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Follow the dark path or use the light


by Armads

   %%'%%     '%%     %%%%%  '%%           %%%  ''    %'%    %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
  '%%%%%%   %%%%'   '%%%%%%%%%%           %%% %%%%  '%%%'   %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
  %%%%%%%' '%%%%%%   %%  %%%%%%%  '%%%%   %%%'%'    '%%%%   %%% %%%%   %%%
  %%%%%%%%%%%% %%%  '%%''%%%%%%%%%%%%%%'  %%%%     '%' '%'  %%%'%%%'   %%%
  %%%'% %%%%%%  %%' '%%%%%  '%%%%%%% '%%  %%%%%   %%%' '%%% %%%%%%%    %%%
 %%%  '  %%%%%%%%%% '%%%%%  '%%%%%%   %%  %%%'%%%%%%%%%%%%% %%%%%%%    %%%
 %%%     %%%  '%%%% %%% '%'%%%%%'%%%%%%%  %%%  %%%%%%%%'%%% %%% %%%%   %%%
 %%%     %%%    '%%%%''   '%%%%% %'%%'%   %%%   ''''     %%%%%'   ''  %%%%

                        D O U B L E      D A S H ! !

                              ~ ASCII by scurty ~

                                  By Armads
                        Version 1.1; February 7th, 2006
                             Location: Australia
                 E-mail: mindreader[dot]ivan[at]gmail[dot]com

                                 WHAT'S NEW?
February 7th, 2006
Version 1.1
I have realised that there are actually people reading this guide, so I decided
that more work was required. Firstly, I wasn't very happy with the half-assed
job I originally did and also, I need to preserve my reputation... Well, I
finally decided to stop being lazy and update this guide. This is my excuse
for not writing a complete guide due to being busy with the start of school
and yada yada yada... OK, I'll shut up now. I think I'm actually satisfied
with this guide at last.

To summarise what I have done, here's a brief list:
- Altered ASCII Art for the title (credits to scurty)
- Altered Gamecube controller (credits to nomad65)
- Elaborated most sections with opinions, additional notes and advice
- Corrected a few typos here and there
- Added a 'Tiering' section

Oh, by the way, some of the introduction stuff may not be as relevant as it
was before. Whatever, enjoy!


Advanced notice: There are almost zero spoilers in this guide (not that there
were many to begin with), so do not fear! Also, this guide is equipped with
advice to deal with each and every mode in the game. However, step-by-step
elaborations are NOT included.

Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Follows a long line of Mario games. Mario Kart
itself was immensely successful and has spawned various sequels (the latest
beging Mario Kart DS). Despite the fact the DS version is now all the rage, I
have decided to make a guide for DD!! because I have the game and I figured
why not. It was an impulse decision, and the results are what I have today!
A one-day job... Not bad. I can't say much more, but enjoy what is here. I
don't plan any updates, because none are necessary.


                               Table of Contents                        
01. Game Basics.......................................................[BASIC]
	a. Controls...................................................[MOVES]
	b. Driving Techniques.........................................[TECHS]
	c. Items......................................................[ITEMS]
	d. Characters & Special Items.................................[CHARS]
	e. Karts......................................................[KARTS]
02. Walkthrough.......................................................[GUIDE]
	a. Grand Prix.................................................[GPRIX]
	b. Mushroom Cup...............................................[MSHRM]
	c. Flower Cup.................................................[FLOWR]
	d. Star Cup...................................................[STARC]
	e. Special Cup................................................[SPCUP]
	f. All Cup Tour...............................................[WORLD]
	g. Mirror Mode................................................[IMAGE]
	h. Time Trials................................................[TTEST]
	i. Secrets & Unlockables......................................[SECRT]
03. Multi Player......................................................[MULTI]
04. FAQ...............................................................[SOSME]
05. Tiering...........................................................[TIERS]
06. Conclusion........................................................[CLOSE]
	a. Legal Disclaimers..........................................[LEGAL]
	b. Contact Details............................................[EMAIL]
	c. Acknowledgements...........................................[FINAL]

                          01. Game Basics = [BASIC] =                        
Most of the information in this section is found in the Mario Kart: Double
Dash!! Instruction Booklet. Skip this section if you have read it and have no
problems understanding anything.

                            a. Controls = [MOVES] =

                 _____                              ______
                /  L  \      ________________      /_R____\
              _/_______\_  _/                \_  _/________\_  <------ "Z"
             /           \/                    \/ ____       \
            /   ___       \                    /  \_Y_\  _    \
    Control|  /     \      \      Start       /  /    \ | \    |
     ------->|   CS  |      |       S        |   | A  | |X|    |
    Stick  |  \ ___ /       /                \   \____/ \_/    |
           |                |  _____________  |                |
            \                \/             \/   [B]          /
             |\_          _   \             /   __          _/|
             /  \_      _| |_  \           /   /  \       _/  \
            /     \__  |_ D _| |           |  |  C |   __/     \
           /        /\   |_|   /           \   \ _/   /\        \
          |         | \       /             \        / |         |
          |         |  \_____/               \______/  |         |
          |         |                                  |         |
          |         /                                  \         |
           \       /                                    \       /
            \     /                                      \     /
             \___/                                        \___/

(credits to the above diagram go to nomad65 for his 1337 ASCII Art skills)

L BUTTON: Press and hold L or R and use the Control Stick to drift.

R BUTTON: Press and hold L or R and use the Control Stick to drift.

CONTROL STICK: The more you tilt the Control Stick, the more you turn. This
is your basic moving tool. You can use it to move around or navigate menus. It
can also be used to throw items forwards or backwards.

START: Pause races to view the Pause Menu.

Z BUTTON: Swap positions of characters in the kart from the front to the back
and vice versa.

X BUTTON: Use items with the character in the back.

Y BUTTON: Use items with the character in the back.

A BUTTON: This button is primarily used to accelerate. So basically, you need
to hold this button down for the vast majority of the race. It can also be
used to confirm menu selections.

B BUTTON: When you are racing, pressing B results in the kart braking. If the
kart is at a stand/still, B will make the kart reverse. The B Button can also
cancel menu selections.

                 _____                              ______
                /  L  \      ________________      /_R____\
              _/_______\_  _/                \_  _/________\_  <------ "Z"
             /           \/                    \/ ____       \
            /   ___       \                    /  \_Y_\  _    \
    Control|  /     \      \      Start       /  /    \ | \    |
     ------->|   CS  |      |       S        |   | A  | |X|    |
    Stick  |  \ ___ /       /                \   \____/ \_/    |
           |                |  _____________  |                |
            \                \/             \/   [B]          /
             |\_          _   \             /   __          _/|
             /  \_      _| |_  \           /   /  \       _/  \
            /     \__  |_ D _| |           |  |  C |   __/     \
           /        /\   |_|   /           \   \ _/   /\        \
          |         | \       /             \        / |         |
          |         |  \_____/               \______/  |         |
          |         |                                  |         |
          |         /                                  \         |
           \       /                                    \       /
            \     /                                      \     /
             \___/                                        \___/

(credits to the above diagram go to nomad65 for his 1337 ASCII Art skills)

Front Player
L BUTTON: Press and hold L or R and use the Control Stick to drift.

R BUTTON: Press and hold L or R and use the Control Stick to drift.

CONTROL STICK: The more you tilt the Control Stick, the more you turn. This
is your basic moving tool.

Z BUTTON: When both players press Z simultaneously, the positions of the
characters are switched from the front to the back and vice versa.

X BUTTON: Pass items to the rear player.

Y BUTTON: Pass items to the rear player.

A BUTTON: This button is primarily used to accelerate. So basically, you need
to hold this button down for the vast majority of the race.

B BUTTON: When you are racing, pressing B results in the kart braking. If the
kart is at a stand/still, B will make the kart reverse. 

START: Pause races to view the Pause Menu. ONLY PLAYER 1 CAN MAKE MENU

Rear Player
L BUTTON: Slide Attack (refer to Driving Techniques)

R BUTTON: Slide Attack (refer to Driving Techniques)

CONTROL STICK: Use the Control Stick to direct items to be thrown forwards or

Z BUTTON: When both players press Z simultaneously, the positions of the
characters are switched from the front to the back and vice versa.

X BUTTON: Use items.

Y BUTTON: Use items.

A BUTTON: Perform a Double Dash!! (refer to Driving Techniques) or use items.

B BUTTON: Use items.

START: Pause races to view the Pause Menu. ONLY PLAYER 1 CAN MAKE MENU

                       b. Driving Techniques = [TECHS] =
Here are a few useful techniques for racing. Learn them off by heart to improve
your racing skills (and overall win percentage) significantly. I guarantee it
(no moneyback guarantees - wait, you're reading this for free...)! Most of the
techniques may be slightly re-used, but there are some improvisations to an
extent (I'm talking about the entire general Nintendo racing genre here).

You can send your kart drifting into a sideways power slide by pressing either
L or R while tilting the Control Stick either left or right. Drifting lets you
take corners without losing speed.

I'll say it now and I probably will say it again, drifting is ESSENTIAL for
being at least decent in DD!! If you aren't drifting, you're probably going to
lose quite a bit of speed during your races. You know what that means... More
extra time that will only hamper you. It isn't too difficult to do, so make
full use of it! Drift around every corner you see. Good places to practice
drifting include Bowser's Castle, Wario Colosseum... There are probably a few
others, but most of the latter Cups are worthy challenges.

This is a technique that gives you a split-second turbo burst.

Single Play: While drifting, tilt the Control Stick in the direction opposite
to your turn to perform a counter. Once the sparks are red, tilt the Control
Stick into the turn, the opposite the turn to do another counter. When the
sparks turn blue, stop drifting to perform a Mini-Turbo.

Co-op Play: When the front character sends the kart into a drift, the rear
character should tilt the Control Stick to perform a counter. After the
sparks turn red, the rear player should do another counter. When the sparks
turn blue, the front character can stop drifting and perform a Mini-Turbo.

Mini-Turboing is another very, very useful technique. At first, it may seem a
little uncomfortable, with all that turning in opposite directions. But, I
can tell you, this technique will put you ahead of the vast majority of
opponents (both CPU and human) for a good reason; you go even faster than
normal! One of my friends has a habit of naturally being able to mini-turbo
effortlessly, and I can tell you that it is devestating to opponents!

If you press A just as Lakitu's start signal turns green, you'll perform a
Rocket Start.

This may take a little bit of practice, and waiting for the next race is a 
tad annoying. I can tell you now - you won't get too far without the use of
the Rocket Start. You'll get a handy head-start most of the time, which proves
useful for a variety of situations. I can give you a hint for getting the
Rocket Start right - anticipate when the traffic light will disappear and
time your button pressing at that moment. It doesn't take a genius to figure
this out, but it is crucial you get into the habit of using the Rocket Start
without fail.

In co-op play you can get an even better launch if both the front and rear
characters perform a Rocket Start at the same time. This is called a Double
Dash. The Double Dash!! can be identified from a blue blast that is much
bigger than the standard Rocket Start.

If you aren't going to be friendly to your teammate, you are officially
screwed over. One of the assets of being in Co-op play is using the Double
Dash!! technique. It must be at least half-decent, after all the title of the
game is named aptly after this technique. Essentially, do the same thing as in
using the Rocket Start, BUT the catch is that both players must be pressing A
at the EXACT SAME TIME. Yes, yes, full synchronisation is essential to... Ah,
wrong game. But co-operation is pretty important. An easy way to use the Double
Dash!! is to get one person to press A for both players (assuming he has
adequately mastered the Rocket Start) and then resume control from there.

The rear character lunges out either left or right, attacking karts on that
corresponding side. If you hit a kart that is carrying items, you will steal
an item.

Hehehe... Stealing is definitely a good thing, at least in DD!! The Slide
Attack is only possible in Co-op play, so don't get your hopes up too much.
Oh, by the way, stealing/slide attacking is automatic if the weight of your
character is greater than the opponents' weight. So, there is a use for the
heavyweights after all... Anyway, even if the enemy does not have any items,
if possible use a slide attack in any case. The result is that the enemy is
sent into a spin, stunning them temporarily.*

* Run/crash into the opponents for an 'automatic' slide attack, assuming the
character you are playing as has a weight greater than the opponents' weight.

You can only steal items if the rear character on your kart is not already
carrying an item. There are three ways to steal:
1. Hit an opposing kart while using a Mushroom.
2. Run into another kart while using a Star.
3. Slide Attack a rival kart.

If both characters on the kart you hit are carrying items, you'll steal the
rear character's item, and the front character's item will fall onto the

Make sure you know how to steal off opponents. Stealing is essential to many
aspects of the game, including most of the Multi Player games and some aspects
of racing. A warning not to attempt to steal using a Mushroom if you are a
lightweight and the opponent is a heavyweight. The consequences are not too

                             c. Items = [ITEMS] =
You can acquire items by running into the Item Boxes you find on courses and
stages. The items you receive are determined randomly. Items are a part of the
main game in DD!! Without them, there really is no excitement or challenge in
the game. What's the fun of just racing in courses that can be easily memorised
in a few attempts? Juggling courses, opponents and items is what makes the
general Mario Kart series extraordinary.

There are two types of Item Boxes:
Item Box - Hit one of the floating boxes and the rear character will gain an
Double Item Box - Run into one of these and both the rear and front characters
will receive items.

The front player will receive an item if the rear player already has an item
in their possession. Pass items with the item buttons and then use them.

Characters who are already carrying items when they hit Item Boxes or Double
Item Boxes will not receive any new items.

Items will sometimes fall on the course when karts spin or flip. If you run
into items lying on courses or stages, you will be affected by those items
instantly. Keep a lookout for goodies such as Mushrooms, and watch out for
nasty traps, such as Fake Items and Bananas.

Here are the items that can be found in Grand Prix, VS. and Battle modes. These
are considered standard items, because all characters have access to these
particular items. Special items, explained later, are character-exclusive.

NB: Items with a star (*) next to their name can be thrown forwards and 
backwards. Other additional information is described for each item individually
to prevent confusion.

GREEN SHELL*: Green Shells move in straight lines when thrown and knock karts
for a loop if they hit. Green Shells aren't too bad, but frankly, I'd say
that most of the time you will have to rely on luck to hit with these. All in
all, they aren't very useful for slowing opponents down. The one good use they
have are to block incoming objects ('cancel' them out by throwing both on
each other).

RED SHELL*: Red Shells seek out karts in front of you and flip them over when
they strike. Red Shells are semi-homing, so you can rely on them for slowing
opponents down, as well as the standard use of Green Shells. If you have one
of these, feel priveledged and use them when required.

heads straight for the leader of the pack and explodes on impact. Any kart
caught in the blast area will flip. The Spiny Shell is 100% guaranteed to
seek out the current leader (even if the order changes during its air flight
time, it will pursue the same person) unless there is a special circumstance
(Stars and so on). A massive explosion follows impact, severely hampering the
leader. This is the one reason you may want to trail 2nd for a while before
deciding to take the lead later on in a race.

BANANA*: These slippery skins can be dropped or thrown in strategic spots to
send rivals into sudden spins. Bananas are really a nuisance. They aren't
extraordinarily difficult to avoid if you are skilled at the game, but due
to their size and versatility, placing them in key locations will give you a
real advantage. And anyway, if opponents wish to dodge them, if you are smart,
you will make them slow down severely either way (to avoid traps and course

FAKE ITEM*: These items of deception look just like real Item Boxes, so
place them where your opponents won't expect. I love these fake items. They
aren't difficult to tell apart from real Item Boxes, to tell you the truth:
while normal Items are yellowish, these look red. The key to fooling opponents
is to place these fake items in a cluster of real items. Most of the time, the
unsuspecting opponent will enter the cluster, thinking a free item awaits. A
nasty surprise greets them instead! Alternatively, if the opponent somehow
sees the fake item, they will have to go out of their way to avoid it and
usually lose some speed.

MUSHROOM: These turbo toadstools give karts brief speed bursts. Mushrooms are
definitely useful; think of them as your portable dash panels. They give you
a turbo boost that may prove useful in trying situations, whether for stealing
other items, or gaining a lead in a leg of a course.

TRIPLE MUSHROOMS: Triple Mushrooms allow you to dash three times in a row.
Three times the fun? I'm in! Triple Mushrooms can quickly change the course of
a race. One Mushroom alone has an impact on the race, so three Mushrooms will
make a HUGE impact.

STAR: Stars make karts temporarily invincible and increase their top speeds by
a hair. Karts hit by Star-wielding karts will go flying. Stars are possibly
the most useful standard item in the game (if not the most useful item in the
game). Invincibility means you are immune to the likes of Thunderbolt strikes,
obstacles, stealing, slide attacks and what-not. Immensely useful. The increase
in top speed is also a bonus on top of being temporarily invincible; it might
provide that edge you are looking for to win a race.

THUNDERBOLT: This mighty bolt strikes all opponents at the same time, causing
them to spin out, drop their items, and shrink in size, which reduces their
max speeds. Hailed by many as the ultimate course-changing item, and for good
reason, too. The thunderbolt is rarely offered to any racer equal to or
above the position of 4th place, so there is a reason why this item is so
damn powerful. In a close race, this item makes or breaks the racers. The
reason? Well, I dare say it should be self-explanatory. It hampers racers in
almost every way possible, so there is all the reason for you to catch up
with the others. Just make sure no one is using a Star or something before
calling the almighty Zues to strike down your foes.

                   d. Characters & Special Items = [CHARS] =
Characters are divided into three groups depending on their size: light,
medium, and heavy.

Each pair of characters has a special items that other characters cannot
receive. These items are picked up in the same way as standard items.

For information on secret characters, refer to the Secrets & Unlockables

Characters do not possess individual characteristics apart from weight; those
factors are only dependant entirely on kart selection.

'You know him, you love him (not me) - the one and only Mario! He's returned to
the Grand Prix with Fireballs in hand.'

Mario, Mario, Mario... Where to begin? He's probably considered the most
popular video game character in history. Yet despite the fact that he has so
much international acclaim, I cannot figure for the life of me what makes HIM
so special. The famous icon of Nintendo is not only short, he is fat and a
freaking plumber for crying out loud! Yet, I can't deny the fact that he has
earnt his fame for existing merits. I still think that he is overrated and
has been overused and overfranchised (what, there are like - 100 games or
something with Mario in them?!). You want an idea of his achievements? If you
look at Kirby's MK:DD!! guide, he has written an insane amount of background
material on Mario himself and that takes up the majority of the guide. At least
he actually likes Mario. Mario is characteristic for his trademark jump and
fireballs among other things, and his constant struggle against Bowser. It is
a pretty comical scenario, and what can I say, Mario itself is comical in
nature. These always gain critical acclaim, there's no denying that. And, since
I cannot say that Nintendo is pathetic, Mario has a reluctant place in my
Hall of Fame, and probably everyone elses' HoF too.

'He's lean, he's not so mean, and his Fireballs are green! Everybody's 
favourite brother is here, too!'

The 'lean, green, not so mean, fighting machine' is back. Mario and Luigi
together make up the famous Mario Bros. Luigi has constantly lived in his
brother's shadow on multiple accounts; less recognition, less game cameos,
not getting the girl (I'm not too sure he and Daisy are involved)... Plus,
Luigi theoretically should be the better of the two brothers. He is taller,
leaner, can jump higher and... Well, that's that as far as physical superiority
is concerned. Luigi has recently been portrayed as being highly associated with
his feminine side and sometimes can be mistaken for... Well, you know. Just
look at SSB Melee and watch the way he jabs at opponents. That says everything.
Luigi's voice I have noticed varies quite a bit from game to game, from being
very high-pitched (like Mario) to being quite a bass voice. Either way, Luigi
definitely has it tough compared to his brother, but usually the Mario Bros.
together make for one hell of a game.

Special item: Fireballs
They split up after they're thrown and go sailing ahead. These powerful
pyrotechnics can take out multiple opponents at once. THIS ITEM CAN BE THROWN

Fireballs aren't terrifically useful, nor are they all that bad. In fact, just
like Mario is portrayed most of the time, they seem to be reasonably balanced
in terms of their overall use. I can't say I find it all that useful that the
Fireballs gradually spread further and further apart as they are fired, because
this essentially means that using them to 'cancel' out attacks, or bombarding
a single target is almost impossible. Yet, being a spreader attack means that
Fireballs are useful for hitting several opponents in a cluster, or destroying
a few traps in clusters. If you hope to hit with these Fireballs, you'd better
make sure you have Lady Luck on your side.

Donkey Kong:
'Straight from the jungle, DK uses his simian strength to scare rivals.'

Poor DK. The description above tells you how much of the limelight he misses in
today's modern, busy world. Where's the love for Donkey Kong gone? I have no
idea. Donkey Kong's cameos have almost always being extremely memorable, and
the series spawned from him have been mega-hits. Yet, somehow, Mario is still
absorbing the mainstream attention that Nintendo gets nowadays. Donkey Kong
was initially cast as Mario's rival/enemy in the good OLD OLD days. Eventually,
just like Mario, DK found his own nemesis in King K.Rool and the Kremlings. I
find his most memorable games as the Donkey Kong Country series for the SNES,
which were probably the peak of DK's career (even though he only made a major
impact on the first installment) with amazing graphics and innovative platform
stages. Trademark DK items include the Blaster Barrels, the heavy jungle beat,
and most importantly... OOOH - Banana... (vague DK64 reference).

Diddy Kong:
'His charm is in his amazing tail. Donkey Kong convinced him to race in the
Grand Prix.'

Diddy Kong is DK's nephew and a pretty resourceful chimp. He has made some
notable marks on the gaming world with such classics as Diddy Kong Racing 
(which, in my opinion, is the greatest racing game ever made) and a notable
entry as one of the Kongs in Donkey Kong 64. He is second-fiddle to DK, but
the chances are if you know the Kong family reasonably well, you've heard of
Diddy. Most of the time, completely opposite to DK, he is agile and acrobatic.
This is in vast contrast to the slow and strong approach of DK. Diddy is a
little brighter than Donkey, too. But - either way, don't expect the Kongs to
win a prize when it comes to intelligence. Like their games, their main
attitude is all about impulse. Fast reflexes, coordination and a bit of luck
(patience, too) is the key to most Kong games.

Special item: Giant Banana
Only DK and Diddy know where these monstrous fruit can be found. Once they're
in the road, they're tough to manoeuvre around.

A Giant Banana is... just that. Think of a standard Banana and then think of
a the same Banana blown up roughly ten times. Like numerous traps, Giant
Bananas are quite useful for catching the opponent off-guard when you really
need an edge. But, they are nothing extraordinary at all. Standard Bananas
may be more useful because they aren't so big and obvious, and also, there
are numerous (and I mean numerous) replacements for the Giant Banana.

'This is Princess Daisy's first foray onto the speedways. She's so cute she's
become something of an idol.'

Um... I don't know too much about Daisy, truth be told. She's an evident Peach
clone, probably designed as an equivalent of Peach for Luigi - or something
along those lines. She looks almost exactly like Peach except for having brown
hair (is brunette what they call those types?) and having a slightly more
distinct voice (less regal and more tomboyish, methinks). Daisy is actually
not such a new character as some people might have the impression, but she
sure disappeared fast - replaced by the one and only Princess Peach.

'Normally the epitome of grace, once she's on the raceway, Princess Peach 
really tears it up.'

Princess Peach is the missing piece of the two halves that make Mario such a
classic. She is the standard damsel-in-distress. She's girly, wearing pink
all the time, acts the same way and being a princess further reinforces this
fact. She almost always gets kidnapped by Bowser and Mario comes along to
save her every single time. For some reason, Peach still thinks she can hold
her own against the Koopas and is usually foolishly confident in thinking she
does not need protection. Putting all that aside, without Peach - most of the
time there would probably not be another wacky Mario adventure. And we cannot
let the 'invincible' Mario Bros. domination of Nintendo end, can we?

Special item: Heart
Flying hearts surround the royal ladies' karts, and any item that hits them
becomes theirs to use. A cute and handy item.

Now this isn't bad. It's better than the Fireballs and Giant Banana, to say the
least. It offers protection from opponents for the time-being AND makes good
use of any vain attempts to penetrate that protection. You thought hearts were
a bad thing? Think again! I highly recommend that you don't just randomly use
them - be deliberate about which times you activate the Heart protection; when
opponents are catching up/you are catching up to them is probably the ideal
time to have some back-up. Just don't get tricked into using it and then
realising the opponent knew you would use it - get it...? Basically, make sure
you understand your opponents' mindgames (that is, if they are human).

'Usually a faithful underling of Bowser, it shows even the big boss no mercy
during a race.'

Koopas have been around for a long time in the Mario series. Nintendo have a
habit of giving Koopa some slack and letting him race in the Mario Kart series.
A good call? Probably. Koopa is a good character, I can tell you that. If you
knew how much punishment he takes in standard Mario, you would realise what a
lifesaver this opportunity to race is. While looking ordinary and being one of
maybe a few million, you might find racing as a Koopa isn't such a bad idea
(he EVEN bests his own boss - Big B).

'Paratroopa takes care of its wings even in the heat of the race.'

What kind of crappy introduction does Paratroopa get? ^^^ Anyway, Paratroopa
deserves equal, if not more praise than Koopa. Paratroopa takes almost as much
punishment as Koopa in the Mario series, however; due to his wings he has a
bit of an advantage. Unfortunately, he finds himself normally used by Mario as
a stepping stone to another ledge or platform. Tough luck, I guess. BUT -
remember that Paratroopa >>> Koopa. Flying is a nice advantage he has; yet
for some reason it has no impact on the game in DD!! Then, why do they insist
on writing an introduction about him maintaining his useless wings? WHY?!

Special item: Triple Shells (Green/Red)
Don't let Koopa and Paratroopa worry about not having enough shells. Get
three at a time!

This is my favourite special item - or at least one of them. Never ever ever
underestimate the versatility of the Shell - especially Triple Red Shells!
Homing power? Yes! Directional influence? Yes! Protection from items? Yes!
Although there are no guaranteed invincibility powers or speed increasing
powers, the Triple Shells are very useful for slowing opponents down. Three
Red Shells - not one, not even two, but three! I sound like an ad, don't I?
But seriously, Triple Shells are a worthwhile special item.

Baby Mario:
'Baby Mario and Mario...together in the same game?!? He's got quite an amazing
pet this time around.'

Well - this tells you how popular Mario and Luigi are. They get their own
baby forms in the same game! I think Nintendo is running out of ideas... Or
something. Probably overfranchising Mario, as usual. But - there isn't much to
say about the Babies at all, except that their evil equivalent is Bowser Jr.
But wait - Bowser Jr. is Bowser's son, right? Then... How? Never mind. Just
thinking aloud - and too much.

Baby Luigi:
'He's much shyer than his older brother, so this is his first time appearing in
front of a crowd.'

Once again, Luigi is finally starting to get the praise he deserves. Not only
Mario, but Luigi's baby form appears in DD!! Another clever tactic used by
Nintendo to franchise Mario... I can see through their tricks! There isn't
much else to say about Baby Luigi - this is after all, his first appearance in
Mario Kart.

Special item: Chain Chomp
This fearsome beast chases karts with reckless abandon, pulling the babies
behind it at breakneck speeds.

The Chain Chomp is really something. It is a pretty interesting special,
because it does a few things; first, it basically stampedes/rampages through
the arena, boosting your karts' speed insanely. A follow-on from this, at any
stage where an opponent is in its path of destruction, it stuns them and slows
them down severely. Finally, due to the Chain Chomp pulling your kart, you
don't have to touch the Controller for some time while it tears apart the
course. It is fast, it has a profound impact on the game, it distracts enemies
and you don't have to put much effort into it. Pretty damn good, I'd say.

'Taking a break from carrying Mario, Yoshi's ready to burn up the courses.'

The lovable dinosaur that acts for the most part as a slave to Mario (although
he considers Mario as his buddy) is back in DD!! Yoshi is a popular character
in the Mario Kart series for reasons that are unexplainable, but he is back.
Generally speaking, most of the time he either carries Mario on his exploits
or eats, sometimes using his unusual Egg abilities to help his friends. He
has rarely had a game to himself entirely due to the fact he is portrayed as
an animal and a pet for the most part, but the one game I can think of where
Yoshi was the main character is Yoshi's Story (N64).

'Birdo's decked out in her favourite bow and ready to race!'

Birdo is another one of those characters that are there just for the sake of
another. In this case, it's for Yoshi. Birdo and Yoshi are quite different in
terms of animal species, make no mistake about that. Birdo shoots eggs from
her mouth (don't ask) while Yoshi converts a lot of items into eggs. While
Birdo is a specialist at one attack, Yoshi has a much more varied attack pool
and is thus, more talented. Yet, for some strange reason, Birdo is not treated
as a pet in most of her apperances, and Yoshi is. Strange how the world works.

Special item: Yoshi's/Birdo's Egg
These eggs roll down the road and home in on opponents. When the hit and
break, they'll drop three more items. THIS ITEM CAN BE THROWN FORWARDS AND

This special item is a bit iffy. It CAN be useful, there's no doubt about it.
There are a few problems that it has, but we'll start off with the good points.
Being homing is by no means bad. It also drops three additional items, which
can be a lifesaver. The Eggs are also reasonably large, so they can hit 
without too much difficulty. But, and a big BUT - there are a few other things
to consider. First of all, having just one Egg means that you can blow your
chance to hit the enemy at that point. Another very relevant point is that the
items released during contact might be just what the enemy is looking for and
turn the game around in their favour. All in all, quite a mixed bag.

'Mario's archnemesis. Will racing with his son make him behave better?'

Bowser probably doesn't need much of an introduction, like Mario. He is his
archnemesis, rival, enemy... the list goes on. They are always opposed to one
another. He is the King of the Koopas - and for good reason. He is the biggest,
meanest and strongest of them all. Bowser has been trying to gain the upper
hand against Mario in numerous encounters, whether it be standard Mario or
the many trivial titles in the series, such as Mario Party, Mario Kart... The
list of their encounters goes on and on. Just remember - before Bowser there
was Donkey Kong. But, Bowser is infinitely more evil than any other person
Mario has met in the past. He is cruel, greedy... I better not say it again -
but I have to. The LIST GOES ON! I cannot simply list all his bad attributes,
or his encounters with Mario, because there are far, far too many. Some people
might be able to; but definitely not me. Let's leave it that Bowser is not
someone to be messed with.

Bowser Jr.:
'An energetic troublemaker who's ready to drive out of his father's shadow.'

Bowser's son, eh? Where's the mother? Anyway, Bowser Jr. has had a small share
of the evil exploits of his father. Not that that is a good upbringing, mind
you. Bowser Jr. himself has been used by Bowser, in fact. This does not go
to say that Bowser Jr. is completely overshadowed by his father. He makes a
few brief appearances here and there as a troublemaker, causing mischief that
is more of an annoyance to Mario and co. rather than an actual threat. Either
way, it makes for an interesting game wherever Bowser Jr. appears. It's a
shame that Mario does not make use of such a weakness to finally overcome
his nemesis... Yet, I can't help thinking that:
A) Bowser probably wouldn't care
B) Mario isn't smart enough to think of that
Oh well. Guess it is wishful thinking considering all the loopholes in Mario,
and where the series could be given some finality. Wherever you go, Mario is
an almost infinite supply of cash for Nintendo.

Special item: Bowser's Shell
An awe-inspiring giant shell! As it careens down the road, slamming and
ramming into karts, it's the very image of Bowser himself. THIS ITEM CAN

A standard Shell? Give me a break! Have you seen the size of this thing?! Think
DK's Giant Banana, except replace 'Banana' with 'Shell'. Get the picture? This
thing is obviously more effective than any ordinary trap, because if you
thought a normal shell was annoying, you will be given migraines from this
item. It's a shame it isn't homing, or it'd be extremely annoying. Yet, it
serves its purpose. Besides, because of its size it is unlikely to miss, even
if it crashes into walls here and there.

'Wario's ready to cruise in his purple pride and joy. It's top speed is over
280mph! ...But for the Mario Kart Grand Prix, its engine has been tuned down.'

Wario is Mario's evil clone in essence. He's a little fatter, more evil and
dastardly. Unlike Bowser, Wario normally selects cameos in games that are
somewhat more intelligent and innovative. Not much more to say I guess...
Bowser is Mario's true nemesis, while Wario is a nuisance distraction. Yet,
don't underestimate him that easily. Wario's cunning nature proves more than
a handful for Mario and co. and many of his traps are more dastardly than
you may ever imagine...

'Ever fond of sneaky, underhand attacks, he's in his element when he's armed
with a Bob-omb.'

Mario and Wario. Luigi and Waluigi. The circle had to be completed, and to
fill in the holes Waluigi was introduced as Wario's brother. The Mario and
Wario Bros. How nice... Well, Waluigi is just like Wario. Personality and
all, he mimics Luigi as an equivalent serving Wario, instead of Mario. There
is nothing more to be said, except that he will help his brother achieve more
and more kniving (and no doubt selfish) plans.

Special item: Bomb-omb
Take aim and give your opponents an explosive surprise. Mess up, and you might
just hit yourself! This item's dangerous...

The Bomb-omb is a classic Mario item. Bombs are dangerous, but are extremely
powerful. Aim carefully and the enemy will be in a lot of strife. It is
even more effective when opponents are gathered as a cluster, because of the
large blast radius. The only problem is that when dropped or mistimed, the
blast might hit Wario, Waluigi and co. This is a big issue, but you might
find that the power of the Bomb-omb is worth the risk. Personally, I don't
use this item because Wario and Waluigi are ordinary characters.

                             e. Karts = [KARTS] =
Just like the characters, karts are divided into three classes - light, medium

Well, we all know who belongs to what weight class, right? Here's a recap.

Light: Diddy Kong, Koopa, Paratroopa, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Bowser Jr.
Medium: Mario, Luigi, Daisy, Peach, Yoshi, Birdo, Waluigi
Heavy: Donkey Kong, Bowser, Wario

In order to find out what kart weight division a combination of characters are,
you use the following:
NB: L = Light M = Medium H = Heavy

L + L = Light Kart
L + M = Medium Kart
M + M = Medium Kart
L + H = Heavy Kart
M + H = Heavy Kart
H + H = Heavy Kart

Light karts have good acceleration but fairly low top speeds. They don't lose
too much speed when they go off course.

Goo-Goo Buggy
Koopa Dasher

Medium karts have average acceleration and top speeds.

Red Fire
Heart Coach
Turbo Yoshi

Heavy karts have poor acceleration but great top speeds. They send light and
medium karts bouncing away if they hit them and lose a lot of speed when they
go off-road.

DK Jumbo
Koopa King
Wario Car

The following information about every kart in the game (except secrets; refer
to Secrets & Unlockables for more details) is all taken from the game itself.

NB: SPD = Speed ACC = Acceleration WGT = Weight CLS = Weight Class; 5 is
the maximum value for any one category.

Goo-Goo Buggy
SPD - 1 ACC - 5 WGT - 2 CLS - Light

Koopa Dasher
SPD - 2 ACC - 5 WT - 2 CLS - Light

Heart Coach
SPD - 2 ACC - 4 WT - 3 CLS - Medium

Red Fire
SPD - 3 ACC - 3 WT - 3 CLS - Medium

Turbo Yoshi
SPD - 2 ACC - 4 WT - 3 CLS - Medium

DK Jumbo
SPD - 4 ACC - 2 WGT - 4 CLS - Heavy

Koopa King
SPD - 5 ACC - 1 WGT - 5 CLS - Heavy

Wario Car
SPD - 4 ACC - 2 WGT - 4 CLS - Heavy

                          02. Walkthrough = [GUIDE] =
Please note that unlike some guides, I do not elaborate on every single place
of the course; I just help out where I think the player might need some help.

Overviews are taken from the Instruction Booklet, but other overviews are my
own descriptions of the stage.

                           a. Grand Prix = [GPRIX] =
In Grand Prix mode, you select Cups to race in. Most standard Cups consist of
four different courses that ties in with the Cup theme. You must race on these
courses. Eight different characters must race for top honours by aiming for
the highest total points. Although coming second or third overall isn't bad,
you aren't going to advance in the game (ie. unlock anything) by consistently
coming second best. In other words, winning is all that matters! Use any means
to ensure victory, whether using items, driving techniques or whatever tactics
you can cook up yourself.

There are three Cups you can select to start off with. As you progress, more
options will be available. The terms 50cc, 100cc and 150cc refer to difficulty.
As the 'cc' increases, the difficulty increases substantially as well. As you
progress through the game, more modes will become available and at those points
this walkthrough will inform you of various differences between the normal and
what will be new to you.

Driver Points
Drivers receive points depending on where they finish races. After racing four
courses, their total points determine where they place. 

1st = 10 points
2nd = 08 points
3rd = 06 points
4th = 04 points
5th = 03 points
6th = 02 points
7th = 01 points
8th = 00 points

Players will take part in an awards ceremony if their combined score after four
races places them in the top three. The first-place finisher wins a gold
trophy, the second place wins silver, and the third wins bronze. After each
award ceremony, players will have the chance to enter their names if new 
records are set. Trophy data will be saved after name entry is completed.

                          b. Mushroom Cup = [MSHRM] =
'Comparitively easy. Great for beginners.'

The Mushroom Cup features some pretty basic courses, to get the player somewhat
accustomed to the controls and basic technique involved in the game. The 
difficulty curve climbs a little towards Dry Dry Desert, but overall it
should be expected of a Mario Kart game. Keep an eye out for a few traps here
and there and make sure you understand EVERYTHING there is to mastering the

3 Laps
Though the Chain Chomp is a bit noisy, this is a relatively peaceful course.
The front straight and the back straight run parallel to each other, so you'll
see your rivals coming and going. Whether you opt for the outside line and the
dash panels or cut it close and stay on the inside track is up to you.
There is absolutely nothing difficult about this stage. Any newbie can ace
this stage with little trouble. The road bends around a bit at times, but the
turns are generally extremely gentle. Stay away from the Chain Chomp when you
see it and grab any items along the way. The road slightly differs between
50cc and the others, because in 50cc you cannot see the two straights parallel
to each other and in other difficulties you can. As far as the dash pads go,
it is generally agreed that just turning the corners along the road is faster
than going on the far edge of the road and running across several dash pads.
Either way, it really is up to you.

3 Laps
Princess Peach's favourite beach resort! Beware the Cataquacks wandering about
the shoreline. The course changes with the tide, so watch the waterline for
your chance at a big shortcut.
Once again, this course isn't too difficult. The bends are gentle and most of
the course is a walk in the palk. When you reach the major beach area where
there are several Cataquaks wandering around, avoid them and across the right
side of the beach. Whatever you do, don't wander into the deep portion of
the water! It is highly recommended you do cut across the shallow path in the
water to cut down some time. There aren't many Cataquacks in the water, either.

7 Laps
Like the title suggests, Baby Park is a simple course that replicates the idea
of being designed so well that even a baby can master it.
Well, what can be said? This course is very short and linear. You basically
just go around in a circle. Turns are a little sharper than what you might be
used to. Just drift and give yourself a significant amount of space to turn
and see where you are going. There are quite a few easy opportunities to snag
items around, so do your best. One thing that I hate about this course is that
it is a mammoth seven laps. This gives you an opportunity to get a massive
head start and use your lead to your advantage. Because the course is small,
a lot of items can be strewn about (particularly traps) easily, make sure
you watch where you are driving.

3 Laps
The desert is not a walk in the park, as was the case in the previous course.
It is harsh and trying for even the most skilled of racers. All the nasty
obstacles you might expect from the desert are implemented in the Dry Dry
Desert. Your progress is hindered by quicksand, cactus plants, rugged terrain
and even sandstorms. Take care as you trek through this particular desert!
There are a few nasty surprises in this course and if you are not careful, it
could be bad for you. Keep on the sandy road when you can. When you see a
Tweester (sand tornado), take your time to manoeuvre around it. Later on, you
will see something that distinctly resembles a LAKE of quicksand. Don't go
into the centre! Go to the left, staying on the edge of the lake. Follow the
path and further along, cross the sand dunes along the way. When you see some
moving cactus plants (Pokeys), anticipate which direction they will lean over
in and go left/right depending where the path is clear. The way is pretty
much clear from here onwards, apart from the usual racing opponents to contend
with. Keep your distance from any obstacles and you will avoid disaster. The
Tweester slowly moves around the course, so keep an eye out for it as you
continue along your way.

                           c. Flower Cup = [FLOWR] =
'A bit difficult. For veteran players.'

The Flower Cup is a step up from the Mushroom Cup, but isn't anything well
beyond the scope of a player who has completed the Mushroom Cup. The courses
are a little bit more trickier, most notably sharper turns and more obstacles
to fend with. Overall, the Flower Cup is a snap and should be taken as another
opportunity to practice the skills acquired in the Mushroom Cup.

3 Laps
One of the Mushroom Kingdom's most famous landmarks. This bridge is well
travelled, so be careful not to run into any communters. The car carrying all
the mushrooms looks strangely inviting, though...
The vast majority of this course is not difficult. There are a few tunnels
that are quite easy to navigate. Avoid all the vehicles you see, because they
almost always mean trouble. The only exception to this is the mushroom cars;
hit them and a free Mushroom will be dropped onto the road for the taking.
As far as shortcuts go, the only one I might suggest you using is the one
on the sides of the bridge. Using the dash panels you can easily take a lead.
The only problem is that you will normally be unable to control your movement,
and you risk falling off the course. Your call - use it wisely (probably
when you are desperate).

3 Laps
This is the main circuit in Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Familiar denizens of the
Mushroom Kingdom can be spotted here and there. The road's filled with curves, 
so this is a good place to practice drifting.
Another easy course, if I say so myself. The road is as gentle as what you
might be used to in the Mushroom Cup. The only problems are the various
creatures you encounter. Stay clear of the Chain Chomp; veer to the right to
avoid its lunges. For the rest of the road, stay as much as possible to the
centre of the road to avoid the Piranha Plants which are located to the sides
of the road. A good idea might be to place a trap to force an opponent to
veer left/right into the waiting Plants. A few Goombas also appear on the
road from time to time, just avoid them by going around them. This is another
good location to place a trap. The opponent will have to deal with BOTH the
Goombas and your own concoctions.

3 Laps
Daisy has a cruiser? Oh... Of course. She's a princess! But there is something
not right with this particular cruiser... Something about how much it sways
back and forth. It might be wise to look out for stray objects that, guided by
the pull of the sea may collide with unsuspecting racers.
This course is... interesting. There are a few sharp turns that you should
make sure you manoeuvre correctly. The stage is pretty simple, it goes down
and up. Going down, you'll reach what looks like a restaurant (a dark room)
with a lot of tables sliding left and right. Avoid them, taking the Item Boxes
along the way. Keep going through the passage until you see a pit. Purposely
fall down the pit to reach a shortcut. Follow the path to a fan and enter it
to be shot (through a cannon or something) and launched near the end. If you
did not fall down the pit (which I highly recommend), just keep following
the passage around the rather sharp turn and you'll reach the light again.
Apart from that hassle, there is nothing here worth noting.

3 Laps
Waluigi Stadium is typical of the sneaky nature of Waluigi. Being a stadium,
the ground isn't exactly flat. There are numerous points of the course where
jumping through rings of fire is the only way to proceed. The turns range
from gentle to extremely sharp and you may not always see where you are going.
Unleash the daredevil within and use your instincts to guide your racers to
This course will really test you. You need to place yourself in the centre of
the road as much possible, because there are numerous obstacles to bypass.
The road is quite hilly and there are some places where you will have to
drive across dash panels and place yourself in exactly the centre to pass
the rings of fire as you are launched into the air. There is also a big
Piranha Plant lurking around a corner to annoy you. Just veer to the left and
avoid it. The rest isn't that difficult, it's just that everything is so
hilly and hard to control that it might frustrate inexperienced drivers a bit.
Because of the way the course is, it is ideal to place traps anywhere on
places where you need to climb ramps and jump across chasms, or places where
you know for sure opponents will be driving (near the Pirahna Plant, perhaps?).
Overall, it makes for a very entertaining but difficult course.

                            d. Star Cup = [STARC] =
'Very hard. Designed for experts.'

This is the Star Cup - supposedly the ultimate goal for skilled racers. Only
the stars gather here, not unlike Hollywood. The best racers test their skills
in courses that are designed to push them to the limits. A wide range of
emotions will be experienced by players here, from fun to frustration to
fulfillment. Good luck.

3 Laps
A beautiful course covered a blanket of white snow. Don't be lulled into
complacency though - the ice is very slippery! Careless driving may result in
multi-kart pileups.
This course is difficult, I can say that for sure. There are plenty and I
mean plenty of obstacles to worry about, never mind your opponents. First off,
the ice isn't just there for show. Careful driving ensures you don't slide
unnecessarily into danger. There is an instance of a pool of freezing water
you will not want to accidentally fall into. Around the area, various Shy
Guys are skating around, making your life even more difficult. Evade them
and drive carefully. The main obstacle of this course are the Freezies. They
move around and attempt to freeze you in your tracks. Not good for racing and
definitely not something you want happening. Overall, you must balance
racing with careful steering to ensure you win this course. It isn't easy,
that's for sure.

3 Laps
This course takes you through downtown Mushroom City in the dead of night. It's
easy to take a wrong turn and get lost. The key to victory is avoiding the
inner-city traffic.
This one is nasty as well. It isn't easy to navigate around the city, is it?
The same deal applies in Mushroom City. Follow the arrows whenever possible.
At the beginning, read the damn sign that says 'DO NOT ENTER' on the left road.
It leads to a trap you can do without. There are some vehicles around that
you must avoid as well. Keep going around the city, avoiding any pits you
may see. There are quite a few ways of making it through the course. See which
one is best for you and use it. Because of all the obstacles, place your
traps accordingly, where you know opponents are likely to travel. Make sure
you take advantage of the mushroom car and avoid the bomb car, as well as any
other threat you may see.

3 Laps
First Luigi, then Mario, and now Yoshi. All of the courses are nice and gentle,
fitting the kind image of our resident heroes. Watch out for a few unexpected
hiccups along the way and you should be fine.
The course is shaped like Yoshi, how fitting. This course may seem linear,
but there are a few nice shortcuts around that you may consider taking. The
real obstacles you'll find are some sharp turns and Piranha Plants. By now,
you should be competent at avoiding them and drifting around sharp turns.
Now, about those shortcuts. You need Mushrooms to get the power you need to
jump across to these places. First is near the beginning. There happens to be
a point where you can jump across the water using a Mushroom instead of
going around the gap. It saves time and is one of the easiest shortcuts (and
one of the most efficient). Not bad. As for the other one, at the 'Turn Left'
sign, follow the trail until it stops. Look down to your left to see a tunnel.
Use your Mushroom to dash there (it requires a significant amount of skill)
and you will emerge near the end of the course.

3 Laps
All who have experienced DK will discover fond memories journeying through this
area. DK Mountain features many well recognised trademarks that only DK would
love - Blast Barrels, vast and unpredictable landscapes and some exciting
twists and turns along the way. Dinosaurs, being airborne at lightning-fast
speeds and travelling down rugged rocky terrain? This is what a true DK fan
would enjoy.
Now this is what I'm talking about, Donkey Kong style! Those blast barrels
from the good old days are back. Jump in and watch as you are catapulted at
phenomenal speeds across the land! On the volcano, there are plenty of points
where you can fall down. Watch where you race carefully and avoid any pits or
crevasses you may see. It's a pretty linear map, just typical of DK. At the
bridge, make sure you don't risk falling off it. Ignore the dinosaur(s) you may
see and keep going to reach the end. Overall an interesting and enjoyable

                          e. Special Cup = [SPCUP] =
***Unlock this Cup by beating the Star Cup in 100cc.***

The Special Cup is for those 'special' or priveledged few that are in the elite
of all racers in the land. Some extension courses that are extremely difficult
and cater for the needs of the gifted (cough) have been specially customised.
This course features the homes of many of Mario's big baddies.

2 Laps
If you thought Waluigi Stadium was tough, think again. Wario has made things
even bigger, better, badder and more intense. All the traps, pits, jumps,
falls, dips, curves, crests and turns are more wackier and more difficult to
execute. Watch for traps - there are numerous opportunities to place traps and
utterly destroy opponents, because of the magnitude of the traps and their
This is very similar to Waluigi Stadium. The difference? Wario's course is a
LOT longer. There are more pits around, and very sharp turns. If you mess even
one up, you're in trouble. In particular is a big pit where you must use a
dash panel to jump over it. There are numerous opportunities to set traps
(because there isn't much choice - either fall into the trap or fall into
natural obstacles along the way). There are some very long turns around and
a lot of ramps, just like we saw before in Waluigi Stadium. Take care and keep

3 Laps
The jungle is reminiscent of DK, yet not quite. Dinosaurs are abundant in this
part of the world, so watch out. Geysers, bridges and some interesting 
shortcuts provide for some entertainment, despite the somewhat familiar
A repeat attempt on Donkey Kong... Never a bad thing - at least not as overdone
as that accursed Mario. There are plenty of dinosaurs lurking about. Watch 
where they are stomping carefully and avoid them whenever possible (watch
their legs carefully). When you reach the major bridge, carefully use the
dash panels to quickly accelerate on the side routes. Too dangerous? It is a
little risky. If you are concerned that much, use the safer route through the
middle. Another interesting portion of this course are the numerous geysers
around that shoot water (duh). Time your kart to jump over these when the
water isn't flowing - or you might get thrown into the air by the water!

3 Laps
Bowser's home is never nice, is it? It's no different in Mario Kart. Lava,
intimidating enemies and very tight (sharp) turns make this course a challenge.
As per normal, take extreme care and pay attention to your surroundings.
There are a LOT of lava pits around to jump across, so you need to centre
yourself on the path correctly to complete the course successfully. In
addition, there are a lot of sharp turns, making this task all the more
difficult. There are plenty of Thwomps (giant statues) that will try to
block you or crush you underneath them. Take care also of the Bowser statue
that shoots fireballs (Podoboos) at you. Just keep on the main path, watching
carefully for bends in the road and you should be fine (no guarantees).

3 Laps
The final frontier celebrates what makes Mario Kart great. Some interesting
obstacles combine to test all aspects of the game, from control, to tactics,
to character and opinion. It's a test of endurance, but is is good fun at the
same time. Make sure you enjoy the last course in the entire game.
Rainbow Road is the final and longest course in the game. Basically, you are
on a rainbow (hence the name). There are quite a few turns and chasms to fall
over (almost always on the sides of the rainbow), so watch out. When you reach
the elevator, you will be catapulted upwards and you can then proceed around
the stage easily enough. There are some easy trap locations in the forms of
near ramps and dash panels. Ramps are killers, because any failed attempt to
dash across the chasm will result in the kart hurtling into the abyss below.
The elevator is also an excellent place to set a trap. This course is all 
about endurance. It isn't actually all that difficult, and I can think of
quite a few courses that are more challenging. Good luck!

                          f. All Cup Tour = [WORLD] =
***Beat the Special Cup on 150cc to unlock the All Cup Tour.***

Basically, this is a combination of the other four Cups. You must blaze through
all sixteen courses in a row, one after the other. All Cup Tour is more about
endurance and consistency than anything else. All the hints are provided above
for the individual tours. This is just putting all you know to practice. Even
if you get a few 2nd or 3rd places, it won't make as big a difference as it
did in the individual Cups. Your ########## total should trump every single
one of your foes with relative ease, provided you come 1st at least 50% of
the time (and in the top 3 all the time).

                          g. Mirror Mode = [IMAGE] =
***Beat the All Cup Tour on 150cc to unlock Mirror Mode.***

There are plenty of racing games with this feature before it. Think of the
normal courses - then think of reflecting the course. This is the core of
Mirror Mode; doing the entire course on its reflection. It's a major bummer,
because it takes quite a while to get used to. In addition, the difficulty
is automatically 150cc. This means you have little time to adjust to the
change of course direction. It takes some time, but just practice and you'll
eventually win this mode.

                          h. Time Trials = [TTEST] =
Time trials is basically a race against time. You are your own worst enemy in
this mode, and you must aim for ruthless efficiency. You should be aware of
Ghosts, but there are some special Ghosts that look like the producers of the
game. In order to unlock these Ghosts, you must beat the courses all in
amazingly fast times. Equal or beat the following times to unlock them:

Luigi Circuit	- 1:29
Peach Beach	- 1:15
Baby Park	- 1:14
Dry Dry Desert	- 1:53
Mushroom Bridge	- 1:34
Mario Circuit	- 1:44
Daisy Cruiser	- 1:55
Waluigi Stadium	- 2:02
Sherbet Land	- 1:28
Mushroom City	- 1:53
Yoshi Circuit	- 2:02
DK Mountain	- 2:15
Wario Colosseum	- 2:24
Dino Dino Jungle- 2:03
Bowser's Castle	- 2:47
Rainbow Road	- 3:19

Well, the best method is to practice and practice unlike ever before. Use
Rocket Starts, dash panels, Mushrooms and drifting efficiently to ensure you
can obtain the best times possible. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to
do this - but that is life.

                     i. Secrets & Unlockables = [SECRT] =
There are several unlockables that you should recognise. Basically, in order to
complete the game, finish all the Cups in every difficulty setting. Here is
a list to follow of unlockables:

NB: Any omissions indicate no prizes are given for completing that Cup/mode.

Mushroom Cup -
Green Fire
SPD - 4 ACC - 2 WGT - 2 CLS - Medium

Flower Cup -
Bloom Coach
SPD - 3 ACC - 3 WGT - 2 CLS - Medium

Star Cup -
Para Wing
SPD - 1 ACC - 5 WGT - 2 CLS - Light

Special Cup -
Bullet Blaster
SPD - 4 ACC - 3 WGT - 1 CLS - Light

Mushroom Cup -
Rattle Buggy
SPD - 2 ACC - 3 WGT - 4 CLS - Light

Flower Cup -
Waluigi Racer
SPD - 3 ACC - 3 WGT - 3 CLS - Medium

Star Cup -
Special Cup

Special Cup -
Both are placed in the light weight division. Their special item is a Golden
Mushroom, which is more powerful than a standard Mushroom.

Toad Kart
SPD - 2 ACC - 4 WGT - 2 CLS - Light

Mushroom Cup -
Luigi's Mansion (refer to the next section for more details)

Flower Cup -
Turbo Birdo
SPD - 3 ACC - 3 WGT - 4 CLS - Medium

Star Cup -
Barrel Train
SPD - 4 ACC - 2 WGT - 3 CLS - Light

Special Cup -
All Cup Tour

All Cup Tour -
Mirror Mode

Mirror Mode
Mushroom Cup -
Toadette Kart
SPD - 1 ACC - 5 WGT - 2 CLS - Light

Flower Cup -
Tilt-A-Kart (refer to the next section for more details)

Star Cup -
Both are considered heavy characters. Their special item is Pot Luck. In other
words, they can obtain ANY of the other characters' special items.

Piranha Pipes
SPD - 5 ACC - 3 WGT - 4 CLS - Heavy

Special Cup -
Boo Pipes
SPD - 2 ACC - 4 WGT - 5 CLS - Heavy

All Cup Tour -
Parade Kart
NB: Parade Kart can be used by any weight division. 
SPD - 4 ACC - 3 WGT - 4 CLS - Light/Medium/Heavy

The Producer Ghosts from the Time Trials are another unlockable feature.

                         03. Multi Player = [MULTI] =                      
The two modes Grand Prix and Versus are self-explanatory. Grand Prix is just
a co-op version of the standard game, while Versus is playing against
friends in Time Trials.

On the other hand, Battle Mode is a different story. This is the ultimate
Mario Kart: Double Dash!! mode for playing against friends. There are three
minigames to choose from and six arenas (four to begin with) to choose from.

Lose the balloons attached to your kart and you're out! You'll lose one 
balloon each time you're hit by something into any damage-dealing items.
Characters can all use special items.

How to lose balloons:
1. Get hit by an enemy's item attack and spin or flip.
2. Fall off the stage.
3. Get hit by another kart when it's using a Mushroom or a Star.
4. Get hit by a Slide Attack.

NB: 3 & 4 can be used to steal balloons off opponents!

Hints - Cover yourself with Shells whenever possible. Don't use items for the
sake of it, make sure that your actions are deliberate.

Pick up the Shine that drops on the course, and a timer will begin counting
down. If you can hold on to the Shine until the timer reaches zero, you win.
If someone steals the Shine, attack him and get it back before the timer
reaches zero. All special items are available to every character in this
battle mode.

How to drop the Shine:
1. Get hit by an item attack or spin and flip.
2. Drive out of the battle stage.
3. Get rammed by an opponent who's using a Star or a Mushroom.
4. Get hit by a Slide Attack.

NB: 3 & 4 can be used to steal the Shine off an opponent. The direction of
the Shine is shown by the yellow arrow on the top of the screen (if you do
NOT have it already).

Hints - Learn all the ways to steal the Shine off by heart. Manipulate areas
and make sure you understand all the nooks, crannies and other hiding places.
Look for quick escapes and always protect yourself whenever possible.

Ready, aim, fire! Toss Bob-ombs at opponents and try to hit them. Each time
you blow up an opponent, you get a point. Depending on the number of players,
the first to three or four wins. Careful, though: if you get hit, you lost
a point. In this Battle mode, the only items that appear are Bob-ombs. Each
character in a a kart can carry several Bob-ombs at a time. Explosions from
your own Bob-ombs do NOT hurt you.

Hints - This game is a game of luck for the most part. To get the most out of
the experience, once again make sure you can protect yourself whenever you can
and find some locations to camp, hideout or escape easily. All out aggression
will never be a successful tactic.

Cookie Land - Battle atop a giant cookie. Hurl items over the four different
coloured toppings to hit enemies from a distance!

Block City - A square stage made of blocks. Chase enemies who throw stuff at
you. Watch out for the intersection - it's a dangerous place to be!

Nintendo Gamecube - What's this? A giant Nintendo Gamecube!? There are no
obstacles on this course, so the action is fast and frantic.

Pipe Plaza - Use the warp pipes to zip from place to place. This is a wide
stage, so you can run, but can you hide?

Luigi's Mansion - Remember that old Gamecube game? The same mansion Luigi
ventured into is back. There are plenty of places to go into. It is easy to
hide in the basement, or travel to the top of the building and surprise the
opponent by jumping back down to the main floor.

Tilt-A-Kart - Looks like its 8-bit all over again! Play on a tilting arena,
that sends items and players over the edge! Watch the momentum of the arena
and try to catch opponents off-guard.

Additional notes -
* My favourite arena for almost every minigame is the Nintendo Gamecube. It's
all out aggression! If you love action, the GCN is the arena for you!
* The Pipe Arena takes my pick for the best arena to escape. Use the pipes
to your advantage!
* Luigi's Mansion is a big arena that is perfect for escapes. Make your way
through all the floors, drop down quickly or slowly climb up to the top. The
choice is yours!

                              04. FAQ = [SOSME] =                      
Q] How come your guide doesn't have ... shortcut?
A] Any worthy shortcuts are mentioned briefly. This guide is not an elaborate
step-by-step guide. Ask elsewhere for that kind of thing.

Q] I didn't unlock ... race?
A] You probably didn't win. Or - you were playing the wrong mode/difficulty.
Or... your game is glitchy. But the chances of that happening are very remote.

Q] Why are you against Mario? Why do you like DK so much?
A] What...?! When did I say that... I like them both equally! <_<

Q] Um... That confirms my suspicions.
A] Really...?! Alright, I admit it. I hate Mario. I said it. I - HATE - MARIO!
Mario is overused and there is nothing extraordinary about him. He's a plumber,
for crying out loud!

Q] What's so good about a giant ape with a pea-brain?
A] Uh... Quiet, you! They both are... somewhat crazy. But in a DK vs. Mario
battle, I will go DK all the way! He's underrated and always in Mario's
shadow. Go Luigi, too, for that matter. Even if he has some... gender issues.

Q] Are you saying... Luigi is...
A] I think we all know that.

Q] No! Luigi is my idol! *sobs*
A] Go see a shrink, seriously.

Q] Who do you consider the best combination/kart?
A] Normally, light characters are better due to their acceleration. It's 
easy for a newbie, because - it just is. Easy controls means that it is
easier to learn how to play. The rest is self-explanatory. Items play a small
part in the equation as well. For instance, DK's banana (yes, I'm bashing DK)
is not as useful, as say, Baby Mario's Chain Chomp (I'm supporting Mario? OMG!)

Q] Damnit! I can't do this!
A] Practice. There is no easy way around it. Believe me, practice can get you
very far. Observe your surroundings and remember what you see, which routes are
best and what items are worth taking. With time and with the advice of this
guide, you will be a lot faster going through various courses.

Q] Your guide stinks.
A] Why, thank you. If you aren't satisfied, I highly recommend Kirby's guide
on GameFAQs. He's a major Prolific FAQer.

Q] What's your next objective?
A] I'm busy for the time-being with school, so don't expect anything all that
soon. During the Easter break, I hope to produce another guide of good quality.
At the moment, I'll see if I can update my Fire Emblem guide, which is so far
my most successful.

Q] Did you... change names or something?
A] Yes, my former name is Sealed Lance, and I am still recognised due to my
GameFAQs board name (which has not changed). The reason for the change of name
was... because I felt Sealed Lance wasn't such a good name (what? I couldn't
think of anything else - 3 years ago) and I needed a change of pace for a 
while. It represents a change in direction of my life, I guess.

                            05. Tiering = [TIERS] =
I've decided that adding a tiering section would be a nice way of conveying a
few tips to the lost ones, and also my opinions will be clarified in this
section to prevent random FAQs regarding it.

Ranking the items -
Items aren't too difficult to classify, to be honest. Many are clear winners,
while others are just useless.

I think there needs little justification here. The powers of the almighty are
just too overwhelming and game-changing to be ignored. The classic thunderbolt
of Zues remains a clear winner.

What's this? Why have I placed the Star so high up on my list? It's pretty
simple. Invincibility is VERY valuable. Stealing items? Yes. Avoiding all
obstacles? Yes. Stopping most enemies in their tracks? Yes. An increase in
speed? Yes, once again. Stars are excellent items in almost every situation
imaginable - and usually are there to save your ass when you find yourself in
a sticky situation. Good stuff.

The Spiny Shell is pretty powerful, there's no doubt about that. This item
alone will make people really think about whether they want to lead for most
of the race. It has a massive blast radius and is homing on the current leader,
but it has been bunked down to third place because there are a few ways of
avoiding its explosion (Star, Thunderbolt, stunning/skidding/crashing into an
obstacle right before impact).

Well, well. Why did I place the Red Shell - God forbid, above the our favourite
magic Mushrooms? Mushrooms are good - but this CAN be better. Shells, as I have
pointed out time and time again; have more versatility than most items. I'll
say it again - protection, a means to destroy obstacles and slow down opponents
to boot. Red Shells are placed ahead of the Mushrooms (while the Green Shells
are placed below them) due to their homing properties. It makes the Red Shells
all the more worth it.

Mushrooms are good for two main things; either speeding yourself up past other
racers, or stealing items. Whatever you prefer, both options are pretty nice
tactical advantages AND you can do both at once if you are good enough. Plus,
three opportunities to do so is even more potent in the right hands.

Three Mushrooms > One Mushroom, but nonetheless I have already said how 
powerful and effective these little objects can be. Besides, this item isn't
the worst you could end up with.

The Green Shell is far outclassed by the Red Shell. No homing, but still, the
shell is a unique item. Bouncing around along the track can be a good or bad
thing. In addition, I have said a billion times by now (at least it feels like
it) of all the nice aspects and the variety of uses that the shell has.

At the bottom of my list are traps. It's a sad fact, but traps can easily be
avoided and/or destroyed, although they still can serve their purposes quite
well (usually as annoyers/distractions). The Fake Item ranks ahead of the
Banana peel because of the fact it actually is slightly camouflaged and can
blend reasonably well in a cluster of Item Boxes. That's about all.

Last and least, is the standard Banana peel. Another case of DK being played
down while Mario is being overfranchised. It's last for apparent reasons, as I
have said before. It's a trap for one thing, and for another, it is easy to
spot (not as easy as the Giant version, but still; easier than the Fake Item).

Why does this monstrosity get to be 'top dog'? I think that it is self-evident
that it has the potential; a rampaging stampede that guides the player for a
significant proportion of the course, speeding them up and horribly disabling
opponents. But also, I think the main reason the Chain Chomp is so special is
that the Babies themselves are quite a fine team, and this is the cherry on
the cake.

I always have loved Shells (in case you somehow have not noticed - that being
the case, I must resort to calling you a... sponge, or something). Three times
the fun can only be a good thing, right? Red Shells (Paratroopa) are especially
lethal, so have fun slowing down opponents by repetitively smashing them one by
one with shells. Shells can also be used as nice traps (bouncing up and down
the track like minesweepers... don't look at me like that!).

The Heart might be a surprise, but if you know me (which you should by now,
judging from my other selections) then this isn't such a big deal. The Heart 
Special is pretty good, because not only do you have some protection, but you
can steal numerous items at the same time. Not bad, to say the least. I believe
ranking it right at the top is well justified.

Mushrooms are favoured by me quite a lot, just like the Shells. Hey, at least
I'm not contradictory or anything. Anyway, the Golden Mushroom I think (correct
me if I'm wrong - this could dramatically alter my tiering) is slightly more
powerful than a regular Mushroom, so it ranks pretty high on my list as well.
Mushrooms themselves are pretty handy for stealing and speeding away, but the
golden colour has convinced me of their elitism. Plus, triple Mushrooms can
make quite a difference - especially if they are Gold ones.

The Bomb-omb is one of the iffy items that makes it good and bad. Yes, the iffy
items can only be placed right in the middle. Good? Maybe. Bad? Maybe. The 
choice is yours; luck and skill play a big part in determining the results.
That's the only reason the Bomb-omb, despite tremendous power, is stuck down
in 5th place. It can't be ranked any higher, because it is just too risky.

Iffy item clone! How nice. But the Eggs are EVEN MORE risky than the Bomb-ombs,
if you can imagine. The reason? That three item bonus. What if the enemy
anticipates where it crashes and steals some great items from you? What if you
HELP the enemy to victory? These are questions that must be considered. Poor
Yoshi has a Special that is too unpredictable to be considered good.

And then... Here come the crappy, ordinary items. These items are pretty much
standard items with the words 'Special' plastered all over them. Yuck. But,
why the Shell - my favourite item? Well, as a giant counterpart of the ordinary
Shell, I think the Triple Shell idea is infinitely more effective. Also, being
giant doesn't make it any better than its standard counterpart.

Mario and Luigi for ONCE do not rank high (although their Baby version's
Special is first place). The Fireballs, as outlined before, have pros and cons.
The spreader effect can be advantageous (clusters, conveniently spaced foes,
and other examples that escape my mind) or disastrous (cannot target a single
foe that effectively, or destroy resident targets with reliability - traps and
so on). Well, that basically sums up why the Fireballs are pretty much badly

The Banana has narrowly avoided last place, but just like its standard counter,
it sucks. It is basically just a bigger, more obvious version of the Banana and
as a trap, it ranks low. At least, by my standards.

I hate luck - you all should understand that by now. That's why Pot Luck is
pretty hopeless. It sounds good, but when you realise how many items (and how
diverse and good-bad they are) there are, you might reconsider. You must be
able to think fast to use Pot Luck well, and sometimes improvise. Be prepared
for a somewhat pathetic bout of luck every now and again (moreso for me than
most people, methinks).

Ranking the characters -
Preference of characters largely depends on a few factors:
- Playing style
- Special items
- Weight divisions

That's about all really. There are a few general assumptions made about the
use of characters. The main point to look for is their weight division. Light
characters (and any light combination in general) are usually better suited to
control, and in addition, are usually easier to master. Medium characters
usually suck, to be honest, and heavy characters can only be used if you are
looking to steal from other characters often (but, the catch is that you must
have great mastery of the game and turning, drifting etc.). Basically, stick
with the lightweights and you'll be alright (in a good position for often
than not). The only opportunity I may recommend heavyweights is for Multi
Player minigames. Their girth may actually be useful for hoarding items.

After extensive experimentation and testing, my results are... still somewhat
inconclusive. My personal preference for favourite character combination is
the Paratroopa-Baby Mario team, but what do I know, anyway? Tiering characters
is quite difficult, as I have so far demonstrated. Make your own decisions and
experiment freely with every single character. It will benefit you to get a
feel for each of the characters on their own merits and personally know their
strengths and weaknesses.

Ranking the karts -
Karts, as is the case with characters, largely varies on a few factors:
- playing style
- character team selection

Well, well, well... I think the rest is self-explanatory. Pick karts based on
your character combination team. My favourite kart? I actually can't recall,
as it has been quite some time since I have actually played. But, from looking
at the statistics, the Parade Kart would be pretty high on my list. Look for
balance in your karts, not just excellence in one area.

Think otherwise? Send in your opinions if you like. Just make sure that there
is some truth to your argument...

                          06. Conclusion = [CLOSE] =                        
Here we are, this guide is getting wrapped up.

                       a. Legal Disclaimers = [LEGAL] =
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                        b. Contact Details = [EMAIL] =
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I will not communicate via any medium except e-mail. No IM programs and so on.
I also do not tolerate e-mails regarding trivia transferred via chain mail or
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I ask that you make yourself clear, succint and use English only.

I appreciate feedback such as commentary or constructive criticism.

For maintenance and convenience, I have and will only allow the following
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Under no circumstances can this guide or any of my other guides be hosted on
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                        c. Acknowledgements = [FINAL] =
Well, the following people made this guide possible:
CJayC & the GameFAQs team - Creating the GameFAQs empire!

All other hosts - Hosting my guide!

Nintendo - Making Mario Kart: Double Dash!! 

Mario Kart: DD!! Instruction Booklet - Plenty of information taken from there.

Kirby021591 - Making an outstanding guide himself. I learnt the names of
several enemies I had no clue about before.

My brother - Reminding me about various tidbits in the game.

scurty - ASCII Art title; an amazing ASCII Art maker that has made Art for
various titles.

nomad65 - GCN Controller diagram; Once again, I say kudos to your 1337 ASCII
skills (that is the right term for it, isn't it?)

Another quick reminder that any suggestions or help/advice are welcome.

Anyway, life is short - so live everyday to its fullest. Until next time...

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