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Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life



by Haley Babinski

This Walkthrough created by:
Haley Babinski
E-Mail: harvestmoonqueen(@) 




-watering cans
-wool items
-fishing pole






~* CHEAT -cheater-

-e-mail info


         Hi! Welcome to my very first Walkthrough!!! I have never done this before so 
  thanks bunches for reading mine. hope it helps you out in  whatever you need 
  help in! 


To make sure you animals are happy follow these tips EVERY DAY...

+ Talk and love on your animals every day
+ Make SURE their fodder bin is full
+ Brush it every day
+ On sunny days let them out to roam
+ DO NOT leave them if it is raining ( they could get sick & die)
+dont wake them from their sleep

         You will recieve your horse in the middle of the first chapter of your life. He
    if totally free. Takakura orders him for you so dont try to get him before then.
   He cant die but you still need to feed, brush, and love him. After the first chapter
   he becomes a real grump 0_o. 

         A girl cow is the first animal on your farm. She will produce milk for 40 days
   but no more untill she has a calf ( that means get a Bull )
     ~ there are different kinds of cow as listed below~

Normal bull
Normal cow
Brow bull
Brown cow
Marble bull
Marble cow
Star bull
Star cow

         The sheep is very important to have, at least 1. They can produce golden wool
    witch sells for 600 G. To do that just brush, wash, pet & talk to it EVERYDAY & 
    once his wool is puffy again use the sheers, clippers, or wool clippers to shave it
   & its a gaurantee to have golden wool!

        A chicken is one of the first animals you should get. Get a hen along with it so 
   it could produce eggs. If you care for it REALLY well it will produce a special
   golden egg. Its valuable but I sell them anyway. But dont ever get more then 6 
  chickens if you want ducks. Only 1 hen is necessary.

       In the very beginning you get either a pointy eared or floppy eared dog. He dosnt
  do anything. But you can train him! Also you can befriend Ramona who lives in the 
  villa and later on ( I think in chapter 2) she'll offer you a black cat. It wont give you
  bad luck so dont worry ; ) 

~* THE GOAT *~
      For one, to get the goat, you have to buy it from Van for 4,000 G but you can haggle
   for less. He will give milk for a year then he dosnt do anything more. You can keep
   it as a pet or sell it. But remember, you can only get it once so think before selling it.


       You use this tool to plough your fields.You begin with the basic Heavy Hoe, but that
  makes you tired very soon. As soon as you are able to, buy the light hoe. It isnt as heavy
  and wont drain your energy. But the hoe and wierd hoe build you strength so keep those.

        You should know what this is! Anyway you use it to water your crops with. There are
  different kinds. Some hold up to 140 squares worth! And one is used only for trees. There
  is also a normal one witch you start out with.

       A sickle is a MUST HAVE. If you dont have a sickle you wont have any fodder to feed
your animals. use the sickle to cut down grass in your pasture. So you dont run out of 
energy fast, buy the light sickle ASAP!!!

       Eventually you will have to sheer you sheeps wool, and thats what you buy the wool
  clippers for. You can also buy clippers, and sheers. It dosnt matter witch ones you use
  they dont drain energy so I accually dont know why there are different kinds...

     YOU HAVE TO BUY THE BRUSH!!!! If you dont you cant keep your animals clean,
  they wont be happy, you cant get golden wool! but to get it you have to buyit from 
  Van for 500G. It is essential to have.

       You dont have to have the fishing pole but its totally recommended. You need it to
  fish ( obviously) but you can sell the fish or even use them in recipies!

         You are able to get 2 kinds of milkers. one is to milk a cow ( you start out with this)
and if you buy a goat, you get a goat milker. to use it stand next to a cow or goat & 
press (A) next to it.



Name		| Ingrident 1  | Ingrident 2	| Ingrident 3
earth soup        potato         carrot
fish stew         carrot         potato           a fish
stew              potato         carrot           milk
tomatoma          tomato         carrot
yam soup          yam


Name		| Ingrident 1  | Ingrident 2	| Ingrident 3
light pickles     turnip
marinade          fish           turnip or        mugwart 
tomacarro         tomato         carrot
tomamelo          tomato          melon
~*YOUR BACHELORS*~ (when I say RIVAL, that means, YOU beware of her!)

~*GUSTAFA    [age: 28]
LIVES- in his Yurt on a small hill
LIKES- flowers, milk, dig site finds
DISLIKES- FISH, tomatoes
DIARY- by his guitars in his yurt
~*ROCK     [age:22]
LIVES- With his parents in the inner inn
RIVAL- Lumina
LIKES- cheese, milk, butter, old coins
DISLIKES-anything with goat milk in it & tarato
DIARY- Next to his bed in his room in the inner inn

~*MARLIN     [age:32]
LIVES-with vesta & celia on their farm
RIVAL- I think it celia, but i thought she was his sister...
LIKES- Curry, your crops, & soups
DISLIKES- if you have any info on this E-Mail it to me
DIARY- next to his bed

      He has blonde hair, brown eyes & a bit naughty

      He has brown hair & wierd eyes. He is shy & quiet

     He ha black hair & bright bright blue eyes. He is mostly calm.


show him lumina's music sheet. she will give it to you in chapter 3.
make friends with gustafa & show him gustafa's yurt. Also make
friends with the people living at the villa.

Only give him his sketch pad. Dont let him have anymore toys in the
little blue box.make friends with Cody & take him to Codys trailer.

Only keep the toy car in his blue box. Take all of the other toys out.
Make friends with Daryl & Grant ( in the second chapter).

Let him only play with the toy ball. He will want to run a lot a a toddler 
& a child but sooner or later he will stop ( if you want him to). also be
friends with Hugh and Wally. Also try not to use your horse a lot.

Always carry him onto the farm with you. Milk your goat & cows by hand.
show your kid as many animals as possible, and make sure you have a
lot of animals in your barn & coop.

If your son becomes a farmer, he will most likely take over your farm. But
take him to Vestas farm a lot & make friends with Celia, Marlin, and Vesta.
Show him your seeds, crops, animals, trees, and anything else having to
deal with animals & crops.

 Turn on the game, then go outside, once you are out there just stop.
dont press start, dont do anything. then put the controller into socket 3.
then press Z ONE TIME!!! you will have 99 of EVERYTHING, hybrid crops, seeds
& other things. You will have extra of EVERYTHING... 99 of them infact& sell
your extra watering cans, hoes, & tools. but leave at least 1 of every tool you have
equipped. SAVE ALL OF YOUR SEEDS & CROPS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Q: What is that small shed by the chicken coop?
A: Its nothing... nothing goes in...nothing comes out...

A: You need to put down fertilizer where you want grass to grow

Q:How Do I make Cheese & Butter?
A: Buy the Food Processing room then put it in the contraption
     to produce cheese or butter.

Q:Can I have a daughter intead?
A: No, only a son

Q:My Person's stomach is going GRR...what is it?
A: She is hungry, go make some food for her!

Q:I heard you could get your person drunk... is it true?
A: to be honest... i have triend & nothing happened, Griffin
     just says " I think you have had enough tonight" 

~*~*~*~CONTACT INFO~*~*~*~
E-Mail..... harvestmoonqueen(@)
my name: Haley Babinski


I had some help from these web sites.....

thank you for reading my Walkthrough. I really appreciate it!