Fall Guys Ruined by Hackers

Fall Guys got off to a fantastic start when it was first released on August 4th 2020. It was supported by many top YouTubers who showed off their skills and showcased the game in their videos. In our household we are big fans of Fall Guys, but lately we feel it is getting ruined by hackers that are making the game impossible to win. How long has this been going on? And what will the developer Mediatonic do about this.

Fall Guy Hacks

It's unfortunate but Fall Guy hacks seem to be available since a few days after the release of the game. A quick search on Google reveals some early dates that people started to ahck in Fall guys. This video for example, published on August 7th 2020, shows some instances of people hacking Fall Guys:

Although Mediatonic have said that they are working on fixes to thwart the cheaters, on September 1st, we are still seeing hackers in the game so hopefully they get a handle on this soon as it can ruin the gaming experience by creating an unfair environment. The problem I think Mediatronic will face is that the hackers can be adaptable and as soon as Mediatronic fix one problem, it may not be long until another different hack surfaces.

'Developer Mediatonic told Polygon that it is working on a fix that will hopefully hit the game “soon.” A representative for the developer added, “Cheating takes away from everyone’s enjoyment of the game.” In the meantime, the battle royale developer encourages people to report hackers.' - https://www.polygon.com/2020/8/10/21361802/..

There has been recent news that Activision has threatened legal action against sites distributing hacks for it's Call of Duty game, as reported by PCGamesN, perhaps this will end up being the recourse that more publishers and developers will end up taking as cheats in multiplayer games can be a damaging experience for the game and cause a lot of frustration for the average gamer that is seeking a fair gaming environment.

How to Find Fall Guys Hacks

While we are a game cheat and help website, we do not condone or support multiplayer cheating and hacks in anyway and believe cheats like this spoil legitimate game environments for other players. You can however easily find Fall Guys hacks on the internet, using Google. Why Google allows and ranks these sites that offer products that can be damaging I do not know. We recommened that you don't try Fall Guys hacks and you play the game faitly, and read up on our Fall Guys Tips to become a better player.

Reporting Cheaters and Hackers

Mediatonic have some info for people if you encounter people cheating and hacking Fall Guys, check out this page for information on how to report Fall Guys hackers: https://support.fallguys.com/hc/en-us/articles/360015837659-Reporting-Hackers-and-Cheats

We really do hope that Mediatronic manage to find a permanent solution to stop hacks in this great game, because in our house at least we all love playing it and are looking forward to it arriving on other platforms soon!

Posted: 1st Sep 2020 by Team SuperCheats
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