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Follow the dark path or use the light


by Kellye_Marie

Mario Kart: Double Dash Walkthrough
Provided by me: Kellye Boyd

April 14, 2010 is the date I posted this walkthrough up.

My email is [email protected] Feel free to contact me if you 
are stuck or have any questions.

Copyright (2010) (Kellye Boyd)

If anybody plagiarizes, sells or distributes my walkthrough without my 
permission, I promise you legal action will be taken. No other website, 
magazine, book or companies are allowed to use my walkthrough unless I 
give them permission to. This walkthrough is for your personal use 
only, and to help you get through this game. And if I DO give 
permission, I better be credited.

This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this 
guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is 
strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

I used to play Mario Kart: Double Dash a lot, and I’ve played and 
beaten every level in this game four times without ever cheating. I had 
to replay Mario Kart: Double Dash a fourth time, because I accidentally 
deleted the entire game data on my memory card, trying to erase some 
ghost data. But I have beaten this game a few times, something not even 
my brother could do, and he is a total master when it comes to video 
games. He always told me that I would never get past the higher levels 
when playing Mario Kart: Double Dash, but that wasn’t necessarily true 
for me. During all the time I’ve spent playing, I’ve gotten so familiar 
with everything and so skilled, and I’ve been finding ways and 
developing ideas to help myself through the game. I then decided to add 
very useful tips to GameFaqs, hoping that other people would read them 
and find them very useful. Unfortunately, GameFaqs rejected my file 
where I provided only the tips, so I had no choice but to pretty much 
provide a walkthrough for this game, covering everything and providing 
all the details. But my tips are extremely important, and if you are 
going to read through my walkthrough, please read my tips at the end, 
and I really hope they’d be very useful to you.

Table of Contents:

1) About This Game
2) Menus
3) Controls
4) Characters
5) Vehicles
6) Items
7) Unlockables
8) Grand Prix
9) Mushroom Cup
- Luigi Circuit
- Peach Beach
- Baby Park
- Dry Dry Desert
10) Flower Cup
- Mushroom Bridge
- Mario Circuit
- Daisy Cruiser
- Waluigi Stadium
11) Star Cup
- Sherbet Land
- Mushroom City
- Yoshi Circuit
- DK Mountain
12) *Special Cup
- Wario Colosseum
- Dino Dino Jungle
- Bowser’s Castle
- Rainbow Road
13) *All Cup Tour
14) Time Trials
15) Multiplayer
- Versus
- Battle
16) Useful Tips

About This Game:

Mario Kart: Double Dash is an incredibly fun game. It’s superbly 
beautiful and very much creative. Pretty much everything about this 
game is amazing. It’s somewhat a sequel to the original Mario Kart 64 
and obviously a lot more fun. The biggest thing about this game is that 
you can play as two people behind the wheel, hence the part of the name 
Double Dash. The illustrations and graphics are so much more state of 
the art and extremely beautiful.

As soon as you turn on your Gamecube, you will hear Mario shout 
“Nintendo!” at the same time seeing the Nintendo logo as well as the 
“Dolby Surround” logo. You will then see the lakitu. Sometimes he holds 
a street light on a rod and waves at you. He also sometimes holds a 
cheep cheep on a rod and rubs his chin, or holds a gigantic cheep cheep 
that always falls off his rod.

You’ll then see a preview of snapshots of all the characters racing on 
all the different racetracks. You can watch it through or skip it by 
pressing the start button if you want to and go to the main title 

The basics for this game are pretty much like the ones in Mario Kart: 
64, but there are a few new things and changes. In this game, you have 
the Mushroom Cup, Flower Cup, Star Cup and the Special Cup. But you 
also get the All-Cup Tour. Both the All-Cup Tour and the Special Cup 
need to be unlocked in order to play through them.

The object of the game is to try and get into first place, or at least 
have more points than all the other players in order to win the gold 
trophy. You have to try and sabotage the other players all the while 
trying to avoid their traps and other traps on the racetrack. You have 
to be incredibly skilled at this game. It really isn’t such a good idea 
to be trampled by so many traps, and you have to try and hit the other 
players with traps as many times as you can in the more difficult 

While you are racing, you have to collect the rainbow-colored item 
boxes with the question marks; sometimes they come in pairs, two for 
both your characters, and when the character in the back uses his or 
her item, the character up front switches places with the character in 
the back to use his or her item, too. The item boxes that come in two 
for both the characters are often times in hard-to-reach or risky 
areas. The question marks are on the item boxes, because it’s a 
mystery; you have no idea what you’re going to get, obviously. And you 
might see these rainbow changing colored squares on the racetrack that 
will boost up your speed if you run over them. I call those things 

While driving on a racetrack, if you turn around and drive in the 
opposite direction, the lakitu will come to you and hold up a sign with 
the picture of the U-turn symbol, indicating you should turn around and 
drive in the right direction. Each time you pass a lap, the lakitu will 
hold up a sign (whether it be “Lap 2” or the “Final Lap”), indicating 
which lap you are on. When you reach the final lap, the music of the 
racetrack will go really fast and reach a higher note. When everyone is 
struck by the lighting bolt, the music of the racetrack will go soft. 
And as soon as you finish the laps in a racetrack, the lakitu stays in 
front of your characters and keeps waving his black and white checkered 

The award ceremony is always held at the Peach Beach; and when you’re 
finished playing the racetracks in the Mirror level, the Peach Beach 
will be in the mirror format at the award ceremony, which is pretty 
neat. You do not unlock anything for winning the bronze or the silver 
trophies, you have to win the gold. If you do get the bronze or silver, 
don’t lose hope, because it just means that you are progressing if you 
have to repeat a cup.

In this game, there are heavy-weight, medium-weight and light-weight 
characters and each different weight of characters has different cars. 
Light weight characters can move very fast, but they can get trampled 
on by the larger players. Heavyweight characters can trample the 
smaller players, but they’d also move a bit slower than the rest. You 
can mix characters of different weights, but the heavier character 
drives the car that matches their weight. Also, each character has 
their own car, but most of the cars have to be unlocked first. You can 
choose any car you’d like to drive but the selection of cars are 
limited depending on the weight of the characters. You can mix 
characters of the same weight, too. Depending on which character you 
chose first of the same weight, their car appears. For example, if you 
select Daisy before Peach or any other medium character, then her car 
the Bloom Coach will appear provided that you unlocked it. Or if you 
choose Luigi first before another medium weight, then his car will 
appear after you’ve made the choice of the second person. Of course, 
you can choose any medium car you’d want to. The same goes for two 
heavyweights racing together and two light-weights. Two light weight 
characters only get small cars, two medium weights only get medium cars 
and heavy weights only get the larger cars. 

You have the levels 50cc, 100cc, and 150cc, but rather than have Extra 
as a level, you have Mirror. 50cc should be a total piece of cake and a 
pure breeze. You can easily be in first place and be very far ahead of 
all the players at all times, and you should always be able to get a 
perfect 40 points and win the gold trophy. All of the players drive 
slow on the racetrack, and in this level, it’s as if things are being 
bent over backwards for you. 

100cc is not as easy, but it’s really not that difficult either. You’d 
still have to work a little bit to get into first place, but when you 
do, you should be able to be far ahead from all the other players. 
100cc is not as effortless as racing in the 50cc level. You should 
still be able to win a perfect 40 points in the Mushroom Cup, Flower 
Cup and the Star Cup, but it can get very difficult in the Special Cup. 
In 50cc and 100cc, that blue-spiked shell pretty much never comes for 
you if you are in first place. The only person who can wield that item 
is you. 

Needless to say, the 150cc level is very difficult, and you‘d have to 
work very hard to win. If you are ahead, the other players can gain up 
on you fast. You might not get a perfect score but you can certainly 
still try to win more points than the other players and win the gold 

The Mirror level is by far the most difficult level you can ever play 
as. It might be really hard to win the gold trophy. In the Mirror 
level, the racetracks look exactly like they would in a mirror, 
obviously. Hold up a mirror to the racetracks in their regular format, 
and they actually do look exactly like the Mirror level and vice versa; 
holding a mirror on the Mirror level racetrack would totally look like 
the regular racetrack format as well. I’ve actually tried doing these, 
and the theory does work. In the mirror level, the words on signs and 
even on characters’ karts are backwards as if reading them from the 
mirror. Even when the lakitu counts down from his streetlight, each of 
the three lights light up backward as if looking at them in a mirror. 
And the signs he holds up as you passing the goal line and start on 
each lap are mirror-backwards. 

You have to try to emerge victorious at the end of every cup, and only 
then will you be able to unlock something and move forward.

This pretty much sums it up here. And by the way, when I place a star 
next to something [*], that indicates that something has to be unlocked 


On the main title screen, you will see the words Mario Kart: Double 
Dash, and when you press start you’ll see that you have three choices: 
Start Game, Records, and Options. I will cover the Records and the 
Options first.

When you get to the Records screen, you can choose to see your records 
at the Grand Prix or the Time Trials, or Go to the Title Screen, but 
you can do that by pressing the B button.

When you choose to look at your Grand Prix records, you choose which of 
the Cups you want to see your records in. You tilt the control stick 
left or right to choose which Cup you want to see. You will see the 
picture of the Cup, and then below it from left to right, you will see 
the level that you raced at, the trophy you won, your time, the number 
of points, the characters you played as and the vehicle you chose, and 
then your initials. These are all listed vertically. You can look at 
these with every one of the Cups. You can even switch the cups at the 
previous screen of the Records menu and press the A button to look 

When you choose to look at your Time Trials records, at the very top, 
there is the name of the Course/racetrack, followed by the best lap 
with the characters you played as and the vehicle you used, and then 
the time and your initials. Then underneath, your best laps are rated 
in order from first to fifth. Each rank is shown, then the time, and 
the characters and the vehicle you chose. Tilt the control stick left 
or right to see your records in each of the racetracks. If you haven’t 
done a certain racetrack in Time Trials, then the records page for that 
racetrack would be empty.

When you go to the Options menu, you can adjust the Sound to Stereo, 
Surround or Mono. You will hear Mario’s voice to test each of the 
sounds when you tilt the control stick. 

You can adjust the Volume from -10 to +10.

You can turn the Rumble on or off. If you tilt the control stick to 
“on,” you should feel your controller shake.

You can turn the Time Trials Ghost on or off. If you turn the ghost on, 
then you should be able to see the option to save your ghost after the 
Replay option on Time Trials after you complete all your laps. You’d 
have to save your ghost data to your memory card.

You can switch the Vs. Item Box to either Recommended, Basic, Frantic, 
or None.

You  can choose how many Vs. Laps you want from 1 to 9 or you can 
choose the Recommended.

After you confirm and choose “OK” the data will save onto your 
Gamecube, provided that you have a memory card.

Start Game

If you select the 1 player, your only choices will be the Grand Prix 
and Time Trials.

When you choose the Grand Prix, you select your level whether it be 
50cc, 100cc, 150cc or Mirror. You then select your characters; when 
selecting your characters, tilt the control stick left or right to 
choose the vehicle, and press the Z button to switch the characters of 
who gets to sit up front driving and in the back holding items. Whoever 
sits in the front or back when you press Z, that’s exactly how they’ll 
be every time you begin a racetrack. After choosing your characters, 
you select the Cup you want to race in. 

When you choose the Time Trials, you must enter your initials, select 
your characters, select a Cup, and select a racetrack within the Cup.


Whenever you are racing, you press the A button to accelerate and the 
control stick to steer of course. You use the B button to brake or use 
B and tilt the control stick back to reverse, and you use X and Y to 
use or throw items. If you have no items, you would just honk the horn 
of your car; watch how each character shows off when you honk the horn. 
You press the Z button to switch your two characters; you switch who 
goes up front driving and who stands in the back throwing items. You 
use the L and R buttons to drift, which is very useful if you have to 
drive on a very circular racetrack. Whenever you are racing in Grand 
Prix, if you were to press start, you would see these very controls on 
a picture of a Gamecube controller. Underneath that controller, you’d 
see the options Continue and Quit.


Mario and Luigi- Mario and Luigi are both brothers. Of course you know 
these two guys. Mario is always the main character in many of his games 
and he’s the one who always has to go on an adventure, fighting through 
places and trying to rescue the Princess Peach from the evil King 
Bowser. He always has to emerge out the hero. Mario and Luigi are 
medium-weight characters. Both of their special is the fireballs, which 
if they aim and shoot close enough, the fireballs can hurt and burn 
another player. Mario shoots red fireballs and Luigi shoots green ones.

Peach and Daisy- Peach and Daisy are two gorgeous princesses. They are 
both medium-weight characters and their special is the pink hearts. 
Whenever they are using that special, rather than get trampled upon by 
an object that hits them or they run over, they automatically pick up 
that object, and they can use it to try and trample the other players. 
It always works best when someone tries to hit you with an item and you 
can throw their attack straight back at them. ^^ The greatest thing 
about this special is that you can carelessly run over an item without 
worrying about getting hurt by it.

Yoshi and Birdo- Yoshi and Birdo are two dinosaurs, and they are 
medium-weight characters. Their special is a polka-dotted egg, which 
like the red shell, aims at a player and hits them. However, if the 
player ahead is fast and far ahead enough, they can probably escape the 
egg, because the egg doesn’t travel very far for very long. The best 
thing about this egg is that after it breaks open, three items appear 
out of it and they can be anything useful; they can be things like 
mushrooms that would boost your speed if you run over them or things 
that other players can trample over like the shells. Sometimes, a star 
might pop out. Yoshi’s egg is white with green polka-dots and Birdo’s 
egg is white with pink polka-dots.

Baby Mario and Baby Luigi- They are incredibly adorable little tykes 
who are the baby versions of Mario and Luigi obviously. They are light-
weight characters, and their special is the Chain Chomp which as it 
goes along chomps the other players in its path. Be sure to move your 
rump out of the way when that Chain Chomp comes.

*Toad and Toadette- They are the cutest little mushroom people, and 
they are both light-weight characters. Their special is the golden 
mushroom, which they can repeatedly use to give themselves boosts of 
speed constantly.

Koopa Troopa and Paratroopa- You know the Koopa Troopas. They’ve been 
around forever. These two guys are both light weight characters. Their 
special is having either three green shells or three red shells. Either 
of these guys can carry green shells or red shells, depending on what 
place you are in while racing. Having those red shells would definitely 
be most useful.

Donkey Kong (DK) and Diddy Kong- You know these two apes very well. 
Donkey Kong is a heavy weight character and Diddy Kong is a light-
weight. Their special is the giant banana, which can trample a player 
when one runs over it and breaks down into three smaller, regular-sized 

Bowser and Bowser Jr.- You know the evil King Bowser. He is Mario’s 
chief rival, and he is always abducting the Princess Peach and trying 
to beat Mario at every turn. Bowser is a heavyweight and his sidekick 
Bowser. Jr. is a light weight. Their special is the gigantic Bowser 
shell which doesn’t aim, but can trample multiple players and hurt them 

Wario and Waluigi- They are obviously sort of the vicious clones of 
Mario and Luigi. I wouldn’t call them evil, but a little sort of 
vindictive. Wario is a heavyweight character and Waluigi is a medium 
weight. Their special is the bomb which can hurt a player dramatically 
if they are close to it when it explodes. The bomb can explode early if 
something or someone were to come in contact with it.

*Petey Piranha and King Boo- By far the best characters in the game, 
these two are heavyweight, and they have every other characters’ 
specials. It’s really kind of unfortunate that they have to be unlocked 
so near the end of the game, unless you want to try and beat the Star 
Cup in Mirror Mode early on, but that’s not really recommended as you 
should try beating the lower levels first to prep yourself.


This describes every vehicle as seen when you are choosing the 
characters. The stars represent the value obviously.

Mario’s Car
Speed: 3 stars. Acceleration: 3 stars. Weight: 3 stars.

*Green Fire (Luigi’s Car)
Speed: 4 stars. Acceleration: 2 stars. Weight: 2 stars

Peach’s Car
Speed: 2 stars. Acceleration: 4 stars. Weight: 3 stars.

*Bloom Coach (Daisy’s Car)
Speed: 3 stars. Acceleration: 3 stars. Weight: 2 stars.

Yoshi’s Car
Speed: 2 stars. Acceleration: 4 stars. Weight: 3 stars.

*Turbo Birdo (Birdo’s Car)
Speed: 3 stars. Acceleration: 3 stars. Weight: 3 stars.

*Waluigi Racer (Waluigi’s Car)
Speed: 3 stars. Acceleration: 3 stars. Weight: 3 stars.

Baby Mario’s Car
Speed: 1 star. Acceleration: 5 stars. Weight: 2 stars.

*Rattle Buggy (Baby Luigi’s Car)
Speed: 2 stars. Acceleration: 4 stars. Weight: 2 stars.

*Toad Kart (Toad’s Car)
Speed: 2 stars. Acceleration: 4 stars. Weight: 2 stars.

*Toadette Kart (Toadette’s Car)
Speed: 1 star. Acceleration: 5 stars. Weight: 2 stars.

Koopa Troopa’s Car
Speed: 2 stars. Acceleration: 4 stars. Weight: 2 stars.

*Para-Wing (Paratroopa’s Car)
Speed: 1 star. Acceleration: 5 stars. Weight: 2 stars.

*Barrel Train (Diddy’s Car)
Speed: 4 stars. Acceleration: 2 stars. Weight: 3 stars.

*Bullet Blaster (Bowser Jr.’s Car)
Speed: 4 stars. Acceleration: 3 stars. Weight: 1 star.

DK’s Car
Speed: 4 stars. Acceleration: 2 stars. Weight: 4 stars.

Bowser’s Car
Speed: 5 stars. Acceleration: 1 star. Weight: 5 stars.

Wario’s Car
Speed: 4 stars. Acceleration: 2 stars. Weight: 5 stars.

*Piranha Pipes (Petey Piranha’s Car)
Speed: 4 stars. Acceleration: 2 stars. Weight: 5 stars.

*Boo Pipes (King Boo’s Car)
Speed: 2 stars. Acceleration: 4 stars. Weight: 5 stars.

*Parade Kart (This car is for all the characters)
Speed: 4 stars. Acceleration: 3 stars. Weight: 4 stars. 


Mushroom - You can collect one mushroom or even three, but the mushroom 
gives you a boost of speed.

Green shell - You can collect one and the Koopa Troopas’ special can 
collect three of these. They are very useless for they never aim, and 
they rarely hit another player. They go only in the direction and angle 
they are thrown, but they can bounce off walls and bounce back to the 
road and might hit a player in the way.

Red shell - These are very useful items. You can collect one and the 
Koopa Troopas’ special can collect three of these. These red shells aim 
straight for a player and hits them.

Hearts- This is Peach and Daisy’s special. Rather than get hurt by an 
item thrown at you or you trample over, with these hearts, you can pick 
the items up and use them against the other players.

Chain Chomp- This is Baby Mario and Baby Luigi’s special. The chain 
chomp runs forward, dragging the kart along, and they trample the 
players in its path.

Bomb- This is Wario and Waluigi’s special. If players are near this 
item when it explodes, it will hurt them dramatically.

Fire balls- They are Mario and Luigi’s special. They can burn players 
when thrown.

Polka-dotted eggs- They are Yoshi and Birdo’s special. Much like the 
red shell, they aim and hit the player ahead, and when the egg cracks 
open, three items pop out of it that might be of use.

Blue spiked shell- This item aims for no one except the person in first 
place, and it does dramatic damage. There is no way of escaping this 
thing when it comes at you, unless you are really lucky. It explodes on 
a player much like the bomb. Try not to be in first place when this 
thing strikes.

Giant banana- This is Diddy and DK’s special. It’s a gigantic banana 
that tramples other players and breaks down into three regular-sized 

Giant Bowser Shell - This is Bowser and Bowser Jr.’s special. Throw 
this to trample multiple players and cause dramatic damage to them.

Gold mushroom- This is Toad and Toadette’s special. You are able to 
hold this gold mushroom for a while and give yourself constant boosts 
of speed when you need to.

Banana - This is a regular item that other players can slip and stumble 

Star- For a very short time you are invincible against all traps you 
may run into and you can even smash into the other players and 
dramatically hurt them while you’re wearing this star.

Lightning bolt - This items shrinks all of the other players down to a 
small size when struck. It’s pretty funny listening to the players 
speak in chipmunk form and even the honk of a player's vehicle sounds 
small. ^^

Fake item box- This item is very distinguishable from the regular item 
boxes. This fake item box is red and has an upside down question mark. 
It tramples a player that runs into it.


If you win the gold trophy at level 50cc in the Mushroom Cup, you get a 
vehicle called the Green Fire, that's obviously Luigi‘s car.

If you win the gold trophy in the Mushroom Cup at level 100cc, you get 
the Rattle Buggy, a green baby-carriage vehicle that‘s for Baby Luigi.

If you win the gold trophy in the Mushroom Cup at 150cc, you unlock 
Luigi's Mansion, a stage in Battle Mode.

Winning the gold trophy in the Mushroom Cup in Mirror Mode gets you the 
Toadette Kart.

If you win the gold trophy at level 50cc in the Flower Cup, you get the 
Bloom Coach, which is Daisy's car.

If you win the gold trophy in the Flower Cup at 100cc, you get the 
Waluigi Racer, obviously Waluigi's car.

Winning the gold trophy in the Flower Cup at 150cc gets you the Turbo 
Birdo vehicle, which is Birdo‘s car.

Winning the gold trophy in the Flower Cup in Mirror Mode will unlock 
the Tilt-a-Kart stage in Battle Mode.

If you win the gold trophy at the Star Cup on level 50cc, you get the 
Para-Wing, a small, red car that’s the Para Troopa’s.

If you win a gold trophy in the Star Cup at 100cc, you will unlock the 
Special Cup.

Winning the gold trophy in the Star Cup at 150cc will get you the 
Barrel Train vehicle, which is Diddy Kong’s car.

Winning the gold trophy in the Star Cup in Mirror Mode will unlock the 
characters Petey Piranha and King Boo and you will also get the Piranha 
Pipes, Petey Piranha‘s vehicle.

After winning the gold trophy in the Special Cup at 50cc, the credits 
will play, but afterward you get the Bullet Blaster vehicle, Bowser 
Jr.’s car.

The credits will play after you win a gold trophy at the Special Cup at 
level 100cc, and afterward, you will have unlocked the characters Toad 
and Toadette and you will get the Toad Kart vehicle.

The credits will play after you win the gold trophy in the Special Cup 
at 150cc and afterward, you will have unlocked the All-Cup Tour.

The credits will play after winning the gold trophy in the Special Cup 
in Mirror Mode, and you will unlock the Boo Pipes, King Boo’s vehicle.

You get nothing for winning the gold trophy in the All Cup Tour at 
level 50cc.

The credits will play after winning the gold trophy in the All-Cup Tour 
at 100cc, but afterward, you don't unlock anything.

The credits will play after winning the gold trophy in the All-Cup Tour 
at 150cc, but afterward, you will have unlocked Mirror mode.

The credits will play after you win the gold trophy on the All-Cup Tour 
in Mirror Mode, and afterward, you will have won the Parade Kart, which 
is the same vehicle that you see in the award ceremony on the person 
who won first place.

Only by winning the gold trophy in all the cups and levels will the 
title screen change as well as the image at the end of the credits; 
instead of seeing just Peach and Mario after the credits roll, you will 
see all the eighteen characters in the game together. In the new title 
screen, you will see Toad and Toadette and King Boo and Petey Piranha 
along with the regular characters. 

Grand Prix

While you are racing, in the upper left corner of the screen, there is 
the place you’re in (first place through eighth place) next to the 
screen where your item appears. In the upper right corner of the 
screen, there is the time. On the middle left side, there are all the 
players that are in first to fourth place. In the middle right part of 
the screen, you see the map-outline of the racetrack, and the faces of 
the players who are racing on it. The players’ faces spin around 
whenever they get hurt by something. On the lower left part of the 
screen, there is the number of laps you are on out of the total number 
of laps there are. On the lower left part, there is your speedometer 
and how much you are traveling at miles per hour.

Right before the race begins in a racetrack, on the upper left part of 
your screen is the picture of the Cup you are racing in and the words 
“Grand Prix,” next to it. On the upper right corner is the number of 
the racetrack you are currently in out of how many racetracks there 
are. On the lower left corner is the number of laps and on the lower 
right area is the level you are racing in (50cc-100cc) next to the name 
of the racetrack.

After you reach the goal in the final lap, for a brief moment before 
the stats appear, on the upper left corner of the screen is the place 
you were in, on the middle is the total amount of time altogether when 
you were racing, and on the upper right corner is your time for each of 
your laps.

As for the statistics, on the upper left corner of the screen is the 
Cup you are playing at, in the middle is the racetrack you were in, and 
on the upper right is the level you are racing at. Below all that is 
all the players with their ranks and their time. Points are added to 
each person depending on what place they came in while racing, and then 
you’ll see your points altogether so far. Places will then be shown but 
only by the highest number of points to the lowest. After you confirm 
and hit the A button, you will see three choices: Next Course, Replay 
and Quit. You can select the Replay if you want to see yourself race or 
choose Next Course if you want to go on. When you choose Replay, you’ll 
just see yourself at different camera angles on the racetrack, and 
while the Replay is going on, if you press start, the option changes to 
View Replay From Start.

After the award ceremony, if you have won a trophy, you will be taken 
to a screen, where the word “Congratulations” is on the top in capital 
letters. On the upper left side of the screen is the place you came in, 
and in the center is your trophy, and on the far right is the 
characters you played as and the vehicle you used. Then, in the middle 
left there is the Cup you raced in and the level. After that will be 
the time and the number of points you got. At the bottom, you will have 
to enter your initials.

Mushroom Cup

(Every shortcut or secret I explain is only optional, meaning you 
choose whether or not you want to do it.)

Luigi Circuit

When you're racing in the Luigi Circuit at 50cc, there is a barrier 
that separates the two roads that have arrows pointing in the opposite 
directions. The barrier isn’t there when you’re racing at the higher 
levels and neither is it there in Time Trials. Farther up from the 
starting/goal line near the big chain chomp, there is a little road to 
the side that you can drive on (the road is not there in 50cc), which 
has a double-item box. Just make sure that when you’re driving on that 
little road, and then towards the wall with the zippers, the chain 
chomp isn’t near you and doesn’t harm you; he may go for the other 
players that are passing him and thus might not hurt you. There’s also 
another little side road (which also isn’t there in 50cc) next to the 
second wall with the zippers. You can drive on those walls with the 
zippers and there is an upper road above the walls, but these are a bit 
useless. The zippers on the wall don’t really get you ahead, when you 
can get ahead of the other players by drifting ahead of them on the 
main road.

Peach Beach 

A little bit after the starting/goal line, keep driving and you will 
see a little side road on your right with a warp pipe that has a double 
item box. This isn’t necessary, however, because you should be focusing 
on the road and getting ahead of the other players. That warp pipe 
would just slow you down a little. However, near the beach and shore, 
you can optionally go to the far left and run the zipper, collecting 
the double-item box there and pass the small island with the lone palm 
tree, but sometimes that piece of island fills with water. Be sure to 
avoid those ugly fish near the shore. You don’t want to crash into 
them. They are absent in the Time Trials. You can drive around the big 
pink arches but that isn’t necessary. Also, near the starting/goal 
point, you can drive around the fountain though that isn’t necessary.

Baby Park

Because Baby Park is such a short track, you need to complete seven 
laps instead of the usual three. There are absolutely no secret 
pathways here. You just got to watch out for that roller coaster that 
occasionally comes, but I don’t think it can hurt you. Since you’re 
going around in a circular racetrack, it’s sometimes important to drift 
a lot to go around the curbs.

Dry Dry Desert 

There are no secrets or shortcuts here. Stay away from the Pokeys and 
stay away from the whirlwind and the quicksand. When the lighting bolt 
is struck, the Pokeys get demolished, but they grow back. 

Flower Cup

Mushroom Bridge: 

Right after the starting point, go right to the little opening and 
drive down the ramp and go through the warp pipe on your right. You’ll 
come out, collecting a double-item box and you will be on the main road 
after the first tunnel. After you emerge out of the first tunnel, you 
can drive inside those gates to your left, collecting item boxes, and 
the gates end at the second tunnel. Before you reach the finish line, 
the arch of the bridge has zippers, but since the arch is so narrow, it 
can be really hard to stay on top of it and you definitely might just 
fall off, which isn’t good. You got to align yourself at the perfect 
angle and don’t try and steer when you’re on that narrow arch as you’ll 
fall off. Since I've never really made those arches myself in Grand 
Prix mode, I'm not really sure if there are item boxes on top, but it 
still wouldn't be worth the risk at all. If you are going to go on top 
of the arches, just keep your hand on the A button and let the zippers 
speed you on through. Stay the heck away from those bomb cars and avoid 
that large centipede car, too. If you bump into either of these things, 
it will cause you dramatic damage. You can also bump into the mushroom 
car, and mushrooms will pop out on the ground and you’ll get a boost of 
speed if you run over them. The bomb cars and the mushroom cars are 
absent in Time Trials mode.

Mario Circuit: 

There are no shortcuts in this racetrack. The chain chomp extends 
farther to the person in the first place, so be sure to avoid it. 
You’ve just got to avoid the piranhas and the goombas. The piranhas are 
capable of getting hurt by objects; just a fun fact. ^^ The piranhas 
pay no mind to you if you are racing in Time Trials, even when you 
drive up close to them.

Daisy Cruiser: 

When you’re in the room with the moving tables, you can drive around to 
the edge away from the tables, but that might take time. Sometimes, it 
might be better to drive on through the tables just dodging them 
whenever they slide around. Not really that much of a cruise, is it? 
The inner tubes at the stairs right before the finish line never hurt 
you, but they are gone in the Time Trials mode. After the room with the 
moving tables, you can drop down to the hole in what seems to be a 
luggage room. Collect the double-item box as you emerge out of the fan.

Waluigi Stadium: 

There are no secrets or shortcuts in this stage. Just avoid the 
fireballs and the gigantic piranhas that come out of the warp pipes; 
whilst the piranhas may never harm you, they can still get in your way 
and slow you down. The audience does groan whenever you get hurt. You 
might want to drift a little when you get to the twisty light brown 
road and try not to travel on the dark brown part.

Star Cup

Sherbet Land: 

There are no secrets or shortcuts here. Just don’t drive on the upper 
areas with the snow as they will slow you, and stay the heck away from 
the shy guys and those icicles, which can immobilize and freeze you. 
They are gone in Time Trials.

Mushroom City: 

A bit far after the starting/finish line, you’ll reach the arrows that 
are pointing away from each other. If you go in the direction of the 
right arrow, the cars are facing you and they still face you if you go 
right passing the lane barrier and keep continuing. Right after that 
left arrow, there is a purple shortcut that can get you far ahead and 
into the lane barrier; the shortcut oftentimes has a double-item box at 
the end. After the starting/finish line, you can also go to the end to 
the farther arrow that is pointing right and you can choose the lane 
barrier or the road up ahead of you. When you get near the barrier, 
just turn right and you’d only need to worry about the cars ahead of 
you and head for the finish that’s near. When you’re about to reach the 
finish, there is a short narrow path on the right side that you can go 
on, but it slows your movement. Stay the heck away from the bomb cars, 
which are absent in Time Trials, and the mushroom cars drop mushrooms 
if you were to bump into them.

Yoshi Circuit: 

Farther up the road, before the tunnels, you might see a little opening 
to your right. Try to get past it with a mushroom and quickly head 
right when you reach the track and don’t fall off. You might want to 
stop and brake for a little bit, so you might not fall off, but this is 
incredibly risky and you might fall in the water. Right before you 
reach the flowers, align yourself diagonally near the fence. Don’t 
touch the fence and don’t take off from the edge. You have to have a 
mushroom to speed up and get to the squared area, which contains a 
double-item box. You’ll emerge on the part of the track where you make 
the two U-turns with the yellow lines on them. Stay away from the 
snapping piranhas, which don’t bother you in Time Trial mode. 

DK Mountain: 

There are no shortcuts here, but when you get to the volcanic mountain 
after blasting out of the cannon, but as you are driving downward on 
the mountain, you can drive to the dark sides that can get you ahead of 
the other players instead of taking the main path. Drift when you reach 
the edge of the cliff or stop accelerating and accelerate again when 
it’s safe if you don’t want to fall off the cliff. Avoid those falling, 
gigantic rocks and be careful on the wobbly, rickety bridge.

*Special Cup

Wario Colosseum

There are absolutely no shortcuts here. The only thing is that the 
racetrack is very long, in which you need only complete two laps. Don’t 
fall off the racetrack into the gaps and avoid the fireballs. Near the 
finish, there is a zipper in that round, circular area with the long 
arrow pointing towards both directions. Only at a good enough angle 
should you take that zipper, or don’t risk it lest you fall off the 

Dino Dino Jungle: 

The logs near the beginning of the stage might slow you down, so don‘t 
drive over them. Right before you get to the bridges, turn left and 
you’ll see a zipper that’s on a small narrow bridge next to the main 
ones. It’s way too risky though, and you might just fall off. When you 
reach the bridges, you can take the dark brown bridge, which has a 
double-item box. When you get into the caved area with the water 
sprouts, look to your right and you’ll see a ramp. The only way to get 
across that ramp and land safely on the ground and collect the item box 
is with a mushroom. In the Dino Dino Jungle, avoid the water sprouts 
and the dinosaur’s head on the bridge. Don’t risk going underneath the 
dinosaur’s legs just to collect an item box; the dinosaur doesn’t stump 
her legs when you drive underneath them in Time Trials.

Bowser's Castle: 

There are no shortcuts here. Never drive on the red carpet with those 
pounding Whomps. It’s common sense really. Drive to the side away from 
the Whomps. Avoid those big fireballs that shoot out of the gigantic 
statue of Bowser. Whenever you get hurt, you’ll hear Bowser’s stupid, 
rude laugh.

Rainbow Road: 

There are no shortcuts, but there are lots of zippers that can do more 
harm than good. You don’t want to accelerate so fast that you fall off 
the racetrack. Also, sometimes you can collect the falling stars, but 
not in Time Trials. Drift at the U-turns carefully or stop accelerating 
if you think you’re going to fall off. You should especially be careful 
accelerating at the second U-turn you come across. Be very careful when 
you reach the narrow, twisty part of the road. You might want to stop 
accelerating and then keep on accelerating when it‘s safe.

*All Cup Tour
This features all of the sixteen stages in all of the four cups. The 
Luigi Circuit is your first stage and the Rainbow Road your very last. 
All of the other stages go in random order.

Time Trials:

Whenever you are selecting a racetrack in Time Trials, you will see the 
“best time” and then the “best lap” for that racetrack in the upper 
right area of the screen. Much like in Grand Prix, while you are 
driving in Time Trials, there is the map on the middle right part of 
the screen. On the upper right, there is the time, on the bottom right 
is the speedometer, and on the lower left is the number of laps you are 
currently on out of the total laps there are. Whenever you press start 
and pause in Time Trials, you will see the options Continue, Restart, 
Change Course, Change Characters, and Quit. After you finish all your 
laps in a racetrack, for a brief moment, on the upper right part of the 
screen, your total time will show next to the time for each of the laps 
you’ve done and then afterward a screen will show the rankings of your 
best laps in that racetrack from first to fifth. Your game data will 
then save onto your memory card, and then you will see the options 
Retry, Change Course, Change Characters, Replay, Save Ghost if you 
turned the Time Trials ghost on and Quit. 

Whenever you are racing with your ghost, when you reach the goal line, 
it will show how many seconds more or less you were with your ghost. 
Even if you didn’t save your ghost, you will still see the ghost 
version of yourself racing when you Retry the same course, but when you 
exit the racetrack and go back to it, the ghost you didn’t save won’t 
be on that racetrack anymore.

If you are saving your ghost, you will be taken to a screen where you’d 
choose to save in either Slot A or Slot B of your memory card. In the 
slot where you placed a memory card, there will be the words Ghost Data 
and how much of it you are saving and what Available room you have on 
your memory card. You take up each of those boxes on your memory card 
for every character and racetrack you save a ghost in. I definitely 
wouldn’t recommend saving a ghost with this game on your memory card, 
because it might take up a whole lot of memory, but then again, this is 
your choice. The option Don’t Save is at the bottom of the screen. When 
you select a slot, you will be taken to another screen, where at the 
top, it reads Ghost-To-Be-Saved and it will show the name of the 
racetrack you are saving, the time you completed it, your initials, and 
the characters and vehicle you used as well as the date. Then 
underneath, you can select a New Save or save over a file that’s 
already there.

If you choose a racetrack you have saved a ghost on, you will be asked 
if you want to load. The number of Ghost Data you will have saved so 
far will be shown in whichever slot has the memory card and the 
Available room will show. You will then be taken to another screen 
where you select which ghost data of which characters and racetracks 
you want to load. The Don’t Load option is at the bottom of the screen. 

When you go to delete ghost data from your Gamecube, you will see a 
tiny logo in the box, that indicates which racetrack you saved at. 
Normally, if you choose a racetrack such as Peach Beach or Baby Park 
for example, you will see the faces of those characters indicating 
which racetrack it was. You can delete the data in each of the boxes, 
but be totally careful not to delete the data for the entire game. I 
made that mistake very recently and had to start over and complete the 
whole game for the fourth time, but luckily I’ve gotten so skilled at 
this game, that it was really no big deal to me. I could regain all 
that lost data pretty quickly.


When you are playing multi-player, you can choose to do Grand Prix, 
Versus or Battle. When you select Versus, you must first choose the 
level you want to race at (50cc, 100cc, 150cc or Mirror), then you 
select your characters, you choose the Cup and you choose the 
Course/racetrack you want to race in.

When you select Battle, you must first choose whether you want to play 
the Balloon Battle, Shine Thief or Bob-omb Blast (the descriptions for 
those three things are below that I quoted from the actual game). You 
must then choose your characters and then choose one of the stages: 
Cookie Land, Block City, *Luigi’s Mansion, Nintendo Gamecube, Pipe 
Plaza, or *Tilt-A-Kart.

Balloon Battle - “Hit your rivals and pop their balloons! The last 
player with balloons wins!”

Shine Thief - “Steal the shine and flee! If no one hits you before 
time’s up, you win!”

Bob-omb Blast- “Use Bob-ombs to blow up your rivals. The first player 
to get 3 points wins!”

When you select 2 players, you can choose to be against each other (P1 
vs. P2) or you can work together as a team (P1-P2). If you choose to 
work against each other, your choices are the Grand Prix, Versus and 
Battle. If you choose to work together, your choices are only the Grand 
Prix. You can’t do Versus and Battle if you’re only two players and are 
not working against each other, obviously. 

When you select the 3 players, you can all choose to work against each 
other (P1 vs. P2 vs. P3) or Player 1 and Player 2 can work together as 
a team against Player 3 (P1-P2 vs. P3). If you all choose to work 
against each other, your choices are Versus and Battle. If Player 1 and 
Player 2 are working together against Player 3, then your choices are 
Grand Prix, Versus and Battle.

When you select 4 players, you can all work against each other (P1 vs. 
P2 vs. P3 vs. P4) or Player 1 and Player 2 are on a team working 
against the team of Player 3 and Player 4 (P1-P2 vs. P3-P4), or Player 
1 and Player 2 are on a team working against Player 3 and Player 4 who 
are separate (P1-P2 vs. P3 vs. P4). If you all work against each other, 
your only choices are Versus and Battle. If the two teams are working 
against each other, your choices are the Grand Prix, Versus and Battle. 
If one team is working against the other two players that are 
individual, your choices are Versus and Battle.

Useful Tips:

For those of you who might think cheating is a last resort or using 
that Action Replay, please do not do it. Have some pride and dignity. 
There are ways of conquering this game without ever cheating. Always 
follow these tips when you’re playing the game at the difficult 150cc 
level or the Mirror level:  

Useless items such as green shells and bananas are better thrown behind 
you towards the back. If you throw them ahead of you, you’re going to 
risk getting trampled by them; you can get hit by your own traps. The 
green shells never aim, but bounce off walls and might just hit you 
when they bounce back towards the road. You might also slip on your own 
banana if you’re not careful. If you throw these items in the back, 
they can trample the players behind you. To throw an item back, just 
simply tilt the control stick backwards and hit either X or Y to throw 
the item. Also, the fake item box is best thrown behind you too, so the 
players behind you may run into them, instead of you.  
You can also save those green shells or bananas. When a red shell or 
polka-dotted egg comes at you, use any kind of shell or banana to break 
up those oncoming items. 
The place you are in can determine what kind of items you may have. If 
you’re farther behind, you get very useful items (the lighting bolt, 
the blue spiked shell, the star or three mushrooms, for example) and if 
you’re farther up, you have almost no need for the items you are given 
like the green shell and bananas, unless you want to use those to break 
any oncoming items thrown at you.  
Dangerous items like the bomb, gigantic Bowser shell and the giant 
banana are better to be thrown in the back too. You would most 
definitely get trampled by them if you throw them ahead of you and try 
to drive on past them.  
You lose the items you might be holding if you are struck by a bomb, 
the blue spiked shell, fall off the racetrack, get bitten by the 
piranhas or crash into the ugly fish at the Peach Beach or get struck 
by a lightning bolt; you might also lose items if you‘re caught up in 
the whirlwind at Dry Dry Desert or the water sprouts at Dino Dino 

Never get in first place too early at the 150cc level or the Mirror 
level. Try to remain at least in second, but stay close to that player 
in first place. The big reason for this is because of that blue-spiked 
shell. Nothing hurts more than being crushed by something at the last 
minute just when you thought you were going to make it. If you don’t 
get into first place so soon, at least the player in first place will 
get hurt by the blue shell and not you. For you or anyone who is in 
first place at 150cc or Mirror, there is always that big chance of that 
blue spiked shell coming; it’s like a 7 out of 10 chance and it can 
come by more than once. Also, if you are too close to the person in 
first place when that spiked shell comes (you will be notified at the 
very bottom of your screen if items are coming your way), hit your 
brakes so you’ll be far away from that person when they drive ahead of 
you and not get caught up in the radius of the blast.  
Pick characters based on the most effective specials, not by whom might 
be your favorite. Not every character is best for every level. For 
example, I’ve always loved Daisy and Peach, but they’re best suited for 
the 50cc and 100cc levels and not the more difficult ones. For more 
than one special, pick different characters from different pairs; for 
example, I’d choose both Waluigi and Diddy Kong or maybe Waluigi and 
Bowser Jr., because these characters are not large and I love the bomb, 
the giant banana and the gigantic Bowser spiked shell.  
Choose the vehicle with the most acceleration. Make sure the 
acceleration has more stars than the speed and weight.  
In 50cc and 100cc, there will always be matching pairs of characters 
(Diddy and Donkey Kong, Wario and Waluigi, Mario and Luigi, Peach and 
Daisy, etc.), but in 150cc and Mirror mode, different pairs will mix 
up, so consider that. You can mix up pairs of characters in any level, 
but there will still be matching pairs in 50cc and 100cc. The other 
half of the pair of characters you chose will work together with each 
other; for example, if you choose Diddy Kong and Bowser, then Bowser 
Jr. will be teamed up with DK, or if you choose Peach and Baby Mario, 
Daisy and Baby Luigi will be paired up.  
Small characters move much faster (such as Toad and Toadette, the Koopa 
Troopas, the babies, etc.), but they can get trampled by the larger 
characters. If you choose a large character (such as Bowser, Wario, or 
DK), you can trample the smaller players, but you’d also move slower. 
Unfortunately, it may not be wise to choose a large character, because 
neither of their cars have that much acceleration. Don’t pick any large 
characters until you unlock King Boo and Petey Piranha and those Boo 
Whenever you’re driving over very narrow roads or parts of a racetrack 
and think you are about to fall off, take your finger off the A button 
to stop accelerating, especially on Rainbow Road. Accelerate again when 
you’re safe. Stopping and starting your acceleration can really save 
you, especially when you‘re going over those zippers on the narrow 
parts on Rainbow Road.  
No matter what happens, always stay calm and focused.  
Do not get reckless on the road and do not be sloppy.

No matter how bad things get, never lose hope. Don’t expect miracles to 
happen too much, though.

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t develop a big head and become 
so arrogant when things are going good for you on the racetracks, for 
that might just be your downfall. ^^ 
During the start, hit the acceleration button at the same time the word 
“Start” appears, so you’d do a turbo boost. That can be most helpful.  
With the mushroom, you can speed and ram into someone and steal an item 
they might be holding.  

Try to avoid traps, such as the big Bowser shell and move out of the 
way when the Chain Chomp comes.  

If you have any questions, you may contact me by email, which is at the 
very top. Please let me know if these tips have been very helpful.