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Pokemon LeafGreen Game Shark Codes

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With our Pokemon Leaf Green cheats for GameShark you can do leads of great things in the game to help you progress through the game quickly, open up difficult to get to areas, and get loads of special items to enable you to play through the game without the grind.

Pokemon Leaf Green Cheats

We've good some really simple to use codes that will make a massive difference to the game. For example if you want to get more masterballs, then you can simply enter our masterball cheat.

If you are just looking for something to easily level up your Pokemon, then our rare candy cheat sounds perfect for you. You can get as many as you like easily with the code so you can take any Pokemon you have to whatever level you would them to be.

For anyone having trouble finding a particular Pokemon, or want to meet a particular Pokemon in the wild, then our encoutner codes allow you to summon a Pokemon that you can just discover in the Wild and try to catch, and don't forget you'll have no trouble catching it, because of the masterball cheat.

Pokemon Leaf Green

How to Use GameShark Codes in Pokemon LeafGreen

GameShark codes are either used with the GameShark device plugged into your Gameboy Advance while playing the original version of Pokemon LeafGreen, or entered via the cheat menu of your chosen emulator.

All popular current emulators such as Visual Boy Advance and GBA4ios have their own cheat menu, you simply take the codes you need from our website, and add them into the cheat menu on your emulator, save, and activate the cheat.

Things to Note When Using Cheats

There are a few important things to remember when using cheats either in a GameShark device or with an emulator.

1. There are many versions of the game, not all the codes will work with every version

2. Save your progress before you activate a cheat

3. Check your cheat has functioned correctly before you save your game again.

4. The more cheats you have activated at the same time, the greater the possibility of something going wrong. So every time you are done with a cheat, remember to deactivate it.

Good luck using these Pokemon Sapphire cheats, you can scroll through the ones we have below. Any problems, please post a comment on the cheat page for the one you are having trouble with. Or ask a question

Pokemon Leaf Green Walkthrough and Guide
Pokemon LeafGreen Guide
Our complete guide to Leaf Green is takes our through the whoel game, with guidance throughout to help you complete your Pokedex, accompanied with s..
From Mudkipmaniak13 Jul 2020, ID #13469

Legendary Pokemon codes

Encounter your choice of legendary Pokemon with this cheat. Enter and activate the master code, then enter and activate the corresponding code the f..

From core_gamer5176 Feb 2011, ID #13368

Buy items at mart

Replace xxxx with the following

0001 = Master Ball
0002 = Ultra Ball
0003 = Great Ball
0004 = Poke Ball
0005 = Safari Ball

From Pok�phi10 Jul 2009, ID #12828

Meet any pokemon you want.

You need to have this one on:


83007CEE0001 = Bulbasaur
83007CEE0002 = Ivysaur
83007CEE0003 = Venus..

From Guest27 Dec 2010, ID #13313

Catch Any Pokemon u would like in the wild!!!!!!!! Including al

*Note legendary pokemonz r plazced last* Enjoy!!! :D



From Adam125011 Dec 2009, ID #12950

Walk Through Walls

509197D3 542975F4 78DA95DF 44018CB4

From PhattDogg1323 Mar 2006, ID #7764

Some Pokemon cheats

All these codes should work for a GameShark SP:

(M) for LeafGreen:

(Mew) Note: Mew wont obey when caught in the wi..

From Guest12 Jan 2012, ID #13637

Master code

D8BAE4D9 4864DCE5
A86CDBA5 19BA49B3

From Cheater352 Mar 2005, ID #4453

All Leaf Green GameShark SP codes

(M) Must Be On


No Random Battles


Always Your Turn


From Team SuperCheats13 Jul 2020, ID #14408

Legendary Pokemon Teleport Locations

Teleport to selected locations to encounter various legendary Pokemon using the codes below.

Go to Seafoam Islands to try to find Articuno

From Sanzano15 Aug 2018, ID #14244

Change Wild Pokemon Level (North America)

Must have this on: CCD017E8 EF04228C

Level 1: 8BB602F7 8CEB681A
Level 2: 00939804 4086FF3B
Level 3: 2BD38F05 D5A578B1
Level 4: 5685B807 3787DA..

From Team SuperCheats13 Jul 2020, ID #14407

Catch Opponents Pokemon

If you like the look of a particular Trainer's Pokemon, you can bag it easily with this cheat code to catch opponent's Pokemon.

This is a GameSha..

From Team SuperCheats13 Jul 2020, ID #14405

Nature Modifier

Change the nature of your Pokemon just before you enter a battle. Each code is made up of two lines, the first line is always this code:


From Team SuperCheats13 Jul 2020, ID #14406

Shiny Pokemon Code

Use this cheat to make sure that the next Pokemon you encounter in the wild will be Shiny.

Simply activate the following code, walk around a bit ..

From Team SuperCheats26 Jun 2020, ID #14396

Unlimited Master Balls

Get unlimited Master Balls in Pokemon Leaf Green with this single line code.

Enter and activate as a new cheat in your Emulator the following cod..

From Team SuperCheats13 Jul 2020, ID #14402

Rare Candy Cheat

Fill your boots with loads of level up goodness with our Rare Candy Cheat. Use these rare candies to level up any of your Pokemon to whatever level ..

From Team SuperCheats13 Jul 2020, ID #14404

Masterball Cheat

Get unlimited masterballs and start catching any Pokemon you encounter easily with this cheat.

Enter and activate the following code in your chea..

From blake90909011 Nov 2004, ID #3701

Xploder SP codes (REAL)

9820F6AE 8203
8359EBCF 20F5
DC89BB73 F72F

Gain 1000 Exp

FEBB0A6A 8203
18EB9493 31DA

Gain 5000 Exp

FEBB0A6A 82..

From unworthyking30 Sep 2013, ID #13937

Pokemon leaf green (all Pokemon)

83007CEE0001 = Bulbasaur
83007CEE0002 = Ivysaur
83007CEE0003 = Venusaur
83007CEE0004 = Charmander
83007CEE0005 = Charmeleon
83007CEE0006 = Char..

From Sanzano15 Aug 2018, ID #14243

Walk Through Objects and Walls (Europe)

Turn off ALL other cheats before entering the code below otherwise it will not work.

509197D3 542975F4
78DA95DF 44018CB4

From Team SuperCheats13 Jul 2020, ID #14409

Wild Pokemon Modifier

Meet any Pokemon you want in the wild with the follow cheats. First of all, enter and activate the Master Code:

Master Code

From Sanzano15 Aug 2018, ID #14239

Master Code v1.0 (North America)

The code below will allow you to enter any other Pokemon LeafGreen Gameshark codes.


From Team SuperCheats13 Jul 2020, ID #14403

No Random Battles

If you want to play through a part of the game without encountering any Pokemon, then this no random battles code is the one for you. With this code..

From Sanzano15 Aug 2018, ID #14240

Daycare Codes v1.0 (North America)

Free Daycare:

Quick Level Gain (Daycare):

Quick Egg Hatch:

From Sanzano15 Aug 2018, ID #14242

Pokemon Gender Codes (North America)

Wild Pokemon Always Male
EB34F751 A96B854D
141BB87C 83D7018F

Wild Pokemon Always Female
EB34F751 A96B854D
78DA95DF 44018CB4

From Sanzano15 Aug 2018, ID #14241

Safari Zone Codes (North America)

Infinite Safari Time

Infinite Safari Balls

Catch Safari Pokemon Easily

From aznlovedwayne13 Oct 2004, ID #3538

Infinite PP


From Team SuperCheats13 Jul 2020, ID #14410

Easy Catch

Catch any Pokemon easily with your first throw with this easy catch cheat. Activate this cheat right before you throw your Pokeball to make you catc..

From aznlovedwayne13 Oct 2004, ID #3535

Single Pokemon Battles

[Trainer Will Have only his/her first Pokemon to battle with. The rest are already fainted]

From Dot444730 Aug 2017, ID #14148

All useful codes I know.

Rare Candies in PC

Masterball in PokeMart(free)

Walk through Walls[Be careful while using this]
509197D3 542975F4..

From aznlovedwayne13 Oct 2004, ID #3537

Infinite Safari Balls