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Follow the dark path or use the light
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High Wall of Lothric

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Open the door and head down the stairs to light the bonfire there first. There are two ways you can go from here: the path to the left ultimately leads to a dead end but that's where you'll find the Binoculars. There are quite a number of enemies on this path as well but should be manageable. I suggest clearing this one first if only for the item drops. Anyway, after picking up the binoculars turn around back down two flights of stairs then as you continue up the path, look to the right and you'll see two enemies to kill. Drop down to the area below afterward. Go under one of the arches here for some Gold Pine Resin before heading further in. Pick up the Firebombs on the table, kill everyone before continuing down the ladder.

Make your way back outside where a spear-wielding enemy is waiting along with another bad guy. Defeat them ignore the stairs going up as a dragon is waiting there. You can watch it burn everyone else to a crisp though. Instead run straight ahead then climb the stairs that you see. Clear the area and a Lothric Knight appears. This one is a really aggressive strong enemy so you'll definitely want to be cautious. Use any spare Embers you have if need be and take all the opportunities you can to land hits. A back stab would be really good. You may get a Lothric Knight Sword for beating him though, so it's worth it. Enter the spot where that mean knight came out of and collect some Firebombs from the corpse at the end of the plank. Go back around and head up some staircase outside to find a much needed bonfire that you can light. Do so then rest before looting the corpse here for a Titanite Shard.

Go back down into the enclosed area and make your way to the bottom level. Kill all the enemies and you'll get a Mail Breaker at the dead end. If you head right from this area, you will find a prison with somebody locked up inside. Remember this location for now. At this point, turn back until you make it back up the ladder then head straight through the exit here. You may want to consider warping back to the Firelink Shrine to spruce up your character at this point though. Now that you have the souls and the materials to burn. Otherwise, go along the rooftops until you see a ladder going down. At bottom, turn around to the end of the side path to find a corpse with some Firebombs. After that, turn around once again and head straight to a section of narrow rooftops where you can pick up some Black Firebomb. Go back into the building next and take out enemies while grabbing whatever loot you find including a Titanite Shard and some Throwing Knife.

A little further is a mean spear-wielding enemy for you to kill. Defeat him before heading straight past the archway then look to the side for a pile of debris you can destroy. At the end of the path beyond are some Green Blossom. Go back to circle around the corridor to get to a new room with an enemy blocking the entrance. Smash the debris in there to get the Broadsword. Leave, go left down the stairs then turn right. Follow that corridor to a treasure chest containing a Silver Eagle Kite Shield. Now your next stop is at the bottom level of this particular building where a group of enemies are gathered.

You'll want to try and lure your foes up the stairs one at a time by throwing projectiles at them, then kill them once they're alone. Go down to collect the Cell Key from a corpse at the bottom of some stairs once the area is clear. There is an Estus Shard around here as well. Locate the nearby exit to the balcony. Clear the debris to reveal a ledge you can drop down of. But first you'll want to to try and damage the massive enemy below with Firebombs then hop down to face him. Keep your guard up while keeping some distance until your opponent swings his weapon then move in to counter. Repeat this until you defeat him. This enemy also uses magic involving several light pillars which can do a good deal of damage if you are hit.

Remember that man you found locked up in a prison earlier in this level? You can now go back and enter the prison with the Cell Key. Turns out the man in here is a thief and his name is Greirat, He asks your help in finding someone named Loretta in the Undead Settlement to give her a Blue Tearstone Ring. Accept the quest and he'll warp to the Firelink Shrine so go find him there later if you need to.

Go through the open gate and up some stairs. Grab the large soul up top, and for the Ring of Sacrifice on the rooftop some distance away, you'll have to do a running jump to get to it. Falling from such a height can kill you so be careful. Drop down to the next ledge then to ground level going straight up a couple of stairs, and through the passage. Kill the enemies here, move on and use the lift in the next room. Grab the Throwing Knives before tracing your steps all the way back to where you fought the big stout enemy with the massive axe. Go through the open gate here to reach the enormous courtyard and approach the big door at the bottom of the stairs.

Boss Battle - Vordt of the Boreal Valley

You will now be fighting Vordt of the Boreal Valley. Apply some Gold Pine Resin to your weapon to temporarily add lightning to your attack. Vordt's attacks can mostly be avoided by rolling but due to the fact that he tends to lunge whenever he goes on the offensive, Vordt can sometimes catch your character off guard. Use those Estus Flasks if you need to and counter with your lightning weapon with every chance you get. Once you see him prepare for his ice breath attack, move to the opposite end of the field to avoid being hit.

You'll receive the trophy Vordt of the Boreal Valley for defeating this boss. Light the bonfire here and rest. After that, go back to the courtyard, climb two flights of stairs then turn right. Defeat the enemies before collecting a Lucerne from the remains.

Turn around and head north to have a word with the priestess Emma. She will give you a Small Lorthic Banner and the Way of Blue. This unlocks the Covenant: Way of Blue trophy. Head to that dead end north of the boss chamber to raise the banner. This will summon some creatures that will take you to the next level. This Covenant allows you to enlist the assistance of blue sentinels whenever other players invade your game.
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Jan 9th 2017
this dark souls is a good game but still trying to figure how to upgrade weapons levels and find someone who has shackles i need
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