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Chapter 3 - Mission 6: Magitek Factory Sabotage

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When you're all set, start the next mission. Speak with Kurasame to get the specifics, then head to the Airship Dock and travel to Iscah. There, walk to Rokol.

There's a gift shop and a weapon/accessory shop here. You may want to purchase some new weapons for your active characters, otherwise continue and speak with the Suzaku soldier disguised in Byakko uniform to continue the mission.

You'll find yourself in the Magitek on the worldmap. Reaching your destination isn't too hard, but if you wish you can collect fuel tanks to increase the time you have left and collect some treasures: CARRIABLE FOOD, BULLETPROOF VEST, SHOCK GUARD. These are 'exchanged' into the following when you reach the factroy: FIELD PROVISIONS x20, IMPACT GUARD, BP ARMOR.

At the Magitek Armor Factory, avoid the enemies' radars and scanning devices, which is very easy, and proceed to the marker. A big explosion occurs, leaving you no other choice but to backtrack through the hall and move down the nearby ladder. Continue around the corner and take the path on the right. From here the, easy route is the one Mog tells you to go. However, there are a couple of items worth getting in the area. The first thing you should realize is that Marduk enemies are ridiculously strong and should be left alone at all times. Unfortunately, the lesser creatures lack the brain cells to comprehend this and will attack Marduks, leading to their own demise, but possibly also to yours. In other words, you'll want to move fairly quickly throughout this area. Keeping this in mind, the following instructions should net you all available items in the area:

- At the first intersection, Moglin tells you to take the path to the right. What you'll first want to do is of course to take the path on the LEFT. Continue down the hall and take either the left or the right path, it doesn't matter, to reach the next area. Quickly continue past the enemies and enter the last walkway, where you can find BUG FLUID. Head back to the Maintenance/Entrance area now and take the other path, that is, the right one, which Moglin initially told you to take.

- Head down the hallway. The way you're supposed to go right away for the mission is straight onward. Instead, optionally head right (through either walkway) to reach a dead end where you can find BUG FLUID. Return to the hallway you came from.

- Continue straight on. Now you're supposed to turn left. Instead, optionally turn immediately right, make your way through the next area, and reach a dead end with another chest, containing FLAN FLUID.

- At this point you can just continue all the way back. Simply follow the marker on your minimap to reach a ladder leading up to the lab. Heal up, save if you wish, and climb the ladder.

- Enter the Sensor Lab first, which is on the south. Kill the researchers, destroy the warning switch and operate the PC, then head back to the warehouse.

- Go to higher walkway of the warehouse and enter the east warehouse on the ... north. Yes. In this warehouse you can find FIELD PROVISIONS x2 in the far northwest corner (check both corners of this room). Proceed to the northeast corner to access the Balancer Lab. Waste the researchers and the warning switch, then head back to the previous warehouse and enter the Armory Lab from here (follow the marker). Do the same as in the previous two labs, then head back to the south warehouse and proceed through the large gate.

- Outside, check the fence at the end of the first street to find a HI-POTION. Save your game if you wish, then head upstairs and enter the research facility.

- Make your way through the next two area and wait for the door to be opened, then follow the walkway into the engineering wing. Make your way through until you reach another room with a save point and Healing Sigil. Save your game and make sure you switch a (much) weaker party member into your active three characters, then go through the door. Defeat the few soldiers with your stronger characters, but do NOT move onto the bridge walkway yet. Make your weakest character your active one. The l'Cie Nimbus shows up and wastes your active character... Continue into the next area afterwards.

- In the next area, defeat the enemies and search the large hangar for FIELD PROVISIONS. In the next engineering area, search the end of the middle walkway for a POWER UNIT.

- Continue through the next hall until you reach a save point. Be SURE to save again, because after this you'll be up against a Colosssus, and probably several. Equip Thundaga on your strongest characters and keep using it, also making good use of breaksight whenever possible. When you've defeated the first Colossus, quickly switch to Ace and kill the soldiers attempting to board the next Magitek Colossus. If you fail, you'll have to fight up to three more, the last two even together. To make matters worse, after this you'll face several Byakko Imperial Soldiers. Quickly dispatch them with your strongest character and make sure they don't KO any of your teammates, especially not if they're your No.1 party. Quick melee attacks should do them in just fine; try to defeat the leader ASAP.

- After this, save your game and head through the large gate to face Brionac.

- The boss fight is fairly easy if you use a long-range character. What you will want to do in any case is walk (all the way) back into the passageway when Brionac charges his arm. He also has a devastating swipe attack which you'll want to avoid in the same manner. It's likely that your other two dumb AI-controlled characters will die, but it doesn't matter much. When Brionac puts both his arms up, conjuring up Strikers, defeat them and attempt to damage Brionac as much as possible with Thunder spells or long-ranged physical attacks (Ace works especially well for this). Deal enough damage and Brionac's level is lowered twice; use the breaksights to your advantage to deal massive damage due to the distabilizing measures you've taken earlier in the labs.

- After this you'll have to face Nimbus. He's way too strong for you so you should focus on dodging his attacks. One of the attacks launches explosive magic cirles across the area; dodge these as well as you possible can. His other attack has him appearing out of thin air and approaching you with two deadly, spikey lightbeams. Check your minimap to see where he shows up, dodge his attack and try to get a breaksight hit in the moment he's finished with his attack. Do this a couple of times and the battle should end.

- Mission Completion Bonus: Magic FIRE ROK unlocked.

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