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Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life

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Plenty of cheats for you to look through and includes getting easy money and free items, getting the alarm clock at the begining of the game and changing the weather.

More Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life Cheats and Tips

We have 30 cheats and tips on GameCube. If you have any cheats or tips for Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life please send them in here.

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Change the Weather

Fancy a change in weather? All you have to do is watch the weather channel on your television and keep switching the set on and off until you see the weather you want.


Unlock Fishing Rod G:
Befriend Galen

Unlock Ruby Spice:
Befriend Ruby

Unlock Seed Maker:
Befriend Daryl
Unlock Strange Hoe:
Befriend Tim
Unlock Strange Sickle:
Befriend Cody

Unlock Watering Can W:
Befriend Romana
Unlock Weird Hoe:
Befriend Vesta
Unlock Weird Sickle:
Befriend Dr. Hardy
Unlock Wool Clippers:
Befriend Wally
Unlock Goat Milker:
Get it automatically after buying the goat
Unlock Alarm Clock:
Befriend Grant in Chapter 2 or later.
Unlock Sheet Music:
Befriend Lumina in Chapter 3 or later.
Unlock Flora’s Necklace:
Befriend Flora in Chapter 3 or later.
Unlock Gold Me..

Get the alarm clock in the beggining!

You need two controllers for this cheat. It is like the Z button or the START button cheat. So you plug in a controller in the first slot, then one in the third. Press up on either the arrows, or the control stick. You will have the alarm clock!

lots of money and items

Okay to get 10,000 gold in this game just take out your controller and put it in slot 3 then press start to get 10,000 gold, to do this a multiple of times just take it out and put it back in then press start. To get tons of random items including 99 of all the tools just do the same as above except instead of pressing start press z.


Ok here some good cheats.
First cheat put a controller in slot three then press z you now have at
Least 98 of every tool and 50 of alot of seeds and 50 of some dishes/food
And is a good way to get lots of food in your freezer/refrigerator
Use the cheat ubove and then put all the food/crops in the freezer/refrigerator
Then use the cheat again and do the same thing over and over again untill you
Have a full freezer/refrigerator.

Random Items In The Backpack

First off, I'm going to start by saying use this cheat. It may sound totally useless to some of you, but you'll find that to be wrong. You recieve random food, crops, tools, and items that you've never even heard of, and this may help you in your farming, cooking, and certain items may help you win that special guy. Some of the things are unlockables, that you can't buy and only recieve from friends. This is also a great way to make millions in one day. Just do it on the day Van comes to town. So you can sell ninety-eight of your ninety-nine tools that are repeated. I reccomend keeping the crops in the freezer located in the Food Storage Building. These items really come in handy when cooking. So, now that I've bored you with my long intro, heres the code: Put the controller plug-in of t..

free items

Enter a controler into socket 3. Push the z button and you will get 99 of every tool more food than you could think of and alot of other things. *warning* I do not suggest entering this code intill you propose to your dream guy I did that and I had to wait till he proposed to me at the end of the year.

3rd controller cheat

This cheat is for Harvest Moon: ANOTHER Wonderful Life
Plug in a controller in the 1st slot - to play the game. Then plug another controller into the 3rd slot.
Without pausing the game or opening the bag, just press START on the slot 3 controller to get 10,000 gold. Press it as many times as you like.
Press Z on the slot 3 controller to aquire all tools and most crop seeds and crops, even rares and hybrids. The mixture of crops and the number you get varies every time, but you always get 99 of every tool and at least 50 of crops and seeds.
While you can use both, I recommend using the items cheat and selling the 98 extra tools and stuff you don't want. This always makes about 2 million gold just from selling the extra stuff to Van..

The GREAT cheats

Do you have a second controller you never use that has no meaning to you? Well it should start meaning something now! Here is what you do.....
1. Plug your second controller into the third slot.
2. Don't be in the start screen!
3. If you want almost everything in the game press the Z button on the second controller.
4. If you want $10,000 press start on the second controller.
You can use these cheats as much as you want, but if you use the money cheat too much the game wont read all the money and it will say you don't have enough money to buy anything. So be careful not to use the money cheat too much.

Easy money

Okay first, buy 2 trees from vesta, i reccommend 2 banana trees. plant them in the big fertile field and water them once. that is all you need to do, you never have to water them again. They will not grow in time for the summer. then just do watever, but dont kill the trees. after you get married in the spring of year 2 befriend Daryl the scientist. one day while hes in his house he will give u a seed maker this turns 2 fruit into seeds, during the summer the bananas will grow. each tree will give 8 fruit on 4 days, these can be any 4 summer days u want 2 be. u should have 64 fruit(32 fruit per tree). put each fruit in the seed maker and make 128 seeds. u can sell the seeds 4 one half of the original price u bought it 4

Tip: Don't use the the third remote and press st..

Tip: Don't use the the third remote and press start trick, it is dangerous in the game because I tried it and all it did when I got married was say that even though I had about 6 million g, I want and also needed to buy medicine because I was going to have a calf and wanted to have medicune just in case, but because I used the cheat it glitched and I was told by everyone that I tried to buy stuff from that I didn't have enough money and all my cattle died, as well as my chickens, so now I only use the Z button trick because it doesn't glitch. I hope this saves you from hassle now I posted this.
Well bye!
Kindly sent in by Hollie Harvestgal

Unlimited money!$

Get two controllers plug both in press start on the one in the second slot and get 10000 gold each time you press it (don't press start on the one in the first slot because then it doesnt work)note:i have only tried this with two wireless controllershope you get lots of money!!!!!!!!!

Be friends with Carter

Collect about 4 tablets and occasionally go to the dig-site to help. He will be your friend.


Tomatoma soup
Tomato and carrot
Yam soup
1 yam
Potatoe soup
Potatoe,wild plant and a mushroom
Potatoe,carrot and a milk
Fish stew
Fish,sweet potatoe and a turnip


Tomamelo salad
Tomato and a melon
Tomacarro salad
Tomato and a carrot
Light pickles
1 or 2 or 3 turnips

BE CAREFUL when you do the 99 of everything you ..

BE CAREFUL when you do the 99 of everything you will get 65 blue feathers or whatever # of blue feathers. ON THE FIRST DAY OF SUMMER you will get another one from flak,nak,and nik. Im pretty sure you use that one to propose. BUT mine dissappeard and now I can't propose, even I f the guy has 4 hearts. SOOOOOO I have 2 wait till the end of the year. TAKE THIS MESSAGE AS A WARNING!

The z button trick

This works for this game only! When you are not on the pause screen (or anywhere else that shows how munch money you have) press z and then press start and voila!, you have 99 of almost everything.

Hope this helps!
The master of games Katara9

Lotsa money and items

Ok, alot of people have been misinturpreting the cheat for the 3rd controller.
You can still get married if you have used the z cheat and lost your blue feather you will just have to use the cheat again put a controller into the 3rd port press z you get different items each time press start to get 10,000 gold.

Making Friends (:

To make friends go on any day (except for 3&8) open a shop, when people come by talk to them and always give them the discount. People will only buy things three times, then they will leave. P.S. You can figure out what they like by seeing what they buy.
When you give them discounts they become your friends quicker.

Daryl's likes.

So everyone knows that if you befriend Daryl you can get the seedmaker and a lizard (if you befriend maku-maku as well) But not everyone knows what Daryl likes. It might be hard to get this for him every day if you aren't using the money cheat since you can only get the lizard in the first year, but cheese is his favourite item. If you give him cheese (average or very good quality; it doesn't matter) everyday, he will be your friend in no time!

Gustafa's Likes<3

Gustafa likes:
Earth Soup
Veggie Cake
Milk (perferably Marble)
Stones from the digging site
and Salads! :D

Tons of Money without cheating

Too many hints for money here contain and are cheats.
Lets get a good sound one up shall we?
Buy and grow 3 banana trees.
Fertilize them Daily. Get them all A or S Rank.
Befriend Daryl early on and get Seed Maker for free.
Put the bananas you harvest into Seed maker.
Sell Seeds to anyone who will buy them.
Bananas are a money crop.


This isn't exactly a hint but:
In the 2nd chapter, after you get your kid, Nina passes away. If you happen to see Galen near her grave talk to him and he will ask you to clean it. You don't get anything but it's the thought that counts, right!


The years in this game are only one year long each instead of diff. Amounts so it goes faster than HMa wonderful life

*hope that helped!*

It is winter and Marlin has 4 hearts with me. I ..

It is winter and Marlin has 4 hearts with me. I do have the blue feather but he always says, "What is this?" I want to get married!
Thank you to whoever answers this question.
The reason is because you have to make him like you a little more thats what I did
And then every day I gave him a egg and a milk then I proposed k
Hope I helped
Ps since it's winter just let him propose to you at the end of the year k

Oh! Cool! I never new guys could propose to you!!

Iteams!Iteams!And more iteams!!

Have you ever gotten tired of searching a LOOOOONG time just to find food or stuff to sell?well to get a truckload of stuff this is what you do:frist you ensert a controller into slot 3.then you do this:YYYYYYYYYY,XXXXXXXXXX,LRLRLRLRLRLRLRLRLRLR.but you have to do that on your 3rd controller!after you done that switch back to controller 1 and press will have 99 of everything you can get AND what you can't get!well thats all folks!=^)

To get a horse

Takura usually gives you a horse around the 8th day of summer but during just spring ifyou do NOT make any orders or shipments than you will get the horse on the first or second of summer.

Skipping Days

If your someone like me who easily gets bored and just wants to move on to the next chapter then read.
If you have any animals sell them, one by one. (but keep your horse because I don't think you get another one!)Then get the alarm clock if you don't already have it (to get it before befriending Grant, put your controller into slot three of your Wii/game cube and move the thing up once on the bottom right hand stick mover thing :P) and set to whatevr time you want. Then just keep sleeping and sleeping, only stopping once ina while to talk to your kid and husband, or to feed your horse. Its kind of boring but it's quicker than anything else.
Hope I helped! (:

Free Seedmaker and Lizard from Daryl

Later on in the game you can buy a machine called the seedmaker that takes crops grown and harvested on your farm and gives you seeds at their level (ex. b rank or s rank). Well if you befriend Daryl before this moment in the game he will give it to you for free! Simply talk to him alot, visit his lab when you can, give him stuff for free or discounts when selling. Anything to increase his happiness towards you.
When you get to the cutscene where you meet bigfoot's small relative you can start befriending it too. When both Daryl's and the bigfoot thing's happiness are high enough the result is you own pet lizard.

Child Interests

In game go to Assest and find your childs interests.
Farmer - Married to Marlin. Friends with Vesta and Celia. Have crops, not trees, always growing on farm.
Rancher - Married to Marlin, friends with dude that lives on farm with you, have lots and wide variety of animals.
Musician - Married to Gustafa, friends with little girl and old lady from big mansion, have cat.

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