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Quick Level Up Without Cheat Codes cheat for Pokemon LeafGreen

Quick Level Up Without Cheat Codes

If you want to level up your Pokemon without using a quick level up gameshark code, here's what you do. I know several locations where you can level up your Pokemon before facing a certain gymnasium. Here are the locations you can train your Pokemon:
Diglett's Cave: A great place to train all grass and water pokemon. It is also a very good place to train flying Pokemon and Pokemon with the ability Levitate.
Pokemon Tower: You can train your flying Pokemon there too since most of the flying Pokemon are also normal types. The Pokemon Tower is also a great place to train ghost, dark and psychic Pokemon as well as normal Pokemon with dark moves since all normal moves don't work on ghost Pokemon and vise versa (except Confuse Ray and Curse).
Power Plant: It is best to have ground Pokemon with you because there are only electric Pokemon there and electric moves don't work on ground Pokemon.
Viridian Forest: Your very first training ground because not only can you evolve your Caterpie and Weedle twice into Butterfree and Beedrill respectively, but it is also a good place to train Pidgey and Spearow since they are flying Pokemon and birds eat bugs.
Abandoned Building on Cinnabar Island: Fire and Poison Pokemon live here as well as Rattata and it's evolved form Raticate. You need fighting Pokemon for Rattata and Raticate, water and ground for fire Pokemon, Grimer and Muk and psychic and steel Pokemon for Koffing and Weezing because poison doesn't work on steel.
Mt. Moon: This is where you can the most Pokemon types of all the places. That's because Zubat is weak against electric Pokemon, rock Pokemon, ice Pokemon and psychic Pokemon, Geodude is weak against ground, grass, steel, fighting, ice and water Pokemon, Paras is weak against other bug Pokemon, poison, flying, rock and fire Pokemon and Clefairy is weak against fighting.
Victory Road: Since most of the Pokemon you met earlier in the game are now high leveled and/or have evolved, this is the most difficult but more effective way to gain levels. For Onix and Geodude, you need water, grass, fighting, ground, ice (because it is also part ground) and steel pokemon. For Zubat and Golbat, you need electric, ice and psychic (because it is also poisonous) and steel Pokemon work against both bats as well. I prefer a Magnemite and Magneton for Zubat and Golbat because it is now part steel and poison doesn't work on it. For Machoke, the evolved form of Machop, you need flying and psychic pokemon. Ghost Pokemon also work as well because fighting, like normal, does not work on ghost unless it knows foresight and odor sleuth first.
Patch of Grass South of Pallet Town: This is my favorite location because the only Pokemon that live here are Tangela. Tangela is grass. So you need ice, fire, flying, bug and poison Pokemon as well as Pokemon with an ability Insomnia and Vital Spirit because it can put your Pokemon to sleep and steel Pokemon because it knows Poison Powder.

Added by: boyzkang
Oct 7th 2012, ID#13807


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