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Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life


Child Rearing FAQ

by StardustAndSun

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                  cMMMM#@@#@#[email protected]@MMMMM     [email protected]$#@[email protected]
                    C9E$BWB$#B$E9S.           7AUWBQzo22z22Un.

          _   _                          _   __  __
         | | | | __ _ _ ____   _____ ___| |_|  \/  | ___   ___  _ __
         | |_| |/ _` | '__\ \ / / _ Y __| __| |\/| |/ _ \ / _ \| '_ \
         |  _  | (_| | |   \ V /  __|__ \ |_| |  | | (_) | (_) | | | |
    ____ |_| |_|\__,_|_| ___\_/ \___|___/\__|_|  |_|\___/ \___/|_|_|_| ___
   / ___| |__ (_) | __| |  _ \ ___  __ _ _ __(_)_ __   __ _|  ___/ \  / _ \
  | |   | '_ \| | |/ _` | |_) / _ \/ _` | '__| | '_ \ / _` | |_ / _ \| | | |
  | |___| | | | | | (_| |  _ <  __/ (_| | |  | | | | | (_| |  _/ ___ \ |_| |
   \____|_| |_|_|_|\__,_|_| \_\___|\__,_|_|  |_|_| |_|\__, |_|/_/   \_\__\_\

~ Copyright and Legal Information ~

This guide and all contents and layout Copyright  2007 by Stardustandsunshine
ASCII art created from original screenshot of Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful
Life, property of Marvelous Interactive. "Harvest Moon Child Rearing FAQ"
header created using FIGwin.

The ONLY sites that have permission to host this FAQ as of May 5, 2008

As for you, the reader, you may NOT copy any or all of this FAQ and post it
anywhere or use it in any way other than for your own personal use, whether
you give me credit for it or not, without expressed written permission. You
may absolutely not claim it or any part of it as your own or use it for any
sort of personal gain (including financial).

However, you CAN save it to your hard drive or print it or write it out by
hand--as long as you don't use it for anything other than your own personal

Okay, now that we've got that cleared up, read on, and enjoy!

~ Table of Contents ~

Use Ctrl + F to skip to the section you need.

~ Version History.......................................................[HIST1]
~ Introduction..........................................................[INTR1]
~ General Tips..........................................................[TIPS1]
~ Like Father, Like Son.................................................[DADS1]
  ~ Rock................................................................[DADS2]
  ~ Gustafa.............................................................[DADS3]
  ~ Marlin..............................................................[DADS4]
~ Train Up a Child in the Way He Should Go..............................[JOBS1]
  ~ Raising a rancher...................................................[JOBS2]
  ~ Cultivating a farmer................................................[JOBS3]
  ~ Baby Einstein.......................................................[JOBS4]
  ~ Musical prodigy.....................................................[JOBS5]
  ~ Start with art......................................................[JOBS6]
  ~ Good athletes are born, not made....................................[JOBS7]
~ Credits...............................................................[CRED1]
~ Contact Info..........................................................[MAIL1]

~ Version History                                                    [HIST1] ~

September 2, 2007
  ~~Version 1.0 uploaded: First full version of this guide
February 27, 2008
  ~~Version 1.1 uploaded: Added general information in several sections and
    made some minor corrections/clarifications

~ Introduction                                                       [INTR1] ~

In the past week I've gotten at least three or four questions about raising a
child in this game. There's not a lot of info out there so I thought I'd write
a FAQ about it. There's a lot of information on the male version of this game
(Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life) and you can definitely check the FAQs for that
game for help. But people learned a lot of what they know by experimentation
and sharing information on the message boards so it can be hard to track down
what you want to know. Hence the need for this guide. I've tried to collect as
much information as possible into one spot and put it into a format that's easy
to read and understand.

There are six possible careers for your son to choose: rancher, farmer,
scholar, musician, artist, or athlete. If he chooses to be a rancher or farmer
he will inherit the farm when he grows up. If he chooses one of the other
careers he will leave the farm to make a name for himself out in the world. The
career he chooses doesn't directly affect game play, since you don't get the
cutscene showing what he decides to do until the end of the game after you die.

This game is divided into six chapters. In the first, you begin your farming
career. You're playing as a young bachelorette whose father has just died and
left you his small farm. You have one year to make the farm successful and find
a husband. At the end of the first year, if you haven't chosen a husband from
among the local bachelors, the one who likes you the most will come to your
house to propose. You can either accept, or get a sad scene and end the game.

Chapter 2 starts about three years later. You've now got a toddler son (and no,
you cannot have a daughter in this game, unless you have the Special Edition
for the PS2) and your husband has moved into your house. Starting now, it's
your job to influence your son toward a particular career. For this year only,
you can pick your child up and carry him to the places you want him to visit.
He won't take things you offer him, but showing them to him will encourage the
career they represent. He'll start talking, and this is another opportunity to
encourage/discourage certain areas. He has a toy box and the toys you put into
it will affect his interests. (Buy the toys from Van. They cost 500G.) You can
also cuddle and play with him. You should do this every day, but too much will
spoil him and he'll be harder to get along with and influence later in life. A
good rule of thumb is to use each icon once (the icons will show up on the
screen when you pick him up), and pick him up once or twice a day. This is the
most important chapter because where you choose to take him and who you show
him, along with what you do with your own time, will have the most profound
effect on him.

In the third chapter your son is about 8 or 10 years old. He's begun to develop
a personality and interests. He'll start indicating which career he's leaning
toward and also have a diary you can read to get an idea of his interests. You
can no longer pick him up and take him places, but you can still influence him
by visiting places and talking to people who reinforce your chosen career. He
can now accept gifts and you should start giving him things that are related to
the career you want him to have. Expect a lot of inconsistency from him at the
beginning of this chapter. He comes pre-packaged with dozens of scripted
comments just like he has black hair or green eyes. These will fade by the end
of the chapter as he settles into his chosen set of interests.

In this chapter you can get special gifts from your friends to encourage certain
careers. He also gets his own room in this chapter. Peek inside to get
an idea of where he's headed career-wise; the items he chooses to keep in his
room indicate his interests. At the beginning of the chapter, he enjoys name-
dropping, so don't worry too much if he likes to talk about people who
represent the "wrong" career paths. By the end of the chapter he will have lost
interest in most of the townspeople other than the ones you've been encouraging
him to pursue. He can accept up to two gifts a day but will not accept one for
something he's not interested in, and giving gifts has not been shown to spoil
him so give generously. After the two-gift maximum you can continue to show him
things that will influence him (so keep that in mind if you have something you
want to keep, like a rare, expensive ore or an S-ranked rare crop) and he will
comment either positively or negatively, indicating how interested he is in
that item and the related career path.

Your son is a teenager as Chapter 4 opens. He's moody and hard to get along
with, but you shouldn't give up on him. This is pretty much your last chance to
influence him one way or the other. The gifts he accepts or rejects don't
necessarily indicate his career preferences so much as his negative attitude
toward you and his father. (He's not very consistent, either. He may accept the
exact same gift for two or three days in a row and then the next day refuse to
take it.) He can still be influenced by the things you offer him, though, so
keep on showing him things that are related to his career, and ignore any
rudeness or complaints. (In the boy version of this game, during chapter 4 your
son would only accept certain gifts based on who his mother was, not on what he
was interested in. Not enough testing has been done to know whether that is
true for this game, too.)

In Chapter 5 your son is a young adult. He's pretty much set in his ways now.
You can still give him gifts and influence him with your actions, but by this
point you should have pointed him in the right direction. Your work is mostly
done. He's still a little hard to get along with but nothing like the terrible
teens were.

Chapter 6 is all about tying up loose ends. You can't influence your son any
longer. His career is chosen and he'll give hints throughout the year about
what he plans to do with his life. At the end of the chapter you'll get a
cutscene showing what he decides to do. There's not much difference between
this chapter and the last one.

Chapter 7 isn't really a chapter. It's called "Heaven," and in this game,
Heaven looks a lot like earth. You continue on where you left off in chapter 6
(before your death, your son's career choice, etc.) with everyone still where
they were before. You're still married, your son still lives at home, all the
people who lived in the valley are still there, you still have all your
animals, etc. This chapter lasts as long as you want. You can play for a thou-
sand years if you want to. You've spent the whole game raising your son to be
the kind of person you want him to become. Now he's an adult and it's all about
you. Do all the things you avoided doing so you wouldn't influence him the
wrong way. Make friends with the people you stayed away from and avoid the ones
you don't like. Get all the cutscenes you missed during your life, plant the
crops, cook the dishes, buy the animals, catch the fish, mine the minerals,
whatever you want to do.

At the end of each chapter you'll have a cutscene. The first one, obviously, is
your wedding. After your son is born in chapter 2, the scenes will indicate the
career he's considering and give you an additional opportunity to encourage or
discourage whatever he's pursuing. (The answer(s) that you give during these
scenes will have a much greater influence than your everyday conversations.)
Don't panic if you don't always get the one you want, though. Most people see
scenes for at least two different careers no matter how careful they are. But
no one so far has reported either with this game or the boy version that their
son went into a career that they didn't see at least one scene for, so if you
get the wrong one, firmly discourage him and make an extra effort in the next
chapter to discourage that career.

~ General Tips                                                       [TIPS1] ~

I've got specifics for each career and information about each of the three sons
below, but here's some general information that applies to all of them.

1) Pick one career and stick with it. Don't change your mind in the middle. It
   will just confuse him, and you'll be working against yourself. If you some-
   times encourage one thing, and other times work on something else, they'll
   cancel each other out. If you must choose an activity that influences a
   career you don't want for him, try to pick one that he has a low interest

   *Note* Testing him by offering him things just to see what he says is a
   pretty bad idea. But if you're curious, unsure you're headed in the right
   direction, or wonder which career a particular item influences, the best
   way to find out is to simply ask him. Just save your game before you show
   him something from a different career and then reset after you're done
   experimenting on him.

2) Be patient, especially if you're working on a career that your son doesn't
   have a natural interest or ability in. He's going to appear to be more into
   his default career until his interest in the one you're encouraging is
   higher than the one he started out with. If you show something to him and
   get a strongly negative reaction (he's scared by it) or confusion (he says
   "???") especially during chapter 2, don't show it to him again for awhile.
   There are other things you can do instead. For example, Gustafa's son is
   terrified of animals and confused by tools. He hardly sets foot outside the
   house. But if you want him to be a rancher, he likes milk and eggs. Be
   creative and consider the stage of life your child is at when picking things
   to show or do.

3) In the diary beside your bed, under Assets/Family and Pets/[your son's face]
   you'll have two pages of pictures and bars. The first page is your son's
   interests. The second is his abilities. His interests will rise much faster
   in careers he has a natural ability for. As his ability goes up, so will his
   interest. Rather than compare the career you've chosen to the career he's
   most interested in, watch to see which ones change. If the one that you're
   pushing for is going up, and the other one isn't, you're doing all the right
   things, it just hasn't been long enough yet. His interests and abilities in
   all six careers will change over time. Don't get discouraged if he develops
   an interest in something you don't want him to. Watch for patterns. If he
   consistently gains in the chosen career, don't worry about occasional jumps
   or dips.

4) Plan ahead. If you don't want your son to grow up to be a rancher, don't
   buy the pond, keep your animals to a minimum and have as little variety as
   possible. (For example, if you have a cow, use a miracle potion rather than
   buying a bull. Have only one type of cow, don't get the ducks, don't buy a
   goat, that kind of thing.) If you're planning to raise a little scholar,
   buy the milking and food processing rooms as soon as possible. Also get the
   seed maker. Start befriending people who represent the chosen career path.

5) If you're not planning to raise a rancher or farmer, it will be a little
   harder to make money. Fishing may encourage athletics and mining will raise
   his interest in being a scholar, so choose your activities carefully. Also
   consider "hidden encouragements," things that are less obvious but still
   reinforce one career over another. For example, selling things to Van has
   no apparent effect on your child's career choice, but shipping crops, seeds,
   and animal products through the shipping box on your farm will encourage the
   farming and ranching careers, respectively. It's not confirmed whether the
   pyrotechnicians influence one career or another, but some people claim they
   influence art.

6) Some things you do on your farm will encourage a non-farming career,
   particularly the scholar. Anything mechanical will raise his interest in
   this area. That includes the milking room, the food processing room, the
   seed maker, the electric clippers. Generally, hands-on animal care will
   raise ranching interest, while using a tool or a machine will get him to
   take an interest in scholarship. Also, some of the rare crops can influence
   a different career. See the career sections below for specifics.

7) Listen to what he says. If he asks a question about a specific career, the
   correct answer will encourage that career, an incorrect one will discourage
   it. (For example, if he asks, "Mommy, are you square?" telling him "yes,"
   you are square (as opposed to either round or triangle--remember, he's only
   two!) will encourage art. Saying "no" will discourage it.) Also correct his
   pronunciation if he says something wrong to encourage that career. Don't
   correct him to discourage it. (This comes in handy if your little artist
   is showing too much interest in farming and you don't want him to be a
   farmer. Show him your hoe, and when he says it wrong, don't correct him.)
   Don't be tempted by cutesy answers, either. If your toddler says, "Do you
   tink aminals are cute?" and your response is, "You're cuter," you're still
   discouraging ranching. Generally if he asks a career-related question, "yes"
   encourages, "no" discourages and if there's another answer, it either
   discourages a little or has no effect. Nothing is set in stone, though. All
   children will occasionally exhibit interest in the wrong career. He's
   curious about the world around him. Plus, this gives you an opportunity to
   discourage the unwanted interest. If you continue to consistently encourage
   the chosen field, he'll come around. If you give him something and he takes
   it, but then makes an additional comment or asks a question, that indicates
   a very high interest.

8) Also listen to what his father says. Gustafa and Marlin (possibly also Rock)
   will ask occasional questions about your son, such as whether you want him
   to take over the farm. Your answer will influence your son's choices. For
   example, if you say you want him to take over the farm, that influences
   farming/ranching. If you say you would rather let him find his own path,
   that discourages farming/ranching and encourages the other four.   

9) Beware if your husband says something off-the-wall like that your little
   rancher might grow up to be a scientist or that he wishes your scholarly-
   challenged little darling were smarter. Also if one (or more) of the
   villagers makes a prediction about the child's future. (Chris's fortunes
   don't count.) Experience has shown that these seemingly off-base comments
   have a habit of coming true. If anyone in the village makes a comment about
   your son potentially going into a career you don't want for him, this is a
   red flag that you need to do some discouraging in that area.

10)There are four special items in the game that you can obtain from chapter 3
   onward that influence your child toward a particular career: Flora's
   necklace (scholar; some also claim it influences art), Gustafa's drums
   (music), Lumina's sheet music (music), Wally's medal (athletics). You should
   befriend the owner(s) of the item(s) you want (if for no other reason than
   because they influence a particular career), and you have a better chance
   of getting them if your son is interested in their career path. That's not
   to say you won't get the item otherwise. In the game where I married Rock
   and his son wanted to be an athlete, Flora gave me the necklace even though
   I had hardly spoken to her. In another game I married Marlin and his son
   was very interested in ranching, and I got all four items. Also, after the
   start of chapter 4, you can get a painting from Cody to hang in your house.
   It hasn't been confirmed that the painting influences art, but being friends
   with Cody does.

11)When visiting someone in chapter 2, carry your son there and then put him
   down and let him walk home. This will make him more likely to visit these
   places--and be influenced by them--in later chapters. Show him to the people
   who influence the career you've chosen, so that they form a relationship
   with him, but also talk to them yourself. After chapter 2, you can't pick
   him up and show him to anyone, but he'll continue to be influenced by who
   your friends are. He's more likely to visit people who are your friends and
   the villagers you showed him to as a baby.

12)Consider your friends carefully. Some of them can't be "de-friended" after
   you've befriended them for the gift(s) they offer. (Daryl is one of them.
   I'm not sure who the others may be so if you have any information about this
   please e-mail me.)

13)Some things are universal. All kids are interested in Murrey; it doesn't
   mean they're going to grow up to be bums who name their pet flies. Other
   things may *seem* to be unconnected to a particular career. All kids are
   interested in MukuMuku, for example, but scholars seem to be more so than
   anyone else (possibly because Daryl is always stalking the poor guy). The
   turtle pond is a favorite haunt of athletes (Hugh spends a lot of time down
   there, especially when he's very young). If it doesn't seem to have even a
   very obscure connection to a particular career, it's probably not anything
   you need to worry about.

~ Like Father, Like Son                                              [DADS1] ~

Your son will start out with certain interests depending on who his father is.
Each of the bachelors has a distinct personality and appearance and his son is
definitely a chip off the old block.

~ Rock [DADS2] ~

Rock's son is cute, friendly, independent and very mobile. It's easy to see his
natural athletic ability. He won't be interested in anything but being an
athlete at first, but he's the easiest to influence toward another career--as
long as it's not farming or ranching, because he's too busy having a social
life to stay home all day!

He doesn't like to cuddle much. Picking him up more than once or twice a day,
or for more than a few game minutes at a time, annoys him. He likes being
tossed in the air more than being hugged.

Of the three babies, he's the one who spends the most time away from the farm.
If he leaves, you may have trouble finding him. He's a very cheerful baby and
not at all fearful. Rock gets upset if you don't put him to bed by 9 pm.

~ Gustafa [DADS3] ~

Gustafa's child is the most reserved. He's well-behaved and rarely leaves the
house. He's more pensive than moody, and very intelligent. He likes to be held
and snuggled but not tossed in the air. He's probably the most fearful of the
three. He likes to read and asks a lot of questions.

Little Gustafa is the most susceptible to being spoiled, and he's hard enough
to get along with as it is. It's tempting to carry him around all day, but try
to keep the cuddling to a few minutes two or three times a day.

As a teenager he'll be the most rebellious and angry. He loves art and
music and has very little interest in farming, ranching, or athletics.

~ Marlin [DADS4]~

Predictably, Marlin's son is interested in ranching and farming. He's adorable
with big blue eyes. He's very smart, but quiet. He likes to be outside; if you
can't find him, he's probably losing himself in the tall grass out in the
pasture. He also likes the chicken coop whether or not there are any animals
in there. When he gets older he can help you water your crops if you wake up at
7 a.m. with the alarm clock.

This child tolerates affection but he's not as thrilled with it as Gustafa's.
A couple of times a day is plenty for him, and he doesn't seem to have any
particular preference for, say, being snuggled any more or less than a hug or
tossing him in the air.

He starts out sweet and obedient, and goes to bed on time with or without you.
He doesn't like to be bothered much, so it's best to just talk to him about
important things like what you want him to be when he grows up. As he gets
older he starts to get more depressed. He's hardly rebellious at all as a teen
but he spends a lot of time with his head down. The older he gets, the less
time he spends away from the farm unless you're encouraging him to not be a
farmer or rancher.

~ Train Up a Child in the Way He Should Go                           [JOBS1] ~

Regardless of who his father is, your son can grow up to choose any of the six
possible careers. Some are easier to get, some are harder. If you want a real
challenge, try to make Marlin's son become an athlete!

This section contains detailed information on how to guide him toward each of
the possible career paths.

~ Raising a rancher [JOBS2] ~

This is one of the easiest to do. After all, you live on a farm! Probably a big
chunk of your day is spent taking care of your animals. Marlin's son is the
most interested in ranching.

 * Takakura
 * Show him to your cattle the way you would a human friend

 * None

Items to show/give:
 * Milk
 * Eggs
 * Fodder/Good Fodder
 * Milker/goat milker (may influence scholar)
 * Brush
 * Clippers/shears (NOT electric clippers)

Places to visit:
 * None. You should spend as much time on your farm as possible. While he's a
   baby, when he leaves, pick him up and bring him back.

Things to do:

 * Avoid raising crops, especially if you're married to Marlin. You should be
   able to make money from your cows, and go to the mine or fish if necessary.
   Don't show any of your rare crops to Takakura, if you do he'll put a basket
   in the shipping room so you can ship your crops and therefore influence the
   farming career.

 * Have your barn and chicken coop full. Have as wide a variety of animals as
   possible. Have a bull, goat, sheep, the ducks, rooster, chicken, and as many
   different types of cow as you can fit. Get the cat from Romana.

 * Show the smaller animals to him (Gustafa's son is afraid of the dog, so
   don't tease him with it, unless you *don't* want him to be a rancher), and
   show him to the cattle (again, with Gustafa's son, this will discourage
   ranching). The cows aren't terribly impressed, but Junior is. (It doesn't
   have any negative effect on the cow unless you do it repeatedly, in which
   case both the cow and the baby will get annoyed.)

 * Take care of your animals by hand. Don't use the milking room. Wash and
   brush them frequently. Talk to them. Feed them by hand even if they're
   outside. When you shear your sheep, don't use the electric clippers, this
   encourages scholar.

 * Keep your animals outside, except in winter when they're more likely to get

 * Put your animal products in the shipping bin rather than selling them to
   Van. Don't turn them into butter or cheese, and don't cook them.

 * When you leave the farm, ride your horse rather than walk.

 * Keep your animals happy and healthy. Selling your animals decreases his
   interest in ranching. So does having an unhappy or sick animal. His interest
   will take a big hit if an animal dies. (In other words, don't kill off or
   sell the goat.) Having an animal born on your farm gives him a much bigger
   boost in interest than buying one.

~ Cultivating a farmer [JOBS3] ~

Another easy career choice, perhaps even easier than ranching, and definitely
more lucrative. Marlin's son has a very high interest in farming.

 * Takakura
 * Possibly Tartan (the plant that lives in Tak's house after chapter 2)
 * Vesta
 * Celia
 * Marlin if you're not married to him

 * None

Items to show/give:
 * Any seed or crop
 * Tree fruits
 * Possibly flowers and/or wild edible plants
 * Your tools, especially your hoe, and correct him when he mispronounces it

Places to visit:
 * Vesta's Farm
 * Your own farm; you should spend a lot of time there and keep him home unless
   he's heading toward Vesta's

Things to do:
 * Always have something growing. Plant a variety of crops and trees. Like with
   the rancher and his animals, the more you have planted, and the more variety
   you have, the better. Trees don't appear to have nearly as much influence as

 * Using the Watering Can W or the eggplant (rare crop 4) won't decrease his
   interest, but the more time and effort you put into watering your crops, the
   faster it'll go up, so using shortcuts like these that water 4 squares at
   once may not be the best way to go in this case. Ditto for the strange and
   weird tools. Also, buy and use fertilizer rather than have Tartan raise the
   rank of your crops with an upseed flower.

 * As soon as you get Tartan, make at least one rare crop seed and plant it. If
   you show your rare crop (not seed) to Takakura, he'll put a new shipping bin
   in the shipping room. It will look like a basket and you use it to ship your
   crops and seeds. Doing this, rather than selling them to Van, will increase
   your son's interest in farming, just like shipping milk, etc. does for the

 * Since he lives on a farm, he may ask questions about the farm. Answer them
   correctly and correct him when he mispronounces something.

 * Using the seed maker encourages scholar, so keep that in mind when you need
   seeds. You can buy them from Vesta or give regular and second-generation
   crops to Tartan to hybridize into seeds.

~ Baby Einstein [JOBS4] ~

Raising a little scholar takes a little more effort, but there's a lot you can
do around your farm that will encourage this career. None of the babies is a
natural-born scholar but Gustafa's is probably the easiest to raise as your own
little genius. He won't inherit the farm, but he could become a famous
scientist, a Nobel prize winner, or reinvent the wheel.

 * Carter
 * Flora
 * Daryl

 * Toy car (buy from Van)

Items to show/give:
 * Rare crops 19-22 (shaped like light bulbs)
 * Moon ore and sugar ore from dig site (may also influence art)
 * Anything from the dig site (chapter 3+), but they confuse him as a baby
 * Electric clippers, cow and goat milkers (may influence ranching)
 * Flora's necklace (obtain chapter 3+ after befriending Flora)

Places to visit:
 * Daryl's house
 * Carter's tent
 * The dig site

Things to do:
 * Don't spend too much time on the farm. Dig at the dig site and visit your
   brainiac friends.

 * Buy the seed maker or get it from Daryl, and have the food processing room
   and the milking room. Get the electric clippers from Wally.

 * If you do have to be on the farm, use machines or mechanical equipment when-
   ever possible. Put your crops in the seed maker, turn your milk into butter
   and cheese, use the electric clippers on your sheep, put your cows in the
   milking room instead of milking them by hand.

 * If he has a high ability or interest in ranching, cook your crops/animal
   products before you ship them, or better yet, sell them to Van. Doing things
   on the farm, even scientific, can influence him a tiny bit on the ranching
   side, and this is a good way to counter that.

~ Musical prodigy [JOBS5] ~

This one and art are probably the two most challenging because there's so
little you can do to influence them. Fortunately, there are a lot of music
lovers and art appreciators in your little town. Gustafa's child has a very
high capacity for musical genius.

 * Gustafa if you're not married to him
 * Romana
 * Lumina
 * Griffin (he plays guitar)

 * None

Items to show/give:
 * Lumina's sheet music (obtain chapter 3+ after befriending Lumina)
 * Drums (obtain chapter 3+ after befriending Gustafa)
 * Rare crops 11-14 (shaped like musical instruments)

Places to visit:
 * Gustafa's yurt
 * Romana's villa
 * Blue Bar

Things to do:
 * There's very little you can do to influence the music career. Your best bet
   is to discourage other careers until music is the only one left. Get out in
   the town and away from the farm. Try to visit Romana when Lumina is playing
   the piano around 9 in the morning or so and the Blue Bar when Griffin is
   playing the guitar (which is often after your son's bedtime, but your being
   there still counts). Following Rock into the bar may increase your chances
   of getting the music scene.

 * The one thing you may want to do on your farm is raise rare crops 11-14 and
   show them to him. These are the ones shaped like musical instruments and
   having them encourages the music career. (See the hybrid crops FAQ on this
   site for more information.)

 * Showing him your tools and not correcting him when he says them wrong seems
   to increase art and music more than scholar or athlete.

~ Start with art [JOBS6] ~

Like music, art is difficult to influence. This one may be the harder of the
two simply because there are so few people and places that relate to art in
Forget-Me-Not Valley. Gustafa's son exhibits a strong early interest in art.

 * Cody
 * Nami (possibly)
 * Kassey and Patrick (possibly)
 * Sebastian (in a cutscene you find out that he likes to paint)

 * Scratch pad

Items to show/give:
 * None, but in chapter 4 you can get a painting if you're good friends with
 * Ores from the dig site may influence art but likely influence scholar so
   you may want to experiment if your son isn't interested in a scholar career

Places to visit:
 * Cody's trailer
 * Pyrotechnicians' house
 * Possibly Romana's mansion in the kitchen or Sebastian's room (I would not
   try this with Gustafa's kid or anyone who shows a high interest in music)
 * Possibly the Inner Inn (particularly Nami's room)

Things to do:
 * There's not much you really can do to influence the art career. Like with
   music, the best thing to do is discourage his other interests until art is
   what you're left with. Keep him away from the farm and don't show him any-
   thing related to other careers. When he's a baby take him to the homes of
   other artists around town and when he's older, visit and talk to them as
   often as possible.

 * Children interested in art tend to ask a lot of questions. Talk to him as
   often as he'll let you without getting frustrated, and be sure to answer
   his art-related questions correctly. (It can get annoying fast when he asks
   every single day, "Mommy, are you square?")

 * Showing him your tools (especially the hoe) and not correcting him when he
   mispronounces it seems to increase art the most.

 * Rare crop 2 is shaped like a bomb, which is pretty similar to what fireworks
   look like in this game. Since it's pretty certain that Kassey and Patrick,
   who make fireworks for a living, influence art, growing rare crop 2 and
   showing it to your son may increase his interest in art.

~ Good athletes are born, not made [JOBS7] ~

Walking is exercise, so it's not hard to influence your child to be a great
athlete. If your son is interested in this career he may start running around
the house or doing jumping jacks in chapter 3. Rock's son has natural athletic
talent. If you want a real challenge, the hardest one in the game and the one
with the lowest success rate is turning Marlin's son into an athlete.

 * Wally
 * Hugh

 * Ball

Items to show/give:
 * Wally's medal (obtain chapter 3+ after befriending Wally)

Places to visit:
 * Wally and Chris's house
 * Possibly the turtle pond; Rock's son and boys interested in athletics seem
   to be especially fascinated with the turtle there
 * Just walk around town and spend a lot of time outside

Things to do:
 * Walk! Don't ride your horse anywhere. Spend a lot of time outside, walking
   around the village (like Wally does first thing in the morning). Don't spend
   too much time at home, inside buildings, or visiting people.

* Fishing may encourage your son to be an athlete.

* Rock's son has an unusually large amount of interest in the turtle by the
  pond, and Hugh spends a lot of time there, also. This may be a good place to
  spend some time. It hasn't been confirmed (and Nami spends some time there
  most days) but I have noticed that boys who are interested in the athlete
  career talk about the turtle and ones who aren't don't seem interested in
  him at all. When Rock's son started showing more interest in the farm he
  stopped going to the turtle pond so much.

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