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Follow the dark path or use the light
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Cathedral of the Deep

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Open the door and head up to the altar to light the bonfire there. Grab the Notched Whip in the corner too. The two doors around this area are both locked so head back outside, and turn right to find a group of enemies worshiping an obelisk. Take them all out to get the Estus Shard. The path to the left leads to the cemetery in which an infinite zombie horde will spawn. Defeat just enough to clear a path for yourself and take a quick left, following this path to a tomb with an Astora Greatsword. Go further up the path that leads into a ditch, kill the baddies here and keep on this road which goes around over the cemetery and ultimately leads to more zombie horde. Clear away the zombies and grab the Executioner's Greatsword as well as the Fading Soul. Grabbing these loot will attract more zombies so it will best to just run away; clear a path for yourself going left.

Avoid the zombies as best you can until you spot a gorge and a narrow bridge. Ignore the new set of enemies that you see and cautiously make your way across the bridge. On the graveyard to the right is an enemy horde that must be cleared so you can grab the free souls in some of the graves. Grab the Young White Branch nearby then kill the zombies so you can collect the Undead Bone Shard and some Repair Powder.

Climb the stairs to the mausoleum, making sure to snag the Titanite Shard outside first. In the mausoleum, you'll find a Curse Ward Greatshield. Continue down the stairs, kick the ladder that you see so you can head down. Grab another Titanite Shard from the remains before dropping further down. Kill the two lizards chilling by the crystals and loot their corpses. There's also one more Titanite Shard to the left of where the lizards were. Take a right into the alley between the two buildings to spot another Crystal Lizard and also snag a Titanite Shard from the corpse. Follow the path back here into the gorge where more enemies are gathered. Grab the Saint-tree Bellvine when you see it too. Now off to the left is an exit to the rooftops but it's locked from this side so instead go left to find some Rusted Coins and right for a Red Bug Pellet.

Navigate through the rooftops on the left where most enemies are dealt with using ranged attacks. Clear them away the best you can while keeping an eye out for a sloping path that leads down. There will be more enemies here, primarily archers so block with the shield then strike back when you get an opening. Check the corner to the right for some Red Bug Pellets; some Thrall monsters will come in from above as you try to pick these loot up so watch out. There are some Undead Hunter Charms to the left which are also guarded by some baddies. Try to lure them out so as to make the fight easier then just go back to grab the items once the area is clear.

Seek out a staircase to take you back down to a bigger area where a pair of Grave Wardens are waiting. Kill them off and climb the far staircase (after defeating the Hollows that appear there) to reach the roof entrance of the cathedral. Past the door are some enemies guarding an Ember. Defeat them and continue into the cathedral.

Take a look down from the balcony and you'll find a massive creature that is clearly not pleased with what's going on. So do the smart thing and leave him alone and go left instead. Use ranged attacks to kill the slime enemy so you can snag the Duel Charm at the base of the stairs. To the right is a room with three Deacons waiting, and beyond here is a fork where the left path leads to the bonfire and the right sends you on a meeting with the big grumpy creature. At this point you'll want to focus on simply getting to the other side and ignore everything else. However if you really need to loot the place, there is a Lloyd's Sword Ring and Exploding Bolts in the middle that you can pick up. Once you get to the corridor, the path splits once again. Go left first then take a right past the enemies to reach the Seek Guardian Miracle. Turn around up the ladder to the left to get an Ember on the balcony. Return to the main fork, head down the stairs.

The treasure chest that you see here is a Mimic. Kill it then go collect the Deep Braille Divine Tome. Moving on down takes you back to a spot you've been in before. Apart from the Thralls that you've seen previously, a Cathedral Knight will also appear. Try to get behind this enemy to bypass its massive shield. Or you can also attack when the creature is trying to cast a spell. After defeating the knight, proceed into the room where he came from and you can try your luck at the defeating the Lion Spider. You'll receive the Aldrich's Ring should you succeed. Don't forget to pick up the Ember at the corner.

Now if you head into the other door in the main room, you'll be back in the same room where the grumpy giant was. Clear the enemies in this room and you will like be notified that the NPC Longfinger Kirk is invading. Kill him to receive a Barbed Straight Sword and Spiked Shield. Apart from a rather large group of smaller enemies, this massive room is also home to two grumpy giants. Should you manage to defeat the giant on the left, you'll gain access to some souls and complete set of Maiden equipment. The room the giant was blocking houses a Saint Bident as well as a pair of Homeward Bones.

Back in the main hall, go check the watery area for a switch to activate. For the second switch, go investigate between the pillars where the Cathedral Knight had once been. Once that second switch is activated, go ahead and get rid of the other remaining giant in the main hall (or avoid having to fight altogether if you can skillfully evade the creature to reach the staircase and climb up. The giant is guarding a good number of loot though, including a Pale Tongue, the Drang equipment set and some souls.

And now for the next section which is the altar. You will want to avoid disturbing the worshippers here - that is the creatures that are occupying the pews. They will leave you alone as long as you don't destroy their property or attack them. With that in mind just focus your efforts on killing the two Deacons and the knight.

Make your way back to the bonfire outside the cathedral and at the well next to a worshipper. You will find Siegward who is missing his armor. Return to the bonfire and go left into the room with a lift leading to the roof. Clear the area first before standing on the balcony to carefully navigate left. Climb the ladder and kill the Deacon for a Deep Ring. Carefully step onto the roof and drop down to the makeshift bridge. Clear the area of hostiles, ignoring doorways as you make your way over to a small tower to pick up an Arbalest. Enter the open doorways that you ignored earlier and you will be on the cathedral's rafters. As for enemies, you'll want bait them into a game of tag around sharp turns, so they fall to their deaths. There is a Blessed Gem behind one of the Cathedral Knights. After killing all the knights, look down and find a platform you can drop onto then hop down to the pulpit below. Kill enemies, then speak to Patches.

If you call him out on his wrong-doing, he'll try to convince you to forget what happened by handing over some Rusted Coins and a Prostration Emote. When he sells you his goods, buy back Siegward's armor. Take the stuff back to Siegward in the well and he'll give you the Rejoice Emote. Once you are ready to face the boss of this level, go back to the main altar and head past it to the fog gate that leads to the Deacons of the Deep.

Boss Battle - Deacons of the Deep

For this battle, you'll be facing off against a big horde of Deacon enemies, but you only really need to hit the Archdeacon to deplete the boss life bar at the bottom of the screen. The Archdeacon is the enemy who is glowing red and carries a long staff with a purple tip. You can also try thinning the horde a bit. Just be sure to keep moving all the time so as to avoid the barrage of fireballs the entire horde will be throwing at you.

Defeat this boss to receive some items as well as unlock the Deacons of the Deep trophy. Light the bonfire here and rest before you proceed. Your next stop is Farron Keep. Warp back to the Road of Sacrifices and moving on to the Crucifixion Woods, kill all the enemies that you see while collecting loot. These include a Titanite Shard, Twin Dragon Greatshield, Ember, and Estus Shard. There is another bonfire around the area as well. Warp to the very first bonfire of this level and make your way to the swampy area. Climb up the stairs into the fortress. Climb on up and exit to the main path on the other side. Grab the Golden Falcon Shield. A little further is a set of Fallen Knight equipment. Take out the two knight enemies before entering the building to the left. Pick up the Homeward Bone before going down down the ladder. Light the bonfire. The nearby exit leads to Farron Keep. Although you can just quick travel to Farron Keep's entrance if you've lit the bonfire there previously.
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