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Pokemon Ruby

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All Legendaries!?!?! Action Replay Code for Pokemon Ruby

Print this GuitarPlayerx930 posted:

Feb 18th 2005, ID#4377 All Legendaries!?!?!

First before you type these codes, you need to(with any of the codes i give you) type the master code in.

Region: Unspecified | Class: Individual Pokemon Codes

Pokemon Ruby Master Code

And if you are you of the blind kids that went into one of the wrong section, heres the pokemon sapphire code.=)

Pokemon Sapphire Master Code

Ok here are all of the legendaries.....!( these also include all of the starters)

5B98D609 58C495A3

61F575D4 36432F0A

9108FE88 C5990066

134 - VAPOREON(kind of)
226D7CAB 3CF50F26

135 - JOLTEON(kind of)
69AE6C8E A7C868B5

136 - FLAREON(kind of)
C4BD266D FD291032

08DAA3B2 D9CC3402

140 - KABUTO
145EAD72 0C6E4044

66582493 0FF88AD2

B8BABB07 1279065D

145 - ZAPDOS
813E577F C64AB1BA

5A8E3C77 1F661F0B

147 - DRATINI(kind of)
439D4063 28AB4F8B

150 - MEWTWO
649DA11D AC382E6A

151 - MEW(Ouuuuuuu, AHHHHH)
13EAA696 65095035

61419AAD 1F5AB2CD

3B2FBEAB 318B8314

2A37E7A6 DD8CE6B0

243 - RAIKOU
A10710E4 E472D0F8

244 - ENTEI
5B01BDB2 183D8C74

D25A4A77 A675F69A

246 - LARVITAR(kind of)
A4A9773C 2C74F2D9

249 - LUGIA
4EECFE9F 27D82240

250 - HO-OH
3D68FB8B 4B323185

251 - CELEBI

78CDD380 F37C9BE9

0514E417 36CB3F8D

258 - MUDKIP
37F87602 4F05D116

303 - FEEBAS(not that legendary, but f***ing hard to find!!)

304 - MILOTIC(this is for those like me, who dont fell like it to put feebas's beauty to the max.GOD BLESS YOU GUYS!!)
7C41BD36 99E95084

356 - RELICANTH(you all should know why im posting this one)
0B9FCB25 C59FA340

363 - LILEEP
03890595 11E78C7E


370 - BAGON(kind of. you might think it stinks now but once its salemence, itll kick a** )
EE44E689 25D268EA

373 - BELDUM(only one in the game has now changed!!!)
4755F0C3 2EF9DEE7


377 - REGICE
B8E60141 9846F68D


379 - KYOGRE(this one might not work. there is more info about why in the Q & A section.)
B7D1BCC2 DF667849

F655438D 3AA5C717

381 - RAYQUAZA(hey now can have it before the elite four!!)
F45F5684 50826322

382 - LATIAS
9924490F 674355D7

383 - LATIOS
B0EF6EE8 A714B8D9

89CF0941 3F293D81

385 - DEOXYS
88F7CB8E EE360350

Enjoy. wow that seemed like al ot of look at that......the things i do for supercheats!!!All you cheaters and gamers out there rock...!



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76 comments, latest first.
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Apr 18th 2018 Oba Diia
Steelix or Onix code??
ID #756310
Dec 14th 2016 jakobsalinas0
How do i fix this the problem is that the game exits me out when I input a legenday code or master code
ID #696830
Jul 15th 2016 The_Info_Guy
I need a response ASAP, The Ruby Master Code is missing one digit!! It won't let me sav the code even when I name it. Help! :(
ID #666920
Feb 24th 2016 xXDarkTruthXx
None of them work hell it keeps saying the master code is invalid.
ID #637308
Dec 15th 2015 GonnaNeedBurnHeal
It isn't working for me. Can someone please help?
ID #632821
Oct 13th 2015 Guest
It's not working
ID #616301
Sep 25th 2015 id:17930
do you have to maually type these in, or do you actually copy and paste them moltres one makes enemy pokemon (wild) go blank, allows it top attack first and also somethimes discolours and turn mine into a bad egg ID # 17930,
ID #611338
Sep 4th 2015 Guest
I tried the Torchic one and it changed my pokemon into a bad egg
ID #605351
Aug 18th 2015 Guest
I'm just want say I don't understand what to do get me step by step details about these codes
ID #599727
Sep 13th 2015 Guest
just copy and paste the code which ever do you like in gameshark put the code in and write description at above
ID #607887
Aug 14th 2015 Guest
It's work !!!!!
ID #598228
Aug 13th 2015 Guest
what is the cheat code of totodile?
ID #597553
Nov 18th 2016 JustWantAnswers1234
It is 2A37E7A6 DD8CE6B0. 😊
ID #692838
Jul 20th 2015 Guest
After i put the codes what to do next
ID #586858
Sep 8th 2015 Guest
you have to go to the grass and the pokemons you choose will apear
ID #606502
Jul 15th 2015 Guest
dialga and palkia are also legendary
you did not put them
ID #584741
Aug 6th 2015 Guest
realy? he didnt add legendarys that came AFTER ruby *shocking
ID #594466
Jul 13th 2015 Guest
They are not here
ID #583890
Jun 28th 2015 Guest
Where are they
ID #576698
Jun 15th 2015 Guest
Do the Pokemon get put into the PC? Or party? Cuz it didn't do either for me, I use GBA.emu free
ID #570455
Nov 15th 2015 Guest
u go in tall grass and the pokemon you typed will appear
ID #625570
Jun 5th 2015 Guest
U are not allowed to get arceus
ID #565821
Jun 4th 2015 Guest
my brother just said it will not work but it did f***
ID #565422
Jun 2nd 2015 Guest
does anyone knows a arceus cheat for pokemo sapphire USA???
ID #564615
Dec 14th 2016 jakobsalinas0
did not come out in that generation
ID #696831
May 8th 2015 Guest
it works fabulously thanks dude god bless you!!!!
ID #553386
May 7th 2015 Guest
like hell it works
ID #553072
Mar 10th 2015 Guest
u donkey this work but it converts my pokemon into bad egg donkey
ID #526720
Feb 20th 2015 Guest
It does not work!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ID #518568
Feb 16th 2015 Guest
These codes doesn't even work, how stupid is this.
ID #516713
Feb 12th 2015 Guest
It didnt work any stupid things
ID #515153
Jan 25th 2015 Guest
No darkrai!?! gg we lose. i love the cheats amd now i dont have t work to get pomemon xD
ID #507068
May 10th 2015 Guest
Lol spelling errors. :3
ID #554636
Jan 17th 2015 Guest
Its works i like cheat code
ID #502800
Dec 20th 2014 Guest
This doesnt work! Why are people saying it does?
ID #487539
Dec 14th 2014 Guest
I can't believe it, this thing actually worked thanks man !
ID #484850
Dec 6th 2014 Guest
1003A82A 0007. This is codebreaker master code. Should work on all emulators
ID #481446
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