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Chapter 2 - Magic Academy (3rd Visit)

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Back at the Academy, speak with the NPC's at the Magic Bureau to learn about requests. Helping people with requests doesn't take up free time. You'll also get a notification that the World Map can now be accessed in between missions. This uses up 6 hours of free time through. This time around you have a total of 1 day and 12 hours of free time; keep in mind however, that a 'day' equates only 12 hours (and not 24 hours). So essentially you have 24 hours of free time in TOTAL. Below you'll find a list of things you can now do. Unless otherwise specified, each event/conversation takes up two hours of free time. Keep in mind that some of the requests require you to go to the world map, which requires 6 hours of free time. Since you can only fulfill one request at a time, these requests require 6 hours of free time each.

- Magic Bureau Request: Obtain 1 Red Phantoma. Speak with the NPC with the R above its head. This one's easy, considering you most likely already have a Red Phantoma available. The reward for this 'quest' is an IRON RING. You also receive an ELIXIR for completing your very first quest. You can also enter Arecia's Chamber (at the cost of free time) to watch a scene. You receive a HI-POTION for this.

- At the Central Hall, the moogle is collecting Memory Tags. You should already have at least six, so hand 'em over. You'll receive a POTION.

- At the Front Gate you can fulfill an easy request of the Logistics Bureau Clerk: Collect three Potions. Your reward will be an ETHER.

- The Alto Crystarium is now available at the Antechamber (leading to the Class 0 Lecture Hall). It allows you to create magic out of Phantoma. THUNDER RF is unlocked the first time you activate the device, making a visit worthwhile in any case. This doesn't cost any free time, nor does upgrading magic.

- At Class 0's Lecture Hall you can speak with Machina for a short scene. The reward is an ETHER. You may also want to stock up on Remedies from the shop; they're only 50 gil a piece anyway. With Moglin you can do various courses, which grant various stat upgrades. Magic Basics - Primer: MAG + 1. Fire Magicology - Primer: Fire MAG + 1. Ice Magicology - Primer: Ice MAG +1. Thunder Magicology: Thunder MAG +1.

- At Military Command you can speak with Sice for an ETHER. You can also do a request, requiring you to defeat two Vertigos in the Rubrum Forests (at the world map). As a reward you get ICE MAGIC 102.

- At the Crystarium you can get a request (from the Intelligence Bureau) to defeat one Magitek Striker in the Rubrum Area (on the world map). The reward for this is the FIRE MAGIC 102 accessory.

- At The Arms Research Lab you can get a request, namely to obtain a Beautiful Fur. You can get one from a monster at the Corsi Cave, or, if you spoke with Carla in the Student Lounge the last time you were at the Academy, you already have one available. You receive an IRON BANGLE as reward.

- At the Student Lounge you can do a request for Tokito, namely to purchase a Feminine Swimsuit at the Corsi Shop (if you hadn't done so already). The reward is the THUNDER MAGIC 102 accessory. You can also speak with Koharu at the bar for a MEGA POTION. The Suzaku Soldier at the bar has a generic story and only offers a HI-POTION.

- At the Salon there's a request that requires you to collect 100 SSP. If you speak with the guy (Naghi) standing near Deuce and Nine, you'll trigger a cutscene. The reward is an ETHER.

- At the Terrace you can find a BULLET GUARD at the far right on the balcony. Speaking with Emena (appearing at 6 hours free time or less) triggers a scene. The reward is an ETHER.

- At the Chocobo Ranch you can breed two Chocobo's by using Gysahl Greens. The egg will take a while to hatch though.

- At the Fountain Plaza is a guy whose request is to speak with Rem. Simply switch to her and you'll receive a PHOENIX DOWN. Since this is a request, it doesn't use up free time. There's also the Class 1 Mog; speaking to it grants a HI-POTION.

- At the Airship Dock you can speak with the Class 10 Moogle to receive a HI-POTION.

- The Arena (outside, accessed from the Fountain Plaza) can now be accessed. Here you can train characters in sleep mode, or in Mock Combat mode. The latter sets one character up against an infinite stream of enemies. If you die, all experience and Phantoma are retained.

When you're out of free time, speak with Kurasame at the Lecture Hall to initiate the next mission.

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