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Follow the dark path or use the light
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Lothric Castle

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ow that you've dealt with three Lords of Cinder, Emma's voice will call on you to ssek out Prince Lorthic who is holed up in his castle. Go back to where Emma is and speak to her. She will beseech you to save Lorthic with her dying breath. She will then drop the Basin of Vows which you will be using to access Lorthic Castle. Walk up to the statue attached to the wall nearby and you'll get into a fight.

Boss Battle - Dancer of the Boreal Valley

For this encounter, you'll want to buff your weapon with magic using the Pale Pine Resin. The one main thing to remember here is that the Dancer hits really, really hard especially if she manages to score a grab and slam you into the ground. Come in here with a good supply of healing items. For the most part this boss will attack with sword slash combos ranging anwhere between 3 to 5 swipes each. Try to counter during the brief recovery period at the end of her combos. When you get her health down to half, she will pull out a second weapon and start doing dual wield combos. Counter as soon as she slams her swords into the ground. Repeat and heal as needed until the boss falls.

After that battle, you will soon come to a fork where the path going left leads to the Consumed King's Garden, while the other one leads further through the castle. The latter path takes you to a grave with a cleric acting as healer for the Lorthic Knight. You'll obviously want to go for the cleric first then finish off the knight once its healer is dead. There is a lift off to your left here but its out of order so climb the stairs instead, where you'll come across two variants of Lorthic Knights. Keep in mind that there is a Cleric further up the stairs so do not avoid heading up too far until you've killed the knights. Moving onward to the bonfire and into the next room where you'll find a treasure chest housing a Prayer equipment set. Off to the left is some remains carrying a Titanite Chunk.

Head for the stairs next but be warned that a rather large horde of enemies are waiting up top so be cautious. However, do check the room to your right first before going up the stairs. There's a Winged Knight in here above you, kill it first then collect the Twinkling Titanite tucked away behind the ladder. Head on up and hit the wall to reveal a path leading to a body with a Winged Knight equipment set. Grab the Sacred Bloom Shield off to the left too. Go back outside up the stairs pushing past the barricades, you'll encounter more resistance with somebody sealing away your healing capabilities. The culprit is the enemy tossing grenades from the archway above. Take that thing out first if you can, otherwise you'll just have to tough it out until most of the threat is gone. To the left are some souls you can grab and to the right are a couple of Titanite Chunks.

Take the small stairs up toward the archway above and the grenade Hollow will be here if you haven't killed it yet. The next bonfire is to the left so go there, after which you must pick up the Ember in the corner. And while the path splits into two directions from here, they both lead to the same place. Go left first and defeat the Lorthic Knight to get a Greatlance. Head towards the moat now to deal with the dragon. Approach the bridge and another dragon will join the fun and set the place on fire. Head for the top edge of the moat and duck under the bridge to safety. Go kill the Winged Knight that accompanied the grenadier hollow from earlier to get a Titanite Chunk. Drop down to the moat below and quickly dispatch the Hollows before they transform. Once cleared, pick up all the loot in the area including two Titanite Chunks, and two Twinkling Titanites. Climb up the stairs here and collect the Lightning Urns from the body behind the crates in the room.

Head on up through the hallway to find a Crystal Lizard you can defeat for some Twinkling Titanites. A group of Thieves will jump in to attack you here as well so take them out then proceed to the next section. Kill both the Hollow and the Winged Knight here so you can collect a Sniper Crossbow along with some Sniper Bolts. Now if you're up for a rather stiff challenge, cross the bridge and head for the top of the moat at the end and grab the Undead Bone Shard. From the moat nearest to the bonfire, you can climb the stairs right into a large group of bloodthirsty monsters. The grenadier Hollow will serve to complicate things here as you won't be able to heal. Try dealing with the enemies one at a time then enter the building via the small steps. Expect more enemies should you choose to continue past the building, but it is a good idea to clear out that area for later.

Inside the building, pick up the Raw Gem in the balcony and head down the stairs to face an Outrider. Kill it to get an Irithyll Rapier and go open the four treasure chests. Three of which contain different variants of Titanite and one containing a Spirit Tree Crest Shield. Now you'll have to find a way to make it past the dragon. There should be a passageway off to the left side of the beast, so wait for a break between its fire breaths and run for it. Beyond the doorway is a dark room full of Hollows. Carefully clear the room so you can safely access the ladder. Also pay attention to the claws sticking out of the door. Attack the growths on the claw with fire until they all die, taking the dragon with them. You will be rewarded with a couple of Titanite Chunks and a couple of Embers for your troubles. Proceed through the door on the other side and make your way around to yet another Titanite Chunk as well as a Titanite Scale from the body on the platform. Also now that the dragon is no longer a threat, go collect all the loot that you can find here including Lightning Urns, a Refined Gem, and a couple of Embers.

Return to the room that had exploding barrels and you'll find some Black Firebombs from the body on ground level. Climb the stairs then head right to yet more Hollows. Kill all of them so you can snag the Pale Pine Resin in the corner. The treasure chest here is a Mimic and defeating it gives you Titanite Scales. There are two doors you can go into at this point. One has some enemies and one more Titanite Scale, and the other takes you to the area behind the main gate. Pull the lever nearby to unlock the gate where you'll find a Lorthic Knight and Cleric downstairs. Defeat all of them and go collect the Ember to the left on ground level. Go upstairs and turn left to reach the next section of the castle.

You have four ways to go from here. Straight ahead is the boss chamber which should obviously be last. Grab the Sunlight Medal by the lift to the left. Take the ladder in the corner next and collect the Titanite Chunk. Moving further you will see some enemies. Go down the ladder in the room beyond to find a Knight's Ring. Kill the knight by the door at the end of the bridge to gain access to the Altar of Sunlight. This will turn Sunlight Medals into the Praise the Sun Emote so be sure to make use of the altar. The treasure chest has some Titanite Scales in it. Exit through the door here to go back to that four-way area. Go right this time and you should end up in a big church where a couple of Rusted Coins can be found from the body to the right. The treasure chest has another Titanite Scale in it. Check the left balcony for a Red Tearstone Ring. There's a broken section to the balcony that you can drop down of and get the Caitha’s Chime below.

Boss Battle - Dragonslayer Armor

For this battle you'll want to deal as much damage as you possibly can before any of the boss' red chaos masses get added in the mix. The armor's attacks are strong but the ones that must be avoided at all costs are the weapon smash where the boss will slam his lightning-imbued weapon into the ground. And while this does a ton of damage should it connect, it also leaves the armor vulnerable to back attacks so try that.

Next up is the lunging stab move that is arguably his strongest attack. It also has good range so be ready to roll sideways to avoid it. Finally, we have the shield bash attack where the armor will smash you with his shield at times when you get close. Although this isn't as deadly as the previous two power attacks, it can be deadly when ignored. So be sure to chug those Estus Flasks as soon as he manages to tag you with any one of the attacks described above.
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