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Pokemon LeafGreen Cheats and Tips

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Pokemon Leaf Green is a modified and enhanced version of Pokemon Blue. Released in 2004, Pokemon Leaf Green is still a game enjoyed by an incredible number of games nealry 20 years after it's initial release. With the help of the Pokemon Leaf Green cheats found on our website you can enjoy the game even more by using so many of the codes that we have to teleport across the map, walk through walls, have unlimited numbers of masterballs and rare candy and so much more.

For the purists, we have a great Pokemon Leaf Green Walkthrough and loads of Pokemon Leaf Green tips which you can find by simply scrolling down this page.

We also have over 3000 answered questions for Pokemon Leaf Green, it's likely the question you have has already been answered, so head over to Pokemon Leaf Green questions and you can use the filters on that page to quickly find what you are looking for.

Pokemon Leaf Green

Pokemon Leaf Green Cheats

As with most Pokemon games, cheats in Leaf Green are entered using either a GameShark, Action Replay, or directly in the cheat menu of your emulator. There are a large number of Pokemon Leaf Green cheats and you can make all sorts of things happen with them. There are simple codes like getting unlimted master balls, and more complicated ones such as changing the nature of Pokemon. Pokemon Leaf Green cheat codes are really easy to enter using an emulator, you simply head to the cheat menu for your emulator and enter the code in there, then activate it when you want to use it. You should also remember to deactivate codes once you are done as you should really only have one or two codes running at the same time.

Also remember to save your game's progress before you activate any cheat in case something goes wrong, or you have entered the cheat incorrectly, or it does not do what you expect it to do.

The cheats we have for Pokemon Leaf Green are found in three sections on this website. First of all we have a number of Pokemon Leaf Green cheats and tips which you can find by scrolling down. Then we have Pokemon Leaf Green GameShark codes and Pokemon Leaf Green Action Replay codes. There are loads of codes to search through, take a look and you may find something that you did not expect and would like to try out in the game.

Best Pokemon Leaf Green Cheats

With so many cheats to look through, we thought it would be a good idea to hand pick some of the best and most popular Leaf Green cheats that we have on our website, and feature them here.

Big Set of Good Codes

This is a fantastic set of cheats and codes for Pokemon Leaf Green which includes cheats such as Meet

Big Set of Good Codes

Catch Opponent's Pokemon

With this cheat you can steal a Pokemon from the Trainer you are facing. Imagine getting one of the Pokemon from the Elite 4, well with this code you can do exactly that.

Catch Opponent's Pokemon.

Unlimited Masterballs Cheat

Throwing masterballs is a sure fire guaranteed way of catching any Pokemon you encounter. Usually there is only one masterball in the game, so you have to pick very wisely which Pokemon you try to catch with it, usually one of the more difficult Legendaries at the end of the game. But with this masterball cheat you can easily get an unlimited supply of them so you can literally use them like a normal pokeball. Thye code is sup0er simple to enter, and there is a video which shows you how to do use it, follow the link to get to our unlimited masterball cheat

Rare Candy cheat

One of the most requested cheats in an Pokemon game is to get more unlimted rare candy. Rare candies are used to level up any Pokemon, 1 level, so if you have a load of these, you can easily level up any Pokemon level to whatever level you would like them to be. It can be a bit tricky to get it to work with no problems, so check out the full page with all of the instructions and video of how it works here - Rare Candy Cheat

Pokemon Leaf Green Tips

For gamer's that don't want to use cheats in the game, or just want to use a few, we have put together some Leaf Green tips to get you completing this wonderful game.

Our first tip takes a look the Elite 4, and suggests a good setup to use against them based on the types of Pokemon.

Who to Use Against the Elite 4

To face the Elite 4 in Leaf Green you need a well-rounded team, but you also need to take not of the strengths and weaknesses of your opposition. When you battle the Elite 4, you take on 4 trainers, and having some knowledge about what types of Pokemon they carry will help you decide which Pokemon yuou should set against them.

Lorelei has water or ice based Pokemon, so our suggestion to to use at least one strong electric Pokemon in your team, for example Jolteon, Raichu or Zapdos in your party.

Bruno has really strong fighting and rock type Pokemon, so we suggest to use some flying and water Pokemon in your party.

Agatha has poison and ghost type Pokemon, so therefore our suggestion is to use psychic type Pokemon against her.

Finally, Lance uses Dragon type Pokemon, use Electric to take down his Gyarados, and then ice type for the rest of the team.

Here is a generally well-rounded team suggestion to face the Elite 4:

Charizard, Clefable, Eevee, Kingler, Nidoqueen/king, Raichu.

There are more tips specifically related to defeating the Elite 4 right here: How to Beat the Elite 4

Pikachu as a Starter

While technically you cannot get Pikachu as a starter, you can get him really early in the game with a bit of searching and some luck! In fact you can get him so early you can almost treat him like a starter Pokemon. Pikachu appears in Viridian Forest which you should get to just before the first gym leader. Walk around the first patch of grass in the forest, and hopefully he will appear for you soon!

Easy Find Berries

In Berry Forest, on Three Island, if you pay close attention to the ground, you can see little dark circles. This means that a berry is located under ground on that spot. Press the A button to pick them up. Once you pick the berry, the spot will still be there, but the berry won't. The berry will come back after a little while. Also, you will not see the dark circles in the grass, only on the open ground.

Where to Get all of the HMs

There are 7 HMs (Hidden Machines) to collect in Leaf Green. You use these HMs to teach a Pokemoin a move, normally permanently. Here are the locations for the 7 HMs in Leaf Green.

HM01 Cut

Get Cut from the Captain of the S.S. Anne in Vermilion City

HM02 Fly

You'll find Fly on Rote 16

HM03 Surf

Surf is found in Area 3 of the Safari Zone

HM04 Strength

Find the old man in the Safari Zone and give him Gold Teeth (which are also found in the Safari Zone), he'll then give you the HM Strength

HM05 Flash

Go back to route 2 after you have caught 10 Pokemon and find the scientist to get Flash.

HM06 Rock Smash

Go to One Island to get Rock Smash

HM07 Waterfall

Go to Four Island, after you have beaten both The Elite Four and Pokemon Champion Gary.

Head over to our Leaf Green Guide for load more tips and a complete walkthrough of the game, which can be used as a handy companion as you play through the game.

We also have over 3000 answered questions for Pokemon Leaf Green, it's likely the question you have has already been answered, so head over to Pokemon Leaf Green questions and you can use the filters on that page to quickly find what you are looking for.

More Pokemon LeafGreen Gameboy Advance Cheats and Tips

We have 367 cheats and tips on GBA. If you have any cheats or tips for Pokemon LeafGreen please send them in here. For more Codes for Pokemon LeafGreen go to:
Pokemon LeafGreen Action Replay Codes
Pokemon LeafGreen GameShark Codes

You can also ask your question on our Pokemon LeafGreen Questions & Answers page.

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All pokemon




83007CEE0001 = Bulbasaur

83007CEE0002 = Ivysaur

83007CEE0003 = Venusaur

83007CEE0004 = Charmander

83007CEE0005 = Charmeleon

83007CEE0006 = Charizard

83007CEE0007 = Squirtle

83007CEE0008 = Wartortle

83007CEE0009 = Blastoise

83007CEE000A = Caterpie

83007CEE000B = Metapod

83007CEE000C = Butterfree

83007CEE000D = Weedle

83007CEE000E = Kakuna

83007CEE000F = Beedrill

83007CEE0010 = Pidgey

83007CEE0011 = Pidgeotto

83007CEE0012 = Pidgeot

83007CEE0013 = Rattata

83007CEE0014 = Raticate

83007CEE0015 = Spearow

83007CEE0016 = Fearow

83007CEE0017 = Ekans

83007CEE0018 = Arbok

83007CEE0019 = Pikachu

83007CEE001A = Raichu


3 Lengendary Dogs

Entie- Beat the Champion and have Bulbasaur

Raikou- Beat the Champion and have Squirtle

Suicune- Beat the Champion and have Charmander

They will be roaming all over Kanto. There first movewill be roar to flee.

Easy Capture

When I wanted to capture all 3 legendary birds (Zapdos, Articuno and Moltres), I couldnt do it without a masterball, but then I discovered that if you similtaniously press L+R+A at the same time every second from when the ball is launched, you will have a higher chance of capturing that pokemon. Enjoy, Hope it works for you!

Legendary Pokemon of Pokemon LeafGreen

Zapdos - Zapdos is one of the three Pokemon that are a part of the Legendary Bird Trio. It is an Electric / Flying Type Pokemon. Zapdos can be found at the end of the Power Plant. It will be at Level 50.

Articuno - Articuno is one of the three Pokemon that are a part of the Legendary Bird Trio. It is an Ice / Flying Type Pokemon. Articuno can be found deep inside Seafoam Island. It will be at Level 50.

Moltres - Moltres is one of the three Pokemon that are a part of the Legendary Bird Trio. It is a Fire / Flying Type Pokemon. Moltres can be found somewhere on One Island. It will be at Level 50.

Suicune - If you chose Charmander as your Stater Pokemon, Suicune can be found roaming the Kanto Region after you defeat the Elite Four. It is a Water-Type Pokemo..

There are no 'cheats' as such for Pokemon Leaf G..

There are no 'cheats' as such for Pokemon Leaf Green. By this I mean no press up, down, left and you'll get soemthing.

But at Super Cheats we have an extensive collection of user submitted hints, questions and answers (members can ask questions too!), walkthroughs and faqs for Pokemon Leaf Green.

Many aspects of the game are on those pages, registered users can ask questions, and if you visit the questions and answers page you'll see that many hundreds of questions have already been asked - and answered! Smile Maybe your q..

National Dex

To get the National Dex you have to of caught at least 60 types of Pokemon and then talk to Prof. Oak and he will ask a favour of you, then your rival will come and you both will get your Dex upgraded to the National Dex.

Ive done this and it works.

Rate it if you like it.


Safari Zone Unlimited Time

Do you want to catch something rare such as Tauros or Chansey in the Safari Zone, yet you keep running out of time? There is a simple solution to this issue.

Stand in the grass in the area that includes the Pokemon you want to catch. Lightly tap a direction on the D-pad. Your character should face that direction, but not move. Do that over and over, and you should run into a wild Pokemon. Do that until you find the one you want.

Pokemon Type Match-ups

Okay, this chart will display what type of Pokemon moves are super effective and not very effective on Pokemon types.

Bug - Super Effective against: Dark, Grass, Psychic. Not Very Effective against: Fighting, Fire, Flying, Ghost, Poison, Steel

Dark - Super Effective against: Ghost, Psychic. Not Very Effective against: Dark, Fighting, Steel.

Dragon - Super Effective against: Dragon. Not Very Effective against: Steel.

Electric - Super Effective against: Flying, Water. Not Very Effective against: Dragon, Electric, Grass. No Effect against: Ground.

Fighting - Super Effective against: Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel. Not Very Effective against: Bug, Flying, Poison, Psychic. No Effect against: Ghost.

Fire - Super Effective agai..

How to get MewTwo in Pokemon Leafgreen

(This also works for Pokemon FireRed)Once you collected the two gems(Ruby and Sapphire).You can catch MewTwo in Cerulean Cave.(NOTE:If you still hold on to your Master Ball this is a good time to use it if not you need to stock up on some Ultra Balls.)Good Luck on catching MewTwo!

CodeBreaker Codes - Infinite Game Corner Tokens

Master Code (North America)

0000BE99 000A

10044EC8 0007

83005000 61A1

83005002 0A35

Infinite Game Corner Tokens

This code will give you an infinite supply of tokens to use at the game center. They can be exchanged for prizes or to play games again. To activate press B, 'Left'.

74000130 03DD

8202583D 757E


THIS IS A COOL CHEAT what you do is you get a level 5 Pokemon and put it in the daycare then you put your gameboy on charge go to celadon city go to the game corner go down the stairs go to the third floor and go to the warp pads and go to one so that if you walk right you will land on the pad and it will send you back the stop pad do this over and over for 2 days by putting a coin on the what that you need to go and put somthing heavy on it so the guy moves and leave it for two days and then go back and get your level 100 pokemon

Try this out then rate it from 1 to 10



If you want an egg(a baby of any pokemon), all you have to do is go to the Daycare people and put your Pokemon with a Ditto.

Give it some time and when you come back the Daycare people will tell you they found an egg with your pokemon! They will give you the egg with a baby of your first Pokemon inside!!


If you liked this cheat rate it please.

Trainer Card Upgrades

Complete the following tasks in Pokemon Blue, Green, Bronze, Silver and Gold to upgrade your Trainer Card a total of 4 times. The upgrades can be obtained in any order and each one will add a star and upgrade the colour of your Trainer Card.

Star #1:

Defeat the Elite Four

Star #2:

Complete the Kanto Dex (Pokemon 1-150)

Star #3:

Complete the National Dex (Except Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Deoxys)

Star #4:

Score 200 berries in 'Dodrio Berry Picking' and score 200 jumps in 'Pok�mon Jump'.

How to get the Sapphire gem in the Sevii Islands

To get the Sapphire gem you need to become the Pokemon League Champion.When you give the Ruby gem to Celio.He will give you a Rainbow Pass and you can go to all the seven islands.Use the pass and go to Six Island.After that go to the Ruin Valley which is loacted at the southern part of Six Island.From there you will see a small little cave which is blocked.Use HM01(CUT) to enter the cave.From here you need the help of the Visual Braille.(NOTE:To learn the language of the Visual Braille.The words are located at B4 of Mt. Ember)You Know what to do next.Explore!

The Best Way To Catch Any Legendary Pokemon

1. Lower the Legendary Pokemon's HP to make it have barely any.

2. Make it Fall Asleep. This makes it easier to catch.

3. Throw Ultra Balls at it.

If it wakes up, make it fall back asleep and continue to through Ultra Balls.

How to easily catch a pokemon

I have only tryed this cheat on ultra balls, so I don't know if they work on anything else. If you press A right before the ball closes, you will have a much higher chance of catching the wanted pokemon. I'm not positive if this cheat will work for you, it did for me, but it won't hurt just to try it out.

Another cheat for the same topic is that once you choose a pkeball or any other type of ball, hold down A. Release the A button right when the ball closes in mid-air around the pokemon. I hope this cheat helps you, and GOOD LUCK CATCHING POKEMON!!!!

Unlimited Rare candies and Luxury balls!!!

Go to Five island then surf going to the Water Labyrinth and go to Resort Gorgeous and go to Selphy's house (you must help Selphy in Lost cave if you haven't help her) then after you help her, then she wishes to see a Pokemon, if you bring the Pokemon that she wished to see it... She will you Luxury balls, Rare candy, Nugget and etc etc...

Types To Use against Elite Four

Since Lorelei has basically water based or ice based Pokemon it might be a good idea to have a strong Electric Pokemon like Jolteon, Raichu or Zapdos in your party.

Bruno used basically rock and fighting pokemeon the best typez to use would be Flying and water.

Agatha uses poison and ghost the best types to use is Psychic, and maybe a back up of Electric.

Lance uses Dragon type Pokemon, you can use Electric to take down his Gyarados, but then just basically use a ice type to take down the rest of his team

Everybody on the floor! Yeah, on the floor! Whoo!

It seems like at the game corner it is ALWAYS such a pain to keep spending tens of thousands of dollars just for 50 or 500 coins. Am I correct? I know I am.

But here is a cheat that I have never in my long legged life seen posted: In the Game Corner in Celadon City, there are coins ALL OVER THE FLOOR! They are totally invisible, but they're there! Just walk one step each and press a with each step you take! If this confuses you, I am so sorry, but I cannot put it any simpler!

Fast Money

Go to 5 island and surf up and right to the big house. There's a lady outside that you can fight and will give you 20000 per battle if you have amulet coin on your Pokemon and another that will give you 19600

Who and what level the pokemon are the second time you vs the el

Ok guys, now im suppose to tell you guys who and what levels the pokemon are of the elite 4 the second time you vs them, here they are listed below:


Dewgong Lv64

Cloyster Lv63

Piloswine Lv63

Jynx Lv66

Lapras Lv66

Of course next is:


Steelix Lv65

Hitmonchan Lv65

Hitmonlee Lv65

Steelix Lv66

Machamp Lv68

And next is:


Gengar Lv66

Crobat Lv66

Misdreavus Lv65

Arbok Lv68

Gengar Lv70

And next is:


Gyarados Lv68

Kingdra Lv66

Dragonite Lv66

Aerodactyl Lv70

Dragonite Lv72

And as you all know, next is:

You Rival

Heracross Lv72

Tyranitar Lv72

Alakazam Lv73

Exeggutor Lv73 only if you chose charmander or bulbasaur

Walk through walls

167DCBA7 F604FFD2

78DA95DF 44018CB4


You don't need to trade your Golbat for a Crobat! All you need to do is get your Golbat to love you as much as you can and level it up! I got mine in less than 2 days by giving it the Soothe Bell, leveling it up, giving it treats (Calcium, Protein, etc.), and getting INSERT RIVALS NAME HERE'S sister to give it massages

Extra money

If you have Pokemon that knows payday like a persian,then put an amulet coin on it and put him in first and challenge some weak pokemon(wild or trainer)and use payday to kill it and you get alot more money than ussual.


You catch Deoxys in the 9th rainbow Island

How to frenzy plant

Ok if you started with Bulbasaur make sure that you had evolved to Venusaur then go to two island go all the way up cape brink untill you see a house then go in there make sure Venusaur is first then talk to her she'll make learn frenzy plant

(this is like hyper beam same power and accurity and need recharged next turn).

Hint: there is rare candy behind the house.

How to beat the elite four!



LEADER: Lorelei

Pokemon TYPE: Ice

Pokemon: Dewgong lv. 52 ; Slowbro lv. 52 ; Lapras lv. 54 ; Cloyster lv. 51 ; Jynx lv. 54

HOW TO WIN: Zapdos is the Pokemon to use here. Use thunder on Dewgong, thunder on slowbro, thunderbolt twice on Lapras, thunder on Cloyster, then switch to Moltres (or Charizard if you have him) and use flamethrower on Jynx. When you win, you get a little over $10,000 for winning. Then move on to Bruno after you do necessary healing, switching etc. Switch your leader to Dragonite then head on to Bruno's room.



Pokemon TYPE: Rock/Fighting

Pokemon: Onix lv. 51 ; Hitmonchan lv. 53 ; Hitmonlee lv. 53 ; Machamp lv. 56 ; Onix lv. 54

HOW TO WIN: Using your D..

Get Hit By Confusion Less

When the game says you are confused, press A. Before the birds pop up, hold A until it says your Pokemon has attacked. There you have it.

Dotted Hole

Finish the conversation on four island in the ice fall cave after defeating the rocket men go to six island then you'll see a cave with iron door wall then if you have a Pokemon that uses cut use it infront of the door.

Prizes at Game Corner

Prizes that you can get at the Game Corner

4,500 Coins

TM30 Shadow Ball

4,000 Coins

TM13 Ice Beam

TM24 Thunderbolt

TM35 Flamethrower

3,500 Coins

TM23 Iron Tail

1,600 Coins

Yellow Flute

1,000 Coins

Mystic Water


Miracle Seed

800 Coins

Smoke Ball

LeafGreen Only

Abra - 120 Coins

Clefairy - 750 Coins

Pinsir - 2,500 Coins

Dratini - 4,600 Coins

Porygon - 6,500 Coins

Safari legendarys

If you have a gameshark and have legendary Pokemon in the wild and are struggling to cautch them just go to the safari zone because the safari balls act like pokeballs to level five on level well anything and doesn't matter if it is a legendary. P.s. Level 100 is a little harder than 50.

To Get the Poke Flute

To get the Poke Flute you first need to go to the Team Rocket Headquarters that is in Celadon City, once you have made your way through the headquarters and have defeated Giovanni he will give you a Silph Scope. Next after you obtain that item head back to Lavender Town and head into the Pokemon Tower. Make your way up to the Pokemon Tower to the top where you will need to save Mr. Fuji. Once you save him head out of the Pokemon Tower and to Mr. Fuji's house which is in the center of Lavender Town, there Mr. Fuji will give you the Poke Flute.

How to get mystery gift.

Go to any market and go to the slip of paper and put link together with alland you have myster gift after you save

The pokemon and levels of the elite 4 the 1rst time

Ok guys. Im here to show you what are the pokemon and their levels the first time.Ok, the first time you vs the elite 4, you will have to vs Lorelei, which has:

Dewgong lv52

Slowbro Lv52

Cloyster Lv51

Jynx Lv54

Lapras Lv54

Next is Bruno who has:

Onix Lv51

Hitmonchan Lv53

Hitmonlee Lv53

Onix Lv54

Machamp Lv56

Next is Agatha who has:

Gengar Lv 54

Golbat Lv54

Arbok Lv56

Haunter Lv53

Gengar Lv58

The next is Lance who has:

Gyarados Lv56

Aerodactyl Lv58

Dragonair Lv54

Dragonair Lv54

Dragonite Lv60

And Last but not least your rival who has:

Pidgeot Lv59

Rhydon Lv59

Exeggutor Lv59 if you chose charmander or bulbasaur

Gyarados Lv61 Only if you chose bulbasa..

Tough pokemon to get

Porygon- 6900 coins in game corner (leafgreen)

Lapras- Inside 4 island (really rare)

Unown- South of 7 island (must solve cave puzzle)

Entei, Raikou, and Suicune- You can only get the type that your starter is weak to(charmander-suicune, bulbasaur-entei, Squirtle-raikou). USE MASTERBALL IF YOU STILL HAVE ONE!!!

Chansey- Safari Zone ( In the north-west)

Infinite Nuggets

At the bridge on route 24 beat all the trainers except the one that gives you the nugget if you lose to him you can go back and get another nugget keep doing this until you have the desired number of nuggets but if you defeat him and save you can't get another nugget from him if you defeat him turn your game off and back on and get weaker Pokemon so you will lose to him.

Infinate nuggets (no cheats)

Alright on nugget brige in cerulen city before you fight the rocket grunt lose to him and when you go back he will give you another nugget. To lose faster in the Pokemon center in front of Mt. Moon buy the magikarp and swich all your Pokemon out and only use the magikarp. Hope this helps.

Deoxys, Lugia, Ho-oh

To get these three legendaries you will have to go to a Nintendo event in America or use Action Replay or Gameshark.

Infinite Nuggets

There is a bridge above cerulean city which has 5 trainers who battle you along with another guy who gives you a nugget. Keep losing to that guy and he will give a nugget every time!

Saving Steps in Safari zone

When you reach a grassy area hit the direction buttons lightly and keep hitting a different direction you wont take any steps and you will still incounter Pokemon!

Hope This Helped

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