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Chapter 4: The Last Queen's Return to Oblivion

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Walkthrough and Guide by AbsoluteSteve
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Chapter 4: The Last Queen's Return to Oblivion

After various scenes you'll have 12 hours to waste before the next mission starts. The environment may be new, but the principles behind spending time haven't changed.

- Speaking with Rem triggers a scene. You'll receive an ELIXIR.
- Speaking with Sice also triggers a short scene. You receive a HI-POTION.
- Speaking with Trey triggers a short scene as well. You get an X-POTION this time.
- Outside you can purchase (weak) weapons from Tokito or speak with Moglin to do Mock Battles or advance to Mission Day (if you wish).
- Speak with Aria for a funny scene and a HI-POTION.
- In the next street, speaking with the first soldier nets you an ETHER.
- Speaking with Jack in the next street nets you a HI-POTION.
- Speaking with the soldier between the two vehicles nets you an ETHER.
- A conversation with Cater triggers a short scene and nets you a HI-POTION.
- In the next and final street you can speak with Eight nets you a MEGA-POTION.
- Speaking with the soldier nets you a HI-POTION.
- You can do a request for Yuzuki; she wants you do increase the ATK of one character to the maximum.

After doing all optional things you wanted to do, return to the hotel. As to be expected, you'll have to escape the hotel. Make your way through the rooms. In the lobby, search the counter for two GUEST REGISTRIES. Make your way through the streets until you finally reach a subway. Continue until you trigger a long scene. In the big area up ahead, directly head for the leader-Colossus and dispatch him, allowing you to collect items from the remaining enemies on the field. Search the area for two IMPERIAL SOLDIER ID's, one on some crates to the west side, the other on some crates near where the leader was standing. Continue and you'll meet Akkad the Outsider, a sort of Cloud Strife meets Pyramid Head hybrid. He isn't too friendly, but he's ridiculously slow, making him no direct threat. Simply stay away from him and you'll be fine. Make your way to the far end of the subway and you'll find that you need a key. Some officer apparently took it and is running away from you. Head back and follow your map's marker to locate him. In this new area (which you previously passed by), simply follow the officer and dispatch him, ignoring the other soldiers, to collect the RELEASE KEY. When you're done, search the area for three INGRAM RAIL SERVICE CHARTS.

Save your game and continue in the next area. You can collect 91ST TRANSDIV ROSTERS x3 from this area, the first one is in the crates right in front of you on the first walkway. As you proceed, Akkad appears again. Ignore him, go down, and move left, searching the area here for two more rosters. Backtrack a litlle afterwards, moving to the back of the area, and quickly dispatch the enemy leader on top of one of the trains. With him out of the way, head back again to the (previously inaccessible due to a paling) middle train, first walking over a ramp from the train besides it, in order to continue.

Soldiers soon appear; dispatch them and proceed by moving on the second train. Move to the back of this train to collect the HE DEPLOYMENT PLANS in the container. After this, continue and defeat the Aerial Soldiers as soon as possible; the smoke may require you to get close to them.

Save your game, head upstairs and defeat the soldiers coming out of the vehicles. When the gate opens, continue to the next street. Here, defeat all soldiers. Around the corner you'll face an Aerial Soldier (Leader), who drops the Cargo Key Type-2A. You can use this to open the vehicle you just passed, which contains a COMBAT SUPPORT AGENT. In the next area you'll face Varja, a large scorpion-like magitek armor that moves and jumps around very swiftly. Dodge its jump and keep attacking it until its power fails; quickly deplete its HP during this time. She'll retreat, but only temporarily, starting to launch series of rockets at you. Hide behind one of the vehicles up ahead, and the rockets will destroy it, allowing you to pass. The last vehicle at the far right side reveals an opening into the adjacent building. The fight continues right away; keep pounding Varja and dodge the rocket attack she launches when she climbs up; this is aimed at the midle of the room, so it's fairly easily dodged.

Head upstairs and move through the hall until you suddenly face a Snow Monster. It's a new enemy type, so get used to its movement and attacks, which are short-ranged. In the next room, kill the enemies and search the crates for a SLIP OF IMPORTED GOODS. There's another SLIP OF IMPORTED GOODS found downstairs, as you pass some crates before continuing further down around the corner. In the next room you'll face a Behemoth, and Fury Pietto afterwards. The Behemoth is a fierce opponent, especially in such a small room. Beware of its tail swipe just as much as its regular swipes, and choose for a swift offensive style to fell it as soon as possible. The same applies to Pietto, who is ridiculously fast.

Back outside, go all the way downstairs, only hitting Varja when absolutely necessary as she blocks the way. In the next street you'll face two Colossus enemies; you can destroy the nearby fuel tanks to your advantage, though this isn't required. Be sure to inspect the two trucks to find IMPERIAL INFANTRY MANUAL x2 inside. Save your game if you wish and continue in the final area to fight Varja one last time. Essentially keep dodging her long-distance rocket attacks and try to get close, preferably behind her to get some hits in. If the chance occurs, aim for breaksights, and when she climbs the building, quickly pummel her with Thunder-based spells and/or long-ranged attacks.

Mission Completion Bonus: Magic THUNDER ROK.
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