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Follow the dark path or use the light
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Profaned Capital

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At the very bottom level of the Irithyll Dungeon, head through massive door in the back. The cavern beyond has some remains carrying souls that you can pick up. Get that and you'll soon be crossing a bridge where a Stone Gargoyle is waiting. Defeat it so you can proceed into the tower at the other end of the bridge. Head on down to the bottom then use the ladder to find a bonfire along with an Undead Bone Shard and Stretch Out Emote. Now there are two ways you can go from here. The ladder leads further into the Profaned Capital while the hole in the wall below takes you back to the dungeon. We'll take the latter path first.

Mixed in among the human statues in this area is a Stone Gargoyle, which will come to life when you approach the incline to your left. Kill it and climb the nearby ladder to get some Rusted Coins from the remains by the window. Go back down and turn right up the incline towards the slammer. There, follow the hallway to your left then head right when you can to find a Crystal Lizard you can kill for a Twinkling Titanite. Backtrack to the left afterward to claim a Rusted Gold Coin from the remains. As for that pit near the Crystal Lizard, it won't lead to your death if you were to fall through.

Instead, you'll just have to contend with some really troublesome monsters. At the exit is more enemies plus some free Blooming Purple Moss Clumps on the platform. Jump through that said hole and deal with the monsters, while trying to keep clear of the toxic bits on the terrain. Grab the Purging Stone close by as well. Next, enter the hole to which the other gaps connect to. In here is a corpse with a Cursebite Ring and a Posion Gem.

The path splits off from here. Ignore the ladder for now and use the side path instead. Kill the enemy to get a Shriving Stone from the body behind it. Unlock the door and you'll be greeted with more disgusting monsters. Defeat these and one will give you the Eleonora. There are some Purging Stones in this room too. Now head back to that ladder you ignored earlier and use it to get on the roof then hop through the window. Kill off one more of that monster you met not too long ago in the next room. Check the back of the urns near the platform for a Sorcerer equipment set.

Past this section is a Mimic you kill for its Court Sorcerer Staff. Go on the down the stairs to your right and you'll find some Rubbish by the window. Make your way back to the rooftops and climb up the stairs to find a Court Sorcerer enemy waiting. Kill the thing and loot its corpse for a Logan's Scroll. In this area is another body carrying a good amount of Poison Arrows. Drop down after that to score a Wrath of the Gods below you.

Climb the stairs and follow the path back to the Irithyll Dungeon's Giant Prison. Hit the window here to reveal a couple of enemies. Take them out and continue into one of the cells further down the hallway to grab the Jailer's Key Ring. With that in hand, you can now check out the giant's cell again which will be infested with rats. The giant will awaken next so kill him to get a Titanite Chunk. Look around here to snag the Profaned Flame spell plus a couple of Large Titanite Shards. Returning to the Giant's Prison, follow the side paths and head through the door so you can defeat the Mimic in there. It will drop some Dragonslayer Lightning Arrows. Climb up the ladder and take a long jump to the other side to get some Lightning Bolt arrows. The Crystal Lizard here drops a Titanite Chunk when killed. Don't forget to grab the free souls nearby too.

Returning to the bonfire in the Profaned Capital, make your way over to the big bridge below. Kill the enemies that you come across as you go, including some Handmaids, a bowl of homing fireballs and a Gargoyle. Grab some Onislayer Greatarrow along the way and also some souls once you reach the other side. In the next room are more enemies of pretty much the same variety as the ones on the bridge. Kill them and go right when you hit the fork. Defeat the Handmaids here, pushing past the gargoyles for a Rusted Coin and another one further down the path. Now go back to the fork and go left where there is a room next to the boss chamber. Clear the room and you walk away with two Rusted Coins, a Greatshield of Glory and an Ember. Go through the boss door now.

Boss Battle - Yhorm the Giant

For this battle, the first thing you will want to do is run all the way to the back of the arena, to grab the Storm Ruler weapon behind where the boss is. Equip this as it is especially effective against giants. The Storm King skill will do a ton of damage on Yhorm. Press L2 to activate the skill then hold L2 to charge it up and finally press R1 to release. Yhorm's attacks are slow but extremely powerful as you would expect from a creature his size. The sword slice attacks are easily avoided by rolling away. And once he's down to half health, flames will surround him and his attacks become even stronger. Dodge, hit Yhorm with Storm King and he'll go down without much fuss.

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