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Disintegration Walkthrough and Guide

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Walkthrough for Disintegration

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Disintegration Walkthrough and Guide

Disintegration is an action-driven first-person shooter set in a future where humankind is on the brink of extinction and has turned to technology in the hope of survival. Using a process known as Integration, human minds are surgically implanted into robotic armatures creating a new form of sentient life. In Disintegration you take the role of Romer Shoal, an expert Gravcycle rider leads a small resistance force in the fight to save what remains of humanity from the domineering enemy superpower known as the Rayonne. Check out our Disintegration Walkthrough and Guide to find out more about the game.

Learn the Hybrid Mechanics

The gameplay in Disintegration utilises both FSP and RTS mechanics and you will find yourself drawn to the one you feel most familiar with. To be able to take full advantage of both Gravcycle combat and tacticle command to reach your full potential in battle you will need to be proficient in both so it is recommended that you take time during the early missions to familiarise yourself with all the weapons and abilities at your disposal.

Learn your Team's Abilities

At first glance Disintegration appears to be a first-person shooter, you will quickly discover though that you will be relying on the RTS elements of the game to deal out damage. In order to do so it is important that you learn what each of your crew members abilities are and what they are capable of so you are able to use their strengths to control the battlefield.

Know how to Command your Team

There are three types of commands you can issue to your squad in Disintegraton. Follow Mode is the default state and keeps the three members of the team in front of your Gravcycle to attack enemies on sight according to their individual targeting priorities. Primary Pulse Orders allow you to move your entire squad to a designated location where they will attack enemies independently and take cover when it's available. And finally there are Priority Target Orders which focuses your squads attention on a single target and will see them aggressively pursue the enemy until they have been eliminated. Knowing how to deftly switch between these three types of commands is essential to mastering the game.

Use Scan Mode

Before you engage the enemy make sure you take advantage of your Gravcycle's scan mode so you know exactly what types of enemies you are up against and if there are any objects in the environment which you can use to your advantage. Planning your attacks will increase your odds of winning the confrontation as you will be able to strategically prioritise which enemies to take down first.

Take Advantage of the Stagger System

The stagger system in Disintegration is a combat mechanic that is crucial to maximising the damage output of your Gravcycle and ground units. With the use of concussion grenades, ground slams and melee attacks you will be able to stagger enemy units so they are unable to move or attack and take bonus damage all the time they remain in that state.

Counter the Enemy

The enemies in Disintegration will try to evade fire, flank your units and heal themselves during battle so to counteract this you will need to make full use of every tool at your disposal during combat. This will include slow fields, mortar strikes and concussion grenades.

Position your Units Tactically

There are a lot of chokepoints on the maps where you can set up ambushes with your units, make sure you take advantage of them whenever possible to inflict as much damage to the enemy as possible.

Enemy Health Drops

Keep an eye on the high-level enemy units you take down as some of them will drop health-ups that create an AoE healing field for a brief period of time. These enemy health drops are worthwhile grabbing as they will also for a short period of time speed up your unit ability cooldowns.

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