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Ship Guide

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EVE Echoes Ships Guide

The key to being successful in Eve Echoes is to get a ship that complements your game style and improve it as best you can as you progress through the game. Each of the six different ship types in the game has a different specialization so before you buy one from the Market and start investing resources into it you should first get familiar with them so you make sure you get the one that best suits your game style. Check out our Ships Guide to find out everything you need to know about the different types of ships available and also which one we consider to be the best.


These are small ships that are able to deal a lot of damage and have many useful functions. The downside to these ships is that they are fragile and have a small cargo bay when compared to the other types of ships.


- Tech II: Executioner, Tormentor

- Tech III: Magnate, Punisher

- Tech IV: Crucifier, Executioner II

- Tech V: Magnate Covert Ops, Inquisitor

- Tech VI: Purifier, Crucifier E-War, Inquisitor II

- Tech VII: Punisher Assault

- Tech VIII: Executioner Interceptor

- Tech IX: Purifier II

- Tech X: Executioner II Interceptor


- Tech II: Merlin, Condor

- Tech III: Kestrel, Heron

- Tech IV: Griffin, Condor II

- Tech V: Heron Covert Ops, Bantam

- Tech VI: Manticore, Griffin E-War, Bantam II

- Tech VII: Merlin Assault

- Tech VIII: Condor Interceptor

- Tech IX: Manticore II

- Tech X: Condor II Interceptor


- Tech II: Atron, Tristan

- Tech III: Incursus, Imicus

- Tech IV: Maulus, Atron II

- Tech V: Imicus Covert Ops, Navitas

- Tech VI: Nemesis, Maulus E-War

- Tech VII: Incursus Assault

- Tech VIII: Atron Interceptor

- Tech IX: Nemesis II

- Tech X: Atron II Interceptor


- Tech II: Slasher, Rifter

- Tech III: Probe, Breacher

- Tech IV: Vigil, Slasher II

- Tech V: Probe Covert Ops, Burst

- Tech VI: Hound, Vigil E-War, Burst II

- Tech VII: Breacher Assault

- Tech VIII: Slasher Interceptor

- Tech IX: Hound II

- Tech X: Slasher II Interceptor


Destroyers are larger than frigates, they are quite fast, able to deal decent damage, and have a higher level for fights compared to frigates. The downside with Destroyers is that they are weak against Battleships and Cruisers.


- Tech III: Coercer

- Tech IV: Coercer II, Dragoon Trainer, Dragoon

- Tech V: Coercer Guardian, Coercer Navy Issue


- Tech III: Cormorant

- Tech IV: Cormorant II, Corax Trainer, Corax

- Tech V: Cormorant Guardian, Cormorant Navy Issue


- Tech III: Catalyst

- Tech IV: Catalyst II, Algos Trainer, Algos

- Tech V: Catalyst Guardian, Catalyst Navy Issue


- Tech III: Thrasher

- Tech IV: Thrasher II, Talwar Trainer, Talwar

- Tech V: Trasher Guardian, Thrasher Navy Issue


Cruisers are capable of dealing plenty of damage, they are larger than Frigates which enables them to add more modules. Cruisers have high mobility and are good in all-around situations, but do not excel in anything.


In terms of combat balance the Battlecruiser is something between the Battleship and Cruiser. They deal more damage and take less damage than Cruisers, but have less mobility than the Battleship because of the size and the weight of their armour.


This is a slow ship with plenty of firepower that is able to take high amounts of damage. The downside of the Battleship is that apart from its exceptional combat prowess it has no other function.

Industrial Ship

This is a large slow ship that is designed to carry huge amounts of cargo. The downside to industrial ships is they have little armour and are weak in combat.

Best Type of Ship

If you are new to the world of EVE your best choice will be a ship that is versatile, the ideal choice would be the Battlecruiser. Although Battlecruisers are expensive you will find that they are worth the cost. Steer clear of the ships that specialize in certain aspects as they are meant for the latter stages of the game when you have a well-developed infrastructure that enables you to cover their weaknesses.

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