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Chapter 3: Weapons of Mass Destruction - Back at Magic Academy

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This time you'll be granted 3 days and 12 hours (or in other words, 4 x 12 hours). Below is a list with things you can do:

- At the Front Gate you can fulfill a request of the Logistics Bureau: Obtain 3 Ethers. The reward is X-POTION x5.

- You will first need to visit Kurasame at the Military Command. He explains how summoning Eidolons works, as well as how to deply Trinity Attacks (which require three party members). There's also a request you could take, namely to defeat 6 Topaz Grenades in the North Togoreth Region. This requires you to do a Combat Exercise though (see next point), namely the 'A United Front with Soryu' one. Although it's possible to defeat the Topaz Grenades with, say, a Lvl. 18-20 Ace (who hits them more easily - bomb-like enemies can be quite dodgy), you'll want to be sure to absolutely stay away from Grand Horns on the world map.

- Back in the Central Hall you'll be informed that you can now do Combat Exercises. A guard at the Front Gate has more information regarding this. Although there are two Combat Exercises available at this point, the level required to successfully fulfill them is very high (Lvl. 35+). Furthermore, you cannot abort the mission halfway, and doing a mission requires 12 hours of free time (6 for entering the world map, and 6 for doing the mission).

- At the Front Gate you can speak with the Class 6 Moogle. The reward is only a HI-POTION.

- At the Fountain Plaza, speaking with the Adjutant nets you a GLASS PENDANT.

- At the Airship Dock, speaking with the Class 4 Moogle nets you a HI-POTION (and some info on Kurasame's past).

- At the Antechamber, Arecia has a requets. She wants you to kill three enemies using Fire RF. This can also be done in the Arena, which doesn't waste any free time. The reward is ALL MAGIC +3. Be sure you use Fire RF and not Fira RF, then you should be fine.

- At Class 0's Lecture Hall, Moglin has various courses available again: Combat Basics: Beginner - 10000 EXP (definitely recommended). Magic Basics: Beginner - All Magic + 1. Support Magicology: Beginner I - Support Magic + 2. Stamina Knowledge: Primer - Max HP +20.

- In the Garden you can speak with Cater for an ETHER (and more background info on Kurasame). If you approach one of the benches while playing as Ace, you'll trigger a long scene and receive an ELIXIR.

- At the Crystarium you can do a request for the Intelligence Bureau, which requires you to capture one prisoner from the North Togoreth Region, more specifically from the unit stationed in the forest. This requires you to accept the 'A United Front with Soryu' Combat Exercise. At the Crystarium you can also find Nine, standing in front of someone else named Quon. Talk to the latter to trigger a scene. You'll receive a DRY ETHER and an ELIXIR.

- There are two more people you can meaningfully speak to at the Crystarium. First there's the Provost in the corner, who requests that you retrieve Suzaku's Complete History from Corsi Cave. If you've been following this guide you should already have it, otherwise you'll need to go to the world map, travel to Corsi Cave and collect the books from the chest in the very first area. The reward is a TRICORNE HAT accessory, which increases all magic by +8.

- The last person at the Crystarium - Tachinbana - can be spoken with for a HI-POTION.

- At the Arms Research Lab, speak with the girl standing near Seven, called Mutsuki. This triggers a weird scene; the reward for going through that is a MEGA REMEDY. There's also a request that can be taken here, which requires you to collect three Saps from a monster in the North Togoreth region.

- At the Magic Bureau you can do another easy request, which requires you to collect three Green Phantoma. You'll most likely have enough of those already. The reward is a SILVER RING. If you choose to enter Arecia's Chambers you'll trigger a scene (depending on the character?) and get a MEGA ETHER.

- At the Salon is a request to collect 500 SPP. You can also loan a girl 1000 gil (this also takes 2 hours of free time). And lastly there's a guy near the stairs, Akagi, which speaking to nets you a HI-POTION.

- If you've spoken with Kazusa at the Arms Research Lab before, twice (and discovered his secret lab), you can now head to his lab (accessed from the Crystarium) and speak with him there. This grants you a MEGA POTION.

- At the Military Command you can also speak with Trey for a MEGA POTION. He seems to appear when you're quite low on free time already. The same seems to apply for the Suzaku Soldier you can speak with now, for a HI-POTION. Lastly, Kurasame has a request (PSP only), namely that you have 3 SPs join your game.

Before you continue and do the next main storyline mission, consider training your characters at the Arena and have at least some of them reach level 17+, the recommended level for the next mission. Be sure to also update your characters' abilities at a Relic and equip their new/stronger abilities, trying them out at the Arena to experiment. You can also purchase new weapons for the characters you use the most, and equip better accessories on them.

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