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Follow the dark path or use the light

Dark Souls III

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Dark Souls 3 Walkthrough and Guide

Road of Sacrifices

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Light the bonfire first before continuing forward on the path. You'll need to find a way down the ledges on the side to reach the bottom section. You'll find a Shriving Stone in one of the dark corners. From here find yet more ways to go down until you reach the much darker area below. Kill all the bird-like enemies you see then look a ledge you can hop down from. You can pick up a complete Brigand equipment set from all freebies down here. Check these pieces to see if there's anything you can use.

Go on look for the next ledge the leads even deeper below. Clear more enemies. Grab the Braille Divine Tome of Carim and the Morne's Ring. Climb up the narrow path from here until you get to a ledge and drop down. Continue along this path to find a bonfire, light it then talk to Anri of Astora a few times until the dialogue loops. Speak to Harace next to receive the Blue Sentinels. This unlocks the Covenant: Blue Sentinels trophy.

Moving on to the Crucifixion Woods, kill all the enemies that you see while collecting loot. These include a Titanite Shard, Twin Dragon Greatshield, Ember, and Estus Shard. There is another bonfire around the area as well. Warp to the very first bonfire of this level and make your way to the swampy area. Climb up the stairs into the fortress. Climb on up and exit to the main path on the other side. Grab the Golden Falcon Shield. A little further is a set of Fallen Knight equipment. Take out the two knight enemies before entering the building to the left. Pick up the Homeward Bone before going down the ladder. Light the bonfire. The nearby exit leads to Farron Keep. Remember this area as you will be passing through here later.

For now however, climb back up the ladder and leave the building. Turn around, enter the first building to your right. Make your way through this structure, clearing enemies and making sure to grab the Heretic's Staff when you come across it. There is also a set of Sorcerer equipment and Sage Ring for you to collect. Eventually you will reach the passageway that leads to a battle with the Crystal Sage.

Boss Battle - Crystal Sage

This battle is surprisingly simple. Just walk up to the boss and hack at him until he vanishes and sends several crystal shards up on the ground. It should be easy to tell where these shards will appear, so stay away from those spots and you'll be fine. However make sure you avoid being hit by the spell the sage conjures from his crystal orb. This is his strongest attack and kill you in three hits. You can interrupt the spell if you attack the sage during the casting phase.

Defeat him to unlock the Crystal Sage trophy. Light the bonfire as well before you go. Continue on along the path off to the left which sends you on your way to the Cathedral of the Deep. Moving forward you'll come across some Butchers and an Evangelist for enemies. Hop down to where the Butchers were and kill the Crystal Lizard there for a Twinkling Titanite. The nearby ledge will take you up to another of those shiny Titanites.

Also here is a corpse carrying a set of Herald equipment. Further down the path is a bonfire at the bottom of the stairs. From here, scout the area for a path that leads below the bonfire. Kill the enemy here and grab some Paladin Ashes. Next take a right at the grand staircase and follow the winding path all the way up to a corpse with a Crest Shield. Back on the staircase, defeat the bad guy to snag his Spider Shield.

Beyond the first gate is a respectable group of enemies including some Bone Hounds and Sniper Hollows. Clear the area before continuing past the next gate. Here you'll see an enemy on fire who will try to get close to you and self-destruct. Keep away long enough and he should explode by himself.
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