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EVE Echoes Walkthrough and Guide

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Walkthrough for EVE Echoes

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EVE Echoes Walkthrough and Guide

EVE Echoes is a free-to-play mobile sci-fi MMORPG that is a spin-off of EVE Online. Your role is to build and pilot a spaceship which you then use to venture deep into space to engage in activities such as intersteller combat, mining, and trade while exploring the thousands of planetary systems alongside other players all competing for riches, power, glory and adventure. Check out our Eve Echoes walkthrough and guide to get help in the game.

EVE Echoes Walkthrough and Guide

Create a Character

When you begin EVE Echoes you will be given the choice of four different factions (none of these races has an influence on anything). You will then need to select a character's face and enter a name. Underneath you will see details of the pedigree that you have chosen within the faction you initially picked. You will also see your identification number which the developers use to identify you as a player. Listed below are the four factions.

• Amarr:

This is a very religious faction that encourages slavery. Their ships tend to be gold-coloured, and they have an affinity for armour tanking and energy weapons.

• Gallente:

This faction is a socialist state that promotes emigration. Their ships are coloured green, and they have an affinity for armor tanking and hybrid weapons.

• Caldari:

This faction is a powerful corporate dictatorship that is ruthless on the battlefield. Their ships tend to be colored blue, and they have an affinity for shield tanking and long-ranged use of both missiles and hybrid turrets.

• Minmatar:

This faction is a tough, no-nonsense race, the Minmatar are a determined and independent people. Their ships are colored red, and they have an affinity for shield tanking and projectile weapons.

Follow the Tutorials

If you are new to the world of EVE you should begin by following the tutorials so you learn about the game and get a basic understanding on how the mechanics work. Once you have completed the tutorials you will ready to advance at your own pace.

How to Purchase a Ship

To get ships in EVE Echoes you need to go to the Market. There you will see listed all kinds of ships, each one of which will have a different specialisation depending on their type. Before purchasing any it is recommended that you first research them to see what they can do and then try to buy the ones which are going to best suit your game style. Check out our How to Make ISK guide to find out the different ways you can earn money in EVE Echoes.

How to Check a Ships Stats

If you just tap on a ship you will only be given its name. If you want to learn what they do and how to approach them you need to tap and hold on the ship. Doing this will bring up all the information you need to know. Check out our Ship Guide to find out about the different types of ships that are available in EVE Echoes.

Equipping your Ship

Although ships can be equipped wih several item types you will find that it is more beneficial if you try to equip the right weapons for the type of ship it is so you get the ship’s bonuses boost and everything aligned. You can buy the items you want by going to the Market and selecting the High Slots Main or Mid Slots Sub. Check out our Mining Guide to find out how you can equip your ship to mine for ores and earn ISK.

How to Travel

There are two ways that you can travel to your destination in EVE Echoes. The first way is by clicking on the station you would like to go to on the interface and when the new window opens select the 'Dock' option. This will make your ship jump to warp and dock at the specified station. The second way is click the constellation icon to the right of your avatar to open the Stargate map and then either manually find the system you want to access or use the seach button in the lower left-corner.

How to Level Up

As you advance in EVE Echoes the progress bar at the top of the Skill tab will indicate the % you have advanced. When this bar reaches 100%, it will turn yellow and you will be able to Level Up. When you level up you can choose between Ship skills and Clone skills, try to get a balance between the two so you improve your ships and also able to explore better.

How to get Skill Points

In Eve Echoes you will recieve Skill points whenever you level upe. Some skills are more costly than others and may require more than one point. It is therefore advised that you focus your initial points on the skills you need currently, and leave the expensive ones for later. Check out our Skills Guide to find out more about the different skills in Eve Echoes.

EVE Echoes Walkthrough and Guide


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