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Which is the strongest non legendary Pokemon available in this game?

Guest asks: Oct 29th 2011, ID #226296

Question for Pokemon FireRed

Which is the strongest non legendary Pokemon available in this game?(not including Pokemon obtainable by trading from other games)(not-statwise,but by all- round performance.)which will be the best moveset for such a Pokemon?


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Volke answered:
Added 30th Oct 2011, ID #451793

Not including legendaries makes it exceptionally difficult to pick one. All Pokemon have strengths and weaknesses.

However, since Dragonite isn't exactly a legendary, I'd be tempted to pick it. A good moveset for Dragonite - Dragon Dance, Rock Slide, Earthquake, Dragon Claw.

Charizard, Gengar, Gyarados and Venusaur are four other notably powerful or useful Pokemon.

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Guest said: 23rd Dec 2017 | REPORT
No ditto is best
Guest said: 25th Feb 2018 | REPORT
cleo is the best
Guest said: 23rd Jun 2018 | REPORT
yes all pokemons best only
CoolBeans said: 1st Jun 2019 | REPORT
A useful starter is squirtle, because it's the easiest to do a solo run with while using HM slaves. imo.
Warrior13 answered:
Added 30th Oct 2011, ID #451843

I would have to say that the Strongest Non-Legendary Pokemon is Dragonite.

I would personally recommend this Moveset:

Hyper Beam
Brick Break

This Moveset is basically Offensive. I think you could put good use to it.

Hope this helps!

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Guest said: 3rd Mar 2016 | REPORT
Dragonite with these moves:

Thunder/thunderbolt(depends if you have already used thunder or not)
CoolBeans said: 1st Jun 2019 | REPORT
I personally don't like hyper beam, and if you're planning on using outrage, I'd pair it with substitute (debatable). And yeah the above moveset is quite nice. You can also use dragon claw before you fight e4, or ice beam if you don't like running out of pp.

Guest answered: Added 30th Oct 2011, ID #451858

My answer is lapras the moves should be ice beam, perish song, Surf, and blizzard

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Guest said: 31st Oct 2011 | REPORT
come on, lapras, that cant even take out an electrabuzz of the same level when my venusaur took out rival's charizard and perish song is 100% useless without a haunter with mean look.
Guest said: 7th Aug 2017 | REPORT
Guest said: 26th Aug 2017 | REPORT
Well, I have a Vaporeon with a moveset of Quick Attack, Aurora Beam, Surf, and Water Pulse. It is a really really good pokemon. also if you have it hold a Mystic Water or an Amulet Coin, it gets even better. hope this helped, but starter OP.
Guest answered: Added 31st Oct 2011, ID #452183

All of the starters are incredibly strong and so is snorlax...
That guy is a tank.
Best moveset for snorlax would be
Sleep talk
Hyper beam

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CoolBeans said: 1st Jun 2019 | REPORT
yeah agreed, snorlax is surprisingly tanky... dunno if snorlax already has 'leftovers' as held item, but i'd have it as its held item.
Guest answered: Added 9th Nov 2011, ID #454414

The right answer would be to have a team.the correct team is:JOLTEON Charizard TYRANITAR SNORLAX Mewtwo and Articuno

JOLTEON:thunder,dobble kick,shock wave,your choice
Give eevee thunder stone

Charizard:Fly,blast burn,fire blast,your choice

Mewtwo:psychic,ice beam,recover,your choice
Catch in Cerulean Cave

Articuno:ice beam,Fly,your choice,your choice
Catch in Icefall Cave

SNORELAX:rest,yawn,sleep talk,hyper beam
Catch on roads/WARNING there are only two SNORELAXs to catch

TYRANITAR:earthquake,crunch,rockslide,your choice

KEY: your choice= you choose a move
line after Pokemon and moves=where to get it

hopes this helps
happy gaming

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Trinity Alps Ganja Farmer said: 22nd Jun 2016 | REPORT
You named 2 legendary *face palm*
Guest said: 23rd Dec 2016 | REPORT
I know a cheat of Rare candy and master ball
Guest said: 24th Nov 2017 | REPORT
Whats the cheat for rare candys
Guest said: 8th Oct 2018 | REPORT
this is unlimited rare candy cheat in your pc hope it helps! 82025840 0044
tahty_17 answered:
Added 21st Nov 2011, ID #457549

Um definately the strongest Pokemon in the game (no legendary) would have to be Charizard. I mean his max stats are one of the best.he's with you though out the game so hes like real strong when you get to the elite 4 he can Fly and use Strength and ofcourse flamethrower so hes to me the best. And the best team to have which I am currently using is Mewtwo,Entei,Articuno,Zapdos,Moltres,venasaur.(btw mine are all at 100)so I went and pulverized the elite 4 the second time around.

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Guest said: 7th Aug 2017 | REPORT
Lmao my venusaur took out rival charizard
CoolBeans said: 1st Jun 2019 | REPORT
lol any pokemon at lvl 100 is strong. and charizard doesn't have max stats. i dunno what you even mean by that, no pokemon has max stats.
Guest answered: Added 30th Nov 2011, ID #460242

I would have to say dragonite defiantly because mine is lvl 100 and has hyper beam, wAter pulse, wing attack and Rock Smash which I absolutely destroyed the elete four with just him so defiantly dragonite

Guest answered: Added 15th Dec 2011, ID #463630

I think the strongest Pokemon is tyranitar.
Move set:
Earthquake, hyperbeam, thunder bolt, crunch.
Also, if not tyranitar,
Blastoise is great too..
Move set:
Hydropump, hydrocanon, earthquake,
Ice beam.

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CoolBeans said: 1st Jun 2019 | REPORT
I'm not sure about having both hydropump and hydrocannon. I personally don't really like moves that need recharge, and I just stay away from moves with 5pp. So I'd have surf, earthquake, ice beam and bite. Bite surprisingly has its uses.
Guest answered: Added 20th Jan 2012, ID #475058

All my personal opinion including the newer Pokemon is Charizard of course all beginners Pokemon are strong

Guest answered: Added 27th Sep 2012, ID #541294

The best is Charizard since he has strong moves but including till diamond and pearl the best is infer nape and dragonite is also. Strong.

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Guest said: 3rd Apr 2017 | REPORT
I think ash-greninja
Guest said: 17th May 2017 | REPORT
A jolteon can beat a charizard
Guest answered: Added 10th Oct 2012, ID #543884

The best team in LG FR i'd say consists of a hypno/jynx, Dragonite, Electabuzz, Flareon/joleteon, and Zapdos. Other Pokemon I reccomend be anything with good HP. (snorlax, graveller, golem, chansey, wobbuffet)

Guest answered: Added 15th Oct 2012, ID #544822

You're all wrong it's Slaking with a total stat of. 660 checked on bulbapedia

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Guest said: 10th Feb 2016 | REPORT
But that thing wastes one turn after attacking so I wouldnt say hes of much use
Guest said: 29th Aug 2017 | REPORT
One turn is more than enough to KO almost anything ever. Try it out. Go for physical moves.
Guest answered: Added 8th Dec 2012, ID #555671

The best possible non-legendary team is
1. Dragonite
2. Tyranitar
3. Machamp
4. Alakazam
5. Blastoise
6. Gengar

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Guest said: 4th Jun 2014 | REPORT
the best pokemon team for fire red i would say would be
i have played every single pokemon game and the pokemon i have chosen for this team are really good and i hope this has helped you and if it hasnt i am very sorry i believe that it will so just good luck and have fun on your pokemon journey and if you have to pick a starter for fire red i would say that the best starter would most likely be venusaur because it is really good and the two first gyms are super easy with it and that should give you enough time to get other pokemon so ya and thank you for listening to what i have written here.
Guest answered: Added 14th Jun 2013, ID #592296

Only looking at fire red and leaf green Pokemon it depends on whether you want special attackers physical attackers defenders that are used as slow killers or an overall stat overkill here's a list of my opinion for each:
SP Attacker:
Alakazam(Psychic/Shadow Ball/Shock Wave/Reflect)
Physical Attacker:
Tyranitar(Crunch/Thunder/Rock Slide/Earthquake)
Defender/Slow Killer:
Venusaur(Toxic/Leech Seed/Earthquake/Razor Leaf)
Stat Overkill:
Arcanine(Dig/Flamethrower/Fire Blast/Extremespeed)

Guest answered: Added 27th Jun 2013, ID #594050

Arncaine Charizard polywrath gengar alakzam taranitar

Guest answered: Added 11th Oct 2013, ID #605248


Guest answered: Added 6th Nov 2013, ID #607648

Well this is for me the best team or I could say two couse the other's are replacable in your choice

Move set:seismic toss.Flamethrower.Fire blast.outrage

Move set:Ice beam.Outrage.Thunderbolt.Hyper beam

Move set:Eartquake.Stomp.Mega punch.Strength

Move set:Rest.Hyper beam.Ice punch.Body slam

Move set:Icy wind.Blizzard.Surf.Aurora beam

Move set:Thunder punch.Brick brake.Protect.Thunder bolt

And you could replace Electrabuzz for heracross and Somethings in the team for Tyranitar you can get them both at the seven islands

Guest answered: Added 5th Jul 2014, ID #631467

Pre-beating the Elite Four - Definitely Dragonite. However Arcanine is amazing aswell.
Post-beating the Elite Four - Tyranitar.

Guest answered: Added 27th Nov 2014, ID #647730

You can use this team and it rocked

Charizard : flamethrower, dragon claw, blast burn, earthquake
Muk: explosion, sludge bomb, focus punch, toxic
Snorlax: hyper beam, brick break, body slam, rock slide,
Exeggutor: giga drain, solar beam, psychic, shadow ball
Jolteon: thunder, thunderbolt, hyper beam, dig
Lapras: Surf, ice beam, hydro pump, iron tail

Guest answered: Added 14th Apr 2015, ID #660518

I think the strongest Legendary Pokemon is Mewtwo.But could be Arceus in ways .

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CoolBeans said: 1st Jun 2019 | REPORT
I like how you answered the question. And please tell me where to get Arceus in fire red Smile
Guest answered: Added 17th Jun 2015, ID #664725

I have to say the strongest team would be

Team if Starter Charizard
Charizard dragon claw, blast burn, Rock Smash, and Strength

Aerodactal Fly, earthquake, last two up to you

Lapras blizzard, Surf, hyper beam, thunder

Vileplume/victreebell solar beam, sleep powder, what ever

Haunter shadow ball, physicic, dark type move and anything

And one Pokemon for reviving fainted Pokemon

Same teams for others just substitute venusaur with vileploom charivari with arc anime and lapras for blastoise

And my team is lv 100 Articuno lv 73 raichu lv 69 primeape lv 61 parasect for reviving lv 76 Crobat and one slot for EXP share Pokemon to complete dex

Guest answered: Added 1st Oct 2015, ID #671284

Personally the best tactical team is:

Mr mime( timid nature) really fast and with lots of sp def and sp attack learn him reflect to increase his bad defense, he can learn psychic light screen and magical leaf.

Jolteon: (modest nature) amazing Pokemon, really fast and with lots of sp attack and good sp def
Learn him thunder, thunderbolt thunder wave.
Arcanine: arcanine is awesome it has amazing base stat (555) furthermore it has amazing attack sp attack good hp, good speed and decent defenses.

Venasaur: ( modest nature) venasur is a really good Pokemon learn him sleep powder sunny day solar beam and synthesis.

Aerodactyl: (adamant nature) this Pokemon is twice as good as the Pokemon that people usually get( pidgeot) it's one of the fastest Pokemon of all and also has amazing attack and good hp, learn him earthquake rock slide ancient power and Fly.

Lapra: ( modest nature) lapras is one of the best water type Pokemon) it has amazing hp and good stats in general, he can lear good moves such as Surf ice beam blizzard hidropump etc.

Guest answered: Added 15th May 2016, ID #679483

Best team by far (without starters) is Areodactyl, Marowak, Kingler, Parasect, Rapidash, and Pikachu/ Richu.

Areodactyl: Ancient Power, Fly, Crunch, and Giga Impact.

Marowak: Fissure, Bonemerang, Endeavor, and Smack Down.

Kingler: Guillotine, Crabhammer, Metal Claw, and Ice Beam.

Parasect: X-scissor, Cross Poison, Giga Drain, and Slash.

Rapidash: Fire Blast, Bounce, Poison Jab, and Megahorn.

Pikachu/ Richu: Electro Ball, Thunder/Thunderbolt (up to you), Quick Attack, and Iron Tail.

Areodactyl is your powerful flying pokemon. Marowak is your stratigic pokemon. Kingler is your Pokemon that sweeps through your enemys. Parasect is your Pokemon with a viriaty of moves. Rapidash is your speedy Pokemon that hoses through enemys. Pikachu/ Richu is here mainly because it only has one weakness, but because it is very speedy it can hit first (100% chance if you use Quick Attack) and with Iron Tail it can be devastating to Pokemon that are a threat, like Golem.

Hope this helped out! You now know what team to consider having next time you play. And this team intirely origanates from the Kanto! Good luck!

xblackhawkx answered:
Added 10th Jun 2016, ID #680364

I come from a day and time where you played Pokémon for fun and you could only battle your friends. This team I have chosen is just a great fun powerful team for me to use even now more than 10 years after the release of this game.
Lv. 54 Charizard-Bashful 1.Flamethrower 2.Dragon Rage 3.Fly 4. Fire Blast
Lv. 57 Dragonite-Lonely 1.Outrage 2.Thunder wave (to catch Pokemon) 3.Brick Break 4.Waterfall (attack 221)
Lv. 55 Rhydon-Naughty 1.Rockblast(rock slide works too) 2.Earthquake 3. Double edge 4.Surf (filler, want megahorn) attack 204
Lv. 54 Gengar-serious(needed modest, too late) 1.shadow ball 2.Night shade 3.phychic 4. Dream eater (filler) (sp. Attack 183)
Lv. 55 Machamp-Serious (I want adamant, too late lol) 1. Brick Break 2.Cross Chop 3.Rock Tomb 4. Strength (attack 194)
Lv. 54 Alakazam-Modest 1.Phychic 2.Shock Wave 3.Psybeam 4. Hyper Beam (this monster has sp. Attack of 204!
I use this team for strictly enjoying the game, progression (HMs for a reason), probably don't want to try competitive play without modifying team or moves. I try not to be a nature nazi but having the right natures REALLY help!

Guest answered: Added 23rd Dec 2016, ID #686041

I only use a non legendary is HoundoomX

I use Pokemon is Arceus,HoondoomX,Mewtwo-Y,Rayquaza-X,Dialga and Yveltal

Guest answered: Added 12th Mar 2017, ID #688180

Lapras as it has extremely high hp(398 at lvl 100) and massive damage. It can also destroy Dragon types with it's ice beam.

Guest answered: Added 11th Apr 2018, ID #696023

Blastoise-hydro cannon, Surf, skullbash, ice beam/blizzard
Arcanine-flamethrower, extreme speed, fire blast, bite/crunch
Jolteon-thunderbolt, thunder, pin missle, shadow ball
Exeggutor-solar beam, sunny day, psychic, egg bomb
Dragonite-outrage, Fly, dragon claw/(any offensive)
Tauros-thrash, iron tail, earthquake, swagger

No legendary and no Trade-to-Evolve Pokemon

CoolBeans answered:
Added 1st Jun 2019, ID #703655

I'd say tyranitar, but since that's only available after you beat the game, I'd go with dragonite.

It's stats rivals that of Legendary Pokemon, and dratini you can get quite early in the game. You can't pass on dragonite. Although it looks like an obese dragon, it packs a punch with it's amazing stats (slow speed the only problem, but you should focus on leveling your dratini --> dragonair --> dragonite asap so it outlevels other Pokemon and speed won't be an issue) AND it can be versatile with it's ability to learn all the useful TM's. It can even learn nearly all the HM's (except Flash, which you really shouldn't use on a dragonite).

Some useful moves it can learn are: dragon claw (except steel types, no negative damage), thunderbolt/thunder (for water Pokemon that can use ice-type), earthquake, flamethrower, brick break and many more.

If you want dragonite to be versatile:
Flamethrower, thunderbolt, brick break, dragon claw.

A creative moveset I made up on dragonite is:
Substitute, focus punch, outrage, thunderbolt/dragon claw/brick break

And I usually go with 'leftovers' as held item and look for a dratini with mild/lonely nature.


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