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Game Reviews for Pokemon LeafGreen


Full Reviews

Dragon_Cross_Gamer1225th Dec 2005, ID #240
To me, this game brought my emotions. Its a whole new adventure, exciting, and brings a whole new world into our lives! The Pokemon we love so much is in a better way. This game is a whole new versi..

Rating: 100%Read Full Review

Aeon-Flux14th Jan 2007, ID #509
Pokemon LeafGreen as we know, a remake of the beginning games of Pokemon Red and Blue. These games take you straight back to the beginning were the journey began in Kanto. You start off with new fea..

Rating: 94%Read Full Review

DarienBas29th May 2008, ID #874
Hello I am Darien Bas and I will be reviewing the Gameboy Advance game called Pokemon Leaf Green.Nintendo has made this game as a remake of the classic color Pokemon series.there have been many fixe..

Rating: 72%Read Full Review

Unihorn36th Sep 2012, ID #1439
This review, as I am sure most will already know, has been written to death however I shall persevere to get my opinion across about this astounding game. It is no secret that the Pokemon series is ..

Rating: 80%Read Full Review


Quick Reviews

Good gameAdded 21 Feb 2009, ID #12616
The game is very very good, but once you beat the game, I get's kind of boring. I mean, all you do is train, walk around, and finally complete the nat. Pokedex. I personally like emerald, because after time, you go and beat up the gym's again!

Added 20 Jun 2007, ID #10958
I have to admit these games are kinda fun.Even though they have a bad plot and you do the same thing in every one.You raise your starter pokemon,catch more,fight 8 gym leaders,catch a powerful legendary pokemon,batle the elite four and the champion,catch even more rare pokemon after the elite four,then catch more lengenary pokemon,and try to fill the national pokedex.That is basically all you do in the games.
Now, I have to say that after you fight the elite four and win there is alot of things to do unlike ruby and sapphire. After you beat the elite four,in leaf green you have four new islands to explore.After you beat the elite four in ruby and saphire all you can do is go to the sky pillar and catch the regis.
Like I said before,these games have a bad plot.No actuly they have a horrible plot,it is the same in every one.Now is the time i rate every thing on a scale of 1-10 and why i gave it that.
plot:1 it is always the same borring thing in all of the games.
graphics::3 they are a little better then in the old ones,put they are still bad
music/sound:8.5 it has some nice music to it.
lastability:4 you can and i have beaten them in a single day. so i guess this is the end of my review.

This game rocks.Added 13 Oct 2006, ID #9473
Well my friend got me into Pokemon by letting me borrow his game. Now I\'ve played more than him I just wish that you could get more Pokemon. I am trying to get more games now but this game might be the beat one out of all of them.If you can get one of the games and only one I think you should get this one because this game is so cool You coudn't ask for anything more fun or exsiting. But I only wish that this game colud get more Pokemon than you can catch now.

My PartyAdded 23 Apr 2006, ID #8005
Please rate my party!

Chansey Lv. 78 (training)
Secret Power
Hyper Beam

Jirachi Lv. 100
Shadow Ball
Double Edge
Doom Desire

Umbreon Lv.100

Espeon Lv. 100
Morning Sun
Hyper Beam

Blastoise Lv. 88 (training)
Rock Smash

Skarmory Lv. 48 (training)
Air Cutter
Steel Wing
Drill Peck

Added 31 Mar 2006, ID #7818

Charizard level 100 it learns heat wave ,dragon claw, flame thower, and blast burn
Blastiose level 100 it learns surf , ice beam, hydro pump and cannon
Venusar level 100 it learns cut , solar beam , razor leaf and frenzy plant
Pigeot level 100 it learns fly , double edge , aerial ace ,and wing attack with
Raichu level 100 it learns mega punch, thunder, thunder bolt, and shock wave
Nidoking level 100 it learns thunder bolt, mega horn, earthquake, and slugde bomb
it this a good team to you because I caught all the rare pokemon in leaf green .

Pokemon leaf greenAdded 31 Aug 2005, ID #6424
The less talked about of the two games (fire red leaf green) is to me better.

I like the way the creators have made it so you can catch pokemon from johto in kanto after beating the elite 4.

A down fall is you have to wait along time to trade from ruby and sapphire so that you can complete the pokedex.

The graphics are great 9 out of 10. Gameplay is good aswell 8 out of 10.

The plot is followed closely to the original. Over all 9 out of 10

Review of FireRed/LeafGreenAdded 25 Jun 2005, ID #5562
This is how I rate this game.
Graphics: 91%
Sound/Music: 72%
Detail/Creativity: 95%
Length: 98%
Story: 88%
Overall: 81%

The characters were cool. Many great new additions including Sevii Islands and Move Tutors. The music, though I must admit, is worse than Ruby and Sapphire. The main story is good, possibly could have more additions other than the Sevii Islands.

Its an 8/10 all the way!

Excellent.Added 7 Feb 2005, ID #4260
This is the best Pokemon game I've played. I think it's very good and the story is cool. The only bad point is when you are in caves you fight Pokemon every other second and that's annoying and takes time. 93%.

GET IT!!Added 8 Oct 2004, ID #3494
This goes for Fire Red as well. I suggest you get this game because it is ace!

The graphics are great the Pokemon are great, basically everything about the game is ace. I am going to GET IT!! It costs £29.99 and you get a free wireless adapter worth £70 on its own.

10/10Added 1 Oct 2004, ID #3447
The only thing I think they could have done better on were the graphics. I mean they were awesome and everything but my friend and I both think they held back. Other than that the game is great! New gadgets and a different story line! Out of 10 this game definately deserves a 10!

Added 24 Sep 2004, ID #3406
I havent finished this game yet, but by what I have played, this is the most awesome Pokegame of all.The graphics are wonderful.Battling is medium/easy,and the lifespan of the game is about 1 week. Out of 10, I'd give this game a 10.

Old Idea, New WayAdded 24 Sep 2004, ID #3405
This game is a ten in my book, because I liked R/B/Y but since G/S/C came out I couldn't play them without getting disgusted at the graphics.

This game brings back the old Pokemon with the new Graphics. I have to admit that there are some VERY major differences in this game that weren't in R/B/Y. The biggest one I think is that they changed where you can find Moltres, which is on Island One in Mt. Ember, you will need strength to get it.

There is a new Pokemon that I didn't hear of until I read a walkthrough of the game on the internet. This Pokemon is Deoxys. I was wondering what the heck it looked like when I heard of it. I still don't know! If you like the games then I suggest that you buy this game ASAP.

All New and Better than eva!!!Added 14 Sep 2004, ID #3355
The new Pokemon games called Pokemon FireRed and GreenLeaf, are all new and better than ever.

For Pokemon fans of all types, this game is the best. If you have been a Pokemon gameboy player since Red and Blue, then you have seen a lot. There are some new things about this game though.

First, Moltress has been moved to the first of the nine islands.(Just to let people know, it is called The Islands by Nintendo, not the Rainbow islands!!!!) Moltress is located on the top of Mt. Ember. You need Strength to get to him though.

Next, for those of you who remember Cinnabar Island having a beutiful Mansion... Not anymore. The Great Pokemon mansion has been burned down. You still have to go in it though, to get the Gym Key.

The rare Pokemon Mewtwo can be found and caught only once. To catch him, use your master ball. I recommend saving it right in front of him so if you don't use a master ball, you can try and try again.

Last but not least, there is a glitch in the game here it is:

To catch Mew you need the following:

Your starter pokemon, the three legendary birds, a Mewtwo and a Caterpie in your party when you go to catch mew.

You catch him on Island 2 at the Cape.

Hope it helps,


Pokemon leaf green!!!Added 31 Aug 2004, ID #3274
Hey, I was lucky enough to get to play pokemon leaf green at media play.

For any one who has played pokemon red or blue this is perfectly remodled after blue and red, the tall gress placement and building placement is just like blue.

It just has much better graphicsas in blue and red bulbasaur is deffintly the best choice for the beginner pokemon gym wise.

From what I got to play I highly recommend it as a game to buy this september, so long for now.

More Stuff! Yay!Added 30 Jul 2004, ID #3049
• The original Elite Four is back in action, and they've evidently done a good bit of training — your rival, being the champion as we know, has pumped his Pokémon's levels to at least ten levels more than the squad he has on the Red and Blue versions.

• In addition to the Aurora Ticket, a Mystery Ticket will also be circulated by Nintendo. This ticket can be used to access the eighth of the nine islands, which hosts a large, dilapidated citadel that Lugia and Ho-oh have found a home in. Yes, on both versions you get both Pokémon!

• In order to establish a trading connection with Ruby and Sapphire, you don't need to monitor your moves or even your species. However, Bill will have lost the required Ruby and Sapphire Plates to Team Rocket, which reprises its Silph Co and Game Corner business.

• Moltres' location has been moved from Victory Road to the summit of the peak on the first island. It's still at level 50, and can even be acquired if you don't have the Earthbadge.

• On the second island, you will visit a person like the Move Tutor, but you need your preliminary Pokémon and to have evolved it completely. This person can teach yor Pokémon Frenzy Plant, Hydro Cannon, or Blast Burn — depending on whom you started with, of course. These moves have the same properties as Hyper Beam.

• The Technical Machine List is the same as that on Pokémon Sapphire, except that TM30 has been reassigned to Shadow Punch.

• A Breeding Centre appears on the fourth island — yes, the very same as the Ruby and Sapphire Daycare.

• The Unowns are back, and they reside on the seventh island. Now, there are two new forms — an exclamatory and question mark.

And that's it for now! I'll be back with more details later!

Thanks for listening, Crossy

Look Into It!Added 29 Jul 2004, ID #3033
As of 9 September 2004, the anticipated reconstructions of the Red and Blue versions will be released around the world for the Game Boy Advance! The world of Kanto is beautifully remastered in the two new games, dubbed Fire Red and Leaf Green — the Blue version is actually the translation of the Japanese Green version, their Blue cartridge wasn't released — and a set of nine islands is added to the south, where Moltres is relocated, era two Pokémon are found and utilised in battle, and Deoxys can be obtained.

Granted, the storyboard runs in equilibrium to the original games, but the addition of the nine islands is very promising indeed, and the strengths and compositions of the gymnasia and Elite Four have been reengineered, making this game somewhat more challenging. A few months or so after the games' release, Nintendo will put the Aurora Ticket, which is used to access the ninth island where Deoxys bides, into circulation, and so a Mystery Events programme will be included on each game.

As a product of enhanced technology and the scant availability of Game Boy Advance supplements, a wireless infrared port will be packaged with each Fire Red and Leaf Green game, the same that was built into the Game Boy Color. You will be able to select a gender for your character and, in effect, rival. And, with the rise of the islands, the Unowns are back and in all of their character variants. All of this makes Fire Red and Leaf Green a necessity for the Pokéfan and by far outdates Red, Blue, and Yellow by expanding the scenery and environment and throwing in gimmicks employed in the versions after Red and Blue. The downside, though, is that you won't encounter Missingno or error Pokémon, and the glitch that can get you Mew has been discovered and corrected.

The display is characteristic of Ruby and Sapphire, and the implementation of all things after Red, Blue, and Yellow — well, almost all — makes this game a hot item to everyone. Get it quickly...!

Thanks for listening, Crossy

Added 22 May 2004, ID #2424
Hi, I live in the United States of America in Michigan and pokemon Fire Red and Leaf green are coming out in September9, 2004 every body who is wondering it is only in Japan until that time don't worry I can't wait either!

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