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the fastist way to get my pokemon to lv 100

smurphy01 asks:
Mar 27th 2008, ID #114005

the fastist way to get my pokemon to lv 100

What is the fastist way to get my Pokemon to level 100 on leaf green


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furdude2 answered:
Added 10th Apr 2008, ID #247917

Continuous battle!! Just battle every one any time you can, the more you battle the higher the Stats get, depending on which type you battle when leveling, they give your Pokemon certain stat boosts, like fast Pokemon, Mankey or Pidgey give your speed numbers a boost, or onix or Geodude give your defense a boost. The day care is nice, but you don't choose moves they learn, you have to wait another level if you miss an evolve level, and they don't get stat boost, they all get raised but only one at a time not big raises which is what you want.

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Matt101701 said: 13th Aug 2016 | REPORT
Which moves did you recommend for my lapras is level 25 and my dragonair is level 40
Guest said: 16th Aug 2016 | REPORT
you can use cheat code 82023D50 270F
Guest said: 23rd Sep 2016 | REPORT
too strong xp, goes to dragonair but not dragionite
Guest said: 7th Jan 2018 | REPORT
Whoa 82023D50 270F after one battle harmander jeeps leveling up ūü§£ūü§£ūü§£
clarissasy03 answered:
Added 5th Jun 2008, ID #258785

Just train your Pokemon harder..


SonicSpeed32 answered:
Added 23rd Aug 2008, ID #278529

All you do is put the Pokemon you want to be level 100 in the day care. Then go to a place where is doesn't let you move but it still counts as a step then get something heavy on your up button or a rubber band and wait maybe 1 or 2 days and there you have it!

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Guest said: 3rd Jun 2015 | REPORT
if you have good tms and hms then u get a good moveset
Guest said: 10th Sep 2015 | REPORT
When the pokemons get high enough level (around 70) they cant learn more moves, therefor daycare will be perfect for ur legends then u train the newest ones at trainers, maybe do the elite four for third time .. ? :P
Guest said: 25th Jul 2016 | REPORT
You can also just put any Pokemon in the daycare and then go to the mushroom guy.
Guest said: 14th Mar 2019 | REPORT
use code
micahc98 answered:
Added 24th Aug 2010, ID #351605

u can also foght the elite four plenty of times. i had a fire red and i didnt have mch pokemon ut i hjad a lvl 98 broke by the way

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Guest said: 8th Aug 2015 | REPORT
Learn how to spell
Guest said: 29th Aug 2015 | REPORT
Be careful with the usage of grammar. It will show ambiguity to the readers
Guest said: 26th Aug 2016 | REPORT
You're one to talk
Guest said: 15th Oct 2017 | REPORT
Too sexy
Guest answered: Added 24th Sep 2010, ID #357655

beat the elite four many, many, many times to get lv100

Guest answered: Added 20th Dec 2010, ID #374178

Go to 7 island, walk down the path, past the 2 rangers after a while u will c 2 more rangers 1 has a chansy lv 56 and the other has 2 eggsecutar and a tangela use the vs seeker 2 battle them. There is a house a bit further down, talk to the man and say yes and he will heal u for free

Guest answered: Added 21st Feb 2011, ID #388542

Go to island one and surf up and when you get to the shore go up until you see a guy and a girl next to each other it is a tag team fight they give ok exp I would say do that till level 45 then go to the elite four that should get you by hoped I help

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Guest said: 19th Mar 2016 | REPORT
lol what a crappy way of getting to 100, you must be bad at pokemon
Guest said: 27th Apr 2016 | REPORT
Don't be a ass
Guest said: 28th Jul 2016 | REPORT
ya, if you are so smart you suggest a few ways
Guest answered: Added 28th May 2011, ID #407978

Train in the elete 4, just get 1 very strong Pokemon so then jjust use the 1pokemon that you want to train up first in the battle then switch out to your 1 strong Pokemon it will work (I did it with a level 5 squirtle and it got up to level 16)

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Guest said: 1st Jul 2015 | REPORT
Breeding... Or trade
Guest said: 8th Sep 2015 | REPORT
I'm sure he breeded it cause I do the same thing
Guest said: 14th Aug 2016 | REPORT
Or use an exp share
Guest said: 20th May 2018 | REPORT
Just exp share
Guest answered: Added 23rd Jul 2011, ID #424894

Ways to get lv100 quick with downsides
1:hacking downside:no fun in it
2:day care downside: takes forever
3: beat the elite 4 many times downside:you're going to lose eventually
4:rare candies downside:when leveled up with these you don't get as much stats
5:beat many gyrados (gyrados gives alot of exp when beaten) downside: hard to find and beat

Guest answered: Added 13th Aug 2011, ID #432052

Actually Getting your Pokemon to level 100 is very easy all you have to do is face high level Pokemon over and over again it may take some time but it is worth it in the end (:

Guest answered: Added 22nd Aug 2011, ID #434737

Has anyone got a gameshark code for emulater leaf green to get your Pokemon level 100. If anyone as got tat cde can you please post because I am stuck on getting my Pokemon 2 lv 100

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Guest said: 16th Aug 2016 | REPORT
you can use code 82023D50 270F
Guest said: 7th Jan 2018 | REPORT
yup. and also, cerulean cave gives high level pokemons that you can fight without the downsides.
Guest said: 1st Dec 2018 | REPORT
Guest answered: Added 26th Sep 2011, ID #443218

Put your Pokemon in the day care and ride around the fenced in day care.

Guest answered: Added 2nd Dec 2011, ID #460757

For easy lv 100 Pokemon put one in the daycare and do the following.
go to the celadon gamecorner go to bottom floor 3 where those little spiny things are find one that has a stop pad right next to it it doesnt have to be close just so you doent hit a nother spinny thing for gameboy sp use a rubber band and double wrap it tape a few dimes together so they don't slip then put then under the rubber band so you move toward the spinny thing get sent back and do it again without touching it. Turn the backround light off plug in the charger and leave it for a day or 2.

Guest answered: Added 4th Dec 2011, ID #461265

Just train harder! If you really like the game then train to just play not to show off. I mean really if you buy the game what's the use of not just having fun and lvling up the fun way. Yeesh.

Guest answered: Added 28th Feb 2012, ID #486576

You can lvl 100 easily just put a Pokemon in daycare or beat the elite four many many many times. Smile

Guest answered: Added 7th May 2012, ID #504522

Keep fighting the elite four and then once you have beaten it til one of your Pokemon is at level 100 then give a Pokemon not on level 100 the Exp. Share. (If it's a weak Pokemon such as a level 5 new born Pokemon)

Guest answered: Added 25th Oct 2012, ID #546673

You can go to any gorest and if you kill 25 diffrent Pokemon in 10 minutes it will drop a potion which will level you up 50 lvls

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Guest said: 1st Jun 2013 | REPORT
... not to be rude, but that is the most retarded statement I have ever heard about a pokemon game ever. If the developers did that, the game would have no point anymore because you'd have to "kill" 50 pokeon and you would have a level 100 pokemon. ense level = 0
Guest said: 26th Feb 2014 | REPORT
If you saw a youtube video on that.........then your stupid. It was hacked. It doesn't worked. And if you want to hack your game, dont. it causes all sorts of problems.
Guest answered: Added 28th Mar 2013, ID #579439

Put the Pokemon that you wan in the day care center and hold down (A) for 12 seconds

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Guest said: 20th Apr 2014 | REPORT
I assume its so it moves the correct amount of steps so it levels up
Guest said: 3rd Oct 2014 | REPORT
it does not work
Guest said: 20th Nov 2017 | REPORT
What is the best way to level up my lv 26
Guest said: 17th Feb 2019 | REPORT
Put him in daycare and grab the bike and walk to a wall and keep walking to the wall
Guest answered: Added 11th Jun 2013, ID #591882

Go to one island and surf up, there sould be two guys and a girl running. The guys have a level 55 Machoke and Machamp each, and the girl has two level 55 Primapes. If you use the vs. Seeker to battle ALL of them this should get you a little over 9900 exp. Points.

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Guest said: 30th Aug 2013 | REPORT
Actually they have a lvl 37 machoke an machamp
Guest said: 2nd Jan 2014 | REPORT
Well, actually, when I first battled them they were around 37, but now I beat the Elite 4 they are all over 50.
Guest said: 8th May 2014 | REPORT
on my pokemon fire red they are lvl50 and i already beat the elite 4 and sevi islands
Guest answered: Added 5th Jul 2013, ID #595460

Train your Pokemon a lot. Battle tough trainer. It takes time.

nicwcoco answered:
Added 24th Jul 2013, ID #598118

I have the best answer for that, go to ember spa in first island, use tje vs seeker that you received from the lady in the Vermilion's pokecenter and fight the 5 guys there. After that, go in the ember spa and heal your Pokemon in the spa. I got an Espeon lv 100 and it took me like 2hours. He was lv 25 at the beginning Smile

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Guest said: 14th Jan 2014 | REPORT
Do it with EXP Share on. Takes a hell of a lot longer.
Guest said: 16th Nov 2014 | REPORT
where is ember spa
Guest answered: Added 23rd Aug 2013, ID #601652

Go to Island one and head north to the Ember spa. Outside the Ember spa there are 2 fighting type trainers running around, they both have one level 55 Machoke and one level 55 Machamp. Use the vs recorder on them and battle them. Once you have battled them go into the Ember spa and stand in the centre of the pool. Then go back to the trainers. Once you have gone back the the trainers you will have done enough steps to recharge the Vs seeker. You get the Vs seeker in the Vermillion city Pokemon center, just talk to one of the girls in the center and she will give you the Vs seeker. :D

Kazakage RIS answered:
Added 17th Jan 2014, ID #614755

Try this and it may double the exp you gain,

Give the exp.share to your most powerful Pokemon,find some tough trainers and battle them with the Pokemon that has the exp.share.battle many times with tough trains. IF YOU BATTLE WITH THE Pokemon HOLDING EXP.SHARE THEN IT WILL DOUBLE THE EXP YOU GAIN.


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Guest said: 23rd Jan 2014 | REPORT
noobs up there dont know just put one pokemon or two in the day-care and get vs seeker and rebattle high levels and when u finish u level 20 times a hour
Guest answered: Added 26th Feb 2014, ID #618337

There a couple ways to do this.
1: Put Pokemon in the daycare and find somewhere where you can do an "infinite walk," which you keep walking in an infinite loop. I believe the Rocket Hideout in Celadon will work if you use the teleporters. Find something to hold down the button so you can get that infinite loop going. Downside? Your Pokemon will be crappy because battling wild and trainer's Pokemon gets you special stat boosts. You can still do this, but I would suggest (if your Pokemon starts at lvl 5) to train them to at least lvl 40. Then do this "cheat."
2: Battle the Elite Four. A LOT. Use the exp share
3: Use the Vs Seeker on trainers. Over. And Over.

Just basically it takes a long time. The Infinite Loop will probably take a couple days.

Airdark_HD answered:
Added 18th Apr 2014, ID #622645

Okay, this is for everyone who REALLY wants lvl 100 Pokemon but you're too lazy to battle... NOTE: This is going to give you Pokemon with good a level but HORRIBLE EVs and IVs (look it up if you don't know) Stop reading now if you care about that kind of thing, and if you don't, really consider it if you plan on using these Pokemon on the Elite 4... All you have to do it put your Pokemon in the day care center and go to The Rocket Hideout under the Celadon City Game Corner and on level B3 go to where there is an arrow platform directly facing a wall with only one space in between (when you step on it you should be spun to the square RIGHT in front of it and hit a wall, I'd use the one that spins you UP) and then all you have to do is tape a pen across the Gameboy over the "B" and "Down" Buttons to hold it in place and then put a rubber band over it to hold it down. (use the clip on the pen cap to keep it from rolling onto a different position on the D-pad if that helps) Hope this helps.

Guest answered: Added 1st Aug 2014, ID #634924

Ok, when you battle, all of the Pokemon who participated will gain exp. Simply use your weak Pokemon first, and when they die defeat it with your best pokemon. If you battle a good trainer it should give you 100-500 exp. Your Pokemon don't split it, they all earn the same 100-500 exp!

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Guest said: 7th Mar 2015 | REPORT
OK guys, two words, Lucky Egg, it's an item like the Exp Share, but instead of share the Xp, it double the amount gain by the holder. Very good item to lvl up, but vert hard to get.
Guest answered: Added 7th Mar 2015, ID #657412

OK guys, two words, Lucky Egg, it's an item like the Exp Share, but instead of share the Xp, it double the amount gain by the holder. Very good item to lvl up, but vert hard to get.

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Guest said: 10th Oct 2015 | REPORT
In Pokemon XD theres a Mission after you beat the Master Greevil where you can get the Lucky Egg
Guest answered: Added 7th Jun 2015, ID #664128

Okay, what I would do if you're training for the E4, would be to take your VS Seeker (that you get from a girl in the Vermillion City Pokécenter), and go through Victory Road. Or if you're just training your Pokemon for fun,Cerulean Cave and the Sevii Islands (especially with a VS Seeker on the islands!).

Guest answered: Added 21st Nov 2015, ID #673717

Don't leave them in daycare. They won't get any Evs if you do, and they'll be weaker than if you trained them by hand.

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Guest said: 3rd Sep 2016 | REPORT
You are mentally stupid aren't ya? You can still get EVs even if you pokemon is lv 100 just go and battle the pokemon you want for EVs
strawberrymilkspace answered:
Added 3rd Aug 2016, ID #682398

After you beat the game, re-battle the Elite Four with your lead Pokémon holding an Amulet Coin and your weakest holding an Exp. Share. When you get bored of this method, go to Island Seven and travel south to the Chansey house. There you can use the VS. Seeker and re-battle some of the highest exp. & currency paying trainers of the Kanto region. This area is also good for just taking out wild pokémon, another good place to go for this is Cerulean Caves where you find Mewtwo. Granted these methods are a bit of a grind, if you're looking for a hands-free method, put your pokémon in the Day Care and go down into Lost Caves. Get on your bike and hold down right on the D-Pad so you keep perpetually moving (thereby racking up footsteps and leveling up your pokémon in the Day Care). An extended tip: make your lead pokémon of your party hold a Cleanse Tag so that it repels wild pokémon, and you'll only run into a wild pokémon every 15-20 minutes. Just my ten cents.

Guest answered: Added 19th Aug 2016, ID #682974

If you use an emulator you can speed up the game and just battle constantly using the vs seeker :/ that's what I've always done to level up fast


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