you almost have to go and do grand prix to unlock charecters carts and even corces and battle stages!!! there are also new fun battle modes!the sounds are also pretty good and varied.

I give this game a 9.5 for sound and a 9.0 for game play

You should get this game!
BEST...GAME...EVER Added 7 Jan 2004, ID #1336
This is the very best game ever. It is so fun it should be illegal.

I spend the whole weekend without sleep playing this game!!!!

It is a little frustrating at times, but otherwise all is good.
Best game ever Added 6 Jan 2004, ID #1324
I got this game for Xmas and it is the best game ever except for Yu-Gi-Oh!

I've unlocked eveything....
Cool Added 31 Dec 2003, ID #1249
I got Mario Kart Double Dash for Christmas and it's really whopping and cool.

The graphics aren't half bad, the gameplay is good and the sound I think could be better, the only thing that lets it down is the minimum levels that you can play on the game but still its a game worth buying.
I Added 30 Dec 2003, ID #1216
I was landed with this shoves a red shell up mario kart 64's jacksy.

I really like koopa and paratroopa.

Mario kart the BEST! Added 28 Dec 2003, ID #1202
I have Mariokart DD!! a week now.
Well,I must say,I've never been so much behind my Cube playing a game!
I've been watching myself the last three days:

Well, sounds like a beautifull game!
with the new characters and karts,
I call it the best kartgame EVER.
(I love kartgames and I have many of them).

Mario kart 64 is already a success,
and for the guys who agree with this race to the gameshop for this Fantastic game!
Nice Frantic Gameplay. Added 13 Dec 2003, ID #1140
Mario Kart Double Dash is sooooo good. The gameplay is quite similar but now, you have a few extra things to think about.

You ride with two characters per kart and you can switch any time. One character drives wnd the other manages items.

With two characters, you can hold two items at once so u don't have to get annoyed when you pass through a item box but u already have an item.

The items are the same but each character has his or her unique item. Bowser has a giant shell, Mario has fireballs etc.

WEhen i bought the game, i was slightly disappointed with the number of things to do in single player mode. You can either do time trials or a Grand Prix with 7 other computer karts. However, Grand Prix is the only way you can unlock hidden stuff.

Now to the multiplayer. I reckon that the best part about multiplayer is the co op mode. This means that you can race in separate karts with a friend or go in the same kart. Theres also battle mode where you use items to fight each other.

The best thing about mkdd is the frantic gameplay. Its pretty mad with items and players whizzing around the place.

The game is pretty easy to learn and a beginning gamer would be very comfortable. This game would also suit the advanced pretty well too.

So... buy Double Dash its a great game.
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